Kujou Subaru

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Kujou Subaru
Biographical information



May 9, year unknown"


Unknown, other than Shinjiro Taiga ("husband")


Chairperson, Subaru Corporation

Physical description



Unknown, Female used for Convenience Sake

Hair color


Eye color





Zantetsusen ("Iron-cutter fan") x2


Strong Spiritual Power


Gemini Sunrise, Michael Sunnyside, Rachet Altair, Kaioh Michiru, Matsumi Kaze

First Appearance

February 26th, 2011 (appx)

"Subaru is Subaru... no more, no less."
—Kujou Subaru

Enigmatic, androgynous and maybe even immortal (her exact birth-year is unknown, and flashbacks to 1922 show Subaru appearing no younger than she does in 1928), Subaru was a member of the short-lived European Hoshigumi (Star Division) alongside Ratchet Altair. She later joined the New York Fighting Revue alongside Ratchet and Gemini Sunrise. " Many years later, she tracked down and "married" Shinjiro Taiga, using her vast resources to keep him alive to this day. Amusingly, she claims the marriage was "not exciting enough" for Shinjiro to ever determine her true gender, and they had been married since 1945.

She is acknowledged as a genius, and said to have never been defeated in any form of competition or combat. As such, she tends to come off as a little arrogant and looks at everything in an analytical sense. Thus she takes an interest in things that she cannot comprehend completely such as the concept of jazz music.

Because of her looks, the others often wonder if Subaru is male or female, in which she responds that "Subaru is Subaru" and that gender is not important.

Lurking in the shadows somewhat, Subaru is in charge of Subaru corporation in Japan, and has many dealings with Kaioh Michiru's Kaioh Heavy Industries. She has taken on the responsibility of choreographer for the New Grand Imperial Theatre.

After casually dismissing Chibiusa's mental state, Subaru was turned into a woman by the incensed girl, using the power of the Silver Crystal. Despite this, Subaru refuses to act any differently, and does not acknowledge if anything actually changed for her.


Subaru smells like distant, exotic tea. And musty jazz pianos on moonlit nights. She learned to mix drinks from the Harlem jazz bar owner, Dotchmo.

Subaru enjoys going out in disguise, calling it a hobby of hers. She used to despise having other living things like plants in her living space, but relented after meeting Shinjiro. She loves to eat Tofu, and New York style bagels, preferring to eat breakfast outside than inside a fancy restaurant.

Subaru is still obsessed with winning "the game" between herself and Shinjiro's other love interests in the Nw York Combat Revue, including Geminine Sunrise (who replaces Gemini, who had gotten married) and the revived Diana Caprice.