Aliana Junia

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Aliana Junia
Biographical information



13 June 1982, resurrected 18 June 2008 (via Project Valkyrie)


29 February 1999


Kevin Junia (Twin Brother), Makoto Kino and Morisato Kino (In-Laws); Michael Junia and Ariana Junia (Future Children); Kenshin and Kasagi Junia (Future Nephews), Yuri Kino-Junia and Ayame Junia (Future Nieces)


Chief of Staff for Shogun Kevin Junia, Sailor Valkyrie


Aliana Junia, Sailor Valkyrie

Physical description

Kanorian (Guardian)



Hair color


Eye color





Sword and Shield of the Valkyrie, various array of Kanorian style weapons.


Can create attacks using a form of extreme PSP. Also has the ability to take over computers and other forms of advanced technology. Immune to all forms of viruses. Also, is the ultimate hacker, nothing can stand in her way of taking over ships, stations, weapons, and other electronic sources.


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor), Ian and his New Kingdom

First Appearance

Pre Red War with Kevin Junia.

Junia Clan

Aliana Junia is the Coalition of the Guardian Republic's Chief of Staff to the Shogun and has become Sailor Valkyrie. Alongside her twin brother, she is a part of the Eight Prime Kanorians as a part of the Junia (her and Kevin together make up only one of the eight).

"I am my brother, and he is me. Together we make up the whole, the Junia portion of the 8 Prime Kanorians."


Before the Coalition

Aliana Junia was known as Aliana Johnson. In an act of great sympathy, her and Kevin's mom Kate Junia gave her up. This act was due to their mom's close personal friend losing her own daughter during birth. As Aliana and Kevin were born on that same day, Aliana moved into the roll of the dead daughter. Their father was unaware of the twins, as Aliana managed to remain hidden to the ultrasound. Aliana and Kevin though separated at birth as siblings, remained very close friends.

When the invasion of the United States took place, her adopted mother was killed during a skirmish. She was just an unfortunate casualty in a war where casualties were mounting. Kevin's abilities as a strategist were starting to manifest, and Aliana recognized it. She helped cultivate his abilities to further their goals to save their nation. Aliana also noticed the changes taking place in her brother as soon as he grabbed the sword, his sword that was destined to return to him.


Awakening from Project Valkyrie

In an act of great compassion for his sister, Kevin Junia, at great cost to him financially (and some would say ethically as well) started Project Valkyrie. The hope was to bring Aliana back from the limbo her soul seemed to be, back to officially one of the living. While perhaps the project featured military and medical future applications, the whole point in some minds was purely selfish on the part of the Shogun. Valkyrie was one of the closest guarded secrets in the whole of the Coalition, with only the Sovereign, Deputy Shogun Rowlitz, Midori Yuroti, General Barkonis, a few Dracos, and the scientists themselves.

Aliana though understood the love her brother had for her, a sibling's love to protect a family member so dear, and was grateful for the opportunity. It was the love that prevented her soul from crossing over and remaining within the realm of the living (being a Prime Kanorian certainly didn't hurt either). She would make sure to find a way to keep protecting her twin brother. And her twin gave her that way through a fully functional human body with cybernetic enhancements.

There were a lot of questions that had yet to be answered but Aliana was willing to take the chance. She allowed her soul to merge with her clone body, and felt the connection almost immediately. Her new body did not reject the soul at all, and in fact was starting to live on its own. Life support had been shut down, but the body continued to breathe. Brain functions had been seen increasing, and it all culminated with Aliana opening her eyes, eyes full of life, for the first time in nearly a decade.

The struggles though that she endured to regain full functionality of her limbs was impressive, as she pushed herself to the limits to regain mobility. She did not have time to waste in her mind, and used her own will to overcome any limits she may have had in the past. The Junia twins were needed, and she would not ignore the call.

Chief of Staff


Watching over brother


Sailor Valkyrie awakens