Ayame Junia

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Ayame Junia
Biographical information


Birth September 29
Family Kevin Junia (father), Makoto Kino (mother), Kenshin and Kasagi Junia (brothers), Yuri Junia (sister), Aliana Junia (aunt), Morisato Kino (Uncle), Michael Junia and Ariana Junia (cousins)

Princess of Jupiter, Ambassador of Jupiter & the Junia Clan


Ayame Junia, Iris of Jupiter, the gentle flower

Physical description

Jovian-Kanorian (Guardian)



Hair color


Eye color

Emerald Green




Like her father and siblings, she has the ability to create attacks and defenses based on PSP. It is unsure however if she has gained any of her mother's abilities.


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor)

First Appearance

As a little girl in Lily of Jupiter

Junia Clan

Ayame Junia is the youngest daughter of Kevin Junia and Makoto Kino Junia. She is one of the princesses of Jupiter, and praised for her beauty. Just like the other children she has inherited her father's abilities. From her mother though, she inherited her beauty and femininity. She wears her impressively long hair up in a spiral, with the excess coming out of that spiral and flowing down her backside. She is quite innocent and pure, though some say she maybe too naïve for her own good.

"I may not have chosen the life of a warrior, but I am still a Princess of Jupiter. Do not think I will allow you to have your way with me."


Birth of the Iris of Jupiter

Ayame Junia was the fourth child born to Kevin and Makoto. It was a quiet day when she came into the world, not screaming but crying just a little. Upon seeing her mother, she beamed with the greatest smile. When her dad, Shogun Kevin, picked her up and held the little Iris, she giggled. This brought a big smile to her father's face, as he enjoyed the latest addition to his family. She had picked up his good nature, it seemed.

As she grew older, her father and mother wanted to teach her as her older siblings were taught. They put her into martial arts classes to learn hand-to-hand combat, as well as a variety of martial and long-range weapons. She was also given training in various cultural arts including flower arranging, kimono wearing, tea ceremony, and others that would be traditionally considered feminine. Makoto also taught her little daughter how to ice skate.

Unlike her older sister Yuri, she did not take to the martial arts aspect of her family. She enjoyed being quite girly and has developed a quite pleasant personality. She enjoyed the cultural arts mentioned above, and enjoyed shopping as well.

Her Siblings' Shadows

As Ayame was the youngest, she seemed to be in the shadows of her older siblings. Kenshin was a natural leader, Yuri was an exceptional warrior, and Kasagi was a gifted scholar. For Ayame, though, this suited her just fine. She was happier not being at the center of attention; although being reserved, she wasn’t introverted, but some confused her for being so. It wouldn’t be until later--her early teenage years--that that would change.

However, Ayame would become masterful at the tea ceremony, donning the full kimono, and achieving a gracefulness that rivaled a Nekonian. Because of this, just like her mother, she was divine as a figure skater. Midori Yuroti would give her the ultimate praise by claiming she had achieved a grace that only the top Nekonian could dare to reach. She wanted to learn the feminine arts that her mother had achieved and did so successfully. She also started to understand cooking better.

When she started to approach her 13th birthday, that’s when things started to become clear about the Iris of Jupiter. She had started to develop into a full blown beauty, but while this was noticed, it was overshadowed by a greater weapon: her political acumen. She was a genius in this area, learning and understanding every aspect of it... negotiating with her as a mediator would ensure a fair deal. Going against her wasn’t a bad at all... until you insulted her or her family. Then she would destroy the other side without remorse, and do it in such a way, the other side would smile in acceptance while being fleeced.

The Lady of the Court

Due to her natural abilities, at the age of 14, she joined her father and mother at court. It was a place where honor, integrity, compassion, greed, manipulation, compromise, and other traits clash, compete, fight, and work together to accomplish the agendas of the individuals there. And pure, innocent Ayame saw the real world in front of her... and maintained her purity. She looked at the individuals there and understood each of their motivations.

She analyzed their body language, facial expressions, the inflections in their voice, how they spoke... just like poker, everyone had a tell. Oh and she was excellent at poker, which drew similarities to politics. Some made the mistake of not taking her seriously. It was a mistake that would very rarely get repeated, usually by those unfamiliar with the Princess.

Her father cherished her abilities greatly, and how well she navigated the maneuverings of the Court. At 16 years old, Ayame was negotiating major treaties on behalf of her father and the Jovian kingdom. Businesses, individuals, anyone looking to have a mediator wanted Ayame on their side. She had found her calling and it made her very happy. Whether she wanted to or not, she had stepped out of her siblings shadows and cast an impressive one of her own.

Joining the Fight in Himiko's War

At 17 years old, Ayame would be dragged into the final year and a half of Himiko’s War. Yuri has came back from the past and was looking for backup. The children of the Junia twins would need to step up and help their parents. Ayame, who wasn’t a warrior per say, decided to join her older siblings in the past to fight the Neo-Wei. Ayame wasn’t sure at the time how her abilities would be able to help out but she was determined to try. She did have her Junia abilities as well, but unlike her older siblings, had rarely called upon her innate powers. That would have to change if she was to survive being on the front lines with them.

She managed to find a way to not really engage but on a few occasions she did, assisting her old siblings in various battles. Her gifts though were put to better work convincing those who had been fighting against the Kanorians and their allies to flip sides.