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Saori Suzuki
Biographical information


Birth June 1
Family Juunpei Suzuki (father, deceased); Kumiko Suzuki (mother, deceased)


Physical description




Hair color

Black with pink tint

Eye color

dark purple




control and shape gems and stones


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter

First Appearance


Born to an affluent merchant family, Saori had a very loving and educational upbringing. Though she was born on the border of Ganar and Lairan, Saori and her parents traveled the world, and as Saori grew up, she eventually come to call Emelan home. Having gone to study at Winding Circle at the age of 10 as an ambient stone mage, Saori was a diligent student, though she would often get sidetracked by the latest fashions. Saori didn't receive her mage's medallion until she turned 24, which is still considered to be rather young. Her parents would have been proud had they not died the year before from a pox epidemic.

After earning her credentials as a mage, she continued her travels into the distance land of Janaal, famed for its flower-perfumes. Exploring the country, and selling her wares, Saori stumbled across a secluded cave. Inside this cave she would discover a portal that would lead out of her pocket universe and onto the world in which resides the suburban senshi.

Arriving in a distant and barely populated part of Hokkaido, Saori immediately felt the effects of another power surging within her. She understand what saying the words "Ganymede Satellite Power, Make Up" would yield. Being clear of mind and level headed, when Saori first transformed to test out her newfound abilities, her memories of her life returned to her, as well as a complete and full understanding of Japanese. She moved to Tokyo and started a prosperous life for herself as a jeweler. A year passed and she felt a longing to go back to her world.

Going back to Janaal, she went to the main trading city, for she had felt a certain something calling to her. It was there, by an herb and spice seller's booth, did she come across Callianne Janson, a slave working for the owner of the prosperous stall. She immediately felt a strong drive to bring her back to Tokyo. She just knew that Callianne was just like her, a fellow senshi, she could feel it. Saori spent several days haggling on a price to buy Callianne. It took some time but Saori was willing to pay any price to have her. Finally, spending more than twice what she was worth, Saori bought Callianne and took her under her wing. For a year, Saori remained with Callianne in Janaal. They lived together, not so much as master and slave, but more like teacher and student, and eventually as lovers. Saori taught Callianne to control and conquer and accept the plant magic that flowed within her. When Saori felt that Callianne had a strong enough control on her, she returned to Tokyo, taking Callianne with her.

There, the two remained close as can be, though Saori took her title as master a bit too possessively.

After an intervention by the patrons of the Ten'Aino household, Saori was forced to free Callianne. She didn't even get reimbursed for it!

For several months, Saori spent her time with fellow Jupiter satellite senshi, Tina Aizu Tangert, and the two became good friends and business partners. Having mellowed out a bit and realizing how wrong it was to own another human being, Saori made attempts reconcile with Callianne. Though the two of them are now seeing each other, Saori can't help but worry that something strange is going on with Callianne these days...


Saori is very level-headed and slow to temper. She's intelligent, curt, and very mannerly and polite. She's dedicated to her mission and leader, so she often shows her serious side. However, once someone gets to know her, she's actually rather easy going.

Sailor Ganymede

Sailor Ganymede's fuku is comprised of dark purple, pale pink, and cream as her tertiary color in her super fuku.


As one would assume, Sailor Ganymede's powers derive from her mage abilities back on her homeworld.

  • Glinting Shine - Sailor Ganymede brings up several magical stones in front of her, making a vertical pattern in the air. The stones grow so hot and brightly that they blind her opponents.
  • Thundering Avalanche - Sailor Ganymede conjures up several large boulders, rocks, and a few chunks of gravel here and there and bombards her opponents with them.
  • Crystal Prison - A glowing, pale pink circle appears beneath Sailor Ganymede's opponent, and a large, crystal gemstone appears, capturing her opponent deep within it.