Nelius Raoul

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Nelius Raoul
Biographical information

Coalition Netherworld

Birth Netherworld year 3333 (Claims to be 40 years old)
Family Eoria (Mother), Tyrios (Father), numerous Celestian and Netherworld cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, Harusawa E. Raoul (Adopted Daughter)

Dimension Jumper, Occasional Problem Solver, Overlord


Raoul, Belderiver, Creative Chaos, Shura, That Fucker that spanners everything

Physical description

Demon (Fallen Angel/Incubus mix)



Hair color

Dark Brown-Red

Eye color

Orange (regrew left eye)


7 feet tall (213 cm)


Almacia, many others


Demonic strength and speed, elemental spells, Ki, flight, wing-morphing, transformation, sensing, holy power (always looks to expand his abilities)


The 24 (group formed in another world, now rescued), Yumiko Takanashi, Kanri, Lady Hale, Dawn Warriors

First Appearance

February 28, 2014

Nelius is a demon from the Netherworld. His home Netherworld is far different than the one commonly known as Laharl's Netherworld. His causal wear is usually a jacket, T-shirt, and pants, the colors and content of which changes from time to time.

Quick History

Nelius was born to Eoria, a half-Succubus who hailed from a different demon world, and Tyrios, a Fallen Angel who left Celestia nearly three millennia ago. At an appreciative age, he went to apprentice under the Overlord of his home Netherworld...for a time things had gone well, but after an expedition to a fallen human world, he noted the Overlord's behavior becoming, for lack of a better term, self-destructive. Deciding to leave while the opportunity was ripe, he ended up leaving, but ended up taking a Dimensional Ship to a different Netherworld.

Upon landing at this Netherworld, he ended up making a lasting impression on the Overlord there, having lead most of his forces on quite the chase. However, after having been heard out, he was given a chance to redeem himself by helping open an underground power source. With the task complete, he was given essential citizenship status, and was signed on as a vassal.

Sadly, this peace didn't last long. While tagging along on a mission to help drop off supplies to an allied Overlord, Nelius was flung through a freak wormhole, kick starting his unintentional dimension jumping.

Detours through Dimensions

Nelius' first stop was to a human world under siege from a neighboring demon world, which he would later identify as the Makai, where Morrigan Aensland hails from. Here he would face off against the cosmic alien being called Pyron, a battle that cost him his left eye, but awakened a power unknown to him.

Spending a good seventeen years in this world according to its timescale, he made a small name for himself as a problem solver, hunting down rogue demons and other monsters that caused trouble. He found a way back and forth from this human world to its demon world, but couldn't use this finding to simply send himself back to his corner of the universe--whenever he tried, the resulting transport sent him to other universes more tightly sequestered to the human world he was currently on. Due to this, he picked up a variety of skills and learned many things relating to battle, survival, and such, battling a multitude of different enemies. However, due to this world-jumping, he lost track of his actual age, using that world's timescale as an effective measure. In all, he could be much older than he lets on.

While on a job testing the new Shatterpact gauntlets, composed of Huitzil parts and his own gauntlets, he was judged a worthy soul for Jedah Dohma's assimilation plan, and was sucked into the Majigen.

During his fight against Jedah, Nelius caused the collapse of the Majigen by sheer accident as he detoured one of Jedah's "Dio Sega" saws away from himself, slicing the umbilical cord of the massive demon fetus and severely misbalancing the realm's stability. By all rights, he should have been erased from existence then, but it seems the cosmos wasn't done with him yet.

Detour 2

Nelius was soon launched to a very different human world afterwards, somehow surviving the Majigen's collapse.

In this world, he found out the history behind it: humanity had been under siege by various monsters, and no matter what action was taken, both sides were equally locked--should one get too numerous, the other side would rise in power to thin the other's numbers. The ultimate game-changer was a new Demon Lord, one promising an era of peace for both sides. Sadly, a number of oversights on the new Demon Lord's part meant a fragile balancing act that was slowly, but inevitably, falling out of favor for both inhabitants.

Not really wanting to bother with such a world, Nelius took to finding other demons and angels from his corner of the cosmos that had been sent here on order of the Netherworld Senate to investigate, the new Demon Lord's power rendering Dimensional Gates very unsafe for use. From what he pieced together, the new Demon Lord's power, combined with several gods' power who favored her approach, heavily toned down the killing intent of the new monsters, wanting them to mix with humanity--sadly, one of the aforementioned oversights was a monster's inability to properly produce children, due to their genetics and overall abilities explicitly overpowering humanity's. Thirty years of trying to fix this was wearing thin on many, as the threat of extinction became heavily apparent on both sides.

All of this, though, was soon to be rendered a side-issue, with the reappearance of two old threats from respective cosmic corners.

Somehow, in some manner, Asagi Kurosugi had survived the events of the Asagi Wars (having been given permanent time in the Underworld in Nelius' timeline for her crimes), and was working with a resurrected Demon Lord to shift the world back to how it was before--a world of eternal war and bloodshed. To aid this, the two released a being unlike any ever seen... one that was nearly-immune to the new Demon Lord's power, and gained strength by absorbing and utilizing holy power, evolving into forms easily able to take out even the greatest monster. As it would later turn out, this creature was a last-ditch effort, made to assault the heavenly realms, but soon repurposed for its new use to lay waste to the world.

Kurosugi and her partner lead an attack on the new Demon Lord's stronghold, leading only six of the holy-absorbing abominations. The resurrected Demon Lord, calling himself Revenant, went after one of Kurosugi's old projects, AKP-104 Epsilon, a mass-produced Desco Unit whose Usatako Unit was made much stronger. If Revenant had taken the unit, every kill he would make would fill him with increasing amounts of vital energy and power, letting him steamroll all opposition sent his way, every kill making it easier for him to kill again. To make the matter simpler, Kurosugi made use of a remote to force Epsilon to a desolate location and then shut her down, making her an easy target.

Shoving Epsilon away from what would have been a killing strike, Nelius' left arm took a sharp crunch that rendered his forearm near-useless. However, knowing that she had little time left, Epsilon merged what was left of herself into his arm, restoring functionality and granting him the Usatako Unit in the process.

In a raging battle that threatened to instantly reverse everything that had been worked towards, Revenant and Kurosugi finally fell, but gave way to two other nasty surprises.

The first was the Progenitor for the holy-absorbing creatures, itself charged with a potently holy soul and able to produce more of the abominations at a nightmarish rate---the larvae would reach their first stage within 30 seconds, a sharp contrast to needing three minutes beforehand.

The second was Revenant's loose soul using the last motes of its existential power to awaken the Chaos Gods that threatened to break free from their sea-bed prison. Having been sealed for their reality-shattering powers, they sought to unmake everything.

Though exhausted from the prior battles, Nelius and the other 23 Netherworldians and Celestians (counting the morphed/dead Epsilon) lead the world's inhabitants in taking down the two threats.

The Progenitor, having been freed upon Kurosugi's death and capturing denizens to feed upon and produce more of its brood, was the first to be taken out. Upon its death, the holy soul that powered it flew off to parts unknown, yet seemed to recognize someone in the group.

The Chaos Gods took a more considerable effort, as they appeared to be far above death itself, and had to be sealed away once more, this time behind a more secure prison.

After taking a week to recover from the ordeal, the demons and angels, having commandeered Kurosugi's Yoshitsuna warship (hidden underground in the Monsters' mainland), prepared to use the ship to leave, but came across a new problem, heralded by a fallen star.

An Elder God, the original creator of the world and how it would run, had returned, and was immensely displeased by how things had become, never mind his mental deterioration. The Elder God re-instated itself as the lead God, kicking the substituted God out and sending down his new army, crafted from multiple humans abducted and indoctrinated while Kurosugi and Revenant held everyone's attention. The new army overran the planet, casually slaughtering the masses and preparing to reinstate what Revenant had failed to do.

Once again, the Netherworld and Celestial teammates were drawn into the battle, but during the fight, one of Nelius' attacks directed towards the god's head had torn open yet another wormhole, and against his will he was sent to another universe, leaving his allies to finish the battle on their own and leave the world.

Suburban Senshi

Nelius landed in a remote area of modern Japan several wards away from the Hotel. Somehow, his weaponry had disappeared (he'd later learn they became tied to his soul itself, and he could summon them at will), and so he set out to find out where he was. While a frequent visitor to the Hotel, he is also seeking to find a way back to the battle and ensure that his allies are alive.

Having finally gotten Dimensional Travel down, he found the group moored in the "Silent Line", and brought them to his set-up house in the Land of Carnage to help get parts to fix the Yoshitsuna war vessel.

His allied group fixed the Yoshitsuna War Ship, and with Mita taking command of the vessel, they've been returned to their respective homes. Though far apart, they still keep in touch on matters from time to time. Unsurprisingly, the only one to stay in the Land of Carnage proper was Uutyk, although Blindfire makes visits whenever he has the chance.

In order to help out with several dilemmas going on, he had willingly taken up room 407 at the Hotel. While able to get back to his home after recent events, he set up a quick-travel from his Hotel room back to his abode, citing Eitak Razal as an inspiration. After having had the lock jimmied by Kanri one too many times, Nelius has installed a new lock system, which requires three special keys to open---his DNA, a keycard, and a password of his own choosing. If even one of these is missing, the door will not open. He's gotten Kanri her own card and password.

As far as relationships with the residents, he keeps a cordial attitude with those he meets, and generally gets to the point on matters-- however, it would appear that he has taken the role of elder brother to Yumiko Takanashi and Kanri. As he's grown more familiar with most of the residents and visitors, he's noticeably relaxed his stance.

On June 1, 2014, Nelius was selected as part of a team, headed by The Intern, to negotiate with Jedda Rain. The negotiation went successfully, and now he is helping prepare for the confrontation against Jinan and Nightfall.

On October 17, 2014, Nelius made a trip to Kaguya Island, finding crystallized essences belonging to Matsumi Kaze, Masaki O`Cain, and Saki Suminaka and returning them to their owners. The results of this remain to be seen. Before this, he had been searching around the space between dimensions to try and find the essences. Thanks to Time Lord Thrash, he was transmatted out of the Celestial Toymaker's collapsing space. He then traveled with the Time Lord for a while, a period of roughly six months, give or take a couple of days.

The Crystals' Plight

Late on August 10, Nelius was chosen as a recipient for a Crystal infused with Shadow Element, becoming its holder and champion. While not wholly certain of its purpose, much less how he was chosen, he keeps it close by. He's been working with it to discover what other abilities it might grant him once the others have been chosen.

When the Holy Crystal belonging to Eilean was stolen by Caligo, Nelius was among those who went to confront him. As it turned out, Caligo was under the influence of a demon calling itself Chaos. While Caligo was freed of the influence, Chaos made off with the crystal, intending to use its power to try to wipe the solar system of all life.

The crystal was reclaimed, and Chaos was sent running with its tail between its legs. Nelius took the machinery the Holy Crystal was hooked up to, and is studying it in great detail---materials, purpose, all that good stuff.

The Final Nonary Game

Nelius, Haru, and Lady Hale were all involved in the last Nonary Game. Nelius and Haru worked together to clear the first stage, killing Evil Chibi-Moon, though Hale faltered in clearing the second, not seeing Evil Venus' trick. Nelius helped win the third against Evil Neptune, but was outgunned in the fourth stage by Evil Mercury's suit.

With the tactic set to launch a two-pronged assault, Haru went to the Sixth Stage in the Nonary Game, facing off against Evil Saturn, while Nelius assisted to the best of his ability in taking down the real mastermind---the soul fragment of Hazel Ninegate, having re-possessed John Constantine.

The fragment was destroyed, and thus the Nonary Game came to a close with the Hotel winning. However, the remaining Evil Senshi are still out there. Nelius found John's soul in the Lobby AC---it having moved up from the basement where it was imprisoned. Hale has assisted in reclaiming Mimette and Dr. Hooey from the Abyss.

Should the Twisted Senshi appear again, they will be dealt with as swiftly and as mercilessly as possible.

The events have only reinforced what he's believed in--- that no matter the gain in personal strength, there will always be a challenge lying in wait ahead. He has increased his training and studies to an exponential degree.

Destroying the Unnamable

With the odd reveal of The Eightfold Empire, a curious number of events began to transpire, all revolving around the remaining Quinox people. Nelius and his crew put forth their assistance in trying to piece together what was happening. From assassination attempts to trips through time, he worked with what he was given to piece things together.

It was during the actual battle against the Unnamable--a being reaching through all of space and time and trying to cause a Big Crunch--that Nelius pieced together what the repeated phrase "Ascend Together" meant, and alongside those present at the battle, became a part of God-Quinox and put his all into helping everyone permanently take down the Unnamable. The remaining Aether energy which fueled this ascension was later returned to Sailor Quinox, who used the remainder of it to help facilitate a newer timeline for the Quinox people.

The Elemental Planes

In May of 2015, a curious stone gate was found in Ueno Park. Many people were going missing, Sean Collins of 1337-B being among them. Alongside Bora, he entered the gate, finding himself in an underground cavern full to the brim with many insects---and his powers smothered.

With assistance from Kanri, whom provided quite the bevy of potions, they reached the center where the Spider Queen, whom ruled the plane, was feasting on Sean's blood and intended to further spread her brood. Together, the three performed regicide on the Queen (with Bora decapitating the monster), saving Sean and the other missing people whom survived the assault.

Although Bora and Sean have gone to 1337-B to live out their new life together, Nelius still has the bracer from the Spider Queen, studying its intricacies and connections to the stone gate. He meant to return it to Bora, but it honestly slipped his mind. He was able to use it to seal the gate off completely.

During August of that same year, another gate appeared in the Juuban University Gymnasium. The specters that came through the gate horrendously burnt all those whom got close, with many hostages taken. One of them was Orion Felinus.

Nelius and Kanri ventured forth into the gate, this time being aided by a girl whom called herself Sailor Q. As the burnt victims proved on both sides of the gate, this was a plane of Fire and lava, almost a vision of one depiction of Hell itself. Its ruler turned out to be Elkenrod, a corrupted healer whom turned her arts to sadistic intents, loving to hear screams of agony.

As physical pain only seemed to please her, Nelius turned his strategy to a different end-- he used an alchemized Vortex Bullet to completely cut off her nerves so that nothing could be felt. It froze her from the waist down, and through a combination of a Polar Snowstorm in a flask, Q's wind-burst disks, and alleviating the suffering of her victims through the coolness of potions prepared beforehand, Elkenrod began to lose her pain-powered form and soon dissolved into a corpse. Her spirit, now free of the evil taint, told them to take the Fire Ruby within her crown in order to leave.

Elkenrod had fallen from grace due to seeing those she healed constantly returning to suffering and illness---disillusioned by this, an evil voice beckoned her to turn her arts to inflicting pain.

Nelius still has the crown and ruby within his possession, making this 2 of the items collected so far. Now knowing that the elemental gates aren't a one-off detail, he'll be keeping a wary eye for any others that begin to appear.

Eightfold's Fall

Nelius learned of his YDX counterpart's apparent involvement in the creation of the Reality Drill, which an AU Actuary was using to target all alternate universe versions of Simon Kerrick and the Daleks. To this end, Nelius has ordered the construction of his own countermeasures, even assisting his vassals in creating and storing them for the battle to come.

Said AU Actuary was also the murderer of The Tyrant and her cadre, using recycled bits of the Eightfold's people--Nelius plans to hold nothing back when it comes time to confront her. He's also putting himself on call when it comes time to clean up the remnants of the Tyrant's Golden Revolution.

To this end, he has re-sought out and acquired that which he discovered before... and this time, he's spreading the information of it to his allies. It seems there is also something he has unlocked and decided to go full-force with.

On July 2, alongside many other forces, he managed to find where the Alternate Actuary was housing the Reality Drill. While it was destroyed, and some of her biological matter was found, Nelius isn't convinced that their enemy was fully destroyed, not to mention that the Rei Hino of 1337-A wasn't on the drill....

With Rei recovered and AltAct killed once and for all, it appears things have come to a conclusion.

Post Reboot

Past the reboot of 1337-A, Nelius hasn't really changed all that much... or at least, that's how he appears externally. Having done some soul-searching, he's long since come to terms with his incubus heritage, granting him a much more refined set of skills and erasing much of the mental turmoil that silently plagued him. He's also ditched his long-worn jacket, no longer needing to hide his transplanted arm.

With this release from his mental burden comes a much higher degree of genre savviness, and his power is now free from any restraints. It's hard to say just how much stronger he's become, what with his Carnage training, Rasetsu research, and his mental blocks eliminated, not to mention becoming a part of a god.

Recent events

Nelius has been assisting in the efforts to save the world of Cadia from the forces of Abaddon the Despoiler. With all of his ships and many of his forces helping out, he plans to keep fighting until the world is safe.

Sadly, despite managing to severely damage Abaddon, the Despoiler tried dropping a piece of the Will of Eternity onto Cadia in an attempt to destroy it. While the piece was destroyed, its remaining debris dealt a serious blow to the world, and the Eye of Terror opened once more.

Now, when the time is right, Nelius will be lending his aid to take out those whom dwell within the Eye.

Strangely, a room 1612 appeared in the Hotel, and those whom entered it would be confronted with their deepest, darkest fears--- poor Eitak ended up reliving a number of nightmares. Working with Lazard, Nelius and Lazard deduced that the room was somehow made from a Darkness Crystal; to be more specific, its defense mechanisms were kicking in. Calling in Cressida, whom still possessed the Light Crystal, the three of them subdued the elemental crystal and dispelled the room altogether. Lazard now has the crystal for safekeeping.

Some time after Gren-Gar's attempted assault on Euri and her children, word was going around about a heliophobic cult that wished to get rid of the sun. Going undercover, he ended up working with Caligo and The Necromantress and found that the cult was using darkness crystals to summon something, being lead by a nameless dark angel that had once given Eitak Razal trouble in her past.

A few days later, it turns out that what had been summoned was Atomos, a strange creature that was almost black-hole like. Working with his father, Flonne and Lewis, they managed to destroy the darkness crystals it was attempted to eat, and sent a heavily wounded Atomos running for its life. He plans on utterly killing the creature when the next encounter comes up.

Whilst checking out various other worlds, Nelius found himself entering into an alliance with another Overlord, providing supplies to help rebuild their world after battle against a monstrosity. In exchange, he took up learning about their various beings, training tactics and assorted texts.

Strangely, Senna has noticed some kind of presence following him around... assuming one is following him around, it has made no real moves to identify itself or outline why it is shadowing him.

Nelius has also been pursuing a figure spreading Netherworld Quartz around Japan, collecting the mineral shards to prevent random demon summons. During a few of these excursions, he had run into what looked like shades of heroic figures from humanity's past.

During an odd number of events surrounding Tokyo seemingly merging with alternate versions of itself, Nelius found a number of dimensional tears opening in the Netherworld, acting as windows to a number of alternate Earths. One of those alternate Earths, however, proved capable of peering back. After some deliberation, an information exchange was decided upon.

The potential future

Data unknown... decryption in progress...


Sarcastic and always keeping an eye out for trouble, Nelius tends to keep to himself. Generally, if you leave him be, he leaves you be. Above all, he values his freedom and the friends and allies he's made. The fastest way to get on his bad side is to threaten those he cares for... or be an unabashed asshole who revels in others' misery, then he'll outright kill you without a shred of remorse.

When it comes to conversations, he's bad at making small talk; he'd rather get to the heart of a matter, and as such, tends to be incredibly blunt in what he says. While largely honest on most matters, he admits that sometimes his bluntness can make him sound like an asshole. However, don't take this to mean he's simple, as he has a surprisingly sharp mind.

Having gotten used to a life of drifting from one problem to the next, he's got both sharp ears and sharp eyes for finding threats. While he does relish a worthy adversary or a good fight, should someone or something prove too much of a problem, he will seek to end it mercilessly and without hesitation. Due to this, getting him into social situations isn't very easy, as he's always on the lookout for potential problems. He is getting better about this, though.

With recent events, he's shown a marked improvement in his overall demeanor, no longer as serious on all matters, and even heard cracking some jokes from time to time---one of his friends would remark that he has regained his sense of humor, having been around him in the prior world and having snarked with him from time to time.

General Abilities

Having grown up in the Netherworld and having two wildly different demons as parents, Nelius' abilities tend to go beyond obscene and into the realm of defying all known reason. His numerous trips to other worlds have also played a big part in his skills' expansion and honing.

A natural fighter, Nelius is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, also able to make use of his axe and gun, though he had to retrain himself upon the loss of his left eye, and once again when his left eye was restored. Other proficient areas include Ki usage and elemental spells, though Wind and Fire are his best elements, and he also can utilize Healing spells, though not to the extent a natural Healer could initially. His demon wings are able to shift shape, taking any shape he needs for the situation. Able to fly, he only needs to have his wings out, though he flaps them out of habit, mainly to check for damage. As of recent, he's learned how to fly without needing his wings, using either magic or Ki if he needs his wings for battle.

His strength, speed and stamina were considered fairly middling among demons of his age group, but the decades of battle, training and observation have pushed them to a exponential degree. Observation has shown him in his base form casually flying and moving anywhere from re-entry speeds (well above Mach 25), to around lightning speed (around one-third the speed of light), and able to hold up megaton to gigaton weight items without any fuss. Surviving the collapse of a reality coming down on top of him is a testament to his unbelievable endurance, and he has mentioned surviving other things that should've killed him a long time ago.

Mind you, the above was noted as happening before he began training in the Carnage Dimension, and due to him holding back to ensure the safety of those around him, as most planets lack the overall toughness and stability of Netherworlds.

The odd dark power awakened when Pyron gouged out his left eye is among his repertoire, and he mainly used it to coat himself in darkness, adopting the alias "Belderiver." While it is an exponential multiplication of his power (initially cubing his abilities overall), he initially could not hold the form very long due to how much power it took, and so took to staying in the form as much as possible, even living in the form for several months to a few years to decrease the strain and make it easier to use and access. Thanks to this, he's more than capable of staying within the form as long as he needs to, and its power has increased significantly as time went on.

He's taken several crash courses in learning how to utilize Dimensional Gates, and now has a much better control over them, drastically reducing the chance of one backfiring on him. Thanks to some notes from his allies, he's working on finding ways to weaponize them and make storage spaces. Pray that he doesn't decide to portal-cut you into pieces.

However, his mix of blood had a sleeping problem: during the Chaos Gods' rampage, Nelius was struck with a backlash from one of their reality-shaping attacks (he even admits that the attack should have killed him a number of times over), triggering and outright warping his otherworldly Incubus blood, and transforming him into an immense beast, later named Cubus Gigant. The beast was a mishmash of various features, looking draconic but having translucent, insect-esque wings. A sole eye sat on the beast's chin, and other eyes were seen on its spine, legs, and tail. A deadly organic cannon was built into its collarbone, and had access to all of his magic. It was nothing short of a miracle that he distinguished friend from foe, yet this other side seemed to have a mind of its own....

Thanks to several months of research and foresight, Nelius has re-merged his Incubus side back into himself, regaining the control he had over it before the backlash separated it from him. This allowed him to use the full might of Cubus Gigant's abilities.

In his search for the power of Rasetsu, Nelius found that his re-merging of his selves has created a new form for himself--Demon of Deicide. This, alongside his training in the Carnage Dimension, has given him a significant increase in his power and abilities.

He's also learning attacks capable of bypassing physical defenses and attacking the mind and soul-- alongside this, he's been taking looks into shielding those parts of himself from attack or intrusion. Thanks to his celestial mingling, he's picked up on the art of using holy power, able to infuse evil-killing strikes and techniques into his arsenal. There's tidings of him researching ways to erase otherwise immortal beings.

Sometime during and after the Nonary Game, Nelius found his arms and legs were capable of the same morphing abilities that his wings had--- though in this case, they weren't mere changes to a more demonic arm or leg. They were capable of becoming copies of Cubus Gigant's own body.

As he continues his seeking of self-improvement, he's also willing to impart some training tips unto others, largely in reference to skills and other forms of combat that he's encountered throughout his travels. That said, he's also willing to update the information as he learns of new things. There is no truly perfect skill set, after all...

As of recent, having mastered Cubus Gigant has allowed him to master the chaotic power that seeped into his being. Unlike other chaos powers that focused merely on mindless destruction, he has guided this power onto the path of creation. He's currently working with this new power, understanding its every facet and testing what it currently is capable of. With time and patience, more and more can be uncovered about this power.


Nelius was able summon these weapons at will in his default form, due to the soul-bonding that happened in the warp that brought him to Earth 1337-A.

Maximov-- an axe-class weapon acquired in the Makai. Rumored to belong to a vampire clan--originally it was a mere decorative piece, but years of battle and use have turned it into a formidable weapon capable of attacking even astral foes. Thanks to the blood soaked into the blade in addition to the foes slain, it soon became the Zillion's Buster, an axe that has plenty of god-slaying capabilities, having ended many higher powers in one swing.

Shatterpact-- a pair of gauntlets with several features integrated into them, including shielding and mid-range firepower. Most of the features were damaged in the battle against Jedah Dohma, then restored months later. They were originally forged by Tyrios and given as a present to Nelius when he was young. Because of their exquisite care over the years, they became the Master's Fist, an unparalleled glove that can punch out black holes, at minimum.

Croixshot-- a gun-class weapon given to him by Brutus as a replacement for his old gun. Initially it was a loan during the other world's events, but eventually it became a permanent gift. Has a machine-gun and elemental shot feature. Being a late acquisition, it was the last to change, becoming Amalgam Flame, a firearm said to have burned countless realms.

On June 18, 2015, Nelius severed the weapons' ties to him, placing them away in secure lockboxes. Several weeks later, they soon evolved into the new forms described above, and are now used for when the situation needs extra firepower. His new weapons are below.

Almacia-- A red-green crystal gifted to him by King Obsidian in Christmas of 2015, it has the capacity to change into pretty much any weapon he needs for the situation. Thanks to its small stature, he's able to sneak it into anywhere through keeping it in his left arm alongside the Shadow Crystal. The Item World inside of this weapon has proven to be quite the interesting training ground. Thanks to the hiding Item God, he has replicated this weapon a few times, keeping one for himself.

Galactic Demon Set--- This armor set was made back around October 2014, hewn from the rocky, meteorite-like "hide" of several Galactic Demons. It has an astounding near-immunity to multiple elemental effects, and provides defensive capabilities on-par with Carnage-level armor pieces. Both arms have the organ that allows for a electric-like "star" blade to come forth to slash enemies. In all, it looks like a demonic golem come to life---and thanks to its organic systems that emulate certain technological systems, it's able to act remotely on his command.

Thanks to his Carnage Dimension expeditions, he's now obtained new weaponry, leveled up and kept for when things get truly serious.

Ragnarok-- A golden-colored axe with an eye motif. As Axes often had penalties to their accuracy and speed, Nelius bit the bullet and found its regular world variant, empowering it to the point it matched a Carnage item. Had he tried to get the Carnage variant of this weapon, its accuracy and speed would have bottomed out and become nonviable for any situation.

Muspell-- The fist of a Fire Giant. It has two sibling variants, Thiassi of the Storm Giant and Hrimthurse of the Frost Giant. When these three fists combine, their power is unparalleled.

Invincible-- If the Amalgam Flame could burn realms alive, then this gun could easily pierce anything with one trigger pull.

Unique Skills

Banishing Retribution: Tapping into the curious dark power that has lurked within him since birth, Nelius summons out his wings and forms multiple fiery wisps, which fly down and attach themselves to his enemies. Those that attach then explode into spheres of dark energy that tear the enemy apart. The more wings he obtains, the more shots that are fired and the more foes that can be targeted. A later update allows this skill to also fire holy-based shots onto the enemy, and when holy and shadow combine....

Belderiver: Adopting his other persona, Nelius tears into the enemy with lightning-fast attacks, slicing his enemy to bits. Beware of both the dark and your own shadow, 'cause they'll be used against you. He's able to stay in this form for as long as he needs to--- he outright lived in this state for years at a time in order to naturalize and draw out its complete strength. Strangely, as he continues to increase in strength, the properties of this skill seem to be taking to a life all their own, gaining a new attribute...

As it would turn out, Belderiver isn't so much of a transformed state. Due to his former boss's meddling, a large chunk of Nelius's soul had been shorn off and locked away, for the tyrannical Overlord to consume at a later date. After leaving and erasing his old ID mark, the seal was broken, and the cast-off soul fragment would begin to slowly return to its host.... well, that was the plan until Pyron's attack caused him to tap into it far too early. Due to this, he considered Belderiver as more of a transformation than its intended purpose as being a natural side of himself.

As a side-effect of his continued training, Belderiver has proven capable of autonomy, able to act and think on its own.

Forbidden Legacy: Taking control of his immensely warped Incubus form, Nelius becomes the beast, and makes use of the collarbone-mounted cannon. This attack has power potentially eclipsing Peta Star, though it put a strain on his throat to use. He's also capable of full-on combat in this form, able to fire beams from the multiple eyes on its body and tear through anything with its claws. A later skill in this form would allow Cubus to fuse with Lusca to create a new form. In his base state, Nelius is capable of summoning its limbs to attack and defend, and can morph his own limbs into scaled-down variants of Gigant's.

Demon of Deicide: Nelius grows a good foot in height, alongside ten extra wings and a spiked tail. He looks like a merger of Belderiver and Cubus Gigant. In this form, Nelius can summon a multitude of weapons to attack foes, alongside forming potent blasts of power and having access to Gigant's cannon, although here it's moved to his tail. His abilities in this form are explicitly God-Slaying tier in power--- and there's still more to be learned. Could he soon be able to drive off Beyonders?

During The Mystery Incident this form evolved, shedding its fused appearance in favor of changing Nelius' hair into a mane of Sacred Darkness, turning his wings into flowing energy, and encircling him with two auras. Despite this simplified look, his powers outright shifted into new kinds of reality-shaping. He has access to all of his previous forms' skills, and there is still more to find out.....

Ultimate Skill--- Unified Existence: Nelius summons Belderiver, Cubus and Deicide into their own separate forms. The four act as one, eradicating any enemies unfortunate enough to be caught nearby. On another axis, Nelius is able to summon them separately to give aid to others, or to disrupt the enemy's plans via random attack. He can also summon his Galactic Armor to provide additional attacks.

Forbidden Skill--- Cubus Chomp: Nelius bites his foe's veins, injecting a material that begins breaking down the victim's innards--- bones, muscles, organs and nerves melt into a bloody slush. The brain and heart are the last things to go as the victim gets a full understanding of their death. This move is meant to explicitly kill its target-- if Nelius deigns to use this against someone, know that the target is considered far beyond redemption.

Alliance Attack--- Bond beyond Soul: Nelius and Haru team up to dish out the pain against multiple foes. Part of the attack plan involves Haru magichanging into her Axe-Form for plenty of violence. They may not be of blood, but the bonds of the heart is far thicker than any blood tie could ever hope to match.

Alliance Attack--- Sharing of Knowledge: Nelius and Lady Hale pool their powers together, applying a powerful encompassing buff to all allies, increasing all stats by 35% for five turns. Critical hit rate is boosted by 50%.

Alliance Attack--- Double Holy Strike: Nelius works with Flynn to perform a boosted Avidya Holy Water technique.

Alliance Attack--- Twin Eradicator: Zotia charges up energy, which she then channels into Nelius' wings. The energy then fires off to strike far-away foes, tearing them to less than ribbons within seconds before scattering their remains to the winds.

Special Alliance Technique--- Macrocosmic Wave: Nelius, Haru, Zotia and the many other students of the Ultimate Demon Technique band together to unleash one hell of a prismatic wave, more than capable of erasing evil within entire multiverses. If Hale or other Celestials are present, this technique's secondary capabilities are increased in strength.


Innate: Primed Usatako PX-- upon a target, regain 25% HP/SP per defeated foe. Absorb 25% of the defeated foe's stats. (There is no cap on absorbed stats)

Innate: Close the Distance-- Height Tolerance of specials increased by 50%, and magic range increased by 2 panels.

Vaporization--- 50% of damage dealt is also dealt to target's SP. (This evility outright erases energy sources such as magic and ki)

Attack Chance--- Perform another attack when exploiting target's elemental or weapon weakness.

Belderiver Innate: Noble Dark's Chosen-- All Instant-Death effects cannot affect allies.

Nirrti: Increase Stats by 10% whenever this unit dodges an attack. (Cap of 200%)

Cubus Gigant Innate: Focused Chaos-- Attack Range is infinite. Only affects standard attacks.

Fighting Soul: Increase ATK and DEF by 10% whenever this unit attacks or is attacked. (Max: 200%)

Demon of Deicide Innate: He who Bears-- Increase Attack / Defense Power and Damage dealt by 25% times the current turn number.

Overload Skill (Revenge Mode Ability)

Soul Erasure--- Release a wave of power that deathblows enemy targets under 35% HP or SP. For two turns, attacks made against enemies below the aforementioned thresholds will deathblow them as well. Those killed by this skill are erased for good. (Does not affect allies or Boss-type Units)

In the midst of the Alternate Actuary events, his Overload skill triggered its evolution.

Purified Tempest--- For the entirety of the battle, all allied units are able to deathblow enemy targets below 50% HP or SP. Enemy units killed by this skill will never exist again, and those with truly evil souls that can never repent for their deeds will find themselves targeted first. Increase ally unit's stats by 10% and recover 5% HP and SP per kill made while this Overload is active. (Skill can now target boss-units)

Other Information

Nelius actually used to be quite short in his early years, only reaching 5'3". Seems he hit quite the growth spurt when he started dimension-hopping. It's said his eyes were also yellow.

Despite his Incubus heritage, he is not a relentless skirt chaser. Something he will point out is that Incubi from his mother's side of the family are more known for eating humans, something he finds repulsive, having seen how they feed in particular. Despite his lack of skirt-chasing ways, he is heterosexual, but prioritizes ensuring the safety of others in his presence. In fact, he seems to be an Incubus only by being the son of a Succubus, given that he's more likely to protect than seduce.

Due to him coming from an alternate timeline, and an entirely different dimension to boot, he's often surprised by hearing of events that went differently compared to his time. He's always open for learning new things, especially if such info could be usable in the future. This is mainly due to his upbringing: always go to seek out information. He was brought up on the principle of "Will I need to know this for the future?", and as such, tends to keep notes on events and other things that catch his interest.

Up until Zotia confessed her feelings, Nelius had never been on a date, nor could he tell if someone harbors a potential attraction towards him, despite being able to see the same in others. Much of this behavior is due to his dimension-hopping; he finds it impractical to date if he could end up on the other side of the cosmos due to something unseen happening out of the blue. Having seen how Incubi from his mother's side of the family feed, he's also resolved to never develop or use those kinds of powers for personal gain-- if he ever does date, he won't take the easy way and charm a woman; he'll work for her heart. However, up until that point, he'd yet to actually meet the right kind of woman for himself---something Haru took steps to rectify, working with Yumiko to set him up on a date. However, having witnessed many a petty squabble erupt into even worse due to relationship issues, he was content to stay single---or keep the dating pool far away from the HOTEL.

Around June of 2014, he went to the Netherworld where he was born and raised to get some concrete data concerning his age. However, it ended in him decimating his ex-boss' forces, and learning his parents had left for another Netherworld. He found that while nearly 20 years had passed in his time-jumping, only seven months had gone by there somehow.

His parents had moved to Priere's Netherworld, his mother being a former vassal and regaining her job. The soul of Epsilon had somehow drifted here after the warp--Nelius has reunited with Epsilon, and has given her a new Desco-unit body, and allowed her to pick her own name--Harusawa E, or Haru for short.

Due to the search of Lady Hale, a Celestian who helped restore the same soul he rescued in the other world, Nelius has been inundated with multiple Celestian cousins from his father's side of the family--Tyrios left Celestia due to a dispute with a former Seraph, casting off his old name. 2,575 years later, thanks to the opening of Celestial relations, Tyrios' family has come calling, wanting to make up for lost time.

For someone of his height and overall demeanor, he's somehow very good with children, if his interactions with Kanri and the Kits can be an indication-- this gift came from his father's side of the family, as he has an aunt with a similar power. However, his gift only seems to extend to children around the age of four to five years old in relativity to a human-- due to a lack of finite strength control about 15 years ago, he almost killed a small child he held too closely. Due to this, it's why he generally limits his playtime with young ones. As he has gotten a much better control over his strength, he's grown much more comfortable when it comes to watching after young ones.

For those with heightened smell, Nelius tends to smell of a variety of things depending on what he's done recently-- after training in the Item World or Land of Carnage, he tends to smell of his sweat and the blood of his kills. For a time, thanks to the other Netherworld he jumped to, he smelled oddly of cat-- this has since gone away.

His alignment seems to balance between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good. While a demon and often prone to thinking in such a mindset, he is willing to work with others to reach a solution. Thanks to this, spells and materials meant to work as anti-evil sources outright fail to work against him. Sources meant to be anti-demonic act very strangely in his presence, as if he's something beyond just a demon....

He's also noted to be very maltheistic/misotheistic (believing that most gods are actively evil/malevolent). This viewpoint arose due to potential decades of reality-hopping and having to deal with malicious deities, the one in the previous reality being a good example.

Sometime mid-December of 2014, he found the site of what was the former home of a powerful demon who'd been destroyed roughly 150 years ago in his time. While rummaging around, he found a squirreled-away basement containing plenty of old tomes. What they contain is a mystery, as he is still deciphering the text, given that it appears to be in an older form of Netherworld Script.

On January 2, 2015 (according to 1337-A's timeline) Nelius finally cornered the cult that had taken both Haru and her boyfriend Regal hostage in an attempt to ransom them for a piece of an artifact. However, while he had rescued the pair, the cult ran off. What he really found upon cornering them was an attempt to resurrect the Netherworld's oldest and most powerful demon--- Tyrant Overlord Baal. While he did slaughter the cult down to the last member, he wasn't quick enough to fully stop their final stage. A soul-legion comprised of many races and taken from all corner of the cosmos stood before him, and he knew that if it were allowed to go free, Baal would send the Cosmos to its Heat Death 50 billion years ahead of schedule. Unable to simply disperse the soul-collective, he took a risk and decided to absorb it and filter out the souls--- send out the good souls and eliminate the evil ones.

Thanks to the above action, the sclera of his eyes turned black. However, that action did more than just give him a physical change...

Surprise Overlord!

In a casual conversation early March 10, 2015, Haru revealed that Nelius had actually been an Overlord since about mid to late-November, whilst the Nonary Game was being concluded. Since he killed his former boss, Overlord Sirea, way back in June 2014, he technically had taken the Overlord's title for his own, but did nothing with it, as he had other matters to attend to.

He crafted his own Netherworld from his mana power, and took charge of the Netherworld formerly belonging to his now deceased ex-boss. From these worlds, he's begun amassing new allies, supplies and other resources to aid the HOTEL populace, alongside other missives. He's taken a third Netherworld into his collective, having sent it aid months ago when it suddenly went dark for reasons unexplained. This is a dual-opportunity for him, to both launch a full-scale investigation and get the Netherworld habitable again.

Of his ranks, he has demons, humans and angels working alongside his vassals and himself, gathered from various places among the cosmos. One of his aims is to restore the old times--- where the Netherworld, Human World and Celestia were all united. Thanks in part to the various events, his goal is more or less on the cusp of completion.

The 24

The group of demons and angels he met in the other world, helping them escape. In all, with Nelius already counted:

Tomoe: A Female Samurai, whom was the first one he met. Not to be confused with Professor Tomoe.

Virgil: A Male Samurai, a close friend of the above Tomoe. Noted to be serious in most matters. He was considered something like a brother to her. Sometimes he mentions having a younger brother....

Atreya: Female Mage, somewhat sarcastic and carefree. Is trained as a Dimensional Gatekeeper. Keep her away from any kind of sugar.

Shizuka: Kunoichi and longtime friend to Tomoe. Best attribute: she has ludicrous speed. As a later conversation would reveal, she swings both ways, but tends to lean towards females a bit more.

Carl: Male Magician, rather studious in his methodology. Worked with Atreya to create the initial gate out.

Ada: Lady Healer. A voice of reason during one of the more trying times, and Carl's older sister. It's hard to not like her.

Vash: Male Archer and official boyfriend to Ada. Known for being irritable and using guns. Sometimes people get his name wrong, though as to whether it's intentional or accidental remains to be seen.

Sif: Thief. Had many places to store whatever treasures she'd taken. Somewhat flighty and prone to self-injury. She tries to gamble, but is notoriously BAD at it, with Atreya often raking in plenty of cash. If you can imagine it, she can steal it.

B: Mage Knight. Went by an initial to avoid using her real name (Bouncy), which she finds embarrassing. Has petitioned the Assembly for a name change--- she is now named Beatrice.

Zio: Onmyo Monk. Knowledgeable in technology and Geo effects. Never uses contractions in his speech.

Brutus: Netherworld SP, A.K.A. Bouncer. Has worked with Mita throughout many missions, and tends to be the "to the point" type.

Mita: Netherworld Professor. Known to be a bit of a smartass and knowledge seeker. Most of her experiments cause lots of disaster, which keep the castle Prinnies on their pegs.

Farris: Beast Master. Got separated from her team during the initial gate there. She now has her own place set up where she helps take care of other monster-class demons, getting info on them all the same. Be warned--- if you're a new species of creature she's not yet come across, she can and will track you down to study you in-depth. York often has to bust out the taser or sedatives to keep her in line.

York: Prinny. An ex-mechanic who worked for Overlord Zetta. Doesn't use "dood" as much as other Prinnies. Currently he works for Farris in helping raise monster-class demons, though on occasion Tarma and Tia borrow him for mechanical help.

Stonewall: A Galactic Demon that Farris raised. Doesn't talk, but can get across eloquent points with his hand. Considers Michael to be a good friend.

Michael: Holy Dragon. Was suffering under threat of emaciation, as he refused to eat food that he'd seen change other people. After being returned to Celestia, he tutored Nelius in learning how to utilize holy power.

Raphael: Male Celestial Host. Lead his own group of assembled otherworlders. Worked with Stonewall.

Aliya: Female Celestial Host. Served as the lookout for Raphael, and was Michael's Magichange partner. She's surprisingly well-versed in helping forge and re-forge weaponry.

Cordelia: Female Gunner. Her outlook is always positive, even in serious situations.

Hilde: Female Heavy Knight. Raphael and she have hooked up and found their own place together.

Blindfire: Rifle Demon. Generally tells things like they are, and itches for a fight near-constantly. Little wonder that although he partners with Cordelia, he's often hanging with Uutyk.

Uutyk: Brute Warrior, a.k.a. Berserker. Loves to fight and fight and fight until he can no longer move. Being in the Land of Carnage brought him to a new state of euphoria. It's believed he now roosts there--- he's been seen on occasion, and spars with Nelius when the chance arises.

Epsilon: A Desco Unit code-named AKP-104. Gave herself to restore Nelius' left arm. Deceased, but her soul was retrieved. Now has a new body and goes by the name of Harusawa E, or Haru for short. She's been formally adopted by Nelius.

His Vassals and Acquaintances

Of the original group, he has hired Atreya, Sif, Shizuka, Mita, York and Farris. Some occasional hires are Tomoe, Virgil, B, Cordelia, Aliya, Michael, and Brutus.

Astlyr: Female Healer, and recent graduate of the Netherworld Healing University. Being of the calmer variety of Healer, she's gained a number of admirers, of both genders. Ada gave her a personal recommendation. She has a good friend named Erika whom she speaks with on occasion.

Thirza: A Netherworld Fox-demon, she works as the Magic Instructor. Well over 7000 years old, she's known for being a total smartass on occasion, which is why she gets along with Mita and Nelius so well. Though she has the occasional delight in pranks, she tends to save them for certain occasions. Conversations later revealed that she's not only had kids of her own, but she occasionally checks in on one of her ancestors, whose power has grown rather uncontrollably. Due to unleashing her power whilst helping the Langister Kits in the Subnautica Crusade, her fur has gone a stark white whilst her skin has taken a darker tone.

Delta-3361AF: A Gynoid Unit, nicknamed Naoto. She works alongside Mita in the lab. Her way of passing time is to go net-surfing and archiving topics that catch her interest. She's gotten her own specialized electronic system created, having made her own coding.

Tia: Vehicle Mistress. She was originally born on Veldime as a demon, but reverted to human when the curse lifted. Then, after exposure to Netherworld air, became a demon again. She keeps Mita in line, and has a surprising knack for working with machinery and technology.

Maxwell: Netherworld Pirate, and ship-builder. He's able to take even the most worthless of junk and make it something wonderful. Known to be a bit of a skirt-chaser on occasion, though he understands when no means no. Seems to have his eye on Tia.

Maverick: Male Fighter, and former leader of a loyalist faction on Sirea's Netherworld. He was campaigning to put one of Sirea's vassals onto the throne.

Sonia: Female Fighter, and co-worker with Maverick. With Nelius taking the Netherworld onto his shoulders, Maverick and she were temporarily relegated to scavenging what remained in Sirea's castle, then heading rebuilding projects. The two now pass along reports and messages from the other Netherworld, being more or less honorary leaders.

Tim: Netherworld Infantry. He lead a group to prevent the rise of another Sirea. A very rough and tumble sort.

Yui: Mage Knight, and Tim's co-worker. The two of them are now listening in to the reactions of other demons, with Nelius taking Sirea's Netherworld for his own. She also works alongside B (whenever she is brought in) to be assistant aides to Zotia. The two often combine their Zone power to provide information on upcoming events. With Zotia stepping down from her advisor position, Yui and Beatrice have co-opted to take the position.

Zotia: Sagestress, and former adviser to Nelius. She helps run things while he is out on business. She sometimes mentions a pair of human women whom she took in as apprentices. It's well-known she has a crush on Nelius--and after some persuading from Kanri and Eoria, finally confessed. Surprisingly, Nelius reciprocated, and the two are officially an item now. Ask her how she got hired next chance you get. Like many of her kind (ask about her sisters whenever you can), she can communicate with plants and even get them to cooperate with her-- your house plant could have quite the story to tell.

Valentia: Female Armor Knight, and Hilde's elder sister. She generally keeps to business, and doesn't do small talk. A later conversation would reveal she custom-built her own armor, adding in reinforced material.

Moira: Field Medic. A human with a massive sweet-tooth, which leads her to clean out candy stores. Atreya often sneaks a few treats when she's not looking. She also leads several Prinnies on cleanup detail. Senna and she often work as human world liaisons.

Senna: Necromancer. A very strange human girl who communicates with ghosts, and can move so stealthily as to even sneak up on Shizuka. Often has a deadpan expression on her face, which makes it difficult to gauge what's on her mind. As she can sense and control death, she often uses Zombies and Reapers whilst on expeditions, occasionally nabbing a Ghost or two for spying missions. She often mentions talking at length with a "Lujei".

Anzu: Evil Academy Cheerleader. She was hired by Mita, as the two share unique spells. When off-duty, she offers dance lessons in her studio on a floor she was given. Recent behavior implies she might've been a Nekomata demon in a previous life, if not descended from one--- mint chocolate-chip ice cream has sent her into a hilarious stupor, and yarn balls tend to go flying whenever she's about. Turns out Anzu is her nickname, thanks to her hair color-- her real name is Shari.

Thorndyke: Shadow Knight. A competent fighter on the battlefield, but has a very poor sense of direction, which leads him to somehow cross dimensions when he's just trying to get from point A to point B. Daini seems to have taken quite the affinity to hanging around him.

Tarma: Mechanic. Works with Maxwell to develop new ships and other needed parts. He's never seen without a pair of shades on.

Christophe: Makai Chef. Can serve up delicious meals and murder at the same time. Owns and repairs multiple frying pans and woks, several of which get put to use on the battlefield. Don't even get started on his knife collection. He was one of very few demons to pass the Home Economics course at Evil Academy-- Mr. Champloo himself signed the diploma.

Jam: Female Fist Fighter. Other than the training field, she can be found in the kitchen bugging Christophe on occasion, due to her massive appetite. Built and stocked the café on the Drapnir, being its owner. When asked about her training, she tends to mention something about an "Ultimate Demon Technique", which she also instructed her boss and many other vassals in how to utilize. With many of the demons now proficient in the technique, she's moving onto teaching humans how to use it.

Nazarus: Onmyo Mystic. He mans the gigantic library within the castle basement, and is very protective of the books within.

Janice: Zombie Maid. Speaks with a slight rasp in her voice. Formerly Yukianesa of Veldime's Snow Clan, she was resurrected by an unknown character around 317 ago (as of 2018), gaining her freedom when that character was killed in a campaign-- now she apprentices under Christophe in creating and serving delicious meals. Works the café on the Drapnir. While a competent chef in her own right, most of what she cooks tends to come out tasting incredibly strong-- it's a mystery to everyone as to how this happens in the first place, though it's implied this is due to her sense of taste being unbelievably dull due to her resurrection. Occasionally she helps Moira in cleanup. Recently, she's proven able to tap back into her prior life's form, though now her existence wavers between them.

Jet: Mass-Produced Kurtis. One of several cyborgs constructed by the Earth Defense Force scientists, lead by General Carter. Though destroyed in a pitched battle against Prinny Kurtis and CAPTAIN GORDON, DEFENDER OF EARTH many centuries back, Tia found a few pieces of the buried cyborgs in Alche City when she returned to settle a family matter. She brought the pieces back and, with a little assistance, reconstructed him. It's implied he has developed feelings for Naoto, which the Gynoid has reciprocated.

Asa: An Asagi Shadow hailing from the Double Illusion Netherworld. Hired from the Land of Carnage, when not in battle she acts as a Gatekeeper for those entering and leaving those blood-soaked lands. She dyed her coat and hair to differentiate herself from Asagi Asagiri, and some of the other Asagi Shadows found roaming the countless lands. Like Valentia, she's not one for conversation.

Sonin: A Beast-Master demon, and Farris' newly trained apprentice. In a stark contrast to her mentor, Sonin is noticeably quieter and more focused on her work. It's not to say that she doesn't get rowdy, though--- she just reserves it for when she's off the clock.

Norah: A Nereid from Prodesto. An aquatic humanoid whom stumbled into his Netherworld by accident. She has taken up residence at the nearby lake, and offers swimming lessons to those interested. While not an official hire, she acts as an informant. She keeps in touch with her sisters via mail, and a few of them have even come to visit occasionally.

Terrence: A Dracosage from Prodesto. Wanting to expand his knowledge beyond what his world has to offer, he took up the offer to be hired on as a researcher, bringing over some notes of his own. Nazarus and he can often be found trading them, alongside B and Yui.

Lyra: An Alraune that lives in the nearby woods with her family. She was one of the first demons to migrate to Coalition from another Netherworld. Though not officially on the Overlord's payroll, she keeps in contact with Zotia about goings-on nearby. She's very knowledgeable about various kinds of plant life.

Lyz: A Netherworld Fae that Haru found in Kaelyn's shop in May 2015. This young fae lost her lantern, which contained her father's spirit. After a long discussion, Haru began training Lyz in helping out at the shop, after Kaelyn hired her as an employee. As she has matured in age, she doesn't get much of a sugar or caffeine rush anymore, and is shown to be much better in social situations. With additional training in utilizing her own powers as a Fae, she's become much stronger--- will be quite the surprise for her father, whom she has reunited with after a long search.

Burroughs: A 5th Generation AI system developed by Naoto and Mita. As befitting one developed in the Netherworld, she can carry quite the sarcastic streak. When taking a visible form, she appears as a featureless humanoid woman clad in a long white dress that reaches from shoulder to ankle. She works as a data-miner, keeping very subtle about what information she obtains and where it's from. If she needs to speak, she can make use of Haru's Visor, or of any nearby technology, to lend her two cents to a conversation. Recent upgrades have granted her tangibility, and she no longer needs to piggyback off existing technology to appear.

Alator and Luugas: A pair of developmental AIs brought into existence by Naoto and Mita. Burroughs sometimes refers to them as her "younger brothers". Working much like a Twin Dragon (and built into a shell very much resembling one), they coordinate their collective ideas to solve problems. They are also battle-capable, should the need arise.

Alan: A Psychic demon among Nelius's recent hires. He's intensely snarky and not one to mince his words.

Millicent: An Evil Eye demon. She's intensely quiet and a bit on the shy side, but that downtrodden attitude masks an equally ferocious temper. Should her temper be provoked enough, she can end up going on a rampage that leaves her memory a little fuzzy.

Durand: A Pincer Shell demon. He's generally quite calm and gentleman-like, which is entirely at odds with his ability in battle.

Sierra-1842BD: A Robot Girl who also goes by the name of Hamuko. She looks up to Naoto and Jet as her parental figures.

Other characters of note

Aldora: A large Esclancian Tiger, formerly named Baba, whom Nelius took in whilst Yumiko was busy setting up laws that protected them as an endangered species. The battle-cat took to Nelius and Farris rather well, and when returned to Esclancia, escaped from the habitat. Nelius then took her in, giving the tiger her current name. When not snacking on wild demons she often roams the home, and tends to room with some of the other vassals, Yui in particular having taken a liking to the tiger. Most of the higher-tier demons fear this tiger, and with good reason--- she's the size of a motorcycle, weighs just as much, and is as solid as a two-foot thick wall made of titanium. She could liquefy your organs just by tackling you.

Shadow: A black cat co-adopted by Nelius and Kanri. Exposure to the Netherworld Air has given him quite the intellect, and the black cat has been seen on occasion acting as a scout for his master. Though not yet able to speak, he can get across eloquent points with a bit of pantomiming. The initial meeting between Aldora and himself was quite the sight.

Tyrios: Nelius' father, he's an ex-Celestian whom left following a dispute with a former Seraph. He stands 5'10", with dark green hair and yellow eyes. He's roughly 4,270 years old (as of 2015). Currently his wife and he work for Overlord Priere. Though no longer a Celestian, he retains his knowledge and training with holy power, able to use it for enhancing strikes, among other things. Had things not soured between the Seraph and him at the time he left, it's quite likely that Hale would have been reporting to him. A former squadron leader, he's proficient in tactics and magical techniques.

Eoria: Nelius' mother, she's a half-succubus whom departed from her family house to wander the cosmos. After a noted cat-and-mouse flirtation with Tyrios, the two hooked up. Though she initially retired from Overlord Priere's service, following disputes with Overlord Sirea, the two left, and Eoria retook her old position. She stands 5'4", with brown hair and red eyes. She's about 4060 years old (as of 2015). As befitting one of cubus ancestry, she generates a low-key seduction aura, which seems to have effects on both men and women--- when visiting, she has to remember to cut off the aura, lest she cause mayhem. She's surprisingly well-versed in melee combat, being the one to teach her son various martial arts. Would you believe that she also knows how to break-dance? Being that she's from a different kind of demon world, her brand of succubus lack horns on their heads and have human feet instead of hooves. Her wings can be hidden, and are able to take on a variety of shapes and forms.

Anesha: Eoria's younger half-sister. She stands 5'7", with wild red hair and dark orange eyes, and is roughly 3621 years old (as of 2016). A longtime survivalist, she wandered through various worlds to learn more about her heritage. Much like Zotia and the Alraune, she's able to communicate with plants, and can even make them move about to assist her in combat. If she has a bow or gun in her hands, then you can expect plenty of bodies to slump to the ground. Haru has taken a shine to learning from her. Ever see a saguaro cactus punch someone in the dick? Unlike her older sister, she lacks wings--- instead, she has a 2' long tail that she keeps comfortably coiled behind her. It's slender yet strong and ends in a heart-shaped point.

Monica: A Nekomata of the Netherworld. She stands roughly 6'2", and is a little over 5000 years old. Her fur color is a dark beige, with her hair being blonde and her eyes being hetero-chromatic--- left eye is amber, the right eye is silver . A longtime friend of Eoria, the two have hung out together for millennia and have had plenty of friendly matches---their win/loss ratio is roughly Monica = 51%, Eoria = 49%. Extremely prolific in martial arts, she mixes up her hand-to-hand skills with ki and magical techniques. Though she often wanders, looking for new challenges and skills, she's set up a permanent residence in the Carnage Dimension, and might be looking towards finding a successor. Don't wave any cat toys or catnip in front of her, unless you like the idea of becoming her new scratching post. As it turns out, both Tyrios and Eoria named her as Nelius' Godmother.