Sailor Charon

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Sailor Charon
Biographical information


Birth Unknown
Family Charun

Guardian of Life and Death


The Legendary Balancer

Physical description




Hair color

dark blue/black

Eye color

dark blue




Staff of Balance


Balances Life and Death, manipulating the will of sentient creatures


Sailor Pluto, Satellite Senshi of Pluto

First Appearance

Sailor Charon is the senshi associated with the balance of life and death, and is tied to Pluto's moon, Charon. She is in a class all of her own, incomparable to any other Sailor Senshi. She can neither die nor be resurrected. She is a force that permeates throughout all of time and beyond.


Created when the first life was brought into existence, Sailor Charon is the Senshi of Life and Death. She brings balance to the Sol system, and each life that exists is a burden of weight on her. When a life is extinguished, that weight is lifted, and she feels ever so slightly lighter. Because there are so many lives burdening her, she is hardly able to move from her solitary life on the Pluto's moon, Charon, a stationary guardian in the dark depths of the Sol system.

At times, to even the balance, she causes homicides, regicides, genocides, or other forms of death, in order make herself more comfortable, and have the ability to stretch her body a bit. There have been several times when she's snapped under the strain of her eternal duty and broken her Taboo by extinguishing so much life that there wasn't any left. This gives her the freedom to walk, move around, and explore the galaxy until life once again emerged in the Sol system.

For instance, Sailro Charon helped cause the death of the Silver Millennium by manipulating the minds of various beings, thus eventually awakening Sailor Saturn and cleansing all life in the system.

She is labeled as a God-Senshi, though no one really knows if she is truly immortal or not.

Relationship to Sailor Pluto

Her relationship to Sailor Pluto is a quiet one. Sailor Pluto knows of Charon's existence, of course, but chooses not to acknowledge her presence to anyone else. If ever Sailor Charon were to snap once again, then Pluto would take it upon herself to make her existence known to the rest of the Sol Senshi, and try to stop the mad God-Senshi.