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Makoto Kino
Biographical information


Birth December 5
Family Morisato Kino (brother), Kevin Junia (husband); Kenshin Junia, Yuri Junia, Kasagi Junia, Ayame Junia (children); Aliana Junia, Ian Junia (in laws), Michael Junia (nephew), Ariana Junia (niece), and Kellie Tyger (in laws)

Chef/Baker, Queen of Jupiter, Sailor Jupiter


Sailor Jupiter, Makoto Junia, Queen of Jupiter, Princess Jupiter, Princess Latiaris

Physical description




Hair color

Chestnut brown

Eye color

Emerald Green




Fists of fury, the PGSM Thunder Spear


weather and plant abilities, martial arts


Sol Sailor Senshi

First Appearance
Junia Clan

Honestly, if you don't know who Makoto Kino is by now... oh well, continuing. This Makoto Kino is married to Kevin Junia, and in the future have four children: the twins Kenshin and Yuri, Kasagi, and Ayame. She is currently the Crown Princess of Jupiter, and the sailor suited warrior Sailor Jupiter. She is a modern day Samurai, with a sense of justice and honor to back that up.


Before becoming a Sailor Senshi

Makoto was orphaned at a young age due to a tragic plane accident that claim the lives of her mother and father. Her younger brother was also lost in that tragedy. She would reside with her grandfather on the family estate during her pre-teen years. It was there she was taught the way of the Samurai as well as the kempo passed down from earlier generations of her family. Even with all this though, her grandfather would not neglect the other parts of her training. She was taught the ancient art of the tea ceremony and how to wear a women's kimono. Makoto also received training in the ways of the modern day lady, something she took a shine to.

Makoto enjoyed eating the various dishes prepared at the estate. She would sneak into the kitchen and watch as a renown chef would prep and cook the food. She took notes and finally started trying to cook certain dishes. She had a natural talent for food, and truly wished to become a renown chef like the she watched. After being allowed to try and cook, she herself started to gain the handle of many dishes. Makoto quickly picked up the various dishes that she was being taught, a feat that amazed the chefs that were teaching her.

She also had a natural talent for the ice. She spent long hours learning how to figure skate, and became very graceful on the ice. Michelle Kwon would be impressed at the young Kino's work ethic and ability. As she started to grow, Makoto learned to balance herself better and completed triple axels like she was breathing. This helped her with her studies into martial arts, just as martial arts helped shape her ability on the ice further.

Makoto also showed an interest in various plants, including roses. The rose would later come to symbolize her, as she started to wear pink rose earrings. She felt as though the plants called to her, and was able to feel them from time to time. At first she didn't know what to make of it, but she learned to accept this as a trait of hers. She took great pride in taking care of the plants around the Kino estate, something her grandfather picked up on. He gifted her with a mini bonsai tree, and she took great care in nurturing the tree, while adhering to the precepts of pruning.

When Makoto hit puberty, it hit her hard. She grew tall very quickly, towering over both boys and girls her age. Also, her body started to transform around the bust area, increasing in size to a very impressive size by the age of 13. Coupled with her new found physical strength, she adhered to her Samurai training to protect the weak and defenseless. Unfortunately for her, the very things that made her unique and beautiful scared many potential boyfriends from her. Her strength and abilities made many believe that she was a tomboy or even a lesbian. Nothing could be further from the truth, but too many perception is reality.

Her grandfather realized that keeping her in the compound would be detrimental to Makoto's continued growth. He sent her to Tokyo to further her studies and to learn to mingle with others. She took the skills she had learned and applied them to her life, easily being able to fend for herself. Unfortunately her tendency to fight others to protect the weak got her kicked out of a few schools. This got her labeled as a trouble-maker and at 14 years of age, could mean her future was bleak to them. Her transfer to Juuban Junior High School changed her destiny, however.

Juuban Junior High and the Sailor Senshi

She ran into a blonde haired girl with odanga shaped hair buns being bullied by a few muscle bound freaks. Makoto got there attention and easily dispatched of the troublemakers. The blonde hair girl thanked her for the help and quickly ran off to school. Turns out, she was being transferred into the same junior high as the blonde one. Placed into class 2-5, it was obvious her reputation proceeded her, as well as her incredible height. The others seemed to keep their distance from her, but things changed when she ate at the courtyard. The same blonde haired girl smelled her food, and her growling stomach led the way. This is when she was introduced into Usagi Tsukino officially. Her life and destiny were really about to take off.

Being young and naïve in the ways of love, she fell for basketball star. This star though was nothing more than a puppet for Beryl and her generals, collecting energy from naïve young teenagers like her. A youma popped out and attacked her, and started choking her breath and life out. The boy had came to his senses, but instead of going to help her, he ran.

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High School and Jupiter Knight

Entering High School, the problems with Ichiro were behind her. Supporting Kevin Junia was taxing on her due to the fact she was watching him with Kasumi. Then all of a sudden, Ichiro and Kevin were acting like close friends, and Kasumi was with Ichiro. However, he seemed reserved around her, and he didn't seem ready to open himself up to dating again. She joined the cooking and track clubs, giving her time to settle down from the long time internal battle. However, even with the defeat of Nehelania, she wasn't going to be able to relax. Galaxia launched her assault on The Sol System, in an attempt to take all the Senshi Starseeds. Makoto was neutralized in the final battle, however. Through a miracle, Usagi was able to reach into Galaxia and reawaken the true Galaxia. This caused a separation from Chaos and Galaxia, and freeing all the captured sailor senshi and knights from the whole galaxy.

A few months later, there was a disturbance near Point D the site of the final battle between Usagi and Beryl. Beryl's body was preserved in the arctic cold, and the individual causing the disturbance took that body. This individual was confronted by Jedite and the youma army remaining, but found her strength and her own army overwhelming. Before the battle got out of hand, the individual informed Jedite the plan to revive Beryl. He immediately stopped his troops and deferred to the individual. The individual successfully revived the fallen Beryl using advanced technologies available, then revealed that the individual was a she and went by the name Firestar.

For Makoto, Kevin was starting to warm up again, and finally admitted her feelings to him. In turn he also admitted his own feelings for her, but suppressed them for so long. The two started dating, causing friends on both sides to sigh in relief, and Minako saying, "Finally, it's about time those two got together". She would be shocked at the admission after a fight with Firestar who Kevin really was: the Shogun of the Coalition of the Guardian Republic. It didn't exist in this galaxy, as far as she was aware. He assured her that it did exist. This revelation and who their new enemy was caused trouble for the sailor senshi. Many of Kevin's friends turned out to be Sailor Knights including his best friend Carlos Icelean as Mercury Knight.

Makoto, on the other hand, did not have a knight to call her own still. There was speculation that Kevin maybe it, but that seemed to be less likely as time went by. On top of that, Kevin Junia took off to Nerima after getting knocked around in a few battles with the combined forces of Firestar and Beryl. Makoto secretly followed him to Nerima, but was found out. The two received training from Ranma Saotome, and there they ran into an unlikely individual. That individual was also receiving training, but turned out to be Makoto's long lost brother Morisato. Perhaps he was the individual destined to be Jupiter Knight. It is revealed later on that he was found in the aircraft wreckage by Jedite and taken to Beryl. Beryl raised him as her own son, and turned him into the 5th Dark Knight of the Dark Kingdom.

Morisato though was not a dark person, and with Makoto and Kevin's help, would shed his Dark Kingdom allegiance. In fact, when Kasumi Tendo was kidnapped, it was him that helped lead Shogun Kevin and the awakened Sailor Knights to rescue her and the other kidnapped civilians from Point D. He would help pilot the star shuttle with Kevin, while being covered by Aliana, Carlos Icelean, Kellie Tyger, and Shea Talloy in their Starfighters. Makoto was at Haneda International Airport, watching with family members of the kidnapped people when a damaged shuttle landed on the Tarmac. Makoto breathed a very heavy sigh of relief knowing that the two most important men in her life had managed to land safely.

She learned that the Coalition of the Guardian Republic's 8th Fleet had found them, and intervened at the crucial moment, saving the Shogun and her brother, along with all the passengers. The good guys had finally evened the odds. However, developments led to the Earth's major governments being taken over by Beryl and Firestar, leaving Japan and the various military forces stationed there as the only free forces left. This coupled with the 8th Fleet and Shogun Kevin being forced to leave to save their Coalition spelled bad news for the senshi. As for Makoto, Kevin felt betrayed by something involving her, and she wasn't sure what it was.

During the Battle for Tokyo, the sailor senshi and knights, alongside Guardian Republic Special Forces and regular soldiers. Fighting in northern Roppongi, just south of Hikawa Temple, the allied units formed a defense line to protect the Juuban district. After a good deal of fighting, Makoto became isolated. She was surrounded and though she fought valiantly, in the end she was captured. A vicious captain named Orolo Masri'ya a humanoid from the Fortul'an System had her on her knees. He demanded that she beg for mercy, but Makoto only spat in his face in defiance. He rose his sword to strike her down when a Kanorian SF-4 opened fire on the enemy forces. But while he stayed his blade for a few more seconds, he continued to eye Makoto. That was when a heavily armored individual used him as a landing pad. Orolo was crushed instantly, but Makoto was too much in awe to realize what had just happened. Then the armored individual took out a laser version of the minigun and started marching into the enemy formation firing.

The assault was short lived however as though many of the enemy were felled, the armored individual was crushed into the street by a humongous Youma. Believing the individual to be dead, everyone was shaken by that assault. One of the leaders was paying his respects to the individual when there was movement from the armor. The person in a flight suit walked up and removed his helmet, throwing it at the large Youma. It was then everyone realized that the person who interrupted the battle was Kevin Junia himself. Kevin winked at her then turned to the enemy, and was immediately donned from head to toe in his specially made Shogun's armor. He, his sister Aliana, and Hotaru caused massive havoc on the enemy and were aided by Guardian Squadron's own aerial assault. Makoto was escorted back by Kevin's personal guards Midori Yuroti and Yalon Waggon. The three person assault was followed up by the 8th Army's own reinforcements forcing the enemy to retreat back to Point D.

The assault at Point D took an interesting turn when Makoto was injured during the battle by a stray attack. This caused Kevin to go ballistic and charge straight for the cave that Beryl and Firestar were hiding. When Usagi was informed, she immediately set off to assist realizing the Shogun would be overwhelmed by himself. During the battle both individuals were neutralized, and Beryl was looking to finish off Usagi once and for all. That was when something awoken in Kevin Junia, and Jupiter Knight was reborn. With his new abilities and his tireless attacks, the enemies were beaten back, and used their ultimate strikes against Usagi and Kevin who in turn matched them. However, they looked to be overwhelmed when Kevin called upon his new Jupiter Knight powers to turn the tide, annihilating Beryl and forcing Firestar to a full retreat. Makoto was waiting for the two heroes and was shocked to see her lover to be Jupiter Knight, her love from her past life.

Bidding him farewell was difficult but necessary. Kevin still had to fight a galactic war or the heroics of the day would be for naught. She promised to always think of him and to keep an ear out for how the war progressed. Satisfied, Kevin left with a heavy but content heart knowing that she could not come with him. In a interesting twist, Morisato would join him instead of staying with his sister.

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Unholy Vows

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College Life and the Future

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Wedding Vows

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Pacifica Wars

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Himiko's War, the Rise of the Neo-Wei Chinese Dynasty

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Crowned Queen

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The Birth of the Next Generation

After leading a very eventful life, Makoto became pregnant with the twins Kenshin and Yuri.

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