Keeran Aster

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Keeran Aster
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Birth February 14 1986

May 2006 (was revived in late 2007), June 2008 (revived in 2012)

Family Elda Aster (twin)
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communicating with HorrorTerrors, containing HorrorTerrors and bringing dormancy to HorrorTerrors.


D family, Kuiper Belt Senshi

First Appearance

Keeran Aster was supposed to be the final heir to the Aster gift of foresight and was the crux of the climax in the Rain-Aster conflict. He was raised by his father, Keith, and step-Mother, Anastasia. He wasn't really liked by anyone except for his twin sister, Elda, and his grandmother, Victoria. Originally born in Ireland, the family moved to Australia when the two were eight.

When Keeran and Elda were 15, they found Mango Kattan, who seemed to be an orphan, laying on the beach. It was also around this time that Elda learned a terrible secret; their mother was Claudia Rain-Aster, and the girl who she had befriended, Jedda Rain, had blamed the twins for Claudia's death and would continue the Rain-Aster conflict by killing both their parents, but then went missing.

When Elda and Keeran went to Japan to find Mango, they stumbled into and around Ten'ou House, and life took a turn for the weird. Not only did Keeran discover that his aunt was an even worse person than he'd thought, but was mortally wounded and saved by Mango through the infusion of his starseed to Sailor Ixion's Sailor Crystal. He lost his sister, and then chose to die in order to settle the hatred of the slowly-dawning superpowers of aforementioned aunt.

While the Kuiper Belt Senshi briefly revived him, he had outlived his prophecy. His power consumed him and he perished.

In 2012, Mango and Adam used the dragon balls to wish Keeran back to life. While his power tried to consume him, this time it was stripped of him and he's been granted a chance at life without prophetic talent.

In May 2014 it was revealed that Keeran could communicate with HorrorTerrors and not have his sanity wrought to shreds.