Matsuo Shin and The Stones of Mu

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Matsuo Shin and The Stones of Mu is Story 2 in the continuting adventures of Matsuo Shin.

Plot Summary

While on Kaguya Island, Matsuo discovered evidence of trade with the legendary lost continent of Mu. Interested in discovering the ruins and any artefacts from times before the Silver Millennium, he decided to go seek Mu himself. After researching, he narrowed down the location of Mu to an area of the Pacific Ocean not far from the island. As luck would have it, an abandoned boat was floating near the shore, which Matsuo claimed and named QRS Minerva. Eiry, who Matsuo had become fond of, went along, as well, and once they had supplied and prepared their ship, the two set off to find the lost world.

However, the two soon got lost in the middle of the ocean, going around in circles for hours. While Matsuo tried to pin point their postion, the two were suddenly ambushed by a group of armed men dressed in black. Although the two tried their best to fight them, they were outnumbered and captured. Bundled into a small boat, they were taken to a nearby yacht where they met Ichiro Masaru, head of the Masaru Corperation.

Masaru also had interest in Mu, though he did not reveal why. But he did offer Matsuo a deal: he would give Matsuo all the equiptment he had to spare, as well as any information on its location, if Matsuo took him and his security team along. While Eiry suggested caution, Matsuo was too eager to explore the ruins to refuse and agreed with Masaru's conditions. With the partnership settled upon, Masaru ordered the yacht to move on to the location of the lost continent. While in route, Eiry noticed a memo laying on one of the tables in the crew cabin. She was alarmed to learn that the Masaru Corperation was a weapons development company and that Masaru was planning to look for potential weapons technology in the ruins. However, before she could alert Matsuo, Masaru announced that they have arrived at their destination. Quickly putting the memo away, Eiry joined Matsuo up above.

On deck, Masaru explained that due to the depth, they would be using a specially built diving bell to transport them there. When Matsuo saw the security guards arming themselves, he protested, but Masaru insisted on it. With no choice, Matsuo, Eiry, Masaru, and his guards climbed into the diving bell and were slowly lowered into the ocean. As they descended deeper, Eiry tried to catch Matsuo's attention, but he seemed more interested in viewing the ocean outside the bell. They soon got into a discussion about Mu itself, with Matsuo suggesting that perhaps Mu was not one city, but a group of various states. Masaru tried to press Matsuo about why he's interested in the city, Matsuo simply shrugged it off as being curiosty. Once more Eiry tries to alert Matsuo, but attention quickly changed as they spotted a huge stone city rising from the seabed. They had found Mu itself. Masaru quickly pointed out an opening near the city and sent a message to the ship above. The bell moved into the opening, soon found to be an airtight cave. Letting the diving bell float to land, the group disembarked from the bell.

As they left the bell, the group was confronted by a pair of gigantic doors, covered in what Matsuo identified as a previously unknown language. Finding no means of opening the door, Masaru was about to order it blown open when Eiry pointed out a intricate puzzle on the door, very faint and difficult to see in the poor lighting. Looking over it, Matsuo managed to solve it, and the door opened. They were astonished by the gigantic room beyond the doors. While Matsuo was immedetly enchanted by a mural depicting an encounter between the Muians and foreign visitors from the stars, Masaru had some of his men guard the entrance. Matsuo was interrupted, however, when Eiry discovers another locked entrance. Matsuo translated the inscriptions on the door, revealing the need to raise the temprature. Ordering the doors shut, Matsuo has the others light several torches in the room.

As the temprature rose, it became evident that if they did't get the other door open soon, they'd broil to death. Just as they were about to collapse from dehydration, the door hissed open and they piled into an even larger room, this one full of even larger, but unfinished murals and remains of objects. Masaru announced they would set up camp while Matsuo decided to try to translate the murals. While gazing at them, Matsuo's eyes rested on the image of a figure holding three globes above his head, waves moving from the globes to other people. Masaru saw this as well, and asked Matsuo about it, but Matsuo could only guess that it represents some sort of great power. Masaru quietly smiled as Matsuo gets back to his translation.

That evening, Eiry was unable to sleep, feeling somewhat trapped and missing fresh air. While pacing near a wall, she discovered a necklace with small stones nearly hidden in the juncture between the floor and wall, and picks it up to show Matsuo later. However, she soon located another, smaller chamber. Curious, she took a step in, only to have the door close behind her and water begin to pour in. Pounding on the door and screaming for help, Eiry tries to find anyway out, but soon the water was up to her neck. Unable to keep from panic any longer, she lets all her mental shields down in hopes Mastuo will hear. At the last minute, the door opens, water pouring out, and she found herself in Matsuo's arms. Although he was quick to help her calm down, the moment he put her down, Eiry saw one of Masaru's guards leave out of the corner of her eye.

While Matsuo was finishing translation on the mural and gather up the various artifacts he'd found, Masaru suddenly announced they are going to enter the final chamber. When Matsuo protested, Masaru's guards held Eiry at gunpoint. Moving to the large doors, however, they one more found a puzzle. Made up of several diffrent tiles, Matsuo was forced to solve it. As the door opened, they found themselves in an even larger chamber then the last, one whose floors were littered with mummies and half decayed corpses. In the center of the room sat a large throne, a mummy plastered to it with three grey stone globes near its feet.

When Masaru demanded answers, Matsuo finally tells him that the Muians discovered a way to harness and amplify natural mental power. What they found in the room was the result. Before Matsuo could stop him, Masaru heads for the throne, tossing the body aside and to sit. Finding imprints on the throne's armrests for his hands, Masaru placed his hands there, the globes suddenly rising up and sending beams into his head. At first he screamed in pain, but that soon ceased and Masaru opend his eyes to discover the orbs have returned to their resting places.

Masaru declared he was beyond such things as petty greed, and thinking himself now a god, orders Matsuo to bow before him. Matsuo tried to warn him that the power he attained would destroy, him but Masaru stated his invulnurability and believe that he would soon realize his true potentinal. He then tried to turn his powers against Matsuo, but Matsuo resisted with his own psychic powers. Suddenly, Masaru began to scream, skull glowing under his head as his mind was unable to contain the power the stones had given him.

Matsuo used the distraction to overpower the guards and Eiry was soon free. Masaru's psychic powers began to reach out to the guards, causing them to die from massive embolisms. The power began to affect Eiry as well, but Matsuo was able to shielded her. Rushing out of the room as the energy started to rip through the area, Matsuo and Eiry managed to make their way toward the diving bell, unable to help the guards. Before they could get in the bell however, part of the ceiling collapsed, crushing it. With only a matter of time before Masaru's uncontrolled powers would destroy the entire structure, Matsuo took hold of Eiry and created a bubble of psychic energy, using his own power to propel them up to the surface.

Breaking the surface, Matsuo was nearly dead from exaustion when they were suddenly shot at by Masaru's remaining guards on the yacht. Eiry took hold of Matsuo and quickly swams back toward their boat. Once on board, the two could only watch as a huge pillar of energy blasted up from the water, consuming Masaru's yacht. After a rest, Matsu decided to return to Kaguya Island with what they had and leave the stones to rest on the bottom of the sea. The necklace Eiry found remained forgotton until until she got home.

Items Discovered

  • Neptunian Urn - Mid Celestia Period
  • Neptunian Statuette - Early Celestia Period
  • Muian Psychic Armor
  • Muian Psychic Amplifiers (Stones of Mu) - Lost