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The Rising Valkyrie Unit is the latest fighting troupe to defend Tokyo. Originally based in Stockholm, Sweden in the 1920s, the team has recently been revived. In comparison to other groups that defend Tokyo, aside from their constitution, their civilan personas are still protecting the city through song and dance as wards against evil, so that their whole lives are given to the task. They can also deal with some spiritual menaces the others cannot.

Original Team (1922-1932)

- Founded: February 2, 1922

- Dismantled: August 15, 1932

- Founder: Admiral Gustav Ericksen

- Base of Operations: Bifrost Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden.


Tora Anderassen

Codename: Thor
Place of Origin: Norway
Birthdate: April 26, 1900
Age: 22
Height: 5’6
Weight: 116
Blood Type: A
Theme Song: "Sea Breeze"
Selpher Unit:
Color: Dark Blue
Weapon: Warhammer

One of the first recruits of the original Valkyrie Unit, Tora also became its captain for half of it's run. Often blunt and to the point on things, Tora had a deep hatred for the Troll-beasts, as her father was killed by one. After the dissolution of the team in 1932, Tora became part of the Norwegian underground during WWII. She is known to have survived the conflict, but there is no known information on her present status or her family.

Mara Kivi

Codename: Tyr
Place of Origin: Finland
Birthdate: February 7, 1903
Age: 19
Height: 5’8
Weight: 120
Blood Type: B
Theme Song: "Through the Snowy Hills"
Selpher Unit:
Color: Yellow
Weapon: Broadsword

Rough, sarcastic and often angry, Mara was berated most of the time for her attitude with the rest of the team. She had a particular anger toward Sarah, seeing in everything she hated. When it came to the mission, however, she was dedicated. She lost her left hand in a fight with a Wyrm and thus has a steel prosthetic one instead. After 1932, it was reported that she took part in the Winter War. She is the great grandmother of Anni Esko.

Anna Nielsen

Codename: Loki
Place of Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Birthdate: August 18, 1900
Age: 22
Height: 5’4
Weight: 113
Blood Type: AB
Theme Song: "Broken Doll"
Selpher Unit:
Color: Indigo
Weapon: Steam Cannon (x2)

One of the more unusual members of the original team, Anna became aflicted by MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) eailer in her life. During times of great stress and anger, the calm collected Anna would be replaced by the highly agressive, and at times bloodthirsty, Anne. Due to this factor, she was often shielded from anything unpleasent, with the exception of battle. Unlike many of the team members, Anna's fate is known: in 1932, it was discovered Anna had a third persona buried in her mind, that of the norse trickster god Loki. Seeking to begin Ragnarok on Earth, Anna, under his control, sabotaged most of the Selphers and began a concentrated attack on Stockholme. After a long battle (including the self-sacrifice of team founder Gustav Ericksen), Anna, with the help of her other personality Anne, managed to regain control long enough to destroy the gigantic steam machine she was piloting, killing herself in the process.

Sarah Christensson

Codename: Freya
Place of Origin: Vislanda, Sweden
Birthdate: March 6, 1906
Age: 16
Height: 5’4
Weight: 112
Blood Type: O
Theme Song: "Valkyrie Waltz"
Selpher Unit:
Color: Light Green
Weapon: Spear

The final member of the team to be chosen, Sarah was the daughter of Swedish import magnet John Christensson. Compared to the others, information on her is very sketchy. It is known that she later married support team member Peter Bjorkson and moved to the United States. It was recently revealed that Sarah Christensson is the grandmother of Matsumi Kaze. She became a spirit, staying near the locations her granddaughter frequents, until being resurrected by unknown means.

Mika and Nika Magnusson

Codename(s): Baldar and Hodar
Place of Origin: Iceland
Birthdate: January 1, 1915
Age: 7
Blood Type: A
Theme Song: "Sunny Night"
Selpher Unit:
Color: Red and Black
Weapon: Light and Darkness

The first recruits of the original team, Mika and Nika were identical twins whose powers manifested in complete opposite of each other. While the sunny and cheerful Mika's spiritual powers manifested as blinding light, the blind and somewhat gloomy Nika's powers manfiested in powerful psychic energies. Nika was also used as a sort of spiritual radar, able to detect high levels of spiritual energy around her. The two girls are known to have returned to Iceland after 1932 and both later raised families.

Peter Bjorkson

Codename: Sigfried
Place of Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Birthdate: Janurary 13th, 1898
Age: 24
Height: 5'9
Weight: 136
Selpher Unit:
Color: White
Weapon: High power steam guns

The second captain of the Valkyrie Unit, Peter took over leadership after Tora suffered a temporary nervious breakdown. Skilled as both a soldier and a playwrite, Peter contributed much to the team. It is known that after the team's dissalution, he married member Sarah Christensson and left for America.

New Team (2010)

-Founded: June 2nd, 2010

-Founders: Micheal Sunnyside & Matsumi Kaze

-Base of Operations: formally Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, Currently New Grand Imperial Theatre, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan


Matsumi Kaze (まつみ 風 Matsumi Kaze)

Codename: Brunnhilda
Place of Origin: Minnesota, USA
Birthdate: February 3, 1977
Age: 33
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120 lbs
blood type: O
Theme Song: "FLYING HIGH"
Selpher Unit:
SVMII-01, SVG-01, SI-00
Color: Green
Weapon: Spear

For more information on Matsumi’s past, see the main link. Matsumi was one of the founders of the new version Rising Valkyrie Unit, having found information on the previous one from the offices of Michael Sunnyside. She is the former captain of the team and took her role with great pride and seriousness (sometimes a little too serious, often leading to periods of brooding). Matsumi resigned from her post as captain of the unit, transferring it to her husband Hideki. She has now settled into a role as second in command/advisor to her husband on the unit. She also has recently become the manager director of the New Grand Imperial Theatre as well as overall head of the Unit operations.


  • Rune Kiri Sokkou: Thrusts spear forward, back flips and slams the spear down against the enemy. Useful against one to two enemies.
  • Rune Kyodai Mukabaru: Used with two spears. Spins spears, building up spirit energy in both and then slams the points into the ground, sending out a shockwave. Useful against multiple foes.
  • Rune Reiryoku Tasumaki: Ultimate attack. Impales enemy on spear, spins creating an energy filled tornado, ripping the enemy into pieces in the process. Useful against a single opponent.

Masaki O`Cain (まさき オケヌ Masaki Okenu)

Codename: Sundar
Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate: Jan. 29, 1977
Age: 33
Height: 5’5
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: B
Theme Song: "Just a Tokyo Gal"
Selpher Unit:
SVMII-02, SVG-02, SI-00
Color: Red
Weapon(s): Viking Ax (x2)

For more information, see her main page. Masaki often feels that she is the second in command of the group, though Matsumi has never given her that role. She often butts heads with Hana, which often ends with Matsumi having to seperate the two agressive girls.


  • Gouka Kyoubou: Done with one Ax. Moves away from the enemy and slams blade into the ground, causing a wave of heat to engulf the ground before her, often the ground on which the enemy is standing. Useful against one enemy.
  • Yofun: Done with two Axes. Swings the axes in a cartwheel, sending wheels of flame at the enemy. Useful against multiple enemies.
  • Kaki No Senka: Done with two axes. Ultimate attack. Slashes the air sending two flame waves at the enemy, then leaps up and slams ax heads into the ground, causing the ground around her to explode in a torrent of fire. Useful against multiple enemies.

Combo Attack:

  • Burning Passion: To Be Described

Hana Sagusa (花 さぐさ Hana Sagusa)

Codename: Vidar
Place of Origin: Zama, Japan
Birthdate: March 1, 1994
Age: 16
Height: 5’4
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: B
Theme Song: "Burning Fist Boogie"
Selpher Unit:
SVMII-03, SVG-03, SI-03:
Color: Dark Purple
Weapon: Speclized Claws

For more info, see her page. Hana often uses her aggressiveness in battle, channeling her anger into her fights. While a competent fighter, her attitude leaves a lot to be desired.


  • First Path Straight Strike: Spirit Energy laden punch.
  • Second Path Thunder Lock: Grabs hold of enemy and throws them hard to the ground.
  • Third Path Crashing Wave Smash: Grabs hold of the enemy, throws them onto the ground, tumbles over them, throws them to the ground, tumbles over them and then throws them in the air which is followed by punching straight through them. Hana's ultimate attack.

Combo Attack

  • Flawless Victory: Powers up and appears to attack Hideki, but the attack passes through and smashes into the enemy. Useful against large enemies.

Anni Esko (アニイ エスコ Anii Esuko)

Codename: Ran
Place of Origin: Helsinki, Finland
Birthdate: August 12, 1994
Age: 16
Height: 5’5
Weight: 115 Ibs
Blood Type: A
Theme Song: "Northern Lights"
Selpher Unit:
SVMII-04, SVG-04, SI-04:
Color: Bronze
Weapon: Projectile Balls and explosives. Shoulder mounted guns.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Anni is a practical yet creative girl. Having little support at home for her talents, she was excited when she received an invitation from a person known only as "Brunnhilda" to study in Japan. She was soon “kidnapped” by a mysterious woman, who in fact had been the Brunnhilda she had been waiting for: Matsumi Kaze. Taken to Akihabara, Anni was given some basic training in the use of the Selpher, as well as help in developing and focusing her spiritual powers. When she isn't fighting off monsters in her Selpher, Anni enjoys writing stories and reading.


  • Hohtavaa Meteori: Fires energy laden balls at enemies. Useful against multiple enemies.
  • Lentävä Kultainen Räjähdys: Throws two explosives at enemies, then jumps back and fires two projectiles at the explosives, setting them off. Useful against groups of enemies.
  • Taivaallinen Kultainen Komeetat: Fires six energy laden projectiles at enemies, while launching explosives. Ultimate Attack.

Combo Attack:

  • Celestrial Gold: describ coming soon

Lara Sorensen (ララ ソレンセヌ Rara Sorensenu)

Codename: Buri
Place of Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Birthdate: June 15, 2001
Age: 10
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
blood type: B
Selpher Unit:
Color: Black
Weapon: War Hammer

More info coming soon

Hideki Kaze (ひでき 風 Hideki Kaze)

Codename: Sigfried
Place of Origin: Yokohama, Japan
Birthdate: January 23, 1977
Age: 33
Height: 6'1
Weight: 125 lbs
blood type: O
Selpher Unit:
SVMII-06, SVG-06, SI-01
Color: White
Weapon: Kusarigama

The husband of Matsumi Kaze, Hideki recenetly took over the reins as leader of the Valkyrie Unit.


  • Youma Koushin Kiritsukeru: An energy powered slash down and across the enemy. Useful against one foe.
  • Hishigu Menokataki: Swings the blunt end of the weapon at the enemy, then slashing the enemy apart. Useful against one foe.
  • Arashi Garyuu Kikorusu: Jumps up so fast that it creates an afterimage, and slashes in a complex pattern across each enemy, each time creating an afterimage. Lands and then swings the blunt end across the enemy, blowing them up. Useful against multiple enemies.

Main Support

Michael Sunnyside

Codename: None
Birthdate: October 18, 1893
Height: 6’2

The financer of the new version of the Rising Valkyrie Unit, Sunnyside is full of awesomeness. Sunnyside returned to New York in November 2010 to work on setting up a new headquarters there.

Rachet Altair

Codename: Frigg
Birthdate: June 23, 1906
Height: 5’6

A former member of the America STARS Unit, Rachet has assisted in the creation of the new Valkyrie Unit along with training some of the new recruits in basic use of the Selphers. Ratchet returned with Sunnyside to New York in November 2010 to help set up a new headquarters, passing her role in the theatre to Matsumi.

Freya de Albra Tura

Codename: None
Birthdate: May 24
Height: 5'8

Matsumi's guardian and trainer, Freya now works at the theatre as an assistant to her, delgating much of the work she used herself.


Dwarves are the tech support of the group and include such members as:

Sakura Xadium Aino

Codename: Dvergar
Birth Date: October 11, 2907
Height: 5’7

A former member of the Hanagumi and an engineer, Sakura was responsible for the improvements that lead to the development of the Mark II Selpher Units used by the team. More information about her is available on her page.

Angelo Hamashi

Codename: Bragi
Birthdate: March 22, 1980
Height: 5'7

The rescident tech man of the Unit, Angelo is utterly brillent and a former child prodigy. He has an unusal love of cute things and is often seen carrying around a stuffed rooster named Pete. He is responsible for the upgrading of the Selpher Mark II and the development of the Ymir and Kraken.

Shield Maidens

Shield Maidens assist the Valkyrie Unit in running the larger mechs (the Ymir, the Kraken, etc.). They also assist at the theatre in various odd jobs.

Emi Aster

Codename: Elba
Birthdate: December 12, 1992
Age: 18
Place of Origin: Des Moines, Iowa
Martial Talents: Bow and arrow
Height: 5'3
Theatre Job: Janitor

The bubbly perky member of the four, Emi is a huge fan of the pervious support teams and lets everyone know it. While usually acting as janitor/custodian of the theatre, Emi is also an expert archer and won several championships in high school.

Alaina Dupont

Codename: Astrild
Birthdate: July 13, 1990
Age: 20
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Martial Talents: Savate
Height: 6'4
Theatre Job: Stage Security/costuming

The tallest and oldest of the four, Alaina does her job as stage security with full earnest. As a side note, she enjoys helping out with the costumes and sewing as a hobby.

Izumi Hoshi

Codename: Beyla
Birthdate: November 24, 1992
Age: 18
Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Martial Talents: Japanese style archery
Height: 5'4
Theatre Job: Usher/Souvenir Shop operator

The quiet girl of the group, Izumi often gives off an air of mysteriousness, though she honestly tries not to. She is the main driver of the Ymir. She is well-aquanted with the idea of the support teams and shows them great respect. She is the granddaughter of Hanabi Kitaoji.

Anneke Klein

Codename: Disen
Birthdate: May 3, 1995
Age: 15
Place of Origin: Munich, Germany
Martial Talents: Marksmenship
Height: 5'5
Theatre Job: Costumer/Lighting

The younger member of the four, Anneke is loudspoken and abrasive. She never likes to talk about her family but is skilled in piloting the Kraken (she's the main pilot). Can usually be found in the costume shop or helping with the lighting at the theatre.

Ravens of Odin

Much like the Moon Divison, the Ravens of Odin act as reconnaissance and intelligence agents for the Valkyrie Unit.


Codename: None
Birthday: Unapplicable
Age: Unapplicable
Place of Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 5'8

The final Kayama-Bot ever built and the most advanced, Kayama-Z was programmed with the brain algorithms and waves of Yuichi Kayama. Having been found in the backroom shut off and forgotten, Kayama-Z has pledged to help out the Valkyrie Unit from the shadows. He also has a slight crush on rei.bot, having tried to woo her on her first day at the theatre.

Tasha Ivanov

Codename: None
Birthday: August 1, 1991
Age: 21
Place of Origin: St. Petersberg, Russia
Height: 5'5

More coming soon.

Akira Satobu

Codename: None
Birthday: March 5, 1990
Age: 21
Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Height: 5'6

More coming soon

Mormeril Shadesong

Codename: None
Birthday: Unknown (Not born on Terran Calendar)
Death: Less then 10 years ago
Age at Death: Unknown. At least a couple 100. (He has forgotten.)
Time since raised: Less then 10 years.
Place of Origin: Not Earth (He has forgotten.)
Height: Has yet to be measured with Terran measurements. Estimated to be around 6 feet 5 inches.
Current Status: Alive!?

An undead elf from parts unknown, Mormeril is a skilled ranger and reluctant necromancer. Due to his undead state, Moremril is a bit of death seeker and has a dark personality and short temper. However this is contrasted to his normally polite and well spoken manner when in good moods due to his elfish heritage. Due to being undead and an elf, he tends to keep to himself and keep his own existence a secret from the general public.

The Asgard Coralition

The Asgard Coralition, contray to the name, is made up of one member, whose job it is to support the unit with spiritual and psychic reinforcement from afar. Later, due to a period where rei.bot was unavalible, Matsumi brought on others to help her in the group.


Codename: The Norn
Birthdate: unknown
Age: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Height: Unknown

once the only member of the Asgard Coralition, rei.bot has recenetly joined the Valkyrie Unit infrastructure to help them in their cause.

Katsumi Watanabe

Codename: none
Birthdate: Janurary 30, 1995
Age: 16
Place of Origin: Chiba, Japan
Height: Unknown

A young miko from Chiba, Japan, Katsumi is dedicated to her work and quite serious, which sometimes makes her come across as a killjoy.

Angelique Petit

Codename: none
Birthdate: Feburary 21, 1995
Age: 16
Place of Origin: Paris, France
Height: Unknown

A novice nun from Paris, Angelique (nicknamed Angie) is bright, cheerful and quite clumsy with a love of ice cream. While still only a novice, her abilities mark her as a dedicated spiritual defender of the city. She has little memory of her family beyond a few photos.


The newest branch of the Rising Valkyrie Unit, the Otomegumi is made up of girls with potential spirit energy but have not yet awoken it. Unlike the other branches, the Otomegumi wear the uniforms of the original Japanese team

Former Members

Kizoku “Euri” Hakinochi (きぞく。ハキノチ Kizoku Hakinochi)

Codename: Skagi
Place of Origin: Sendai, Japan (of mixed Japanese-Spanish Heritage)
Birthdate: June 17, 1982
Age: 24
Height: 5’2
Weight: 115 lbs
Blood Type: O
Theme Song: "Yuki"
Selpher Unit:
SVMII-05, SVG-05, SI-05
Color: Light Blue
Weapon: Side Sword (Espada Ropera)

For more Information see her page.

On March 15th 2014, Euri officially retired from the Rising Valkyrie Unit, citing family responsibilities.


  • Cero Absoluto: Rushs forward and thrusts Sword through enemy, freezing them in the process. Useful against one enemy.
  • Congelación: Cuts enemy with sword, freezing them at the same time. Useful against one enemy.
  • Invierno Final: Slashes twice in the air, sending waves of ice at the enemy. After they are frozen, she runs forward and slashes the frozen enemy into snowdust. Ultimate attack. Useful against multiple enemies.

Combo Attack:

  • Winter Wonderland

Eliza McIntash

Birthdate: November 6th, 2012
Age: 8
Height: 5'4
Weight: She won't tell
blood type: No sample tested
Koubu Unit:
Color: Colbalt Blue

Eliza McIntash appears to be a young woman about 24-25 years old who looks similar enough to be Gemini Sunrise' sister; but this is very misleading. She is a magically-created being who wielded hybridized powers of Simon Kerrick and Gemini herself. Rebelling against the circumstances of her life and creation, she eventually became estranged from Matsumi Kaze and the rest of the Rising Valkyrie Unit team, due to her personal turbulence, and the fact that she was deeply concerned by the ethical and moral implications of actually using whatever powers she possesses for the purpose of combat or changing the world. Circumstances eventually pushed her away from being an Otomegumi, even though she did possess spiritual energy necessary to perform heroic deeds just like her former peers.