Lobelia Carlini

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Lobelia Carlini
Biographical information



November 13, 1903


parents (deceased), Anita Carlini (daughter), Dominic Peron (grandson), Rosette Peron (great-granddaughter)


Head of Flower Orphanage network, Crimelord


The Mistress, Miss Lobelia, Madame Carlini, Prisoner 55631

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Ice Blue






Strong Spiritual Power, Pyrokinisis



"I can give both joy and pain..pray that I give you joy.."
—Lobelia Carlini

Early History

Lobelia Carlini's past was unknown, even by most of her teammates. There were suggestions that she was the daughter of a Romanian woman and an Italian man and that her father had abandoned the family, in fear of his daughter's growing powers. There have been others who even say that she is immortal and has no parents (though this theory is not widely accepted).

Recently, more of her past was revealed via her file: she was born in Transylvania to an Italian father and a Romanian mother who happened to be a witch. The family was forced out of the country when the parents had been accused of giving birth to a "devil child". As the family moved through Europe, they were forced to steal to survive. During one attmpet, however, her mother and father were both killed, leaving Lobelia an orphin. Surviving by her wits alone, the girl soon gained a hard and vicious outlook on life.

Paris Kagekidan

Possibly the greatest thief in the history of the world, Lobelia Carlini had been charged with a thousand year sentence for the execution of 80% of the crime in Paris, her feats helped by her immense spirit power. It was through this that she came to the attention of Isabel "Grand Mere" Lilac, head of the Paris Kagekidan, leading her to a massive operation to capture the thief. Although said operation was successful, Grand Mere was forced to turn the criminal over to the police for judgement. However, she did not give up on the woman, visiting her in jail and offering her a chance at freedom: Work for the Paris Kagekiden and for each mission, part of her sentence would be removed, with a stipulation that if Lobelia at all screwed up, Grand Mere could do whatever she wished with the woman, including killing her. After a tense standoff, in which Erica Fontaine was held hostage by Lobelia, she agreed to it. Seeing this as merely a chance to get out of jail, Lobelia did not take it very seriously at first, often coming to blows with other members, most noticeably wealthy Glycene Bleumer. However, over time, Lobelia would soften to her fellow team-members, espcally Erica. This would show most in her battle against fellow thief, Nadel, rejecting her chance to rejoin her former partner in favor of her new friends.

Berlin Kagekidan

While Lobelia would continue to work in the Paris Kagekiden, including meeting both their Japanese and America counterparts, a new threat would soon arise. The Berlin Kagekidan had been corrupted by dark forces and would soon aid the Nazis in their invasion plans, including entering Paris, forcing the members to hide. Several of the team, however, including Lobelia heeded the call to fight against the fallen unit and so created their own Berlin Kagekidan to combat them. This would culminate in the Battle of the Bradenburg Gate, where members were lost on both sides, with an ultimate victory going to the New Berlin Kagekidan. Soon after the battle, Lobelia seemed to vanish off the face of the Earth, and was considered to be "Missing in Action" by many.

Present Day

However, Lobelia had in fact survived. Fleeing after the end of the battle, she soon returned to her life of crime, this time from the shadows. After killing the super-criminal Dr. Mabuse with her bare hands, she soon took over the large German crime network he had amassed and used it to browbeat other crime syndicates into joining her own. Those who would not join peacefully, she had their leaders eliminated and replaced with those loyal to her. She also used her connections to open up a series of orphanages, under the guise of a philanthropic widow known as Miss Carlini. These she dedicated to helping the orphans and less fortunate children. She would continue in this fashion for several years, never aging due to her high spirit energy, and kept her presence hidden from everyone, even her former friends. She arrived to Japan, meeting fellow former kagekidan members including Sakura Xadium Aino and Gemini Sunrise. She soon join the Senka as a member. She also continues to use her pull to effect politics in the East, including pushing the Russian leader in an attempt to vote in the UN plot to reject Tony Suthers and to stop the impeachment of her president of Romania (a puppet ruler of hers).

Lobelia currently lives in a large mansion in Figeac, France, though often communting to Paris.


- Lobelia smells of wine, fire, and blood