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Satellite Senshi are the Sailor Senshi of planetary satellites, dwarf planetary satellites, and asteroid satellites, i.e., moons. They are often guardians of and/or work under the Sailor Senshi of the main planet. For example, Sailor Zephrius and Sailor Aeolus work with Sailor Quinox, the leader of the Quinox senshi.

For the most part, Satellite Senshi aren't as powerful as their leaders are, at least in their initial form. As they progress and power up, a satellite senshi's powers may equal or surpass those of planetary Sailor Senshi.

Depending on which planet they belong to, Satellite Senshi might have several differing groups for their ranks of command. This is more evident in the larger population of Satellite Senshi, such as Jupiter and Saturn.

Clicking on the [Planet Satellite Senshi] will bring you to a more detailed page, listing the groups and overall duties of team-based satellite senshi.

Transformation Phrases: [moon] Satellite Power, Make Up! (basic fuku) [moon] Orbital Power, Make Up! (super fuku)

Satellite Senshi generally don't have transformation wands or pens, they generally are able to transform from the power within themselves.

Satellite Senshi have two sets of communicators: a wrist-watch style for short range communication and a flip phone for long range communication, along with a mini computer embedded within it. The electronics on the inside were made by Sailor Setebos and the outside casings were made by Sailor Larissa.

Ladies and Guardians

Satellite Senshi have different forms/titles.

Their fighting form is as a Sailor Guardian. It varies between each Planetary System how a woman becomes a Satellite Senshi of their respective moons. Some are born knowing and some discover it later in life.

Satellite Senshi Fuku

During the time of the Silver Millennium, a known Sailor Guardian would also have a civilian form. Like how the planetary senshi had their Princess forms, the satellite senshi's versions were referred to as Ladies.

Every satellite senshi would have been referred to in this way.

For example: The Satellite Senshi of Europa would have been referred to as Lady (of) Europa when spoken of in formal events and announcements. In person, on a more personal level, she would have been called by name, Lady Yukimi.

A satellite Lady would have been the highest noble/royal rank in their respective moons' courts. They answered to their Satellite Senshi leader and the Princess and Queen of their planet.

List of Satellite Senshi

Bold dictates the leader of planet's Satellite Senshi.
+ indicates not a true Satellite Senshi in the strictist sense.

(º indicates that the senshi does not have a roleplayer)

Venus Satellite Senshi

Mars Satellite Senshi

  • Sailor Phobos+º
  • Sailor Deimos+º

Jupiter Satellite Senshi

  • Sailor Io: Senshi of Lava
  • Sailor Europa: Senshi of Ice and Freezing Flame
  • Sailor Callisto: Senshi of Plants and Poison - Ambassador Senshi
  • Sailor Ganymede: Senshi of Gems and Rocks - Ambassador Senshi
  • Sailor Thebe: Senshi of Electricity
  • Sailor Adrastea: Senshi of Hellfire
  • Sailor Metis: Senshi of Thread
  • Sailor Carme: Senshi of Dance and Music
  • Sailor Amalthea: Senshi of Dirt and Mud
  • Sailor Themistoº: Senshi of Mists
  • Sailor Ledaº: Senshi of Plastic and Elasticity
  • Sailor Himaliaº: Senshi of Tectonics and Earthquakes
  • Sailor Lysitheaº: Senshi of Nature (a combination of weather, fauna, and flora abilities, though weaker than a senshi who would have abilities with just one of those things)
  • Sailor Elaraº: Senshi of Destruction (in a physical, nonorganic sense)
  • Sailor Carpoº: Senshi of Sealife
  • Sailor Euporie: Senshi of Sound
  • Sailor Thelxinoeº: Senshi of Charms
  • Sailor Euantheº: Senshi of Ink
  • Sailor Helike: Senshi of Fresh Water
  • Sailor Orthosieº: Senshi of Marksmanship
  • Sailor Iocaste: Senshi of Mental Healing
  • Sailor Praxidikeº
  • Sailor Harpalykeº
  • Sailor Mnemeº
  • Sailor Hermippeº
  • Sailor Thyoneº
  • Sailor Ananke: Senshi of Animals
  • Sailor Herseº
  • Sailor Aitneº: Senshi of Mammals
  • Sailor Kale: Senshi of Seaweed and to a lesser extent plants
  • Sailor Taygeteº
  • Sailor Chaldeneº: Senshi of Pottery
  • Sailor Erinomeº
  • Sailor Aoede: Senshi of Noodles
  • Sailor Kallichoreº (Editor's note: I thought someone once played this character....)
  • Sailor Kalykeº
  • Sailor Callirrhoeº
  • Sailor Eurydomeº
  • Sailor Pasitheeº
  • Sailor Kore: Senshi of Mountains (Mostly defensive)
  • Sailor Cyllene: Healing Senshi
  • Sailor Eukeladeº
  • Sailor Pashiphae
  • Sailor Hegemone: Senshi of Unity, Frost, and Knowledge
  • Sailor Archeº
  • Sailor Isonoe: Senshi of Hydroelectricity
  • Sailor Sinope: Shadow Senshi
  • Sailor Spondeº
  • Sailor Autonoeº
  • Sailor Megacliteº

Saturn Satellite Senshi

  • Sailor Titan: Senshi of Defense and Guardianship (of Sailor Saturn)
  • Sailor Enceladus: Senshi of Soundwaves
  • Sailor Hyperion: Senshi of Gravity
  • Sailor Iapetus: Senshi of the Senses - Ambassador Senshi
  • Sailor Narvi: Senshi of Plasma
  • Sailor Rhea: Senshi of Illusions - Ambassador Senshi
  • Sailor Tarvos: Senshi of Blood-energy
  • Sailor Telesto: Senshi of Healing
  • Sailor Mimas: Senshi of Metal
  • Sailor Atlas: Senshi of Strength
  • Sailor Janusº: Senshi of Beginnings
  • Sailor Epimetheusº: Senshi of Traps
  • Sailor Panº: Senshi of Glens
  • Sailor Daphnisº: Senshi of Sheperding
  • Sailor Prometheus: Senshi of Premonition
  • Sailor Pandora: Senshi of Seduction
  • Sailor Methoneº: Senshi of Speed
  • Sailor Antheº: Senshi of Speed
  • Sailor Palleneº: Senshi of Speed
  • Sailor Calypsoº: Senshi of Disease
  • Sailor Heleneº: Senshi of Harmony
  • Sailor Polydeuces: Senshi of Entropy
  • Sailor Aegaeon: Senshi of Restoration
  • Sailor Tethysº
  • Sailor Dioneº
  • Sailor Kiviuqº
  • Sailor Ijiraqº
  • Sailor Phoebeº
  • Sailor Paaliaqº
  • Sailor Skathi: Senshi of Size
  • Sailor Albiorixº
  • Sailor Bebhionnº
  • Sailor Erriapusº
  • Sailor Skollº
  • Sailor Siarnaqº
  • Sailor Tarqeqº
  • Sailor Greipº
  • Sailor Hyrrokkinº
  • Sailor Jarnsaxaº
  • Sailor Mundilfariº
  • Sailor Bergelmirº
  • Sailor Suttungrº
  • Sailor Hatiº
  • Sailor Farbautiº
  • Sailor Thrymrº
  • Sailor Aegirº
  • Sailor Bestlaº
  • Sailor Fenrirº
  • Sailor Surtur: Senshi of NovaFire
  • Sailor Kariº
  • Sailor Ymirº
  • Sailor Loge: Senshi of Teleporation (flame)
  • Sailor Fornjotº

Uranus Satellite Senshi

  • Sailor Miranda: Senshi of Trust
  • Sailor Umbriel: Senshi of Darkness
  • Sailor Ariel: Senshi of Space and Vaccuums
  • Sailor Puck: Senshi of Deception
  • Sailor Cordeliaº: Senshi of Balance
  • Sailor Ophelia: Senshi of White Holes
  • Sailor Biancaº: Senshi of Rings
  • Sailor Cressidaº: Senshi of Blades
  • Sailor Desdemonaº: Senshi of Dedication
  • Sailor Juliet: Senshi of Poison
  • Sailor Portiaº: Senshi of Disguise - Ambassador Senshi
  • Sailor Rosalindº
  • Sailor Cupidº
  • Sailor Belinda: Senshi of Black Holes
  • Sailor Perditaº
  • Sailor Mabº
  • Sailor Titaniaº
  • Sailor Oberon: Senshi of the Heavens
  • Sailor Francisco
  • Sailor Calibanº: Senshi of Pottery
  • Sailor Stephanoº
  • Sailor Trinculoº
  • Sailor Sycoraxº: Battery Senshi
  • Sailor Margaretº
  • Sailor Prospero: Senshi of Shades
  • Sailor Setebos: Senshi of Technology
  • Sailor Ferdinand: Healing Senshi

Neptune Satellite Senshi

Pluto Satellite Senshi

Quinox Satellite Senshi

Haumea Satellite Senshi

  • Sailor Hi`iakaº
  • Sailor Namakaº

Eris Satellite Senshi

Bandersnatch Satellite Senshi

  • Sailor Leviathan Senshi of [Unknown]

Satellite Senshi History


Ever since the creation of the planets of the Sol System and their respective Sailor Senshi, there have been Satellite Senshi to guard, protect, and fight for their respective leaders.

It wasn't until the reign of Serenity X that the Satellite Senshi were formally acknowledged as fighting forces.


The chain of command is as follows: The Leader of Earth's Moon as Prime Satellite Senshi (Generally some version of Queen Serenity/Sailor Moon), the respective planet's Sailor Senshi (i.e.: Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Uranus), the leader of the planet's satellite senshi (i.e.: Sailor Io for Jupiter, Sailor Zephrius for Quinox), and the rest of them.

Depending on how large a planet's batch of satellite senshi is, they might be split up further into ranks (as is the case with Saturn and Jupiter, they have several different groups and ranks).

Formation and History

During the expansion of colonies and outposts in 19,103 B.C., moons are also set upon and colonized by their respective planetary colonizers.

Between 12,540 B.C. and 12,510 B.C., satellite senshi are born in the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Haumea planetary systems.

After the banishment of Selenity X by Serenity I in 10,557 B.C., the Satellite Senshi's top of command was gone. For the that time she ruled, Serenity I discarded the title of Prime Satellite Senshi and cut off ties to the satellite senshi of the rest of the solar system. With their prime leader gone, the satellite senshi devoted theirs lives soley to their respective leaders and the communities of their planetary system. Gone were the days where satellite senshi of one planet freely associated with those of another planet.

Serenity I ignored and excluded the Satellite Senshi of their former role. She chose to focus on her own kingdom and those of the planets of the solar system and not their satellite senshi.

During the 10,600's, a series of interplanetary satellite senshi battles occurred. The planetary armies and respective satellite senshi fought one another. The reasons behind the animosity and hatred betwixt them has been lost to time. It is known that thousands perished.

With the births of the princesses of their respective planets between 8,123 B.C. and 8,120 B.C., the satellite senshi finally had someone to pledge their allegiance and loyalties to. They finally had someone they would die to protect.

Rebellion/Metallia's Attack

Since the beginning life in the Solar System, Sailor Charon has been there to weigh and support the lives of these beings upon her shoulders, as is her role in life.

Having grown weary of her mandatory position in life, the immobile Sailor Charon took it upon herself to set a plan into motion. Using a very small amount of power, she sent an orb to bring to her the most malleable satellite senshi she could find; it was Sailor Io. After some heavy persuasion and brain washing, Sailor Io became Sailor Charon's minion.

Going back to Jupiter, Sailor Io began in infect the minds of her fellow satellite senshi, though it was very subtle and not likely to be noticed. The two ambassador senshi of Jupiter (Sailor Callisto and Sailor Ganymede) made their way to the Saturn System and then Neptune system, which then attempted to infect the Uranus system. Once the two arrived, they began to infect the other planet's ambassador senshi and the infection grew amongst those systems. Once the infections began spreading through the planetary systems, the ambassador senshi who had been traveling returned back to their respective planetary systems and joined in the slaughter of their fellow Satellite Senshi, civilians, and others.

Some senshi were not susceptible to the brainwashing virus. There were very few that noticed it right away and, as was the case of Sailor Enceladus, killed themselves, rather than be infected.

When Queen Beryl's forces make their attack on 12:01 a.m. 12/15/8012 B.C. Sailor Charon took that as her cue to activate the brainwashing virus she had infected into so many satellite senshi.

What resulted were massive Civil Wars between the affected satellite senshi and the unaffected satellite senshi. They fought each other to the death, brainwashed satellite senshi trying to take out as many civilian lives as possible. This is known as the Satellite Civil Wars.

Unlike the prior satellite senshi wars, the Satellite Civil Wars had satellite senshi fighting against their own planetary satellite senshi and not others. (Ex: Uranus' Ariel fighting Umbriel, Saturn's Tarvos vs Polydeuces)

The fighting didn't end until the cleansing wave of Sailor Saturn's attack, killing all life that had remained in the solar system.

With all life obliterated, Sailor Charon was able to roam free until the next life forms appeared.