Meioh Setsuna

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Meioh Setsuna
Biographical information


Birth October 29
Family Tomoe Hotaru (adopted daughter)

Receptionist for Dinsdale Investigations

Physical description




Hair color

dark green

Eye color





Knockoff Time Staff and Garnet Orb


guarding doors


Dinsdale Investigations, Sailor Senshi

First Appearance
"The International Astronomical Union has left me in despair."
—Setsuna on the demotion of Pluto

Former Ex-senshi due to the demotion of Pluto by the IAU, Setsuna was de-classed as a planetary senshi. Her powers steamed from a Korean knockoff time staff and plastic, battery-powered garnet orb. Sailor Moon restored Setsuna's power upon her return.


Setsuna has a personality that allows her to stand for long stretches of time guarding things or rant and rave about how the IAU has ruined her life. Since her demotion, she has resorted to increasingly desperate acts to regain some power and standing, and thus can be seen as a tragic, if somewhat pathetic figure.

Birth and Paradox

As no one of non-royal blood could be trusted to guard the time gate in the 31st century, Pluto was cloned from Mamoru and Chibiusa's DNA. However, Setsuna is also Chibiusa's mother. Having been impregnated by Chiba Mamoru, she then transferred the embryo to Usagi, circa 2000.

Sailor Pluto

"My guardian is the planet suspended in time and space. Solider of revolution; Sailor Pluto!"
—Setsuna during her days as Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto arguably did not awaken around the same time as the other senshi, as she stood guarding the time gate until the events of Sailor Moon R which lead to her death far in the future. It wasn't until after this that she was reborn at the same time as the other senshi. This pluto appears in Sailor Moon S, so one could conjecture that she awoke sometime between the two so as to avoid confustion with two of her running around.

Her senshi colors are black and maroon, and her fuku has a black collar and skirt with maroon bows in the manga and black/very dark ones in the anime. Her knee high boots are black. Her personal accessory is a waist chain with time keys, and she carries a key shaped staff called the Garnet Rod with the Garnet Orb affixed to the top. It is often referred to as the BAK (big-ass key). Since her demotion, however, her BAK is now a cheap Korean knockoff.

Powers and Abilities

Sailor Pluto's powers are mostly time based. Most of her power are not attacks, but other actions. Most notably, she has the ability to stop time. This act is taboo, and any use of it results in her death, as at the end of the R series. The words for this act are "Time Stop."

Other non-attacks include the ability to create a shield is done with the Garnet Orb ("Garnet Ball"), and she can close the time door from a distance away ("Dark Dome Close"). However, I believe that the Time Gate has been destroyed in our current continuity.


Dead Scream: Using the Garnet Rod, Pluto fires a blast of energy at her enemy.

Chronos Typhoon: Using the Garnet Rod, Pluto sends a cyclone of energy at her enemy.

Time Stop: Not truly an attack, but still an ability. This ability stops time for all aside from those she wants to allow to move, or inversely, stop for certain people. This ability is forbidden and costs her life to preform.