Orion Felinus

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small%20Orion_zpsnrolsfep.png Orion in humanoid form.
Orion Felinus
Biographical information



July 16


Freya (wife), Kanri (Adopted Daughter), Daini Felinus (Adopted Daughter), Atalanta and Phoebe (Biological twin daughters from the 400 Project), Heimdall (Infant Son), Odysseus (Future Son), Athena (Future Daughter), Milina (Mother-in-law), Tobas (Father-in-law) Cain Felinus (Father/Deceased?), Shara Felinus (Mother/Deceased?).


College Professor

Physical description

Saturnian, Pseudo-Mauian



Hair color


Eye color





Claws and Teeth in cat form


Transformation, Medium, Brief moments of increased strength and speed (Based on emotional status)


Matsumi Kaze, Hideki Kaze, Sean Collins


Early Life

Orion was the Grand Vizier to the Saturnian Empire. He was born to a poor commoner family where he was taught to scrape and steal in order to survive. Orion would watch nobles from afar and would admire and envy them for their privilege and status. It was a status that he desired to gain. To no longer have to scrape and strive to get by day by day. So he would watch the nobles and learned that they were well educated and referenced. Using his clever wit, Orion created a false identity and managed to fool the school board and get himself enrolled in a prestigious academy. Instead of spending the day begging and stealing for his family, Orion attended school and proved to be top of his class.

When his family found out, they told him it was a hopeless dream and that it was his responsibility to help feed and support the family. Orion refused to give up and continued to attend classes against his family's wishes. Frustrated by this stubbornness, his family threatened to expose him to the academy administration to get him expelled. Angered that his family would sabotage his dream and condemn him to the streets, Orion disowned his family and ran away. He took to living in the cellar of the academy, listening in on lessons and seminars being taught that he could hear echoing through vents. One day, one of the professors came down to the cellar to tend to the furnace and found the young boy in a tattered school uniform and surrounded by piles or books and papers. Orion was afraid that he would be chased out, but after the professor looked at the papers and noticed the genius work done by this boy, he was very impressed and started to question Orion. Orion told the truth of his origins and his desire to become educated so that he could escape a life of poverty.

The professor smiled and kindly offered to act as Orion's guardian and allowed him to return to classes as an official student. On his off time, Orion worked directly for the Professor, cataloging his papers, library and learning the ways of interacting with and speak to higher officials and nobles. He would assist the professor and would observe the meetings with the University Advisory Board, learning various aspects of opinions and methods of mediation and resolution. Orion graduated with honors from the university and continued his work under the professor until one day the professor offered to have Orion attend the Advisory Board in his place. Orion's first time at the advisory board was met with skepticism by the elder board members, but Orion proved to be so well spoken, clear minded, and truthful that the elder board members offered him a permanent spot in the university's advisory staff. Orion's advisory skills and inputs became the subjects of interest for many nobles attending the university.

The Silver Millennium

Due to his advanced advisory skills, intellect and organizational skills he was recommended to the imperial city to apply as a court Vizier when the empress returned to Saturn. He greatly impressed the Empress that she appointed him as a Vizier. He was one of three that started under the Empress. The other two later on proved to be either corrupt or untrustworthy. Orion was the only one who proved sincere to his word, and became the Grand Vizir, and granted nobility status by the empress. She "branded" him with the Star of Saturn on his forehead to make his position permanent.

While serving as Grand Vizier, Orion observed a group of robed pilgrims entering the Temple of Saturn on the royal grounds. He caught sight of the Lead Priestess in charge of the procession and was mesmerized by her. He turned away to attend to the Empress and when he looked back, the priestess and the pilgrims were gone, leaving Orion to wonder if what he saw was only a dream. Later on, while on a diplomatic mission to Quinox with the empress, he was surprised to find the priestess again, and learned that her name was Freya de Albra Tura, the High Priestess of the Temple of The Six. As is the nature of Saturnian males, Orion fell deeply in love with her. He wished to court her, but since she was a devout priestess of the Lodestone, his position and the empress forbade him to approach her romantically.

He tried to keep things professional during their visit, but later he met Freya in the gardens of the Lodestone temple and could not hold himself back. He kissed Freya and professed his love to the priestess. He requested more diplomatic trips so he could continue his secret courtship of the priestess, every time hoping she would accept his love and he could propose. It soon became apparent to the Empress that Orion's numerous requests to go to Quinox had become something more than just diplomacy.

The Empress confronted Orion about his ruse and his many trips to Quinox. He would then confess that he was truly in love with the priestess and was that his trips were his means of courting her. This exposed his secret affair with the Quinoxian Priestess. Disappointed in her Vizier's dishonesty, the Empress punished him by denying his requests for further trips to Quinox and ordered that Orion remain on Saturn to fulfill his duties to the royal court. Orion was devastated. Drunk on love and desperate to see his beloved priestess, he saw a sacred golden necklace in within the royal treasury while he was cataloging the treasures, and all he could think of was how it would make a fitting gift for Freya. He took the necklace and hid it within his royal garb. Due to his distracted and distressed mindset, Orion didn't notice that a patrolling guard had seen him steal the necklace, and reported directly to the Empress. He was arrested, and brought before the Empress for trial. He begged for mercy, pleading that he only wished to give the necklace to his beloved priestess on Quinox. The Empress punished Orion for his theft by ordering Orion to wear a gem collar. When the collar was tightened around his neck, Orion was transformed into a grey cat with the mark of Saturn's star still on his forehead, and making him a Pseudo-Mauian. Orion was allowed to keep his position as the Vizier, but he was restricted to remaining on Saturn.

The Fall of the Outer Kingdoms

After the destruction of Saturn and the loss of the royal family, Orion joined the other refugees from the Saturnian Empire in the Moon Kingdom. He soon learned that two survivors of the royal family were also there and he took charge of them and became their guardian. He also received word that refugees from other worlds were also gathering in the Moon Kingdom, including Quinoxians. He feared that if Freya saw him in the form he had now, she would reject him outright. He remained cautious, and tried to stay hidden so that she wouldn't have the chance to see him in such a disgraced form. While trying to console the young Saturnian Princess and her cousin for their losses, the Quinoxian princess visited the Saturnian princess in her room with Freya. Upon hearing the voices of the Quinoxian princess and Freya, Orion desperately tried to hide himself. The Saturnian princess pulled Orion out from his hiding place, and exposed his feline form to the Quinoxian visitors. It was then Orion found that Freya was also in a feline form, and he was shocked to discover why. Orion requested from his young Mistress and Master if he could have some time to be with Freya so they could rekindle their love. Neither of the Saturnian royals objected to his reunion with Freya, so Orion took the time to get reacquainted with his beloved priestess.

The Fall of the Moon Kingdom

When Beryl attacked the Moon, Orion was separated from Freya during the battle, and injured when the palace was invaded. One of the surviving royals, Sean, the Earl of Titan, and the designated Saturn Knight, found the injured Orion, and informed the Vizier that the princesses have been lost, and the kingdom was doomed to fall. Just as Queen Serenity used the power of the Ginzuishou to try and save all those who had been on the moon through reincarnation, Sean and Orion found themselves suddenly sealed in a capsule of crystalline ice, a last act from the spirits of Saturn to preserve their last son of Saturn in stasis, allowing them to retain their Saturnian bodies and their memories.

Modern Day

Several thousand years later, Sean and Orion are awakened from their stasis by the rest of the reawakened order of senshi knights, and joined the ranks on modern day Earth. Several weeks later, Sean and Orion encounter Matsumi and Freya while out in town, once again reuniting the feline lovers. Orion acts as the Guardian and teacher for Sean, and Hotaru on occasion and had taken up a job at the local Juuban University as a professor of Social & Philosophical Foundations, and serves as head of the University Advisory Board. Later he would propose to Freya and marry her, promising to never be separated again from his beloved. Together, they adopted 2 daughters; Kanri and Daini, and live in a large family apartment in the hotel on the 16th floor.

He and Freya have given birth on August 4th 2015 to their new son Heimdall. He was promoted to take the position of Dean of Juuban University.

They later discovered that twin biological daughters from the 400 project were rescued from human trafficking by one of the other residents of the Hotel who discovered them by chance. Orion and Freya both agreed to take in these children, since they were of their own blood, and adopted them into the family to provide a healthy and happy family life. These children, Atalanta and Phoebe, inherited Freya's ability to change into feline form at will.


Orion can switch from human form to feline form because of the collar he wears. Loosening the collar will allow his human form, and tightening it will change him back to a feline. He can never take it off.

As his feline body is based on that of a Mauian, Orion has the same abilities as one.

Orion, like Sean, has the ability to communicate and channel the spirits of Saturn, allowing him to act as a medium.

As a Saturnian, Orion can have brief moments of increased strength and speed when he feels his family is threatened or he is enraged.

Orion, in Feline Form