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Matsuo Shin
Biographical information

Earth, Quinox

Birth February 3
Family Matsumi Kaze (Sister), Sally Shin (Wife), Lina Shin (Daughter)

Professional Archaeologist, Professor of Archaeology (according to credentials), Field archaeologist of the University of Tokyo.


bro-bro (Matsumi's nickname for him), Archaeologist Supreme, Vision (IV)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Whip, S&W Model 10 revolver


Psychic abilities including emotional reading, telekinesis, and minor telepathy.


Infinity Guard

First Appearance


Silver Millennium

Long forgotten, Matsuo was the son of Queen Minerva of Quinox, and was Matsumi's twin brother. Born a few minutes after his sister, he is technically the younger of the siblings. He received psychic powers like those of his distant ancestors. Fond of his sister, Matsuo often engaged in good-natured teasing with her, while she in turn would play harmless pranks on him.

Along with Matsumi, Hideki, and Freya, Matsuo became one of the few survivors of the destruction of Quinox. While a ward to the Moon's royal house, Matsuo spent most of his time trying his best to pull his sister out of her shell. Eventually she did and Matsuo served as one of the few connections to the family she had lost. However, tragedy would strike his life again as the forces of evil struck the Moon and both died in the battle. However, due to unknown factors, his rebirth would be very different from his sister's.


Unbeknownst to anyone, Matsuo and Matsumi were merged into one being, and were reborn on Earth with her mind in his body (along with some cosmetic changes including hair color). When Matsumi awoke to her true self, her body was remade female, burying both her brother's mind and body within her. At times, however, Matsuo's psyche would resurface at least enough to give his sister advice.

This would change. After exposure to a strange crack in space time, the balance between Matsuo and Matsumi would become unstable, leading to Matsuo's personality and abilities overtaking his sibling's (leading Matsumi to call herself Senshi of Thought for a short time) and Matsumi transforming into Matsuo's form at certain times. Finally after several days of this instability, Matsuo was fully separated from his sister, finally becoming a fully separate individual once again. Matsuo has recently decided to dedicate himself to discovering lost evidence of contact with the kingdoms of the Silver Millennium and earlier all over the world.

Recent History

Although acclimating to modern day life was at first difficult, Matsuo soon found that he had both family and many friends from the old life in the Silver Millennium. He lived in the comfortably study that Matsumi built for him in the library under The House. He was also rather quickly paired of with Eiry, with whom he shared several adventures.


Professor Matsuo Shin

After an adventure that took him all across the world, Matsuo decided to find himself some sort of employment. Putting out a line to anyone interested, he was soon hired by the University of Tokyo (UoT) to help with an archaeological site located in central Japan. He has currently been hired on as one of UoT's working field psephologists. Recently, Matsuo has taken Sir Reginald Maximus on as a caretaker of the estate and moved to Greenstone Manor. Their adventure in Greece searching for the Eyes of the Oracle left him with the girl Kore as a ward for several months, and she does still go to him for advice from time to time.

Matsuo's romantic relationship with Eiry did not work out, and they had a rather painful breakup in January of 2011. Thorn was quick to make a move on him, however, and the two immediately began a relationship.

His position at the university requires most of his attention as he interacts with students and participates in digs, both in Japan and abroad. He has presented papers and made important discoveries in the archaeological world. However, his professional career was dealt a blow in August, 2011, when he presented his work on Silver Millennium artifacts and cultures to the archaeology faculty. He was put on academic probation until the faculty decided not to fire him, so long as he keeps his "radical and unfounded" theories to himself.

In 2014, Matsuo soon became embroiled in the affairs revolving around Jedda Rain. Brought into the attempt to find a peaceful solution due to his role as Historian, he soon found himself working alongside his former student Paisley Pythia Peinforte. This became strained, however, due to his feelings that she had become arrogant, cold and condescending towards him due to her exposure to the "Waters of Awesomeness", which resulted in the psychic attempting to bow out of proceedings several times. However, they soon settled matters and ultimately it would be Matsuo who would surprisingly turn the tide by saving Jedda's sister from death.

In early 2017, Matsuo moved from field archaeology to teaching classes, as a response to Thorn's pregnancy in preparation of becoming a father. On June 20th, Matsuo and Thorn became the parents to their first child, daughter Lina Shin.


1. Matsuo Shin and The Ancient Isle

Matsuo Shin has his first adventure within the ruins of Kaguya Island.

2. Matsuo Shin and The Stones of Mu

Matsuo and Eiry search for the lost city of Mu and in the process discover the awesome power that destroyed it.

3. Matsuo Shin and The Temple of the Serpent

Matsuo and company journey to a hidden city in the jungle only to face the powers of a terrible god!

4. Matsuo Shin and The Final Chapter

Matsuo is drawn into a web of intrigue and danger as he discovers the secrets of the Voynich Manuscript!

5. Matsuo Shin and The Secret of the Dead

Fascinated by the possibility of discovering Martian artifacts, Matsuo and Eiry travel to Egypt where they face off against a megalomaniac mummy risen from the dead.

6. Matsuo Shin and The Eyes of the Oracle

Matsuo Shin and Sir Reginald team up in Greece to find The Eyes of the Oracle, twin gems that can see into the future. Cora was awoken in this adventure.

7. Matsuo Shin and The Palace of Heaven

Matsuo is pressed into service by the Chinese government to search for the palace of the legendary Jade Emperor.

8. Matsuo Shin and The Lost Tomb

Matsuo, Thorn and Kore find themselves involved in a race to find the true tomb of Alexander the Great.

9. Matsuo Shin and The Twilight of The Gods

Matsuo Shin teams up with the legendary Indiana Jones in a quest to stop a group of Neo-Nazis from finding the cursed ring of Siegfried.

10. Matsuo Shin and The City of the Elementals

Matsuo, Guyver, and Eiry travel to the far north and discover the city of Hyperborea and its dangers.

11. Matsuo Shin and The Power of SHE

Coming Soon

12. Matsuo Shin and The Seal of Solomon

After a colleague is murdered at the university, Matsuo discovers a secret to a long lost occult object and a race against time to reclaim it before someone else does!

Special. Matsuo Shin: Infinity

In order to help and save the universe from a terrible threat, Matsuo Shin is forced to hunt for the six Infinity Gems in order to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet.

13. Matsuo Shin and The Seven Cities of Gold

Coming soon

14. Matsuo Shin and The Treasure of the Deep

Matsuo, at the behest of Michiru's family, searches for the fabeled Tide Jewels.

15. Matsu Shin and The Age of the Gods

Coming Soon


Unlike his sister, Matsuo lacks the air powers found in the royal line, instead having the abilities of a powerful psychic. Some of these abilities (but not limited to) include:

  • Telepathy: Matsuo can read minds, though at the moment only surface thoughts and only very strong ones at that. His control over this ability has increased over the years.
  • Telekinesis: Matsuo can easily move and manipulate objects with his mind. He has some difficulty affecting gases or liquids, however.
  • Psychic Shields: Matsuo can create shields of pure mental energy, however it requires constant concentration to keep up. This has become easier as time goes on.

  • Sense Manipulation: Can manipulate the senses of individuals, mostly to blank out their visual centers so he will appear invisible to a person.
  • Brain Scan: Can scan a person's mind for information.
  • "Scanner" power: Can use a combination of telepathy and telekinesis to force a person's brain to burst along with their skull. Never used but possible.
  • Astral Projection: A recently learned ability, Matsuo can project his mental self out into the astral plain. This power, however, requires an external stimulus in order to achieve this state (ex. hallucinatory drugs).

Since his possession by Zen and healing by Raihosha, Matsuo's abilities have been given a slight boost in strength. This includes the power to tap into Earth's collective psych-field and read individual minds if need be (though it requires great concentration to do so).

Due to the manner of his rebirth, Matsuo had a body fully created for life on Quinox rather then Earth. Thus his skin and eyes were highly sensitive to light and heat. However, due to exposure to the Ginzuishou, Matsuo no longer has this weakness. Like all natural Quinoxians, Matsuo's bones are denser then that of an Terrans, making him less prone to breaks and slightly more resilient then Terrans.

However, Matsuo can see perfectly in pitch blackness.

Due to his royal lineage, Matsuo also has various combat abilities, including and not limited to swordsmanship, archery, and hand to hand combat, specifically Lonchiki, a Quinoxian form of martial arts similar to boxing.

Matsuo can also speak and read a variety of languages including: Martian (Eastern and Southern), Uranian, Neptunian, Quinoxian, Egyptian (ancient [Coptic] and modern [Egyptian Arabic]), Phonecian, Mayan, Spanish, Greek, ancient Greek, Lycian (and possibly Luwain), Quechua, Chinese (all dialects), Mongolian, Japanese, and English. He is assisted in this by an almost editic memory, allowing him to quickly learn knowledge and digest it in a matter of minutes.

He may or may not have a divine spirit such as his twin sister had, but more then likely he does.


  • Matsuo is an expert dancer, having been taught how to in the courts of the Silver Millennium
  • Matsuo speaks in an unusual accent normally, which has been said to be "indescribable" to those who have heard it
  • As of 2021, Matsuo has written four books: Secrets of the Seas, Languages and Customs of the Polynesian Islands, My Time as a Traviler and The Silver Millennium, the last book having been forced to have been withdrawn from shelves due to a scandal.
  • Matsuo cannot turn off his telepathy, he can only surpress it. He has described it as having a constant "buzzing" senstation in his head.
  • While He was only there for cover, Matsuo is still technically under tenure at Oxford University, as he never actually resigned from the post.
  • According to one account of history, Matsuo will be one of the founders of Lunar University in the far future.
  • Matsuo detests most Ancient Alien archeologists, believing them to be utter cranks.
  • Matsuo is considered a First Level Psy user.
  • Contrary to the belief of some, Matsuo is not a Mutant as his powers are simply an evolution of those belonging to his father's lineage.