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Indigo Kazan
Biographical information

Earth, Jupiter

Birth June 15 1981
Family Hiraku Kazan (younger brother), Nai Kyoko (cousin), Kumori Kyoko (cousin), Celeste Kizen ("offshoot")

Walking the earth


Sailor Io

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senshi: volcanic related attacks.


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi

First Appearance

Warrior of Volcanoes, leader of the Jupiter Satellite Senshi, and a student of's school of Iron Soul. Indigo's a woman of duty and a constant quest for strength. Until recently, she thought that control could be established through power levels and dominance over others but she isn't so sure of that any longer.



(pre June 2012)

The one thing that is always true about Indigo: She has naturally black hair, gray eyes, is 5'9, and is Half-Asian, half Caucasian. Everything else is dynamic.

When she first arrived at the Ten'Aino household, Indigo swore only to her Sailor Fuku. If she was ever not transformed, it was frequently comfortable clothes that allowed free movement. She preferred the functionality and had no concern if her clothes got in the way.

In early 2005, she took more to modern daily clothing: jeans, t-shirts, whatever was common attire. She occasionally wore kimonos until 2006. Until her return in 2012; Indigo had taken an appreciation to dark clothes and may have fit the "goth" culture in some way, shape, or form. Her attitude had followed her clothes. When she was working with, she would dress in full Shinto miko garb.

The one thing that was consistent with Indigo was her hair: black with orange tips. Occasionally she added flares of blues to try and give herself something to mess with. As of June 2012, she dyed her hair completely black with the exception of a sole indigo streak. She's returned to miko attire when studying with, but her typical civilian clothing has moved back to integrating with modern day society.

From late June to late July, Indigo's hair was in cornrows. She's now cut it to chin-length.


For such a hot element, Indigo's personality was cold and abrasive for a long time. She believed herself to be superior to many at the household and was conflicted with her disgust when it came to the soldiers that she had come to admire over the years. She preferred to close herself off from the company of others, funneling her frustrations on one or two select individuals, openly preferring her own company. Her preference for solitude was later debunked when Shinji Ikari forced her hand and it was revealed just how deep her attachments to this household and its residents were.

Her sense of duty has always been integral to who she is as a person, and it later led to a quest for power and her fear of failure. Indigo wanted to be able to defend herself and the people she cared so deeply for that she looked for any means possible to gain that strength. Her determination and strong will lead her to become a disciple of in the school of Iron Soul.

Time passed, and Indigo vanished for years. Upon her return, she's calmed down and doesn't seem so willing to push everyone away; however, she doesn't seem so willing to let everyone in. There are a few exceptions: the ones she was close to before she left and a few who are willing to listen to her now. She's willing to admit her faults and issues to others, but the greater problems she's found herself faced with are much harder for her to confront. Indigo has found herself trying to fend off an idea: what if she is so unhappy with her duty as a soldier and would rather cast away the role she's been destined to return to? Pair that with the underlying threads of loneliness for years and years, and there is more to the Indigo that's returned than she's willing to let herself show.



  • Celeste and Persephone have said they think of Indigo as a sort of estranged sister, and while Indigo does not fully believe in them, she does implicitly trust them, especially when it comes to their 'shared' daughter Amaya Ikari. Both Celeste and Persephone respect Indigo's desire for privacy and reluctance to deal with people, and let her come and go as she pleases.
  • Euri and Indigo have a checkered past. In both the past life and this one Indigo has always considered herself above Euri in some way shape or form. Mostly she considers herself better than Euri as a soldier but that ego trip extends to Euri as a person as well. The two have seen little of other since Indigo was rescued from the volcano, but with Indigo's attitude adjustment in recent years, she has largely let go of her supremacy complex and is willing to ignore and be ignored by the other woman.
  •, as the woman who can bring down the hammer and be the end-all of any follies when it comes to things getting out of hand, is one of the few people Indigo always pays deferential respect. When she is in the proximity of the Hotel, she continues her studies in the Iron Soul martial arts beneath her sifu.
  • Doctor Xadium has her mingled irritation and appreciation. Indigo remains the highest student over her fellow pupil, but he continually expresses a level of tenacity and unwillingness to compromise what's important to him that reminds him of herself, whether she likes it or not.
  • Indigo does not like Yaijinden as a person, but she has a tremendous respect for him because he knows more than he says and says little that isn't designed to provoke somebody. He is the one person she will occasionally tolerate ribbing her, though his romance with Celeste and Persephone keeps her emotionally at arms' length from him as an act of self-willed determination.


  • From the moment they met, Indigo couldn't stand Shinji. The constant inappropriate behavior always got on her nerves and the way that she treated him drove her up the wall. Sometimes it seemed like she almost went out of her way to get his attention. Or maybe she just refused to ignore him. About four months after their constant dance of insults he finally acknowledged her wishes and ignored her. It drove Indigo absolutely crazy and forced her hand and her confession that she actually did have feelings for him.

The two dated for about a year including living together and mutually messing with people but Indigo found something wasn't making her happy and she broke it off. The two are on friendly terms.


Silver Millenium

During the Silver Millenium, Sailor Io was designated the leader of the Satellite Senshi under Jupiter. She worked with Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto to guide all of Jupiter's Satellite Senshi, but Io liked to believe that she had the final word on things, especially in Jupiter's court. She took her role very seriously and there was very little nonsense about her.

Late one evening, Io had noticed a small orb hanging in the window of her chambers. With reluctant curiosity, she examined the foreign object and found herself in the temple of Sailor Charon. The senshi of life and death wanted to cease life entirely on the planet. Sailor Io objected to this plan, but there had been influences that even she could not fight, and she was brainwashed as the servant of Charon. Acting as a rogue agent, Io brainwashed Ganymede and Callisto into Charon's bidding and the two spread corruption throughout the Satellite Senshi of the Galaxy. The grand plan was to engineer a rebellion that would destroy the Moon Kingdom while paired with Metallia and the rise of the Dark Kingdom. There were few--like Europa--who resisted the corrupting idea but Io made sure that they were crushed.

In the grand scheme of things, Charon was successful through her manipulation of Sailor Io and the fall followed.


Born in 1981 in Southern Japan--near Kyoto--Indigo was raised in a mostly quiet life. She was raised by her mother and her father mostly but on rare occasion she'd see her mother's extended family. They seemed disappointed in Indigo, but even more disappointed in her mother. Despite all her efforts to prove her worth it seemed that nothing would be able to break the tension. When her brother was born the was a shift in attitude that she just couldn't understand: there was a positive, rewarding attitude for Hiraku and her mother but a general ignorance when it came to her. As she grew older Indigo had chalked it up to gender and accepted that nothing would make them happy. And then the secret came out: she only had a half brother.

The Ten'Aino Household

In 2004, Indigo had heard word that Euri was alive and frequently visited the household of Aino Minako and the outer senshi. She followed the rumor and found her fellow Senshi. She also discovered the personalities that Euri had been associating with were far beneath Indigo's standards and she made that clear. After a few ego checks, three months of hating on Shinji, and something along the lines of a breakdown Indigo had calmed down. She was still the gruff woman that took no nonsense but she had a bit more tolerance for the shenanigans that went on in the Ten'Aino household.

Iron Soul & Seven Swords

The Volcano Accident

At some point in the later half of 2007, Indigo needed some time to think. She made a request to Haruka to assist her with her plight and the two went up to a Volcano where Indigo went to meditate. The story goes like this according to Haruka:

She went to tap on Indigo's shoulder while she was thinking, pushed a little too hard and Indigo fell forward into the Volcano. With a quick transformation and a number of screams for revenge, Indigo fell into the Volcano. The situation was not spoken of again until Mango's return in late May 2012 when the truth came out!

Whether or not that is the ACTUAL story is a mystery. Indigo claims it's partly true but remains vague on the details. She doesn't like to talk about those moments and has been doing her best to keep distracted.

The Return

In Early June 2012, Indigo returned to the Hotel with many threats to kick Haruka's ass. Her overall attitude is still serious at times but she's taken a lot more friendly demeanor around some and doesn't mind joking around or messing with people.

As it was revealed a few months later, Indigo was still trapped within the depths of underground trapped within a volcano. The girl who had believed she was Indigo was actually Kannon Bosatsu with Indigo's personality and memories imprinted upon her. However the two were separated, there were still ties to Sailor Io that slowly severed as the two became separate entities. Celeste and Yaijinden recovered Indigo from deep within the earth. With enough time to recover under's care, Indigo left the hotel with the intention not to return.

Hazel Ninegate

Indigo did return briefly, as summoned for the trial of Hazel Ninegate. While she argued in favor of not rewriting Ninegate's timeline, she was outnumbered. Indigo left the household again and has made herself scarce. The only person that she chooses to reach out to is Celeste.


Sailor Io


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