Erica Fontaine

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Erica Fontaine
Biographical information


Birth August 05, 1909
Family Mother and Father (deceased), Claire (daughter)

Catholic Nun, French teacher


Sister Erica

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Raphial and Gaberial (Twin Cross Machine Guns)


Strong Spiritual Power


Sakura Xadium Aino, Gemini Sunrise, Lobelia Carlini

First Appearance

—Erica Fontaine

Early History

Much of Erica's childhood is unknown. She showed signs of immense spiritual power at an early age. When she was thirteen, while out shopping with her family, a car veered into them, leaving only Erica alive. Her grief at the scene was so great that she unleashed a portion of her power, nearly leveling a small portion of Paris in the process.

In fear of this power and what people would think of her if they found out, Erica decided to join a convent. While her passion for doing good was high, her natural clumsiness caused more havoc then results at the nunnery. Her spiritual abilities would not go unnoticed for long, however.

One night she was visited by a woman named Grand Mere, the head of the Paris branch of the Capital Defense Program. Impressed by the girl's potential, the woman brought her in to become the first member of what would be known as the Group Fleur de Paris.

Paris Kagekidan

Battle of Brandenburg Gate

DS Corporation

Present Day

Erica Fontaine eventually accepted a French teaching position at T. A. Jogakuin. She also owns a 1920 Revere-5 Passenger Touring Car, given to her by Sakura and Gemini as a birthday gift.


  • Favorite film director is Jacques Tati. She owns a boxset of all this films.
  • Has met two popes in person (Pope Benedict and Pope Francis. She prefers the latter)
  • Has been given more leeway then a normal nun due to her special status with the church
  • Loves eclairs and pastries
  • Outside of the power of the TARDIS translation field, Erica speaks with a mild french accent. Her english is not perfect and she has a tendency to mess up certain words in sentences.
  • Can speak a good deal of Japanese, though again it is not perfect
  • While she does get paid for her work as a teacher, she gives most of the money to charity
  • Out of the original three of the Defense branches, Erica might have the highest consistent amount of spirit power
  • Barely knows how to use a cell phone, preferring rotary phones
  • Erica's aging has stopped as a side effect of the cryo process used to put her in suspended animation, though in fact this may be more due to her high spirit power.
  • Owns three kittens which she found abandoned: two boys (Raphael and Gabriel) and a girl (Urial)