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Aliana Junia
Biographical information


Birth 13 June 1982, resurrected 18 June 2008 (via Project Valkyrie)

29 February 1999

Family Kevin Junia (Twin Brother), Makoto Kino and Morisato Kino (In-Laws); Michael Junia and Ariana Junia (Future Children); Kenshin and Kasagi Junia (Future Nephews), Yuri Junia and Ayame Junia (Future Nieces)

Chief of Staff for Shogun Kevin Junia, Sailor Valkyrie, Jupiter Grand Princess, Prime Minister of Jupiter


Aliana Junia, Sailor Valkyrie, Grand Princess of Jupiter, Grand Princess Aliana, Chief of Staff Junia

Physical description

Kanorian (Guardian)



Hair color


Eye color





Sword and Shield of the Valkyrie, various array of Kanorian style weapons.


Can create attacks using a form of extreme PSP. Also can take over computers and other forms of advanced technology. She is the ultimate hacker, nothing can stand in her way of taking over ships, stations, weapons, and other electronic sources. Immune to all forms of viruses.


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor), Ian and his New Kingdom

First Appearance

Pre-Red War with Kevin Junia.

Junia Clan

Aliana Junia is the Coalition of the Guardian Republic's Chief of Staff to the Shogun and has become Sailor Valkyrie. Alongside her twin brother, she is a part of the Eight Prime Kanorians as a part of the Junia (her and Kevin together make up only one of the eight).

"I am my brother, and he is me. Together we make up the whole, the Junia portion of the 8 Prime Kanorians."


Before the Coalition

Aliana Junia was known as Aliana Johnson back in her early life. In an act of great sympathy, her and Kevin's mom Kate Junia gave her up. This act was due to their mom’s close friend losing her own daughter during birth. As Aliana and Kevin were born on that same day, Aliana moved into the role of the dead daughter. Their father was unaware of the twins, as Aliana managed to remain hidden to the ultrasound. Aliana and Kevin though separated at birth as siblings, remained remarkably close friends.

When the invasion of the United States took place, her adopted mother was killed during a skirmish. She was just an unfortunate casualty in a war where casualties were mounting. Kevin's abilities as a strategist were starting to manifest, and Aliana recognized it. She helped cultivate his abilities to further their goals to save their nation. Aliana also noticed the changes taking place in her brother as soon as he grabbed the sword, his sword that was destined to return to him.


Awakening from Project Valkyrie

In an act of great compassion for his sister, Kevin Junia, at great cost to him financially (and some would say ethically as well) started Project Valkyrie. The hope was to bring Aliana back from the limbo her soul seemed to be, back to officially one of the living. While perhaps the project featured military and medical future applications, the whole point in some minds was purely selfish on the part of the Shogun. Valkyrie was one of the closest guarded secrets in the whole of the Coalition, with only the Sovereign, Deputy Shogun Rowlitz, Midori Yuroti, General Barkonis, a few Dracos, and the scientists themselves.

Aliana though understood the love her brother had for her, a sibling's love to protect a family member so dear and was grateful for the opportunity. It was the love that prevented her soul from crossing over and remaining within the realm of the living (being a Prime Kanorian certainly did not hurt either). She would make sure to find a way to keep protecting her twin brother. And her twin gave her that way through a fully functional human body with cybernetic enhancements.

There were a lot of questions that had yet to be answered but Aliana was willing to take the chance. She allowed her soul to merge with her clone body and felt the connection almost immediately. Her new body did not reject the soul at all, and in fact was starting to live on its own. Life support had been shut down, but the body continued to breathe. Brain functions had been seen increasing, and it all culminated with Aliana opening her eyes, eyes full of life, for the first time in nearly a decade.

The struggles though that she endured to regain full functionality of her limbs was impressive, as she pushed herself to the limits to regain mobility. She did not have time to waste in her mind and used her own will to overcome any limits she may have had in the past. The Junia twins were needed, and she would not ignore the call.

Chief of Staff

Aliana’s amazing recovery lent credence not only to her force of will, but her intelligence as well. She, like her twin brother, was a Prime Kanorian with the ability to manipulate technology, including becoming a part of it. She was the ultimate hacker, but also avast knowledge in many different fields as well. Kevin had an impressive, dedicated, and loyal command staff that was topped by Nekonian Midori Yuroti and Canisian Yalon Waggon, but he needed a Chief of Staff. This person in his mind had to be of the utmost loyalty, trust, and respect. His two main staffers easily fit this bill, but there was someone just a bit better for the position: his sister Aliana.

With her at his side, the Kanorian military became even more effective and dangerous. If the Lavinia War had showcased how much growing the Kanorians needed and their weaknesses, the Jordini War showcased the removal of those weaknesses and their overall ability to adapt and overcome. Aliana was critical to the success of this quick transition and allowed Kevin to step back as the Shogun with his hands in every pie, to the Shogun who allowed his flag officers more discretion. This growth allowed them to become more effective leaders and should something happen to the Shogun, they would still be successful. This was evident when the next event would lead to Kevin and Aliana’s disappearance and the start of the Rolinia War.

Watching over brother

After the Jordini War, Shogun Junia has tracked down Firestar and was hellbent on getting revenge for the murder of Anri Nakao. Myuu Takeda, his girlfriend and cousin of Anri, was also of the same mindset. Firestar would pay, one way or another. The two perused Firestar’s ship with their own star fighters. They were not alone as Guardian and Mercury squadrons were also flying alongside them. Aliana was a part of Guardian Squadron and flew as her brother’s wingman.

Firestar to her credit, was not interested in giving anyone the satisfaction of revenge as she flew away from the pursuing forces. She saw an anomaly along their path and took a chance. She flew in and disappeared from all scanners. Kevin, in his current state, was not going to let anything get in his way of putting Firestar’s head on a pike, and increased speed against the advice of many of his followers. Aliana, Carlos, and a few others however increased speed and matched Kevin’s own determination. Myuu’s short hesitation however prevented her from following at the same speed as the first group disappeared into the anomaly. At that point it disappeared, with no trace of the first group to the horror of everyone and increasing Myuu’s frustration.


Sailor Valkyrie awakens


Loyal to Brother


Himiko and the Neo-Wei


Mission Gone Wrong


Prisoner or Guest

Aliana was captured and held in a prison that she had no idea was located. She was being watched by shadowy figures while she assessed her situation. Soon though the shadowy figures were not just content on observation and moved to torture. Aliana to her credit would not give in, no matter what they did to her. One day, her tormentors brought someone new to their torture chambers. This person was invited to partake of the sadistic treatment of the already battered woman, but instead, the man expressed disgust, stating that this was "not their way", and ordered that she be moved to his dungeon. Aliana could hear the discontent in the torturer's voice, but she was moved as ordered. Now she was in a new unknown place, but now she was unchained and laying in a cot in a cell. Guards soon came with maidens carrying basins who cleaned and dressed Aliana's wounds. Barely able to talk, Aliana asked why they were doing this, but the maidens only stated that "it was ordered" before departing. Rations of food were also brought to her, and she was closely watched as she started to recover some strength. One day, the ruler came down to the dungeons and started to question her. She refused to give up much information, and would only fire back her own ire.

The ruler would finally reveal his face and looked an awfully lot like Sean Collins… but this person introduced himself as Ian, true ruler of Saturn and stationed out of ******. They continued to question and argue with each other, both trying to get the other to reveal more about themselves, and their "purposes". After accusing Ian of being no better than her original tormentors, Ian aimed to prove her wrong and ordered that she come with him to observe his kingdom with him. Aliana could have taken advantage of this kindness to escape, but she was curious to see how things would play out. Plus, it was a chance to gain intelligence that she would not otherwise have. As Aliana got to know him, she realized he was genuinely a good person, but lonely. The more time she spent with Ian, the more feelings within her stirred… feelings she did not know that could exist for her until then. He treated her with kindness, respect, and even trust.

While Ian seemed to have loyal ministers, what he did not realize was that he also was getting his strings pulled, ever so slightly, by them. The Opposito Sailor Knights were acting as his heavies, but she knew them too well that they would not remain loyal to him. Someone was giving them marching orders, and it was not the kind Prince Ian. Ian was opening up to her more and she noticed his advisors were becoming more and more adverse to them spending time together. They started to plant seeds of suspicion in him, that she was just trying to make him weak minded and distracted so she could escape. At first, Ian fell to their manipulations, and ordered that Aliana remain in the dungeons hence forth and possibly allow the Oppositos to take over her "care", but she demanded Ian explain why he made such an order, knowing what the oppositos would do to her. Her questions stirred something within Ian, and his eyes seemed to open with a new light and realization.

Ian made a decision, and took Aliana back to his throne room. Against the objections of his advisors Ian declared that Aliana was now his companion, and had her moved to a guest chamber under guard. She was allowed to move about with escort from Ian or a guard, though she was not given complete free reign of the castle. This was for multiple reasons, including her own protection. Ian also introduced Aliana to his "sister", Alethea. She appeared to look just like the Princess Jupiter, cloned with a portion of the Jupiter starseed (that was fully restored) found after The Tyrant’s demise. She was originally being groomed to be Ian’s bride, but Ian was against being forced into marrying, and instead opted to adopt Alethea as his sister. As time went on, despite knowing she needed to return to her home and brother, Aliana felt drawn to Ian. She did not desire to leave him. Ian started to reveal to her that many of his mistrusts of Earth and humans was based on what happened in the Silver Millennium, and that Earth and its people could never be forgiven. He also revealed that his dreams haunted him with visions of his kingdom and people falling to human corruptions again. His descriptions of the, nightmares greatly troubled her, and with how often they plagued Ian made her suspect something else was at play.

One night, she heard Ian struggling. At once, she leapt from her bed and demanded that the guards take her to Ian's chambers as she sensed he was in danger. The guards did not believe her at first, but due to the panic and concern they could see she had for their lord, they obeyed and took her there. Upon knocking the door open, Aliana saw a dark smoky shadow hovering over Ian as he struggled in his sleep. Aliana flew forward and chased the shadow away from Ian, forcing it to recoil and vanish into the shadows. Ian woke up once it was gone and jolted up, seeing Aliana at his side. Without hesitation, he embraced her, much like a frightened child, and bid her to stay with him. She promised to stay and keep him safe from the nightmares. That night, and for many nights to follow, Aliana now stayed in his chambers, and Ian slept with no more dark dreams.

Ian was becoming more independent and less reliant on his advisors. With Aliana at his side, Ian told her that he felt more sure of his decisions and that she had saved him from the nightmares. Aliana was feeling happy, but at the same time, she knew his advisors were greatly displeased by her influences with Ian. She wondered how long until something else would disrupt these days of contentment. Those answers would come sooner than they realized when Aliana was rendered unconscious and transported to a base away from the planet and more importantly away from where she could influence Ian. The Oppositos were more than happy to continue the torture of Aliana, but soon they would come under attack by a rescue force assembled by her brother Kevin, but led by Megan O`Cain and her brother David O`Cain. Other warriors of note would join in the rescue including Ryoko Nasino, Midori Yuroti, and Ai Yuroti. However, a plan only survives until contact with the enemy.

Fortunately, Aliana was rescued, despite the best efforts of the enemy. She was not the only one rescued, as they found in another stasis pod, the Oppositos had also kidnapped Alethea, who was now regaining her lost memories from her past life. Now safe from the tortures of the oppositos, Aliana and the now reborn Makoto were able to rest in the safety of their friends, allies and families once more. In addition, Aliana was able to understand why her own heart had “skipped a beat” when she was with Ian.

Reestablishing the Jovian Kingdom

Kevin’s interest in bringing back Jupiter to it’s former glory had been on his mind even before The Tyrant’s rise and subsequent fall. With Morisato in hiding and having abdicated his claim to the Jovian throne, with no other relatives available, the throne would go the chosen champion the Jupiter Knight… Kevin Junia. Because of this, he was given the title Crown Prince of Jupiter. Kevin knew he would not be successful without the most important person in his life, his sister Aliana. Because of this, he offered her two titles: Prime Minister and the royal title of Grand Princess. Aliana cared not about titles, but she humbly accepted them and swore to assist her brother in the rebuilding of the kingdom.

What she had not revealed to her brother was the finding of Alethea/Makoto yet. There was still a lot of animosity over The Tyrant, so she wanted to keep her hidden for as long as possible. This was not difficult for her to accomplish until she was ready to reveal the truth to her brother. When she finally did, he broke down into tears and ran to Makoto embracing her as soon as he could. Besides Aliana, Makoto was the person that meant most to him in the universe. To have her here in front of him brought the smile back to him. While this Makoto was more of a blank slate, she still had many of her good traits: love for ice skating, great cook, samurai spirit, extreme beauty (okay, I admit she is very beautiful, but I believe there are those more beautiful. To Uncle however, there is no one more beautiful… uh oh, sorry Mom I’ll get back to writing your profile), among others.

A few months later, Aliana put together her brother’s crowning ceremony and the reestablishment of the Kingdom of the Holy Royal Alliance of Jupiter. Many different dignitaries were in attendance, including the representatives of the major worlds of the Coalition of the Guardian Republic, the various Sailor Senshi and Knights, and as well as various allies and enemies of not only the Junia but of others in attendance. Fortunately everyone was quite civil for this, since pissing off Kevin and Aliana was not in their best interest.

Aliana snapped her fingers in the air, and the music that played was quite surprising. She smiled as the Wedding March music wafted across the hall in the Jupiter Drive Yards. Everyone turned and watched as human young woman in a emerald green wedding dress came down the aisle. It was obviously someone very stunning, but the veil prevented anyone from really seeing the face or hair, but they could tell she had long chestnut brown hair. This quickly led to speculations as to whom this person might be. Everyone knew that Kevin had broken up with Saaya, but who was this person and how did he manage to keep it a secret?

That answer would come within a few minutes, as the veil was lifted and revealed a familiar face, but with much softer features. This was not The Tyrant, but Makoto Kino the innocent woman who regained her freedom and life. Aliana smiled as she watched this beautiful scene unfolded in front of her. Her brother finally was gaining the happiness that he had searched for all those years ago, and had stolen from him for a long time thanks to The Tyrant. Once the two lovers kissed and were joined in marriage, it was time for the next phase of this event.

The scene of the crowning of Kevin and Makoto Junia as King and Queen of Jupiter was a great affair, and drew a huge applause from the crowd. However, when it seemed it was over and that there would be the celebration shortly thereafter, Aliana yelled for everyone to please remain in place as there was one last thing. In a shocking turn of events, King Kevin immediately declared his new kingdom’s intent to petition the Coalition to join and become an official member of the Coalition. For a day of surprises, the first person who declared that such a request was acknowledged and received approval from his world, was the Lavinian representative Rukus Nil’tire who had no love for the Shogun and the Junia. However he was a pragmatic individual and was more than happy to welcome Jupiter and the Junia with the proverbial open arms.

If there was anyone who would oppose this request, no one felt comfortable to voice it now. In fact everyone was quite enthusiastic at this point and because of this, Jupiter was now a member world of the Coalition with King Kevin and Queen Makoto Junia recognized as the rightful leadership of the planet. There would be no challenges that could be taken seriously to refute that now. The Jupiter Drive Yards was officially a part of Jupiter as well on behalf of the Coalition and the 8th Fleet’s homeport was assigned to Jupiter and the JDY. Aliana knew that she had accomplished her mission, and now she was recognized as the Grand Princess of Jupiter. Still seeing Kevin and Makoto reminded her of a certain individual of her past that her heartstrings seemed to pull at.

Government in Exile, Hearts Enjoined