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With many of the Sakura Taisen series characters in play, this page is a resource to see which characters are in use, which are not, and what happened to each of them.

Sakura Taisen

Sakura Shinguji

Sumire Kanzaki

Maria Tachibana

Iris Chateaubriand

Continues to exist as a perpetual youth thanks to the daemonic power of the evil Jean-Paul, her constant companion.

Li Kohran

Kanna Kirishima

Orihime Soletta

Reni Milchstrasse

Erica Fontaine

After the battle of Brandenburg Gate, Erica was dragged unconscious away from the conflict by unknown individuals and hasn't been seen since then. It has been revealed that she had in fact kidnapped by the remains of the Douglas-Stewart Corporation and after an unsuccessful attempt to clone her (which resulted in Angelique Petit), kept her in a state of suspended animation. She has been recently freed and currently is a member of the Senka.

Glycine Bleumer

During WWII, Glycine acted as part of the French resistance against the Nazis. After the war, she took control of her family's fortunes to assist in the reconstruction of Europe, as well as marrying an equally rich suitor. Her family survives to this day, her grandson acting as supporting member of the new Council of Elders and a financier of the New Capital Defense Plan.

Lobelia Carlini

After the war, Lobelia consolidated her criminal connections, becoming the leader of every crime syndicate in Europe. She also set up a network of orphanages to care for children who had lost their parents due to crime or misfortune. Due to her immense amount of spirit energy, Lobelia has not aged a day and is still active in the present. For more info, visit her page.

Hanabi Kitaoji

During the war, she teamed up with former teammate Glycene to fight against the Nazis in the resistance, during which she was briefly captured but freed by a young soldier. After the war, she married the soldier and became the head of her family's finances. Two grandchildren are known of in the present: one who became a supporting member of the New Council of Elders and the other, Izumi Hoshi, joining the Rising Valkyrie Unit as a Shield Maiden.


After the war, Coquelicot returned to her native Vietnam, where, during the fifties and sixties, she was dragged into the communist conflict. Managing to make it through the war relatively unscathed, she married and had fifteen children, along with 105 grandchildren. Her family currently runs a circus in Vietnam.

Shinjiro Taiga

At 103, is shrunken down to about knee-height, rolling about in a wheelchair to which is attached a colostomy bag and an air tank. He associates with the Great Master Happosai, who corrupts his mind much to the consternation of his "life partner" Kujou Subaru. The power of perversion will probably keep him alive for several centuries yet. Now that he has been given renewed youth and vigor by the soul of Oda Nobunga, who KNOWS how long he will live.

Gemini Sunrise

Sagitta Weinberg

After the dissolution of the Star Unit, Sagitta returned to Harlem continuing her work in law as well as working in the civil rights movement. She would marry and have children, though her husband would be killed by an unknown assailant. She would live to be 85, passing away in 1991, her surviving family member being her granddaughter Harriet.

Diana Caprice

Fell down the stairs in 1980, breaking her neck. She tripped on a rollerskate under suspicious circumstances. She was 71. There are some rumours she may still exist in Zombie form. A very annoying whiny-voiced zombie. With a needle. She had previously gotten pregnant by Shinjiro Taiga and gave birth to a son after marrying into the smithson family. She was the grandmother to Matsumi Kaze amd Joanna Smithson.

Rikaritta Aries

Subaru Kujou

Ratchet Altair