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Yinping Guan/Guan Yinping, Yinping Junia
Biographical information


Birth Unknown
Family Kenshin Junia (husband), Kevin Junia (father-in-law), Makoto Kino (mother-in-law), Yuri (oath sister/sister-in-law), Kasagi Junia (brother-in-law), Ayame Junia (sister-in-law), Aliana Junia (aunt), Morisato Kino (uncle), Michael Junia and Ariana Junia (cousins)

Crown Princess of Jupiter, Commander of the "300" battalion on the [I]GRS Leonidas[/I].


Yinping Junia, Princess Yinping, Princess Junia, Colonel Junia

Physical description

Chinese-Kanorian (Guardian)



Hair color


Eye color





Specialized Guandao


Has the Guan family's ability to create offensive and defensive attacks using a form of extreme PSP.


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor)

First Appearance
Junia Clan

Guan Yinping is the daughter of the incredible historical warrior Guan Yu. She was blessed with incredible strength like her father and is believed to have accidentally broken off pieces of buildings and walls with her grip. Soldiers would pick up these pieces and fashion necklaces and other trinkets, believing them to be good luck charms. Like her father and brothers, she was quite the warrior. Married to Kenshin Junia, creating a unification between two prime Kanorian families, the Guan and the Junia.

"It seems our families were fated to watch our kingdoms be destroyed. I promise you; we will not fail again."


Daughter of the Dragon and the Shu Kingdom

When the Shu Kingdom came into existence officially, the Han Dynasty was for all purposes gone. Many would argue that the Battle of Red Cliff in 208 was the final aspect of the Han Dynasty. Technically, the Han did still exist through Shu, but the Han Emperor was being controlled by Cao Cao. After Red Cliff, the Shu forces were successful in liberating southern Jing Province, while Wu was able to take portions of northern Jing Province. Thanks to negotiations by Zhuge Liang, the Shu could keep those counties until at least the liberation of Bashu in the western portion of China, where Liu Bei would set his HQ in Chengdu. In the meantime, the eastern portion of Jing was surrendered to Wu, but the western portion of Jing was given to Shu and Guan Yu was their governor.

Things would not be good for Wu and Shu, however, especially when Guan Yu not only refused to marry his precious Yinping to Sun Quan's son, but sent the response "Why should the daughter of the dragon marry the son of a dog?" Good relations did not follow, to the absolute surprise of no one. When Guan Yu went to take Fan Castle and stick a dagger at the throat of Wei, Wu betrayed Shu and captured him and adopted son Guan Ping. Those two refused to serve Wu and were later beheaded. Guan Xing, Guan Suo, and Yinping were able to escape and explain to Liu Bei what happened. Coupled with the murder of Zhang Fei, he marched the Shu army with one mission: The complete annihilation of Wu. However, the Battle of Yiling ended badly for Shu and caused Liu Bei to die in regret and Sun Shang Xiang, his wife and sister of Sun Quan, to commit suicide.

The Shu Kingdom itself would eventually fall, but Xing and Suo would die before Yinping (that may not be completely true), who according to history may have died herself during childbirth. Their descendants would see the fall of Shu, and many put to the sword in revenge for the death of Wei general Pang De from the Battle of Fan Castle. However, there were others that survived.

Return of the God of War

Himiko's War saw the revival of the Wei Kingdom and a crazy situation. Himiko, a descendant of Amaterasu and the leader of the Japanese around Fukuoka around the 300 AD timeframe, saw that the Mandate of Heaven hadn't been fulfilled properly... in her opinion. Using training she received from Sharline, she was able to create a portal to bring back the fallen warriors of the past to the future to complete what they started. Cao Cao was able to take control of China very quickly from the weakened CCP, and quietly annexed Mongolia and North Korea with his newfound power. He then launched an assault through North Korea into South Korea and used most of his forces to break the power of India quickly, and went to work consolidating his forces. This would draw in the Coalition, Japan, US, and Israel into a war with them.

But not every Chinese bowed to their new Emperor willingly, some quietly defied him, and others still defied him openly. The latter were battered quite badly, but the Guan family (who have not confirmed whether they were revived or reborn) fell into the second one. They put together resistance cells in many cities, including assisting Kanorian forces keeping Hong Kong safe. Without Hong Kong, Cao Cao could not take Taiwan and thus failed to give him the true power he sought. The Guan family would not take an overt role though until they saved Kevin and Ryoko's strike force that went to the Three Gorges Dam to retrieve the long lost (stolen) Sword of Amaterasu before Himiko could get here hands on it (and force the Japanese to bend to her will).

This is where Kevin and Yu caught up with things that had happened. Kevin needed to get back to his forces but lost his transponder and Ryoko was still unconscious. Yu decided that they needed to team up with the Coalition in order to finalize the war. With Ryoko still out of it, Yu got together his forces in the area to break through the enemy lines south of Beijing. As if in anticipating this maneuver, Sharline (who was assisting the Coalition) lined up the allied forces to take on the Neo-Wei. His hope was to draw away Neo-Wei to his position to allow Kevin time to sneak back into Kanorian controlled territory.

Yu and Kevin made the decision to pincer the enemy forces in hopes of breaking them instead of sneaking him across. Yinping was a part of this battle group and would assist the two Prime Kanorians in their battle strategy. She overheard them talking about their children, and she was fascinated to meet the "Lily of Jupiter" most of all. She would get her chance as the three armies clashed at that fateful battle. Yuri had charged with her units to take pressure of the Guan army, and she had pushed so far, the enemy forces that she ran into Yinping. The two knew they were both on the same side, and they started wiping out the enemy forces that had surrounded them. Their attacks complimented each other, and anyone who did not know better would have sworn the two had known each other their entire lives.

The battle would end shortly thereafter when the Neo-Wei broke and ran. This gave Yinping and her family a chance to take stock of everything. The Kanorians reminded them a bit of the Shu, and that brought a smile to Yinping's face. To think that the Neo-Wei would be beaten so significantly gave her a great feeling that her country could be freed for good. A young man had his eyes on her, well to be fair many young men did, but she had not noticed. She did see the long brown-haired beauty of the battlefield, who had fought alongside her, the one they called "The Lily of Jupiter".

An Oath with the Lily

Yinping and Yuri hit off quite quickly and seemed to have many things in common, despite the fact the two had been born in two completely different time periods. Their fathers smiled at this interaction and were quite pleased with the implications of the next action. The two decided to share a bond of oath, and become sworn sisters, something both fathers were familiar with (Kevin with Carlos and Sean, Yu with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei). These two flowers of the battlefield would become any enemies, who was foolish enough to stand against them, worst mistake... a mistake they would regret, for all two seconds of their life.

The two shared peach wine as they made their oath and raised their weapons to each other. Those who were lucky enough to witness such an event were quite amazed by it. The two instantly raised the morale of their respective forces even higher, and their resolve to defend these two to the last. However, Yinping's own event with members of the Junia would not end with that, especially since she caught the eyes of her oath sister's twin brother.

Marrying the Son of the Junia and Jovian Dragons

Thanks to Yuri’s scheming, Kenshin was finally able to make an introduction to the daughter of the "War God". It was not that he was shy, not in the least. He was just not having any luck since his sister was monopolizing a lot of her time after the battle. He realized the only way to gain such a chance was to suck it up and ask his sister for help. However, he was on his own at this point, and the Stalwart Dragon figured he would only get one chance to impress her.

At the meeting, it was set up to be the two families meeting each other… eight in total: four Guan, four Junia. Two of the three Guan brothers had colluded to prevent their younger sister from going to meeting, suspecting there was more to it then what had initially been said. While they were correct, Ayame shamed all three brothers for hatching such a poor plan. Yinping would show up right afterwards, angry as well about being delayed.

It was obvious Kenshin’s feelings for Yinping were there, and it seems that she had shared those feelings for after the meeting, she walked up to him and planted a kiss on his cheek and only said, “Good luck.” The challenge was no longer just to impress her, but her brothers and father. She was plenty impressed by him anyhow, but here Kasagi’s own scheming came into play. He bet the two younger Guan brothers that Kenshin would screw this up. They took that bet and without Xing and Suo even realizing it, had made Kenshin’s job easier. They wanted to win that bet and the fortune behind it. Kasagi did not care about the money or the W, but potentially having a Kenshin favor in his back pocket was worth its weight in gold, emeralds, and credits… and was the true W. And if he did screw it up… well Kasagi would be a whole lot richer, a win-win for him.

Yinping’s oldest brother Ping was already impressed and not worried. Whomever his younger sister chose would be a great choice, and he was in Kenshin’s corner from the beginning. He could tell how much happier she was, not that she was not before as she always seemed to have a very cheerful disposition about her. Even in this time of war and chaos, happiness was being sought.

Tragically or fatefully depending on how you look at it, Kenshin almost lost her altogether. He was flying her in a Kanorian starfighter, alongside a squadron who volunteered to fly with him. He had no intention of going into battle with her and stayed away from where the main fighting was to be done that day, where a majority of the two sides forces and aircraft were gathering at. However, a distress call went out over their comms as a unit making a push to defend a path on the opposite side of the front from where the fighting was taking place had been ambushed.

Because of the fighting, no aerial assets had been assigned to this sector for the day, so the cry for help should have been in vain, but it was a desperate plea that Kenshin and Yinping agreed they needed to intervene. The squadron commander also agreed, and the group went to assist. Kenshin was able to down a few enemies and ran strafes on enemy positions, shutting down any hope for victory for the ambushers.

The squadron went back, and they were excited about what they had done. Yinping kissed Kenshin passionately and thanked him for the exciting date. However, two lovers were called into Shogun Kevin’s office, in which Kenshin was dressed down by not only his father, but Guan Yu as well who at the end forbade him from ever seeing his daughter again for putting her in danger. Yinping started to cry and plead but to no avail.

At that point, a knocking was heard, Xing walked in and saw the end scene with a questioned look on his face. He explained his mission was a success but wanted to know who the squadron was that aided his force. He was not expecting air support but was incredibly grateful because they were there to counter the ambush. Yu asked his son if this truly happened, who explained that he was alive because of them. Kevin pointed to his son and told him that he could thank him personally right there.

Xing thanked him, but instead of beaming with pride, Kenshin just nodded and looked dejected. Xing at this point demanded an explanation, and when the two fathers try to tell him that he was not owed one, he countered with “The hell I am not! I am not one of your subordinates Sir! And father, I do not care if you think it is not. I just went through hell and back to save our ass, so I better get one.” At this point, Yinping explained what happened and this incensed her brother. He berated the two fathers for their callousness and reminded them that because of their date, he was alive. Xing also proclaimed that Kenshin was now like a brother to him.

His courage to stand up to these two moved both and changed Yu’s attitude towards Kenshin, who was incredibly grateful for saving his son. He admitted that he had acted rashly in lashing out, and that he was free to date his daughter, if she still wished it. He too would consider Kenshin family. What no one knew that day was that Kevin had feigned anger. In fact, he was angry at his fellow Prime Kanorian for not thinking of the bigger picture but put on a show at the time. No matter the circumstances, Kenshin had made the right call, even if it meant his girlfriend was put in danger. She was a warrior after all and knew what she was getting into. She admitted that they both wanted to save the battalion even if she was put at risk.

Soon after Himiko’s War ended and the two would join many others in celebrating on Coku-Lida. There, Kenshin proposed to Yinping… though he did inform her father ahead of time and asked permission to do so. She gleefully accepted and about a year later, the two would be officially married, and she took the name Yinping Junia. She would also become the Crown Princess of Jupiter. The ceremony was genuinely nice and quite an awesome affair.

Joining the Coalition Officially

There was no question that Yinping would also join the Coalition just as the rest of her family had done, including her husband and oath-sister/sister-in-law. The children of Prime Kanorians obviously would become like celebrities, but she had no idea how crazy it could get.





  • Yinping is believed to be the youngest child of Yu. She was also extremely well liked.
  • Currently her previous husband is unknown, but without Yu it is possible that Liu Bei or Liu Shan had arranged her marriage... if Yu hadn't already done so.