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Sean Collins
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Titan (Saturn)


January 18


Tohtah Rhea (Future Wife), Nickolas Collins (Future Son)


Earl of Titan, Politics

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Fire and Ice Rapier


Hideki Kaze, Matsumi Kaze and family, Orion Felinus and family, Kevin Junia and the Senshi Knights

Sean Collins is the blood related cousin and loyal servant of Tomoe Hotaru, the princess of Saturn from the Silver Millennium. He is the designated Saturn Knight. Much Sean's history is similar to his B counterpart. However, there are a few divergent points.


Silver Millennium

Sean was the first born and only son of the Earl of Titan, who was the younger twin brother to the Saturnian Empress. Despite his nobility and royal bloodline, he did not live a spoiled life. Sean was raised under his father's strict rules and demands, trying to adhere and adapt to his father's expectations. His mother was kind and would be his only means of escaping his father's wrath when he failed to meet the standards set forth for him. When he was seven years old, he became an older brother to twin sisters, Crysta and Pyra. With his parents now distracted by two new infants, Sean felt a slight sense of relief and that he would now have more freedom to do as he pleased.

Sean became aloof. He began ignoring his studies and only excelled in what interested him, such as fencing, literature, and martial arts. He didn't want to learn all the political and civil teachings, and he questioned if he even wanted to inherit his father's position as the Earl of Titan, as it was his birthright. He more envied living a free life, one of his choosing, and just having fun. He looked up to his eldest cousin on Saturn, the Crown Prince, who had a reputation as a troublemaker and easy going young man, trying to court the princess of Pluto.

Due to his poor performance at the academy, Sean was left behind on Titan while his Father, Mother and sisters all left for the home world to attend to royal matters of the court. It was while they were gone that darkness and chaos invaded Saturn. As Saturn was consumed, they called to Uranus and Neptune to assist them, but the planets instead withdrew their defenses. As Saturn began to fall into darkness, dignitaries and civilians were evacuated from the planet on the Empress's order. She then took the heart of Saturn into herself, and unleashed the Ultimate Silence to lay waste to Saturn, taking the evil corruption that the invasion infected the flesh of the world and the people with, and also directed the wave at Uranus and Neptune for abandoning them as they were being consumed by darkness and chaos. The royal family and court of nobility were all lost, save for the surviving princess and a few members of the royal house, including Sean and Orion Felinus. With the Princes of the Royal family dead, Sean took it upon himself to don the mantle of Saturn Knight, and become the protector of the princess.

Sean took refuge on the moon, along with the other survivors of the outer planets. The inner worlds would not take the refugees due to mistrust and raising their own defenses in lieu of what happened. When the war came to consume the moon, Sean did all he could to defend against the onslaught of corrupted humanity and fiendish Youma. Things were at its darkest when Freya, the priestess of Quinox came to him looking for help, having lost Orion down a collapsed section of the moon palace. Sean assisted her and went looking for the Vizier. Sean found the wounded incarcerated feline deep in the collapsed pit, buried under debris and a couple human corpses. Upon retrieving the feline, a bright light shone from far outside the pit. Not knowing what was happening, Sean tried to find shelter, but found himself suddenly frozen in place and slowly becoming engulfed in crystalline ice. As the light covered the kingdom of the moon, Sean and Orion fell into a deep sleep in frozen stasis, untouched by time. This was a last act from the spirits of Saturn to preserve their last son of Saturn in stasis, allowing he and Orion to retain their Saturnian bodies and their memories.

20th Century Earth

Sean was awoken in the modern times when he was re-discovered by his fellow Senshi Knights and released from the ice. Learning of what happened after he was frozen, and that these knights were all reborn protectors of their princesses, he joined their brotherhood and their mission to ensure that the princesses were safe on Earth. While the princesses battled the enemies of the planets, the Knights took on the enemies that were more focused on the princesses. While on a mission to eliminate one of these enemies for good, Sean, as Saturn Knight, Jupiter Knight and Mercury Knight fell into a trap. Sean managed to protect the others while he was pulled into a gravity field and compression orb. When the orb completely compressed, it exploded unexpectedly, hurling Sean into a sub universe and crashing him into an unknown world...

The World or Ea

Sean awoke on a strange, small world. He found himself surrounded by the inhabitants. They were everything opposite of how humans appeared; pale skinned with long pointed ears, eyes the various colors of fire, and hair colors reflecting the colors of Earth's oceans. Being the alien on their world, the people initially panicked and attacked him, believing he was sent by the essence of their dark negative entity known as the Moh. Sean found mercy and sanctuary when the members of the people's religious house stopped his persecution, bringing him under the protection of their guardian of golden light and happiness Lohanna. Despite his safety being assured fro the time being, Sean fell into despair due to his loneliness and separation from his friends, with no way to get home, and without his connection to the spirits in this sub universe he has lost his Silence abilities. The spirit of Lohanna came to him in the form of a great lion with a flaming golden mane, teaching him some of the basic Eanur language, their history, and the dangers he would face. Lohanna warned him about using the Cold Flame, that it would give power to the Moh if he used it. Sean promised he would not use his flame.

Sean took up work within his sanctuary, living as a simple person and earning his daily bread. While many of the people still feared and avoided the alien boy, Tohtah Rhea, a highly beloved priestess of the collective, showed him kindness and would help to defend him when others would try to persecute him for his differences, and unnatural presence. Sean grew to admire her, and as time went on...despite the taboo and disapproval of others, he admitted to Rhea that he loved her. At first...she refused him, telling Sean that it was not the plan Lohanna had for her. In reality, she loved him in return. She was really trying to protect Sean from the disapproval of her people, and to keep him from being attacked by angry mobs of people under the influence of Moh. Despite her best intentions, there were those within the congregation who knew about Sean's attraction to their beloved priestess, and they plotted his execution. They attacked him during the night and would have succeeded in killing Sean, had he not used his cold flame in desperation, killing three of his attackers while one escaped to awaken the others. Sean fled his sanctuary, running for the wilderness. Now filled with fear and anger, the Eanite people rose up and formed an alien hunting party to track him down.

Word spread fast to the other villages, spreading the fear and anger, sending the people of the planet into a panicked frenzy. They burned the fields and cut down their forests in search of the killer alien. Farmers and religious members objected to the people's destructive reaction to the alien hunt and tried to stop the mobs, but those consumed by fear and anger turned against these innocents, calling them traitors and accused them of helping the alien. Civil unrest and inward fighting began amongst the people of Ea. All these dark emotions began to disrupt the balance of the planet. The ground started to quake, and fissures began to open up all over the planet. The world was tearing itself apart, as the essence of Moh was breaking free of its prison deep within the planet's core. Sean saw the destruction the man hunt for him had caused after breaking his promise to Lohanna to never use his flame. Knowing it would lead to his end, and that he would never get home, Sean gave himself up, hoping to end the chaos. The Eanites wanted blood for his punishment, and demanded that he be thrown into the pit of a thousand burning spears, believing the golden flame of Lohanna will purge the Moh with the alien sacrifice. Before he could be thrown in, Tohtah Rhea stepped in and objected to these actions. She told the people that the Moh has consumed them and engulfed the world, and that no blood spilled could save them from their fates. The remaining essence of Lohanna dwelled within her, and she hoped that her words could try and reach the hearts of her people to bring them peace, but instead the Eanites turned against their once beloved priestess, claiming she was corrupted and that she would be thrown into the pit of a thousand burning spears with the alien. Sean tried to protect Rhea as they were pushed to the edge of the pit. Sean apologized to rhea, assuming responsibility for everything that came from his feelings toward her. Rhea told Sean that it was not his fault, and that she did love him in return.

At that moment, the core of Ea burst open, and a dark entity spewed forth, rising up into the sky, looming over the masses and staring down at Sean and Rhea with cold empty eyes. Sean held Rhea close as the people and the dark creature closed in on them, ready to hurl them to their deaths...then the voice of Lohanna spoke to them...telling Sean and Rhea to leap into the golden flames between the spears, and promising that they would be safe. Without a choice, Sean held strongly onto Rhea, and jumped...

Return Home

Sean and Rhea fell through the golden flames until Sean crashed and tumbled onto a hard surface while protecting Rhea in his arms. He looks up only to see that he was now in a furnished room, by a fireplace...and that his friend Orion was standing over him. Looking around, Sean realized he was back home now in his own universe. He was overjoyed and he started spouting his grateful thanks in Eanur without realizing it. After some confusing dialogue, Sean managed to remember his native tongue and told his story all about what happened to him. What seemed like a year on Ea to him, passed like 3 years in his world. He had aged only to 17 since his departure, and was able to pick up life right where he left it.

He introduced his friends to Rhea, who was shy and scared. He could see that she now felt as he did on her world. Alone and isolated, different from everyone and not knowing if they will accept or understand her. Sean remained her Eanur translator until the HOTEL found a long lost language record of Eanur buried in the database and activated it in their translation systems. She is slowly beginning to learn the native customs and languages of this new world, albeit experiencing many new confusing things as well. Rhea tends to stay very close to her Chosen, but she has warmed up to his companions and friends. Even though he fondly refers to Rhea as his wife, they are not yet married. Sean plans to marry Rhea once they are of proper age.

Aside from his happy homecoming, Sean was quick to find that not everything was the same as when he left it. The house that was originally there was now upgraded into a HOTEL, and now housed many of the friends and acquaintances he had known over the years. He also came to find out that an alternate universe version of himself had also occupied his place during his absence, and had setup a residence for him in the Hotel as well. While this seemed odd and somewhat invasive...Sean settled that no harm was done, and that he could at least be grateful that this other version gave him and Rhea a good home to start their new lives in. Sean was very displeased when he learned that Youma from the past were also inhabiting the Hotel. The same youma he remembered that slaughtered the planetary populations and the moon kingdom back during the Silver Millennium. His old resentments toward these monsters still festered, and he lashed out at them with great hostility. Despite his friends trying to convince him that they were "reborn" and no longer evil, he refused to trust or associate with them.

The Tyrant of Jupiter

Abduction and Captivity

To escape the frustrations of being pestered by Youma, Sean opted to take Rhea out to see a movie one evening. The night was going well, and the two were happy to just share in each others company. When the film let out, it was late and the theater was closed. Sean walked with Rhea heading back to the Hotel when something grabbed his leg and tripped him. Sean turned to see it looked like a red ribbon, but it was tough like hide and wouldn't tear when he tried to pull it off. The ribbon then whipped back and pulled Sean into a dark back alley where he was seized and restrained with a swarming mass of these energy sapping red ribbons. He tried to fight them off, but he was overwhelmed and constricted, struggling to breath and unable to concentrate to use his powers. Rhea came running into the darkness to try and help him, but she was blocked by a dark figure. It threatened to dissect her if she did not leave. Hearing her beloved's desperate cries, she refused to abandon Sean, so the dark figure tried to seize her too, but the golden flame of Lohanna protected her. Her instincts told her she could not beat this creature, so she fled to find help. Bound and gagged, Sean was at the mercy of his captors, who revealed himself to be Nucleoid; a mutated daimon scientist who was similar in humanoid appearance to the Germatoid, however Nucleoid's single eye and forehead appeared in the shape of an atomic symbol instead of a star. Due to his mutated state, Nucleoid only could maintain a half humanoid from his right shoulder and neck down to his waistline and legs, while from the left shoulder, across his chest, and down his back he appeared as a mass of dark twisted vines and thorns. Nucleoid did not need an "empty shell" to maintain his form like Germatoid did. The ribbons then revealed themselves to be three Kabuki-like masked daimon and the ribbons were what made up their bodies.

To ensure that his specimen would be his, and his alone, Nucleoid attached a life force dampening collar to Sean's neck while the Kabuki daimon drained his energies until Sean was rendered unconscious. With his specimen secured, Nucleoid took Sean with his Kabuki Ribbon daimon and presented the young knight to the Tyrant's court as part of his bargaining chip to join her forces. Nucleoid was seeking sanctuary so that he could experiment on the boy's ancient genetics to create a clone, offering to ensure the Tyrant's claim to Saturn in the Sol with a Saturnian servant who would be stronger, faster, deadlier...and loyal to her court. His place in the Golden Court was accepted and Nucleoid withdrew to his hidden lab in a bunker on Titan, completely masking the young knight's energy, signals, life force, and presence from all means of tracking so he would be free to experiment.

Nucleoid savagely tortured and experimented on Sean, taking blood, tissue, even bone samples from his live specimen to find a way to create the perfect clone to emulate the knight in service to the Tyrant. During this time, the Doom Phantom would also torment Sean by implanting false memories and visions in the young Knight's head, creating a mental conflict to cause pain and despair. In addition, the Kabuki daimon also invaded Sean's memories, intensifying thier trauma and filling the young knight with doubt and loathing, trying to crush his hopes of rescue and leave him despondent in his faith to his friends.

But failure, after failure presented Nucleoid with more problems and frustration. Nucleoid finally resolved that in order for the clones to maintain a proper life soul and connection to Saturn, Nucleoid decided that he would the knight's true star seed. He devised that he would break it in half to create his clone. After consulting with the Tyrant, Nucleoid learned of the Galaxy Cauldron and the information for star seed retrieval from the senshi Space Station orbiting Sagittarius 0 Star. Sending miniature microchip daimon, he was able to infiltrate the station and steal data regarding star seed removal. He was able to find an alternate means to create a contraption that would remove the Star Seed as desired. Looking to his ally, the Doom Phantom, he was able to acquire the needed Negaforce essence, Black Dream Hole essence, and the Death Phantom's essence, along with a Black Nemesis crystal to create his extractor. Unsure of what their removal of the star seed would do to their living specimen, Nucleoid made arrangements to ensure Sean would be securely restrained, in case he did become a phage.

Sean was helpless as he was bound to to the bunker's support structure by the energy sapping ribbons of the youma, he barely had enough energy to stay alive as his tormentor undertook his depraved experimental process. As Nucleoid started pull the true star seed from the heart of his victim, the force of the contraption, combined with the dark essences being used to pull the Star Seed from Sean, a shard of the star seed cracked loose...causing a powerful wave of force that managed devastate the lab, destroy the contraption, and destroy the damage the life dampening shields of the lab. Sean's signal was once again registering to his allies, albeit it was weak and fading at this moment. Rushing to its location, his allies found the lab, and immediately launched a rescue to recover their comrade.


Sean's Star Seed (Whole/Damaged).

This wave also knocked Nucleoid back as well, but he was surprised to find the shard true star seed, while the remaining star seed retreated into Sean's body. Sean did not fade or become a Phage, but instead the light of life faded from his eyes, and he fell into a comatose state. Nucleoid quickly opted to retreat as the lab was now exposed and on fire. Nucleoid fled with the star seed shard and his test samples. One of his youma accompanied him, while the other two remained behind to pull Sean down from the support beams. they were not able to escape due to the arrival of Sean's allies and friends, drawn to the location by his now detectable life signal. The daimon fought, along with the Doom Phantom and the remaining Negaforce to try and retain their captive, but they were quickly defeated. Sean was recovered and placed in a medical ward for recovery.


The Cloned Star Seed.

His friends grew concerned when his body ceased regenerating and his physical wounds did not heal. It seemed that his body was rejecting all forms of healing and life restoration. Sailor Eden tried to see into Sean's star seed and discovered that Sean's star seed had been damaged, and that it needed to be healed and reforged to save his life. Unsure of how to help him, the spirit of Trenton, Sean's father, appeared and scolded the heroes before assisting them by pulling the star seed from his son so that his allies could channel their energies into Sean's true star seed to reforge and heal it. Even the Youma on Earth and the GS Ball sent their energies to help heal the Star Seed. The process was physically and spiritually straining for all his friends, but they did not give up. They managed to restore Sean's true star seed to its full restoration, thus allowing him to recover and be healed at last.

Unbeknownst to them, by reforging Sean's star seed, they did not know that their efforts were also resonating upon the shard taken by Nucleoid, thus reforging the shard into a cloned star seed, and creating a second life, one that mirrored Sean in all aspects...but one. Nucleoid was pleased with this unexpected result. He applied the new Star Seed to his next clone embryo and quickly genetically engineered this clone to be stronger, faster, more brooding and combat focused than the original. He dubbed this new shadow as "Ian", and began teaching this clone about his purpose, calling him the true prince of Saturn, and driving his focus to eliminate the Earth allies and his original counterpart.

The Knight's Descent

After his rescue, Sean was kept at Matsuo's manor and estate for his safety. Rhea remained by his side, helping to heal him and keep a vigil over him until he regained consciousness. Upon his awakening, he was at first in a panic! Rhea helped calm him and helped him see he was no longer in the hands of the enemy. He was partially relieved...but his memories and feelings were still under the affects of Doom Phantom's and the Kabuki Daimon's brainwashing and manipulations. When Matsuo came to check on him, Sean lashed out with hostility and anger, accusing Matsuo of betraying him and trying to steal away Rhea. This caused a serious rift between the two. Despite Rhea's protests to tell Sean that these thoughts and memories were false, and that she would always be with Sean, he could not tell what was real or fake.

Rhea tried to help Sean overcome these conflicting memories, but the brainwashing was clashing with his real memories, and causing Sean severe headaches and pain when he tried to remember, and the pain would very closely drive him mad. Rhea did all she could to try and heal him and relieve the pain, but to no avail. Fearing he might hurt someone in his state, Sean opted to seek council from his friend Orion and left Matsuo's manor is a rush. Half blinded by the pain of his clashing memories, Sean eventually blacked out and fainted in Ueno Park. While he was unconscious, his clone had taken his place at the Hotel, also seeking Orion's company so he could infiltrate the residence.Once he was on the 16th floor, the clone knocked Orion unconscious, and then moved to the neighboring apartment where he murdered the targeted youma child, Katerina Markov. Afterwards, the clone fled the scene apartment, and went to the Ginga Studios where he also instigated an enraged attack against the youma and allies on set before once again fleeing the scene and causing confusion and chaos among the allies of Earth.

Sean later regained consciousness later that evening. His head was still pounding and he wasn't sure where he was or how he had gotten there, but he did remember he wanted to see Orion. The young man stumbled his way out of Ueno Park, and eventually found the Hotel, however, when he entered it, he was confronted by his friends demanding an explanation, and an enraged Mika Markov wanting his head for the murder of her adopted youma child. Shocked by all these claims of murder and assault, Sean ran from the hotel in fear and confusion. Authorities with the Alien Zone Police were sent after him and he was eventually cornered in Ueno Park and taken into custody by Ssskt. Sean was locked up in a cell within the Alien Zone Police's prison for his initial interrogation, and to await his murder trial. Despondent and still in pain from his clashing memories, Sean soon found he was being tormented by visions of his past, and voices telling him he was guilty. He refused to believe it, but the more these visions and voices taunted him, he too began to doubt.

On the day of his trial, the evidence and testimonies were circumstantial, but strong against him. Sean felt uncomfortable when they were presented with the security camera footage of him committing the crimes. In his heart he was sure he would do no such thing, but his mind doubted. As the trial progressed, his guilt seemed imminent until his legal council presented new evidence based on his Knight Abilities and his time in captivity with the enemy. Ever since his return, he did not possess his henshin stone. Instead, it was in the hands of Nelius Raoul, recovered when a group of his friends came and rescued him from Titan. Without this gem, Sean had no direct access to his Silence powers and could not have done the amount of Silence damage that was evident on the body of the child or at the Ginga Station. With this evidence, the charges were dropped and Sean was released. Everyone celebrated, but at the same time they now knew that someone...or something else was out there that had committed these crimes. But who?

The Clone Revealed

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The Time of Silence

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The Next Chapter

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  • Sean has inherited his father's short temper. It is not something he is proud of or likes to talk about.
  • Sean's favorite food is daeji bulgogi.
  • Sean is able to commune with the Spirits of Saturn, but he mostly connects with the spirits of his mother and father.