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Esaru Airan
Biographical information


Birth May 2

Soapland worker


Ethel Ireland

Physical description




Hair color

yellow with green streaks

Eye color

light green




use of thread magic


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter

First Appearance


Born to loving and doting parents, Esaru has led an average life for such an average, if not quirky, girl as herself. She went to an ordinary elementary school, and ordinary middle school, and a fairly ordinary high school (though she went to the same high school as Aya Mikage from Ayashi no Ceres did).

At a young age, Esaru was interested in playing with clothes. She played dress up a lot in her mom's closet and had even started trying to make her own clothes. When high school came around she joined the fashion club.

During an incident at the school, Esaru managed to find out that she was the Jupiter Satellite Senshi of Thread Magic, Sailor Metis! Sadly, for some strange reason, this ruined her desire to become a seamstress or fashion designer.

After graduating college she bummed around Tokyo for a bit, finding and visiting the Suburban Senshi household, and eventually she went off to a community college for a year. She then transferred over to Kansai Gaidai, but quickly dropped out of college altogether.

Present Day

After bumming around for several years, Esaru happened to come across Jokerz, a high end Host club. She began to frequent it often, though she'd quickly run out of money. She'd do odd jobs around Tokyo, beg on the streets, and even use her senshi abilities for thievery at times. However, after an incident with Matsumi that involved a broken arm, she became friends with the woman, and began to find a purpose in her life.

Now in her late 20s, To help afford her addiction to host clubs, and having spending money to hang out with Matsumi and bring her to Jokerz, she got hired at Bubble Toy, a Soapland or bath house where clients offer money for sexual favors.


Esaru thinks that being Sailor Metis is cool. She can do flips and kicks and break things with her fists far better than she could do normally (gotta love that extra agility and strength stats).

She doesn't really care about saving the world, not all that big on doing what's right. If Sailor Jupiter (or Sailor Io, the leader of the Jupiter Satellite Senshi or Sailor Amalthea, the leader of the sub-group of Jupiter Satellite Senshi of which Sailor Metis is a part of) were to order/command her to do something, she'd probably do it reluctantly, complaining all the while with a big sigh.

As a side note, Esaru can be so oblivious at times that magical spells, mind control, and things of a normal obvious nature don't seem to apply to her. Weird, right?


Sailor Metis uses a nigh-unbreakable red string. It is unknown to others whether it's the "red string of fate" or not. Her abilities with thread allow her to create traps for her various opponents. She'll create a certain shape out of the string in her hands and her enemy becomes bound accordingly. Sometimes, if she's feeling particularly ruthless (which is hardly ever), she'll use her string to choke her enemy (if it applies).

  • Cat's Cradle
  • Knotting Conundrum
  • Unraveling Bobbin
  • Severed Fate


Matsumi Kaze

Haru Takano