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The Talismans are the three objects of power traditionally held by the Outer Senshi of the Sol system. When brought together in the manga, the Talismans were to summon Sailor Saturn, who would bring the Silence. In the anime, they brought about the Holy Grail, a chalice of great power.

The Space Sword


The Space Sword is the Talisman held by Sailor Uranus. In the anime, it is a short, curved sword with jewels embedded in the blade, and has a gold colored hilt. In the manga, the Space Sword often changes shape to a long, straight blade when in use and seems to be transparent. The white, gem encrusted layer is shown to be the sheath in the anime. The blade itself is red.

The Deep Aqua Mirror

Aquamirroranime.jpg Aquamirrormanga.jpg

The Aqua Mirror is the Talisman held by Sailor Neptune. It has an oval mirror with an elegant handle. In the anime, the symbol of Neptune is on the back, which is aqua colored. In the manga, the back is a plain gold colored metal. The Mirror can be used to see or locate things, and is used with the attack Submarine Reflection. Chibi-usa held onto in the manga while the Outer Senshi were away, and once used it to teleport to Neptune's location by calling out the Mirror's name.

The Garnet Orb


The Garnet Orb is the Talisman held by Sailor Pluto. It is held in the top of the Time Staff/Garnet Rod in a heart-shaped frame. It has time related powers. It was used with the attacks Dead Scream, Garnet Ball, and Chronos Typhoon.

Since the demotion of Pluto to 134340 Pluto, Setsuna's staff and orb have been replaced with cheap Korean knock-offs.