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Earth 1337-C is one of the multiple variations on the planet Earth that exist in the omniverse and is part of the 1337 Multiverse system. It is one of the four "main" Earths, which developed outward from the original Earth 1337. Like the other alternate Earths of 1337, they are all connected in some way to The Hotel.



The planet Earth in this universe has a population of approximately 7.6 billion people. The technology level of this planet is about the equivalent of 1337 in the present day. Unlike other 1337 Earths, there isn't any specific evidence of high technology in sight, suggesting that if it does exist, it is throughly well hidden. For some strange reason, time moves much much slower on this Earth than other Earths.

RP Rules

For roleplaying purposes in the box, the timeline is set during the first year of high school for the inners. Spring would have been the arrival of the Dead Moon Circus but Chibiusa quickly and succinctly dealt with the enemy. The events of Stars have yet to happen (though they would eventually happen in the Summer).

Time is stagnant. Think of an American cartoon where time never really passes and the characters just do the same everyday shenanigans. There is no actual end game in this universe.

Rather than high stakes, end of the world, life or death instances, this RP focuses more on the daily lives of the senshi and their friends. Low stakes, slice of life, comedy, romance, school life genre of play.

The inners are currently in their first year of high school at Juuban High. Haruka and Michiru are in their second year of high school at Juuban High. Chibiusa, Hotaru, PallaPalla, VesVes, JunJun, and CereCere are all in their second year of middle school at Juuban Junior High. Mamoru is in his first year of university.

Holiday Specials!

Because time doesn't follow along with real world time, as it does in #ss2, #ss3, and #ss4, whenever there is a major holiday or a vacation from school, this is treated as a mostly non canon special. Akin to the original 90s movies and SuperS specials.

One can make call back to certain named Specials (i.e. Summer 2021 - Mischief at the Haunted Lakeside Cabin!) but these specials shouldn't be used to further any major plot points in the character's stories.

There can be multiple specials set during a specific time frame so as to follow more than just one specific set of characters.

Characters can overlap. For example, if Ami is helping to solve a mystery at the Lake in Summer 2021, she could also be investigating a mysterious disappearance at her summer cram school.

New Character Creation

Because the focus of this RP is school based, one would generally want to make characters that are in middle school or high school. Other options are older siblings or younger siblings in university or elementary schools. Characters can be located in the Juuban or Azabu schools, or in other school districts/towns/prefectures throughout the country of Japan. Mugen Gakuen is currently not an option.

Other options could be a teacher, a sports coach, a parent(al figure), a clerk/cashier at a convenience store that the characters regularly visit, other employees at Crown Game Arcade or Crown Parlor. You could even be a favorite librarian!

Sailor Senshi Creation

Oddly enough, Sailor Satellite Guardians do not exist on this Earth. However, there are a plethora of Sailor Asteroid Guardians that eventually awaken.

Similarly, if a Sailor Satellite Guardian from another universe shares the same name, or similar sounding name, to an asteroid, more likely than not they would be a Sailor Asteroid Guardian in this universe.

And even if there is no corresponding asteroid to moon connection, a Satellite Senshi, or even non-Satellite Senshi but still a Sailor Senshi, might just be an Asteroid Senshi on this Earth for no apparent reason.

In terms of creating Sailor Senshi, the consensus is that there are plenty of Asteroid Senshi to choose from. If one wishes to create a non-Asteroid Senshi, please contact @UltraMatt and/or Euri on discord.

  • Any Sailor Senshi business needs to be very low scale. Not with a lot of major impact. Remember, the focus of this RP is on their daily, civilian lives. Senshi business generally takes a very back seat.

Non Humans/Terrans

If one wishes to play an alien, there are very few allowances. Pre-established species such as the Cats/Humans from Mau and the Crows/Humans from Coronis indicate that there are Aquatic Fish/Humans from Mermaid and Rodents/Humans from Chuu. One can surmise that there are more planets with other Animal/Human hybrids. However, their animal form should not be the main portrayal of their characterization.

SIDE NOTE: Because of the events of Stars have yet to happen, this is currently NOT AN OPTION. If and When the events of Stars occur, the RP will be set after the fact, and these characters will allowed to be played.


Like other main Earths, the events of the Silver Millennium occurred, including their fall.

The Girl that Fell from the Sky


Dark Kingdom

As on the other main Earths, the inner Sailor Senshi were awoken and found themselves in battle against the forces of the Dark Kingdom. After decimating the Four Heavenly Kings, they finally found themselves face to face against the evil being known as Queen Beryl. However, just as Beryl mocked the girls, a pink haired child, dressed in a sailor senshi uniform, fell from the sky and without a second thought, destroyed the evil monarch with the power of her silver crystal. More then a little dismayed, the teenage girls found themselves put under the leadership of the girl, Sailor Chibi-Moon, an accidental refugee from Earth 1337-BC.

Black Moon

Soon after, a group calling itself the Dark Moon Clan arrived from the future, seeking to kidnap the "rabbit", who much to their dismay was apparently Chibi-Usa, Usagi's future daughter! Mistaking Sailor Chibi-Moon for their own Chibi-Usa, they sent one of their own, Rubius to try and capture her, along with the spectre sisters. After Chibi-Moon destroyed each of the Spectre Sisters one by one, she grew impatient with the now desperate Rubius and using her silver crystal, summoned another Sailor Senshi from the air, dropping her ontop of the man, killing him on impact. The senshi who fallen from the sky, Sailor Q from the United States, along with her just recently procured cat Freya, found themselves stuck in Japan. With no choice (and some little help from the girl from the future) they settled into the city. A few days later, Chibi-Moon mysteriously vanished, only to show up a day later, having "taken care of business".


After several incidents in which a group of students from the mysterious Mugen Academy apparently "devolved" into monsters, a few of the girls chose to try and investigate the school. However, before they could get very far, they were surprised to find Chibi-Usa already there, having "befriended" the principal of the academy, as well as his daughter, Hotaru, who she revealed to be a Sailor Senshi. Having nothing left for them to do, two of the Mugen students, Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaioh, both secretly senshi themselves, transferred to Juuban once the school itself was shut down for reasons (aka Chibi-Usa blew it up for the hell of it).


Chibiusa goes on a trip to the Amazon where she locates four glowing orbs which held the slumbering souls of the Sailor Quartet. She awoke them and brought them back with her to Japan as her new posse just in time for the Black Moon Circus to arrive. During the Solar Eclipse, Chibiusa and the Sailor Quartet attacked the Dead Moon Circus' Ship as it descended. Taken by surprise, the denizens were quickly eliminated. Chibimoon sent the Sailor Quartet to stall for time against Zirconia-turned-Nehelenia while she went to save Helios-turned-Pegasus. She immediately freed him from his prison, claimed him as her own, and rode him to finish off Nehelenia. The fight, which felt like several hours, only lasted the duration of the Solar Eclipse. The rest of the Sailor Guardians were none the wiser. They just knew that Chibiusa came back with a new boyfriend and a new group of friends, much to Hotaru's jealousy.



After a beautiful meteor shower one Summer evening, it felt like everything was right in the world. Chibiusa, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, Ceres, and Hotaru were enjoying their time at Juuban Middle School, while the rest of the girls, sans Setsuna (who is continuing to guard the Time Door), were enjoying their time at Juuban High School. Chibiusa felt cocky, arrogant, and sure of herself. She had been told the stories of her mother's fight with Galaxia and knew that she and her posse could take on any challenge. However, things didn't play out as she would have thought.

Her first order of business was to make it so that Mamoru never went to study abroad in America. Instead. he went to study at Kyoto University. He would regularly come back to Tokyo on the weekends to visit Usagi but as his courses grew heavier, their time visiting in person grew more sparse. Mamoru even went with the Inners to the Three Lights' first concert where they performed with Michiru and Haruka. Mamoru, as Tuxedo Kamen, helped the panicked concert goers leave the venue when Sailor Iron Mouse attacked. She was quickly defeated by Sailor Star Healer and both the inners and Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Quinox were stunned by the appearance of these sudden, new Sailor Guardians.

A few days after the appearance of both a new enemy and new Sailor Senshi, Mamoru left with his class for a two week long work study where he would travel to remote sections of Japan to learn traditional healing techniques. At the same time, a young toddler known as ChibiChibi came across a prone woman lying on the ground...

Feeling accomplished at the fact that Mamoru wasn't murdered on an airplane, Chibiusa felt like all was right in the world. She was so caught up with her normal life as a middle school student that she wasn't aware of what was going on with Usagi and Co. None of the Sailor Guardians would realize that when Mamoru left on his work study, he and his class were murdered by Sailor Buttress, the herald and right hand man of Sailor Galaxia. She then took the Golden Crystal and Mamoru's Sailor Crystal of Earth to her mistress.

Helios knew something was amiss but when he would bring up his concerns to Chibiusa, she would just wave him off and distract him with sweets. When Chibiusa was asked by the Inners if ChibiChibi was her sister / Usagi's second daughter, Chibiusa just rolled her eyes and gave them a firm "No way!"

So secure in the history that her mother told her about Galaxia's attack, and as arrogant and cocky as she was when it came to her strength, Chibiusa was caught completely taken off guard when Hotaru told her of the inners' demise.

The Sol Sailor Senshi meet up at Hikawa Shrine to talk about the new enemy. After a while, Haruka and Michiru depart to attend to their professional business lives that had been getting pushed back. After talking a bit more over tea, the remaining girls began to hear a cacophony of harsh cawing outside. They rush out of the shrine and see a woman with large black wings growing out of her back being attacked by the crows Phobos and Deimos. The crows transform into their human forms in a futile attempt to protect their Princess Mars. Phobos and Deimos are killed right in front of Rei which sends her into a fiery rage. They all transform and Mars, Venus, and Jupiter rush into the fight against the woman known as Sailor Lead Crow. Mercury and Quinox are on the defensive, defending Sailor Moon from attacks as the blonde girl pleads with them all to stop fighting.

Mars and Venus are killed in front of Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon's screams of anguish are overheard by the Sailor Starlights who were passing by. They swiftly arrive and intervene, preventing Sailor Lead Crow from killing the others. After Sailor Star Fighter deftly annihilates Sailor Lead Crow, they scold the grieving Sol Sailor Guardians before vanishing into the night.

Matsumi goes to inform Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru of what happened. Hotaru goes to tell Chibiusa and her group, and Haruka and Michiru hatch a plan to investigate the Three Lights on their own. They confront the Three Lights after one of their practice sessions. On the rooftop of their studio, the five of them get into a heated argument that soon turns to blows. The surge of sailor energies summons Sailors Titanium Kerokko and Sailor Mitis Kerokko into the fray.

The Sailor Starlights take on the stronger Titanium Kerokko while Neptune and Uranus struggle with fighting Mitis Kerokko. The outer guardians manage to defeat Sailor Mitis Kerokko but are killed in retaliation by Sailor Titanium Kerokko. The Sailor Starlights swiftly finish off the remaining Sailor Animamate and realize they need to tell the other Sol Sailor Guardians what just happened.

While Haruka and Michiru are first confronting the Three Lights, Ami and Makoto decide to see what information they can come up with using the computers of the Crown Command Center. With the help of the Mauians Luna, Artemis, and Freya, (with Luna and Freya trying their best not to devolve into a cat fight) the five of them manage to glean some information on the Sailor Animamate, members of the mysterious Shadow Galactica. As the computer does its best to locate where these evil villains came from, Sailor Aluminum Seiren crashed down into the command center, destroying the computers.

Makoto and Ami transform to fight but are clearly no match for the Sailor Animamate. Luna, Freya, and Artemis in their human forms intervene in the fight and the five of them work together to take down Sailor Aluminum Seiren. Unfortunately, as they're celebrating, Sailor Theta arrives in the aftermath and kills Sailors Jupiter and Mercury in one blow. The massive, erratic blast manages to hit the Mauians. The damage is so severe that they are all reverted to their cat forms.

As Matsumi and ChibiChibi watch over the sleeping Usagi, who earlier had had a nervous breakdown, the Three Lights suddenly enter Usagi's room. Matsumi yells at them, blaming them for bringing Sailor Galaxia to their world. Usagi awakens from the shouting match and does her best to calm Matsumi down. Derisively, Taiki explains to Usagi and Matsumi who Sailor Galaxia is and what she and her Shadow Galactica are all about.

Chibiusa finally hears from Hotaru what's been going on, and is completely stunned. After having made an offhanded comment about wishing she could have had a massive Sailor Senshi military, the Amazoness Quartet had left their expansive chateau in the forest without saying a word to Chibiusa a week ago. Now, all she had by her side was her best friend, cyborg Hotaru and her boyfriend Helios. Chibiusa was beginning to panic at how different the events were playing out.

The next day, while Matsumi and Usagi are still trying to process deaths of Ami, Makoto, Haruka, and Michiru, a new transfer student by the name of Belle Gato joins their classroom. She immediately tries to befriend Usagi and Matsumi finds this Hella suspicious. During this, Chibiusa, Hotaru, and Helios go to confront ChibiChibi who was asleep in Usagi's bedroom. Chibiusa shakes ChibiChibi, demanding that she give them answers and blaming ChibiChibi for all of their problems. ("If you just stayed as Galaxia's star seed, then none of this would have happened!")

The Three Lights show up and see what's going on. They quickly intervene and yell at Chibiusa for attacking a toddler. Chibiusa yells back at them, completely at her wits end. ChibiChibi transforms into Sailor ChibiChibi and then releases Princess Kakyuu from her incense prison/healing chamber.

While this is happening, Belle Gato lures Usagi and Matsumi to the rooftop where she transforms into Sailor Tin Nyanko and attacks! The two of them try their best to fight off Sailor Tin Nyanko but they are severely outmatched. Sailor Quinox shields Sailor Moon from one of Tin Nyanko's attacks and disintegrates in front of Sailor Moon's eyes. ("I have had ENOUGH!!!") Sailor Moon uses the sheer, unadulterated power of the ginzuishou to obliterate Sailor Tin Nyanko from existence. As she collapses from the life draining attack, the Sailor Starlights and Sailor Chibimoon show up. Sailor Starfighter agrees to bring them all to their apartment to better keep them all safe. Once she awakens, Usagi's like, I want to confront Sailor Galaxia NOW.

And the Starlights are like, sure, go ahead. They give them the location of where the Sailor Galaxia and her Shadow Galactic are located and peace the right the heck out.

Chibiusa and Hotaru go back to their place to see if they can contact the Amazoness Quartet. On the way back to Usagi's home, Usagi and ChibiChibi stop at a small park. Galaxia arrives from within the darkness and taunts Usagi. Usagi transforms and tries her best to attack Galaxia but she is clearly being toyed with. Galaxia brings out Mamoru's Sailor Crystal and Usagi breakdowns. Sailor ChibiChibi attempts to bolster Sailor Moon but she is tossed aside as Sailor Galaxia attacks with the power of her Sapphire Crystal imbued Golden Crystal. Sailor ChibiChibi looks up to see that Sailor Moon has disintegrated, leaving Sailor Galaxia with the ginzuishou and Sailor Moon's Sailor Crystal. She vanishes and Sailor ChibiChibi rushes back to Chibiusa.

With the news that Sailor Moon is gone, Sailor Chibimoon is rocked to her core. She blames Sailor ChibChibi for not being strong enough and screams at her that shes brought nothing but death and destruction in her wake so she should just LEAVE. After Sailor ChibiChibi departs, Hotaru comforts Chibiusa and convinces her that the two of them are all that's left to save humanity, since they were unable to get in contact with the Sailor Quartet. Chibiusa assumes that her posse were taken out by the Shadow Galactic. Helios stays behind to watch over and help heal Luna, Artemis, Freya, and Orion after giving Chibiusa what little power he could spare.

On the journey back to Kinmoku, before they can leave the boundary of the Sol System, they are attacked by the fierce hunter, Sailor Pewter Fox. The Sailor Starlights protect their Princess, giving her ample time to flee, when they are murdered by the Sailor Animamate.

Princess Kakyuu finds Sailor Chibimoon and Sailor Saturn and pleads with them to let her go with them so she can avenge her fallen protectors. She transforms into Sailor Kinmoku and joins their party. The three of them arrive at the desert of lost memories, the outskirts of the Shadow Galactica homeworld. While trying to cross, Chibimoon falls into the ocean of sand where they are confronted by Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyne. Sailor Chibimoon is taunted with a vision of Helios being tortured by Nehelenia. She is saved by the compassion and strength of Sailor ChibiChibi who had returned, much to everyone's surprise. As exhausted as they are already, instead of fighting, they try to talk things out with Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyne. Kakyuu convinces them that they are on the wrong side. Lethe and Mnemosyne are stunned to realize this and agree to join them to take down Galaxia.

Unfortunately, Sailor Theta arrives and murders Sailors Lethe and Mnemosyne in one strong blow. She taunts the group but, rather than attacking them, she retreats. BSailors Chibimoon, Saturn, and Kinmoku try to pick themselves back up and head on. Chibiusa's suspiciousness of ChibiChibi take a back seat as she's overcome with the sheer terror of what she's been witnessing. This isn't anything at all like what her mother told her about.

Passing through a magic sapping fog, the group arrive at an expansive cemetery. They are greeted by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and are quickly ensnared in her silky vines. Seeing that the end is inevitable, ChibiMoon cries out, feeling the pull of her pink moon crystal billowing around her. Suddenly, before she can do a sacrificial move, the Sailor Quartet arrive and obliterate Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon.

Chibimoon cries tears of joy and relief as she's reunited with her friends. Asking where they've been, they tell her they were busy getting reinforcements. Chibimoon is confused but the Sailor Quartet simply tell her to be patient. They arrive on the outskirts of the Star Garden and are confronted by the three Star Gardeners, Sailors Phi, Chi, and Theta. Consumed with survivor's guilt, and quite a bit of rage, Sailor Kinmoku rushes forth and murders Sailor Theta. Outraged, Sailor Chi fights back and as the two get into a standstill, Sailor Chibimoon kills Sailor Chi. In the confusing aftermath, Sailor Phi murders Sailor Kinmoku, while the Sailor Quartet then kill Sailor Phi in retaliation.

Sailor Chibimoon hears a familiar voice and turns to see Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Quinox standing before them. They seem to be wearing upgraded sailor fuku and are wearing the golden bracelets that all of the Sailor Animamates wear. As Hotaru gasps out in dismay, Tuxedo Mask walks up with Sailors Pewter Fox and Buttress on either side. Sailor Chibimoon recognizes Sailor Moon in her Eternal fuku but has never seen the others in these upgraded fuku before, which worries her immensely.

Eleven vs six (seven if you count Sailor ChibiChibi) aren't good odds and Sailor Saturn steps forward, hoisting her Silence Glaive up high...

As Saturn charges up her Saturnian reactor, her glaive and the visible connectors on her skin begin to glow a brilliant vibrant purple.

The Golem Senshi begin their attack and the Sailor Quartet attempt to intervene. They manage to shield Sailor Chibimoon as Sailor Saturn launches her Scythe Canon!

Saturn's power is overwhelming but not enough to defeat them all. With Saturn jumping into the biggest fray, she takes on most of the Golem Senshi. The Sailor Quartet harry the Golem Senshi on the periphery and Sailor Chibimoon does her best to defend against Tuxedo Mask and Sailors Buttress and Pewter Fox

Unfortunately, their best isn't good enough, and the Sailor Quartet are knocked unconscious, badly damaged. Sailor Saturn's circuits are getting overloaded and her entire body begins to glow a dangerously bright light.

As Sailor Chibimoon screams at Saturn to not get herself killed, the forgotten Sailor ChibChibi finishes her charging of energy. Before Sailor Saturn can kill herself and hopefully take down their enemies with her, a blast of pure white light bursts out of Sailor ChibiChibi, covering the battlefield in a fine mist. As the mist dissipates, dozens of new figures appear on the battlefield.

Sailor Chibimoon is absolutely stunned to see these new Sailor Asteroid Senshi appear as they immediately join in on the fray.

Most of them engage in fighting their enemies while several others work on healing the Sailor Quartet.

One of them goes to Sailor Chibimoon's side and after introducing herself as Sailor Europa, she explains that they're the Senshi Military that Sailor Chibimoon wanted. The Sailor Quartet had been finding awakened Asteroid Senshi and together they would awaken other sleeping Asteroid Senshi. Sailor Chibimoon couldn't believe her luck!

Suddenly, a rain of golden power descends from the heavens, too bright to bare. As the light fades, Sailor Chibimoon finds herself encased in a shimmering white orb. She realizes that Sailor ChibiChibi has cast it around the two of them. She looks around at the battlefield and she's horrified to see that everyone is gone. Instead, they are surrounded by a sea of glowing, floating Sailor Crystals.

Sailor Chibimoon cries out and rushes into the Palace, trying to save any of the crystals. She doesn't heed Sailor ChibiChibi's warning of not to go in and soon finds herself in a trap!

Rather than a glorious entrance hall, Chibimoon found herself on a plateau overlooking a shining, swimming, whirling vortex of bright stars. Floating above it is a crystal clear orb with thousands of Sailor Crystals floating inside.

Chibimoon has been caught Kaosu, an unmovable man made of stardust. Struggling and failing to get free, Sailor Chibimoon can do naught but listen to Sailor Galaxia's plan to rule the universe.

Future Events

In the 30th Century, Usagi will take the throne as Neo-Queen Serenity, though her general uselessness at anything results in her being nothing more then a (willing) figurehead for the government, with the real power lying in her daughter, who names herself "Pearlescent Lady" and creates a near utopia society. Due to the interference of Sailor Chibi-Moon of Earth 1337-BC, however, it is unknown if this future will actually pass.


The Sailor Senshi

Lady "Chibiusa" Tsukino

Given name (first and middle): Lady Usagi

Surname: Tsukino

Nickname: Chibiusa

XXX years old, this Chibiusa is originally from Earth 1337-BC and now seemingly is permanently a member of Earth 1337-C.

Usagi Tsukino

"Ooo! Ice Cream!!!"

15 years old. The original leader of the Sailor Guardians, her role has been usurped by Chibi-Usa of Earth 1337-BC, who proceeded to nuke all her enemies, taking over her role as head guardian. Now you would think this would result in a bitter, angry young teenager and yet she is...not. Usagi is bubbly, cheerful and postive, if a bit naive and lacking in some common sense. She is incredibly into her "magical romance" but knows when to pull back. Outside of one quickly ended incident, Usagi has no care for the trappings of leadership nor power.

  • Social Media: Besides LINE, Usagi has an Instagram where all she does is post pictures of food. She, of course, follows all of her friend's accounts and follows other foodie accounts as well.

Ami Mizuno

"The sheer probability of an all common pull is ludicrous in the extreme...OH COME ON"

15 years old. Studious and quiet, Ami is the resident genius of Juuban, often found studying when she isn't with her other friends. As of recently, she has become obsessed with gatcha games, certain that she can somehow figure out the perfect manner in which to achieve all Super-Rares in one pull. She is also obsessed with playing video games, a secret she hides from her friends. She also has a secret interest in romantic novels, especally slash fiction, thousands of which she keeps in a secret file on her laptop. Sadly, this also tends to trigger her stress disorder, so she's in a constant vicious cycle between repressed teenage horniness and horrible outbreaks of hives.

  • Social Media: Ami says she only has LINE to communicate with all the girls but she has a secret online persona across several social media platforms that she uses to gather Intel and strategize to become the number 1 gamer.

Rei Hino

"Fortune Telling is a precise science. You can't use it to find out what the test answers are going to be!"

15 years old. A graceful and cool miko, Rei Hino unlike the other girls goes to T*A Academy. She has a dislike of men due to past experience but tends to get unusually close with many of the other girls, especially Minako. She has genuine psychic powers, which she continually trains herself to master, though she just as often uses them as an excuse to get out of situations she dislikes. She is the most mature of the girls in terms of her personality and sometimes acts the "straight man" to the others.

  • Social Media: Besides LINE to chat with her friends, Rei has accounts on all forms of Social Media. However, these accounts are the professional Hikawa Shrine accounts which she uses to promote her family owned shrine.

Makoto Kino

"Five speed settings AND wi-fi connection!? This blender has everything!!!"

15 years old. Formally a rather rough and tumble individual, Mako has a love of gardening, cooking and martial arts. There are rumors at school that she takes part in underground martial arts tournaments though Mako tends to dismiss it as bad photoshopping. When she's not helping out with the Juuban community garden or playing street basketball with local kids, she is shopping for the latest cooking equiptment and chatting on fashion forums. She rooms with Matsumi Shin, who she has developed a sisterly relationship with and become rather protective towards. She may or may not be Ami's secret source for slash fics.

  • Social Media: Makoto has LINE, an Instagram account, and a secret TikTok. On her Instagram she posts pics and videos about her cooking and baking, flower arrangements, and her arts and crafts. She follows her friends accounts and follows accounts having to do with nature, crafting, cooking and baking, and some fashion. Her secret TikTok account is where she posts videos of her disguised in her underground fight club. She follows lots of exercise and martial artist tiktokers as well.

Minako Aino

"Wai! Wai! V-Chan is online!.....wait is the stream working?"

15 years old. The former Sailor V as well as the leader of the Inner Senshi, Minako is a "tom boyish", energetic teenager. While she goes to a differnt school then the other girls (currently), she tends to end up hanging out with them after hours none the less, mostly as an excuse to get away from her family. She has a tendency to go on numerous dates, each time labeling it her "first love", but none ever working out for various reasons. While she has a love of idols, she has recently begun to try her hand at becoming a "V-Tuber" under the name of "V-Chan". She has both bonded and has a minor competition with Michiru over being social media influencers. She still has the Sword of the Silver Crystal, though mention of it is a sore subject for her ("I'M THE ONE WHO PULLED OUT THE SWORD NOT HER!").

  • Social Media: Minako has accounts on ALL of the major social media platforms to further her ideal of becoming the number one idol/social media inlfuence/Twitch streamer V-Chan! She has a few personal, private accounts that she shares with her close friends.

Matsumi Shin

"My name isn't boobs-chan!!!"

15 years old, originally from the United States. Originally a boy named Matt Smithson, her life was turned upside down when she fully awoke as Sailor Quinox, transforming her permently into a girl. After fighting against and defeating the forces of Queen Necros, in the process retconning her own personal history, Matt (now Mattie) was contacted one day by a mysterious brown furred cat named Freya to warn her about the evil Dark Ones Clan...only to suddenly be teleported midair over Japan and dropped on top of Rubius at high speeds, killing him instantly. More than a little confused and with no way home, Matsumi settled into Tokyo, living with Makoto Kino as a roommate when the girl kindly offered to let her have a place to live and attending Juuban Middle School under the name Matsumi Shin. Kind and gentle but at the same time stubborn and independent. She is a member of the Drama Club at school.

  • Social Media: Has a LINE account. Runs a small TikTok account under "MatsumiinJapan", where she uploads short videos of her at various spots in Japan. She doesn't have alot of followers other then her friends. She also has a Twitter account that she barely posts on.

Haruka Tenou

"Girls, Girls...I can't love you all but if you all get in a line, I can start somewhere!"

16 years old. Cool-headed, affable but with a michivious side to her. Haruka has a love of racing and though she originally had abandoned the idea of becoming a full professional, recent events have steered her once again towards that path. Haruka is gender-fluid, sometimes preferring to use masculine phrases and clothing, while other times she will act more feminine and dress accordingly, her friends and classmates knowing which gender she prefers to be seen as based off her clothes for the day.

In her spare-time, she also has a modeling career with the Double Moon Agency, often posing with her favorite vehicles. She has a series of tantalizing, sensual bromides and collectible merchandise for her official fanclub. She tends to play of her sexual appeal, masculine, feminine, and everything in between for her fanclub merch.

Haruka enjoys the odd drink or two at times. She is one of the two founders of the "Suburban Senshi" club.

  • Social Media: Besides LINE to chat with the others, she has an Instagram account where she has only posted one picture: A view of her car parked near a child's edge and a beautiful, shining sunset in the background. She is seen silhouetted from behind sitting on the hood of her car. Her post has over one hundred million likes. She only follows Michiru's account. (She has a secret TikTok/Instagram where she follows cute girls.)

Michiru Kaioh

"It is not Grey is Le Grey Poupon!"

16 years old. The daughter of one of the wealthiest families in Japan, Michiru is wit, sophistication with just a hint of wicked mischief to her. At the same time, she has a tendency to act somewhat patronising with younger girls, though never with malice. She takes great pride in her cooking ability, though her talent is somewhat hampered by her insistance in making only the most avant garde of dishes, to the point of almost all her food turning out to be inedible. She is the girlfriend of Haruka Tenou and tends to be very protective of her, though she is not against gently flirting if only for light amusement. Like Haruka, she has a modelling career with the Double Moon Agency. She is one of the two founders of the Suburban Senshi club at school.

  • Social Media: Known as a Mega Influencer, Michiru is a Celebrity Supreme. She shares to the public an affluent, perfected version of herself on Twitter and Instagram. LINE shes uses with her friends and Tumblr for her own personal enjoyment out of the public view.

"Setsuna Meioh"

"and then it turned out it was her dad..."

Age Unknown. The guardian of the Time Gate. She was fully prepared for the Dark Kingdom to destroy Crystal Tokyo only for it...not to happen. Due to this, she has never been reborn in the present day and acts as a witness to the strange events that occur on Earth 1337-C, acting as a form of Greek Chorus for the other Sailor Guardians. She really does not care about Pluto jokes.

Hotaru Tomoe

"Sorry, I have to take the void out for a walk"

12 years old. The daughter of Professor Shoichi Tomoe, the chosen vessel for Mistress Nine, a perfect combination of machine and man...or she would have been if Chibi-Usa of Earth 1337-BC hadn't interfered. With the power of her crystal, Usa not only removed Mistress Nine from the body of Hotaru but also awoken her Sailor Guardian self, freeing her from her father's influence. Hotaru now lives with Chibi-Usa, her best friend, as well as with the eldrich abomination known as Pharaoh 90, who acts as their pet. Hotaru remains a cyborg (Super Mega Mecha Sailor Saturn!), which she uses to her advantage at times to help out her friend with whatever she needs.

  • Social Media:

Asteroid Senshi





Kizoku "Ki-chan" Inochi


"Have you heard the legend of the Tennyo?"

15 years old and living in Miyagi Prefecture. When she doesn't have her head in the clouds, this shy, quiet girl can usually be found with her head stuck in a book. Kizoku loves learning about different mythologies and legends from all around Japan and when she opens up, she can passionately talk about them for hours. Jealous of how smart and popular her older sister is, Kizoku would rather be in a history museum than at a party socializing with friends. She easily falls for tall, beautiful women. While in high school, she awoke as the Asteroid Senshi Sailor Europa.

  • Social Media: At first, she wasn't really into social media. She saw how her older sister was obsessed with it and ended up not wanting any part of it. After meeting and becoming friends with Matsumi and Makoto, she now has LINE, Instagram, TikTok, and Tumblr. She often leaves comments on posts and has ever so slowly been posting videos of herself to try and boost her confidence. She follows her friends' accounts and other accounts about mythology, nature, history, and pretty girls.

Aliana Junia

"Unlike those script-kiddies, hacking is barely a challenge for me! If I want in, I can’t be stopped!"

Age 15. Aliana Leilani Junia is the younger of the Junia Twins, who has the dormant Sailor Brunhilde power in her. Like her brother, she is equally gifted with good looks and would often be the envy of all the girls in her old school. Where her brother shines in his strength and aptitude for sports, Aliana’s strengths are in her intelligence. She was in the top of her class at her private school in America and when she transferred into her first year at Juuban High after taking the entrance exams, she was placed in the smartest class. The language barrier was easier for her to overcome than it was for her brother and she quickly entered into a rivalry with Ami Mizuno to have the highest grades. Unfortunately, much to her embarrassment, she struggles greatly with both her Home Economics and Art classes.

Her interests are varied but her main hobby is in computers and cyber security. Joining the computer club was a no brainer for her, ironically joining the same group as her rival. She hopes one day to earn a job in her father’s mega corporation as its head of security, though she does help once in awhile in an effort to increase her skills. She claims she has unparalleled hacking skills.

As a foreigner, Aliana tends to stick out from her fellow classmates. Unlike her brother, she is far more taciturn and reserved, preferring to stay in the background. She has a harder time making friends as a result, though she does have a few. She and Ami tend to fluctuate between straight up rivals and friendly rivals.

Notable Humans/Terrans

Mamoru Chiba


Sean Collins

Hideki Kaze

Kevin Junia

"One day I will play for the Tampa Bay Lightning and add to their great legacy!"

Age 15. Kevin Frode Junia is the elder of the Junia Twins. He is the reborn Knight of Jupiter but has not yet awakened. His mother is a F-35c pilot for the US Navy and his father is the CEO of Valkyrie Corporation, whose headquarters were recently moved to Tokyo. Because of this, the Junia family recently moved to Japan and both Kevin and his younger twin sister Aliana were transferred into Juuban High School in their freshman year.

For a 15 year old American teenager, Kevin is fairly handsome and cute. Back home, his skill in sports (baseball, hockey, soccer, and track and field), his good looks, and his wealth, made him one of the most popular people in his school. When he first learned his family would be moving to Japan, he set about studying its culture. He fell in love with the code of bushido and tries his best to act like a samurai of old. He despises bullies and does his best to prevent it when he sees it. As a result, he has several loyal friends.

To some at school, he is seen as weird and a bit strange but he has also gathered around a small group of loyal admirers. Kevin is a member of the baseball team, although he helps out with other sport teams when he can. He is sometimes the target of bullies at school due to his behavior and his “gaijin”ness but he either tends to ignore them or confront them. This sometimes can be mistaken for arrogance by others, which further makes him a target, though most students have no problem with him.

Carlos Icelean

Regular Civilians

Naru Osaka

Gurio Umino

Haruna Sakurada

Kenji Tsukino

Ikuko Tsukino

Shingo Tsukino

Daniel Kakaku

Paisley Peinforte



"If you don't stop patting my head, your chances of having children will be zero!"

14 years old. The guardian cat of Usagi Tsukino, Luna originally was put in charge for the search of the Moon Princess and later to help Usagi in fulfilling her role as Princess. With the destruction of Beryl and the defeat of the other enemies, Luna has been forced to find a new purpose in her life. Abandoning her cat form for the most part, Luna now focuses her time on researching ancient information and lost knowledge in an effort to help the Guardians. She has a complicated relationship with her older "boyfriend", Artemis. Due to recent revelations on her true age, Luna has become extremenly focused on being taken seriously by others. She has an intense rivalry with Freya.


"This isn't the time or place for that! Now which button turns on the mic?"

19 years old. The guardian cat of Minako Aino, Artemis worked hard to train Mina to become Sailor V, only for all his hard work to go to waste when Chibi-Usa of Earth-BC decimated every enemy his student came across. Now with nothing to do, Artemis has abandoned his cat form for the most part, acting as Minako's "manager" as V-Chan. Good natured but a bit of a task-master at times, Artemis tends to act as a chaperone for the other girls, though much of the time they don't take him seriously. As well, he often acts as peacekeeper between Luna and Freya.

Artemis is incredibly handsome in his human form. Because of this fact, he scored a modeling contract! He has a very close bond with Minako and they are often together. The few times he has accidentally been viewed topless in the background of Minako's live streams has fueled a lot of rumor and speculation as to whether or not Artemis and Minako are an item. Artemis views Minako as his dear friend and comrade, and the idea of getting into a relationship with her has never crossed his mind.


"I am nobody's pet! Now where's that fish?"

14 years old. The guardian cat of Matsumi Shin, she had just met the Sailor Guardian when they were both forcibly transported to Japan by Chibi-Usa. With little to do and no foes to fight, Freya settled into a pseudo-trainer with Matsumi, as well as taking on her human form more often, changing into her cat form for easier convience. In the latter form, she moved in with Matsumi and Makoto at their apartment. She is gentle but firm but also has a deep rivalry with Luna, the two girls often nearly coming to blows over small things as much as they work together. She has a tendency to sneak into Juuban in a school uniform to keep an eye on Matsumi. Her boyfriend is Orion, the guardian of Sean. Unlike the main-universe Freya, this version is half Quinoxian and half Mauian. She is a member of the Juuban High School Student Council.


Age Unknown. The guardian cat of Sean Collins, Knight of Saturn, Orion is a gentleman with a great deal honor and a good heart. He is the boyfriend of Freya, for who he is sickenly sweet with. He tries his best to maintain peace between Luna and Freya, with only semi-success. Like the others, he has more or less abandoned his cat form in favor of his human form.

Former Villains

Tiger's Eye

Spared from death by Chibiusa, the former tiger now human quickly figured out a life for himself. He runs the famous Double Moon Modeling Agency with his partner Fish Eye.

Fish Eye

Spared from death by Chibiusa, the former tropical fish now human quickly figured out a life for himself. He runs the famous Double Moon Modeling Agency with his partner Tiger's Eye.

Hawks Eye

Spared from death by Chibiusa, the former hawk now human quickly figured out a life for themself. They run an herb shop with has wares of exotic herbs all around the world.