Gemini Sunrise

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Gemini Sunrise
Biographical information


Birth June 21, 1911 (later falsified to 1984)
Family Mifune (Deceased), Lynne Sunrise (Deceased), April Sunrise (Presumed Deceased), Yang (Presumed Deceased), Geminine Sunrise (sister), Doctor X (husband)

Ranch hand, Samurai, Janitor, STAR Pilot, Actor

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Red Sun (Katana), Colt Single Action Army revolver


Strong Spiritual Power


Sakura Xadium Aino, Michael Sunnyside, Rachet Altair

First Appearance

May 26th, 2010 (appx)

"Whew....good grief. She's sure a randomly energetic girl."
—Shinjiro Taiga


Birth Family


Gemini's mother was Lynne McCarthy, from the town of Lode, California. Her father was Yang, a Japanese assassin from the Sad Flutes clan-- and reputedly the greatest swordsman in the world-- who had fled his clan after deciding to protect the one surviving member of his enemy's clan, a small child who would later be named April. Lynne had received training in the sword from a prior immigrant to Lode, nicknamed "Smiley", which Yang completed. The two had a brief relationship before Yang left, fearing that Lynne and April would be killed by members of his clan seeking vengeance.

To hide her identity from Yang's enemies, she changed her last name to "Sunrise", remembering the last time she ever saw her husband, walking away in the Sunset, but believing that a new day would dawn for them both, stating: "Th' sun might be settin' here, but it's always risin' somewhere."

Lynne never saw Yang again, but made her way to Texas with April while carrying Yang's child. Settling down on a ranch, she was befriended and defended by Master Mifune of the Mifune School, who had made his own way to Texas after a mission to retrieve a sword that had been stolen from the Japanese Ambassador, and fought with her against some cattle rustlers.

Noting her proficiency with the blade, he trained her and her daughters Gemini and April.

When Gemini was still very young, April was seemingly killed in a freak tornado. Neither Lynne nor Mifune ever spoke of her to Gemini, who does not remember her.


A cheerful but clumsy cowgirl, Gemini traveled from Texas to New York on her master's dying wish. (Somewhere during this trip she ran into The Impresario, but lost him at the Golden Gate Bridge, believing he had fallen off to his death) She began her career as a cleaning girl at New York's Littlelip Theatre, dreaming of one day performing there and becoming a member of the New York Combat Revue (Fighting Troupe), becoming a proper lady in the process. She has a very bright and friendly personality though she is prone to daydreaming. Gemini attempted to fit in with the people of New York but had a hard time due to her cowgirl personality. Because of this, she used to get easily depressed whenever the New Yorkers saw her as nothing more as a country hick, even considering moving back to Texas. Being trained as a samurai, she has a great love and respect for the Japanese culture.


Early Training in Texas

Gemini is the heir to the Mifune School of swordsmanship, and was taught secrets that most students even in Japan were not allowed to know. Her training regimen was an odd one, as Mifune improved her speed and reaction time by constantly attempting to grab her chest and bottom (which he never could).

Star of Stage and Screen

Gemini eventually joined the New York Combat Revue, and became a formidable stage actress in her own right, performing onstage at the Littlelip Theatre. She also had some film roles, mostly uncredited, as she was able to convincingly double for famed actress Lillian Gish. (She even secretly replaced Gish entirely for the 1928 silent film the Wind, when the actress fell ill and was unable to fulfill her contractual obligations.

her performance in the film can be seen below:


Broken Engagement

Gemini eventually engaged to Shinjiro Taiga. Taiga, unfortunately, like his uncle Ichiro Oogami, had a tendency to be "too affectionate" to the other members of his division, and when lawsuits were lodged against him by puppets of the defunct Douglas-Stewart company, he had no choice but to go into hiding, which Gemini facilitated.

Seeing the Universe for the first time

Shortly after helping Shinjiro vanish, Gemini ran into the Time Lord Vaxilan, who was running from the Time Lords in Sakura's stolen TARDIS, and they travelled together for some time, until he too, vanished, with Sakura's TARDIS autopiloting back to 2010. There, Gemini re-encountered her old friend Sakura and prepares to settle back down to a life on Earth that she knows, and yet doesn't. She also re-encountered The Impresario, (whom she called "Impy"), and who, to his irritation, had not yet met her in his timeline, leading to amusing situations.

Eventually, the two reconnected and became engaged. After The Corruptor "killed" Impresario by turning him back into Doctor X, Gemini took it in stride, seeing the man she loved was still there, and kept the engagement going after making sure the man she loved was still there. She has expressed interest in learning about Lupa bonding, after admiring the close bond that Miara and Taki Kensei have.

After maturing with the New York Combat Revue, her many travels in time and space and spending lots of time with the people in Ten'Aino House, Gemini has developed a more rounded, modern take on her style, becoming the refined woman she always wanted to, while keeping her Western country charm intact.

For employment, Gemini used to clean the New Grand Imperial Theatre in the daytime before performances. As of May 6th, 2015, she has taken up employment at Big Grocery in the daytime to serve as a cashier, stocker and Security Guard, replacing Arataka Wyldsord, who had to take a leave of absence. As of January 2016, she has resumed her work at the Theatre.


Gemini at work

As part of her work with the Imperial Theatre, Gemini has now been given the cover story of being the granddaughter to the "original" Gemini Sunrise, thus making her her own granddaughter.

Gemini and X were married on December 6, 2011, despite interruptions by numerous enemy alein species such as Daleks and Quarks. The reception was enjoyed by all, with food dancing, and the giving of gifts.

Many of her adventures are listed here.


honeymoon_naboo.jpg honeymoon_newnewnewyork.jpg honeymoon_mustangislandtexas.png
Relaxing on Naboo Stargazing in New York15 Enjoying Mustang Island, Texas

Sightseeing in Neo Holland

Her Sadness

Gemini blames herself for the death of YingGirl by cremation at the hands of an Abstergo agent, since she was so tired after working that she remained on her couch in the hotel lobby rather than follow him to the Hotel Infirmary where he later murdered Ying.

Leveling Up

After losing to Tomoe Hotaru in the 39th Tenka'ichi Budokai, Gemini decided to help Franziska von Karma and Bixia Yuanjin train for her next matches in The Room of Spirit and Time, spending 10 years there (broken over 5 two real-time day periods) training them how to fight using a combination of her, Mr. Popo, and Piccolo's fighting style.

The Next Act

Gemini moved out of the HOTEL on January 1st, 2018 to go live on the Island hosting Shin Academy, which is a training ground for up and coming thespians and recruits to the new Capitol Defense plans. Along with many of her former comrades, she has become not just a stage performer and combat soldier, but also a teacher, helping train the next generation in both stage and spirit combat.

There will be blood

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Roles in the New Grand Imperial Theatre's Productions

She has played several on-stage roles alongside the New Grand Imperial Theatre's Cosmos Revue, including:

"Pecos Bill" in Pecos and Paul (2010)

"Ghost of Christmas Past" in Scrooge (2010)

"The Wood-Bird" in Great Hero Seigfried (2011)

"The Dormouse" in Alice in Wonderland (2011)



See Geminine Sunrise.

Misc. Data

Gemini is a master of the Mifune Sword Style and has a Katana gifted to her by her master, "Red Sun."


Gemini also has a horse, Rally, who is not listed in any breed registries. If he is of Texas ranch stock, he most likely carries some mustang and/or quarter horse/thoroughbred blood. He is white with brown mane and tail, and is most likely more than 16 hands in height. He usually sports beige wraps on all four legs and a golden horseshoe with a star in its center hangs off his bridle. As with most larger horses, he is calm, gentle, and strong.

Gemini is from Southeast Texas, somewhere in the vicinity of the Gulf.

Gemini carries a Colt Single Action Army Revolver that has her name, the constellation of Gemini and the Astrological sign of Gemini on the handle.


Gemini was trained to dance by Kujou Subaru.

Trivia from Sakura Taisen V:

Gemini can sing Gospel, she was taught by Sagitta Weinberg at the Church in Harlem.

When Geminine was fighting crime as "The Masked Woman" she made the mask that she wore on her own.

Gemini is very good at making handcrafted goods.

Gemini's work outfit was actually a theatre costume given to her by Plum to give her a sexier look.

Gemini is fond of making horrible puns.

Special Attacks

Mifune-ryu Kempo... Turning Swallow! - a Spin attack that sends out a fiery domed shockwave of power. Rock Wave - Her sword tip lights aflame and sends out heavy rock like projectiles of power that can impact in three spots at once.

Mifune-ryu Kempo... Rally Overrun! - A combo with her horse that lets her smite several foes in a row with great speed.

Mifune-ryu Kempo... Drifting Cloud - She pins her sword around with incredible speed and makes a tornado, that lifts her up and decimates whatever's around her.

Mifune-ryu Kempo... Tyrant of Texas! - Gemini leaps up, spins, and unleashes a praxis-style explosion that can severely damage a foe.

Mifune-ryu Kempo... Ouka Houshin - The same attack that Sakura does, which can hit a target after passing through someone in the way unharmed.

(NB: there are more, but these are the most sane I foresee ever using in any way)

Gemini also has a [Photo Album] that covers some of her time from 1927-28. (hover over images for description)


(some from the Granblue Expansion game)

  • Her Bloodtype is O
  • She weighs 125 Lbs
  • She likes Roses
  • She hates mice and thunder
  • Take a look at Gemini's gallery!
  • She is right-handed, unlike Geminine
  • She gets hayfever