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Stella Artois
Biographical information


Birth 18 200
Family perished in the silence wave

Leader of the Kuiper Senshi


Sailor Ixion

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sound related techniques, often sonic bursts


Kuiper Senshi

First Appearance

One of the three leaders of the of the Kuiper Belt Senshi. Her age is almost 25,000 though most of that time she was in hibernation.

Early Years

Ixion was born as Estrella not long after the Aether Belt was formed (often spelled and referred to as 'Ether' Belt). She was the daughter of one of the four leaders of the Kuiper Senshi and an inventor who was later the chief diplomat for the Kuiper Belt. There isn't much that is so unique about her childhood that Estrella can really bother recalling; it wasn't until some point in her life after she became Ixion that things started being interesting. There was a feud between the Aether Senshi and the outer senshi which was resolution with the Kuiper Senshi being put in hibernation until they were needed.

The Tairon

The Aether Senshi, now renamed Kuiper Senshi, were awoken and attacked. The Tairon Overfiend left Earth as a husk. The Kuiper Senshi recolonized on earth, while Ixion and Sailor Varuna made sure everything was in order. Sailor Orcus left them for some reason, and not long after Ixion vanished, her Sailor Crystal taken by a strange woman.

The Year 2006

Ixion was later infused with Keeran Aster as an action by Alternate Mango-chan of the future, and has been living within the bodily life force of a male. When trying to save her comrades from the clutches of renowned antagonist Jedda Rain, Sailor Ixion was slaughtered by the childish devil herself.

Post Crisis

Ixion was revived, but the Crisis severed her and her comrades from traveling to their proper time. Instead of resisting, the three decided to move into a house down the street from the outer senshi, and are still aware of their duty as guardians, even if most of the senshi are retired.