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Tina Aizu Tangert
Biographical information


Birth August 14
Family Jason Tangert (father); Rika Aizu (mother)

Head of the Aizu Estate and Acting CEO of Aizu Industries


Sailor Thebe

Physical description




Hair color

light brown

Eye color





electricity and positive lightning


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter

First Appearance


Born to an incredibly wealthy family, Tina has always lived a life of luxury. Although she was born in Japan on her mother's family's Aizu Estate, as a young girl, Tina traveled all over the United States of America with her father, who was special reporter for the Asahi Shinbun. Rather than being upset that she wasn't allowed to settle down in one place and make friends that would stick, she was very happy moving to different areas of the country and learning about their culture and way of speaking. On her return to Japan in her early teenaged years, her mother was stunned by the atrocious mix of accents that Tina now came back with. With a little bribing of the exam proctors, Tina was sent off to a prestigious, elite high school. Against her mother's wishes, she dropped out after a year and got an apartment for herself, where she then began to work at the very popular maid cafe, Cafe Flowerbell. After working here for a year or so, obviously having lied about her age, she met Riki Hakuyouno. After inviting the down trodden girl to live with her, the two became very fast and close friends. It was Tina who suggested that Riki change her name, to start her life anew. It was during this time of working together that Tina awoke as a Sailor Satellite Senshi.

One night as she and Riki/Kizoku were closing up shop, an old and sinister Droid crawled out of the crawlspace behind the old refrigerator in the basement, where it had been living for many years, and started smashing the place up. Kizoku went to see what was going on and when Tina hesitantly went in to check up on her, she saw a sailor senshi clad in blues and silvery-blue hues, fighting the creature on her own. Something stirred within her soul and when she saw the woman crash into a series of barrels, the words "Thebe Satellite Power, Make Up!" burst from her throat and she transformed into Sailor Thebe, the Jupiter Satellite Senshi of Electricity. Joining Sailor Europa, the two of them were able to vanquish the monster. Though both were equally surprised to find out that one another were senshi, this made them become even closer than ever. Trying to figure out and learn long lost and locked away memories, training one another, and pretty much being the closest of friends.

After a couple of years of being together, Kizoku Inochi left to continue adventuring/exploring what life had to offer, and Tina was left alone, distraught. Now that she was in her late teens, she had her mother, head of the infamously secretive Ainu Industries, pull some strings for her and she a start as a free lance journalist working for the local paper.

After being reunited with Euri at the then Ten'Aino House, Tina fell into a fit of intense jealousy when she saw that Euri was involved with a man. She concocted a rather intricate and detailed kidnaping scheme which almost worked, save for Euri's friends and boyfriend going after to her to rescue her. Having buffed up the security on her estate with fire salamanders and ground patrols, and even hiring two mercenary sailor senshi for hire, Sailor Rhea and Sailor Iapetus, it wasn't enough to keep Euri to herself. Tina's plan was thwarted and she wasn't allowed to speak or see Euri for quite some time...

Present Day

Tina has finally lost her mashup of accents, though from time to time when she's severely aggravated, she might slip back into it. She currently runs the Aizu Estate, seeing as her mother as stepped down a few years ago, and is acting CEO of Aizu Industries, the sister company to NAOMI Corporation(Naomi Corp). To this day, is she is close friends with Saori and has acted as a financial backer to her blooming jeweler business. Although she'll probably never lose the love she once had for Euri, she's certainly seen the errors of her ways and tries every so often to get together with her and see how she's doing.


During the Silver Millennium, Sailor Thebe was a part of the Amalthea Group of Jupiter Satellite Senshi. Though they were tasked with focusing on the common-born of Jupiter, Sailor Thebe always longed to be one of the big wigs of the Galileo Group. Often, she would attempt to sneak over to their meetings to get a better glimpse of them, but she'd always become thwarted. Once the joint attack of Queen Metallia/Queen Beryl's forces and Sailor Charon's [[1]]Rebellion, Sailor Thebe was caught up in the Satellite Civil Wars. She was one of the many who weren't brainwashed and tried her best to fight against her comrades. She was eventually killed by the leader of the Amalthea Group, Sailor Amalthea. Eventually, she was resurrected along with everyone else after Saturn's cleansing.

Sailor Thebe's fuku colors are light lavender, periwinkle blue, purple.


Sailor Thebe's powers use electricity. She's able to control it and disrupt it. In her stronger fuku levels, she's able to harness a [lightning] ability. This is made even stronger when joined with Sailor Jupiter's attacks.

  • Static Cling
  • Volt Surge
  • Thebe Electrical Re-Strike
  • Volcanic Lightning (only works as a combined attack with Sailor Io which, given their differences in Satellite Grouping, makes the use very seldom seen if ever.)
  • Lightning Discharge (made stronger with Sailor Jupiter)