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Candy Rei
Biographical information


Birth October 8 1983
Family Vash Knives (husband), Tani Knives (future child), Laval Knives (future child)

Graphic Designer


Solar Sun, Candy-chan, Amaterasu

Physical description

Human, Sunnian



Hair color


Eye color





Sunsword, Staff of Creation


Henshin, control over forms of light, fire, heat, darkness


Matsumi Kaze, InuYasha, Amber (guardian cat), Sailor Senshi, YingGirl, David O`Cain

First Appearance


Beginning of Time

When time started, the senshi families had been created, the starseeds born, there was a family in charge of protecting each newborn universe. Since each universe had suns and stars and each planet needed a sun to grown and further it's life, the head sun family was created. Enabled with the powers to protect the newborn universes, they stood guard as the other families started taking their places as protectors of their worlds and planets. Candy's father was the first and only other sun guardian, taking his place along with his wife, and keeping the evil at bay for a short time until all the royal families were established enough to protect their own areas.

Soon, Candy's father had a child on the way, but in a tragic twist of events both baby and mother died during childbirth, leaving the king without a queen or heir. It wasn't till one late night that an unknown woman came to the king and told him she was destined to produce the heir he needed. Nine months later, the woman returned giving him the child--Candy. Tests were done by the priests and priestesses to determine that she was indeed the child they needed, and were happy to find that she was.

However, due to the fact none of the Sunnians knew who this woman was, some were unsettled. When Candy grew a pair of giant red wings at age three, Candy's subjects started to disown her, calling her a bad omen.

Silver Millennium

At this point and time in her life, she was fighting the people she was trying to protect back on the sun, and trying to travel around the universe and do her duty as Solar Sun to protect the other planets. Around this time, she ended up becoming best friends with a Princess from a planet quite distant from the sun. More on that will be told later.

Somehow though, with the spawning of a great evil pushed off the surface of the sun, Candy was sent away from it. No one knows the events that took place after that, but Candy was later spotted at Beryl's side, fighting against the people she had sworn to protect.


Candy Rei was born in the United states on October 8, 1983. In her childhood, Candy noticed she had an odd sense with light and darkness. Ten times, she was able to tell when something was about to pass on into death.

Destiny of Candy

Candy had come to Japan as a foreign exchange student on an art scholarship to a private art academy when she met the senshi of the flames in Serenity's court: Sailor Mars. As soon as Rei saw the girl, she had felt an oddly strong connection and kept an eye on her just to see what this connection proved to be.

It wasn't until a random monster attack on Candy that Rei realized why she the odd sense of connection. Approaching the girl as Sailor Mars, she fought off the monster a bit, only to be knocked away. Worry and anger triggered Candy's transformation into Solar Sun in a bright flash of light.

With a power unknown even to Candy herself, with a touch of her finger the monster exploded. Rei watched on, having visions of her past life and who had truly killed her back then...


Because of the drastic change between the Candy that had been reborn during the Silver Millennium and now, a conflict was created in Candy's soul that made itself more apparent in 2003, taking over Candy's body and trying to destroy things.

This being was self proclaimed as Candy's past self, and took the name Amaterasu (the Japanese sun goddess), but chose the name Arru for short. Hating all that Candy had become in her new life, she vowed to keep Candy locked away inside her, but a bunch of friends stepped in and pulled modern Candy out, and placing her in a new body and locking Arru away past the gates of hell, supposedly for all eternity. Tey could not kill Arru, since she and Candy shared the same soul and it would kill Candy as well.

However, in mid 2006. Arru escaped without Candy realizing it...

Arru's Plight

Recently, Candy's other self has been seen acting semi normally, asking for help, trying to explain why she dove into the darkness in her past, and why Candy can not keep going as she is.

"The child is a tool, a tool that can destroy everything in a matter of seconds. If destiny decides that it is time for it to all end, She will be the first to my hand..."

The brighter Candy gets, the darker Arru gets.

Because the brightest Star creates the darkest shadows...

(more to come)


Candy married fiance Vash Knives on October 11, 2008 in a ceremony at Wolfwood's island, followed by reception and dancing in the hangar. The matron of honor was Matsumi, and other bridesmaids included Laval (in honor of Vanessa), Miara Mitsuki, and Potamos. The best man was Hideki Kaze, and groomsmen included Wolfwood, David O`Cain, and Taki Kensei.

Powers and Abilities

Candy's powers come from the sun and fire. She is able to control all forms of light, fire, heat, and darkness.


Candy's henshin has grown over the years due to Arru's influence and her growth in power. The original transformation required the use of the Sun henshin ring, along with the words "Sun Power Make-Up!" After Arru took control of Candy's body, her henshin took a darker look, but still uses the same call out.


Candy's strength is rarely seen, due to her pacifist nature, but it is known that she is quite strong and tends to fight for her friends rather than herself.

Senshi Forms and Attacks

Original Form

Her first form, which strengthens her and ups her speed.

Solar Flare Wave: This is Candy's main attack, a broad stream of fire as she swipes her hand across the air in front of her.

Solar Heat Wave: Creates massive amounts of heat which blast at the opponent.

Hell's Flames: Dark flames she can call when she's at her darkest.

Solar Eclipse: A power used with her staff that causes blackouts.

Newish Form

This is an upgrade of her original form. The fuku looks less like a sailor senshi and more darker, caused by Arru.

Solar Storm: Creates thousands of tiny meteors that shoot at the target.

Blinding Kiss: A move that allows her to glow so bright most cannot look at her, like a mini sun.

Solar Nova: Creates a giant burst that instantly begins to suck in all that are standing near it except Candy.

Flare Shield: Creates a shield of flame head around Candy and lights up to 25 feet.

Solar Beauty: Another power used by her staff that causes massive quantities of blinding light all around. The difference between this and the Blinding Kiss is that Candy doesn't glow in this.

Princess Form

This is her princess form, were she wears a two piece, suited, long red dress. Her wings are large and she actually glows like a sun. Her hair sometime catches on fire, depending on how determined she is.

Solar Love: Creates a stream of fire that twirls around the target and hugs them to death, or saves their soul by showing them the error of their ways by just showing them pure love.

Solar Sword Blast: A flame sword that she has the ability to use when in princess form. It shines, changing color as she uses it.

Eternal Form

Candy's eternal form has yet to be seen, but there is one.

Celestial Drain Flow: A legendary move, known only in the oldest texts. To anyone's knowledge, nobody has ever lived through attempting this act, as it will cut off the energy flow to all the stars a sun senshi would have and uses that excess energy to throw at the opponent in question. The excess energy built up in the senshi's body would more then likely kill them. This is the ultimate attack of Solar Sun.


In her past, Candy earned the nickname Amaterasu, which is the goddess of the sun in Japanese culture. Many Earth cultures have a name for her past self, either when she was good or evil. Many cultures around the universe also have a name for her, since she visited many of them in her life.

Candy's favorite TV show is CSI and her favorite food is mac and cheese.

Candy has over 200 manga, either on her computer or in paperback form. Her anime collection consists of 28 straight days worth of anime.

Candy Rei literally translates to "brightly white spirit;" a name suited for a keeper of the sun.

Candy also has her own webcomic since 2003. New posts are made here.