Matsuo Shin and The Temple of the Serpent

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Matsuo Shin and The Temple of the Serpent is Story 3 in the continuing adventures of Matsuo Shin. A full story version is available here.

Plot Summary

This adventure began simply as Jack Dinsdale's wish to have some Mexican cola. Therefore, Eiry suggested Matsuo explore the Yucatan ruins, and they traveled to the area via a doorway created by the mysterious Vainamoinen. Instead, they found themselves in a mysterious clearing, where they were forced to join a British (and rather lost) archeology team, among their members one Sir Reginald Maximus and his daughter Emmy, both of whom Matsuo and Eiry soon befriended. The group had been searching for lost ruins belonging to the Olmec civilization when they became hopelessly lost.

The team would soon be captured, however, and brought into a hidden city. The team was introduced to the high priest of the city as well as their god, Kulakalican, both of whom seemed to have power over the city's young king. Kulakalican demonstrated his great power by making one of the team members mysteriously die by a strange force. Sir Reginald and Matsuo were then thrown in prison, while Eiry and Emmy were taken to become consorts of the high priest.

While in prison, Reginald and Matsuo would soon learn the truth about Kulakalican from an old man similarly imprisoned: the old man was the previous king. A group of explorers came, and one of them, growing ambitious, proclaimed himself the god Kulakalican and killed the rest of his companions. He then made a deal with the high priest and both played upon the ambitions of the king's young son, overthrowing the king and putting him in jail. Sir Reginald's skills as a former soldier, as well as Matsuo's psychic powers, enabled all three to escape.

In the meantime, Eiry managed to badly injure the high priest before he could try to rape her and escaped with Emmy. Emmy, however, was captured again and proclaimed to be the next sacrifice. During all this, Matsuo and Sir Reginald met up with a group of hidden rebels and inspired them to revolt against the fake god. They soon learned of the planned sacrifice and rushed to the temple at the center of the city. Eiry joined them, and all managed to fight their way to the temple, as the high priest’s armies were delayed by the revolt. Reaching the top, Matsuo knocked out the high priest before the sacrifice could be made, saving Emmy.

Matsuo faced off against the fake god and was forced to reveal his own powers, which broke the already fragile mind of Kulakalican. He pulled out a gun, which was the source of his mysterious powers; it had been rigged inside his robe to fire when his lifted his arm. He tried to shoot Matsuo, but Matsuo was easily able to deflect the shots. Totally mad, Kulakalican leapt off the temple to his death, believing he could fly away. Before they can celebrate their victory, however, Emmy was taken hostage by the high priest, who threatened to kill her if they did not surrender. Eiry managed to slip around and disarm him, and in the process, he also fell to his death.

The former king returned to the throne, forgiving his son. Matsuo was rewarded with a golden statue as a token of thanks for his actions. Leaving the city, all agreed to keep its location a secret, while Sir Reginald promised to someday repay Matsuo for rescuing his daughter. They then split up, Matsuo and Eiry returning to Vainamoinen’s door. On the way, they found a crate of Mexican Cola, thus fulfilling the original reason for the trip.

Items Discovered

  • Golden Olmec Idol