Tohtah Rhea

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Biographical information



June 21 Earth Calender


Sean Collins (Chosen/Fiance)


Totah (Priestess) of the Golden Flame


"Golden Light", "The Light of Lohanna"(By her people), Space Elf (Sean; when describing her) "The Alien" & "Outsider" (Derogatory References)

Physical description




Hair color

Cobalt Blue

Eye color

Golden Yellow




Matsumi Kaze and family, Orion Felinus and family, Kevin Junia and the Senshi Knights

Rhea is an alien from a sub universe.


The World of Ea

Rhea was raised in her home village of Loknar-sar, The village of the Moon's Shadow. It was a humble village that was not far from the holy city where the Temple of Lohanna stood. She and her fellow villagers worked in their orchards, growing fruits to feed their families, trade with other villages, and provide offerings to Lohanna. Rhea was a happy young girl, and she showed empathy and kindness to small animals and other children. She live happily in her home with her mother and father, learning the ways of Lohanna and the dangers of the Moh from her father's stories when he would travel to the holy city to trade and worship at the temple. His stories inspired her to become a Tohtah (priestess). When her father took her to the holy city to allow her to apply as a priestess. The High Tohteps and Tohtahs tested Rhea for her faith and devotion, and looked for signs of her connection to Lohanna.

Her tests were difficult, and the young eanite worried that she did not have a connection to the great entity. She prayed every night to Lohanna for a blessing, to allow her to become a devout Tohtah. One night, a vision came to her in a dream. Lohanna came to her in the form of a golden beast (A Lion) and spoke to her, admiring her love and empathy for life and living beings. Rhea reflected much of Lohanna's own spirit, and so the entity blessed her with its warmth and light. Rhea awoke, and found that she could sense the feelings of others. She became a visionary to help those with the feelings of Moh to overcome their negativity and find Lohanna's light. She also discovered that the light that Lohanna blessed her with would allow her to heal the wounded and cure the sick. The High Tohteps and Tohtahs were so impressed by the blessings this girl had received, they at once accepted her into their fellowship. She quickly became known as the "Golden Light" to her people, and excelled in her teachings as a Tohtah.

The Stranger named...Mud

After a few years of peace, the skies of Ea were shattered when a black pod fell upon the edge of the holy city! City guards and denizens approached the strange pod, fearful of what it was. They could hear something inside. It sounded aggressive...pounding from within like a caged beast. Suddenly, something burst through the pod, shattering its shell! A long shining weapon had broken through, sending the people into a panic. They were sure this creature had been summoned by the Moh, and had come to attack them! The guards readied their weapons as the shining weapon withdrew, and a figure broke through the shell. It stood about as tall as their tallest Eanite, and was clad in strange garments. Its skin, ears, eyes, and hair were abnormal to them...and it spoke in a strange tongue...surely it was a monster that had hatched and was trying to mimic their forms! A Demon of the Moh! The guards attacked and the creature fled! They thrust their weapons at it, and it used its own weapon against them, slicing through their spears and shattering their arrows as it ran! It was not of Ea...and their fear of this invader grew! Denizens joined in the pursuit, attacking the invader at every turn with anything they could wield! They chased the invader to the heart of the holy city where it was cornered and injured by the mob! The Eanites called out for its blood, to sacrifice this creature to ensure peace to their world! The guards closed in to slay the creature, but a sudden shout halted their weapons.

It was the voice of the high Tohtep Enzu. He was accompanied by Tohtah Rhea and Lohtep Girn. Enzu stated that this creature should be judged by the light of Lohanna before the people resolve to slay it. With Enzu's command, Rhea approached the creature and allowed the golden flames to envelope him...the flames seemed to consume the creature and they burned and flickered for several minutes until the flames dissipated, revealing the creature healed and restored. Enzu read this to be a sign that this stranger was innocent of their fears, and that Lohanna has granted him its protection. The stranger was to live among them. The people did not settle well with this, but they dared not question the will of Lohanna. Captain Lon, of the Holy City's guard would remain wary of this stranger. He warned that this stranger had the Moh within him, and that allowing him to live was a big mistake.

The stranger then their native tongue. Though not well, he spoke like a child learning his first words. Enzu took this as a sign that Lohanna gave the stranger a blessing of their language to help him on their world. The stranger explained that he was from another world, and that he had to go home. Enzu sadly informed the stranger that they had no way to travel to other worlds, and that the stranger must make a home among the Eanites. The stranger became despondent...Enzu offered to let the stranger take up residence in the temple among the Lohteps. The stranger accepted, and reluctantly settled into his new surroundings.

Rhea re-assumed her duties, trying to not disturb the stranger. Many of the other young initiates still reacted in fear of the stranger, and the patrons and denizens of the city mistrusted and despised this alien. Most would ignore him, or spat derogatory words at the stranger like "Demok" and "Stozen", while others would assault him physically by throwing or pushing him down, or throwing food and trash at him. She could see the stranger was feeling afraid, miserable and unwelcome. One day, during the morning sermons, Rhea spotted the stranger in the back of the temple behind the crowds. It seemed he wanted to see the sermon, but wanted to avoid attention.

Unfortunately, his presence was noticed by a high city guard named Bogah, and the guard would not tolerate the outsider in their holy halls. The guard openly attacked the stranger, throwing him into the wall and kicking him on the ground. Rhea rushed in and demanded that the guard stop, and that Lohanna will not tolerate such violence in its holy temple. Bogah left the temple after repeating Captain Lon's warning. Rhea then helped the stranger to his feet, and walked him out of the temple's sermon hall to avoid further incidents. The stranger thanked her, and apologized for disrupting the sermons. Rhea shook her head and assured the stranger that it was not his fault, but he still seemed lonely and saddened.

Rhea took this as an opportunity to try and see through Lohanna's wish to have the stranger be a part of Ea. Rhea apologized for her people's treatment of him, and she started to ask him questions and offered to teach him more about their world. Her approach caught the stranger completely off guard...but he started to talk and answer her questions, as well as ask some questions of his own. His main concern was that the people kept calling him words he did not understand, and he asked if she could translate them. Rhea sadly stated that the derogatory terms were; "Stozen" which meant "unnatural" and that "Demok" meant "Not of Ea". Rhea apologized again for her people's mistreatment of him, and stated she felt that he had a warm soul.

The stranger smiled and then said his name was "Shaw-hawn" and this made Rhea start to laugh at him. She revealed to him that "Shaw-hawn" in Eanur meant "moistened soil". The stranger looked embarrassed, stating; "…in other words…My name here means…”mud”?" After a few moments, he chuckled too and thought that maybe the people will warm up to such a humorous name in their language. From that day, some came to call the stranger, "The Demok named Mud".

The Time of Gathering

The Fall of Ea

Coming to Earth

Rhea's perception filter human form.