Diana Caprice

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Diana Caprice
Biographical information



January 12, 1909


March 18, 1982


Parents (unknown/likely deceased) Arthur Smithson (Son), Fredrick Smithson (Husband), Shinjiro Taiga (Father of child), Matsumi Kaze (Granddaughter), Joanna Smithson (Granddaughter), Michael Sunnyside (Adopted Uncle)


Former actor


Diana Smithson, That very annoying whiny woman (to some)

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Hair color


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formerly, manipulation of spirit energy


New York Defense Team

A member of the original New York Defence Team, she was the Grandmother of Matsumi Kaze and Joanna Smithson, and the great grandmother of Eilean and Victoria Smithson.

Early Life


Diana Caprice at age 6

Diana was born into the Caprice family, one of the oldest families in Boston, her ancestors having sailed along with the pilgrims in their voyage to the new world. Growing up in a wealthy family, she led a happy life with her parents. Her father owned a yacht which he would often take her sailing in and her mother took part in almost every social circle in the city and would often hold parties. She often looked forward to visits from her "Uncle" Sunnyside (in fact an old friend of her father's) and would listen to his stories of the wider world. However, things took a darker turn when she hit puberty. During a small party her family was throwing, she suddenly collapsed, letting out a small burst of spirit energy in the process and cracking every piece of glass in the room at that moment. After that, she would often have moments of weakness, which would result in her being bedridden for days at a time. Still she never gave up her dream of wanting to help others, a dream her parents activity supported and with time, she was able to gain the medical training she needed to become a doctor. However, being exposed to the pain and suffering of those she wanted to treat, as well as a greater understanding of the illness afflicting her, she began to take a fatalistic point of view and withdrew from further socialization with her family. Desperate to save their child, Diana's parents decided to follow a rumor on a potential cure, traveling out to sea in their yacht and leaving her in the care of their friend, Sunnyside. They would never return, only feeding her own negative world view.

New York and the New York Defense Force


Diana and the New York Defense Group

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