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2eBhWjo.jpg Jupiter King Kevin Junia
Kevin Junia
Biographical information


Birth 13 June 1982
Family Aliana Junia (Twin Sister), Makoto Kino (Wife), Morisato Kino and Kellie Tyger (In-Laws); Kenshin Junia, Yuri Junia, Kasagi Junia, and Ayame Junia (Children); Michael Junia (Nephew), Ariana Junia (Niece); Carlos Icelean and Sean Collins (Oath/Sworn brothers)

Shogun of the Coalition of the Guardian Republic and Jupiter Knight, Sailor Jupiter's Senshi Knight.


Shogun Kevin, Jupiter Knight

Physical description

Kanorian (Guardian)



Hair color


Eye color

Emerald Green




The Blade of Junia (A sword and hook that is similar in appearance to Xu Shu's weapon from Dynasty Warriors 8), various Guardian Republic created weaponry including sonic grenades, his shogun's katana, laser rifles and pistols, the Sword of Jupiter, and the dual bladed Jupiter Thunder Spear


Extreme PSP, lightning & electricity, sheilds


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor), Senshi Knights

First Appearance

Discovering the Sword of Junia before the Red War

Junia Clan

Kevin Junia is the Coalition of the Guardian Republic's Shogun and Sailor Jupiter's Senshi Knight, known as Jupiter Knight. He is one of the eight Prime Kanorians, and alongside his twin they form one whole (and are the only ones that are like that. The other seven are just individual persons.).

"Exhausted? I was just buying time, for it's not me you should be worried about. It's my army coming up behind me that is going to beat you back to Point D."
—Kevin Junia addressing Firestar and Beryl's army commander during the Battle of Tokyo


Before the Coalition

Kevin Junia was born to father Jun Junia and mother Kate Junia (originally O'Shea) in the border town of Del Rio. Jun was a first generation Swedish-American, while Kate was a first generation Irish-American. Both members of the American military, they met in San Antonio and hit it off. When Kevin was born, Kate hid a secret from Jun, in which Aliana was given to a family friend who had lost their own daughter during child birth. It was a secret that was hidden from Kevin until he was an adult.

Kevin Junia was just a regular individual enjoying life as a teenager when the angry remnants of the Soviet Union launched a assault on the United States. The Western and Eastern power grids were neutralized within the first few minutes of the assault. The primary assault came from the southern border with Mexico. Many of the border towns fell within the first 24 hours. The only border towns not assaulted initially were on the Texas border: Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and El Paso. Kevin lived in Del Rio with Aliana Johnson (Junia) at the time.

The assault on Eagle Pass came within a week of the initial invasion, leaving many retreating toward San Antonio and Del Rio. The city was unable to muster an effective resistance and fell to the invaders within hours. However, those who escaped to Del Rio were able to warn them. In an effort to halt the impending attack on their own city, the teenagers formed a militia based on the JROTC leadership, but the plan led to Kevin Junia refusing to take part. Aliana and a few others agreed with him and also stayed behind. Fearing for his friends that would foolishly follow the teenage commander, he took those who stayed behind with hunting rifles to a vantage point that overlooked the field.

(To be continued)

Creating the Coalition

Understanding that the power in the world had shifted, Kevin Junia used his newfound starships, space station, and capital of Kyra on Sakhalin Island to entice unaffiliated world governments to join his newly formed space-based republic. He did not want to be a ruler, president, king, or emperor. He wanted to continue to lead troops to victory, protecting those whom he loved, and defending the freedoms that so many, including his sister, had fought and died to restore. His best friend Carlos Icelean suggested a mutual friend of theirs to become the leader, a no nonsense and passionate young Latina. Kevin agreed, and threw his support behind her, a move that proved vital to her election. Her title, and those that held that coveted position: Sovereign. In return, she named him High Admiral of the Guardian Republic. Her only command to him: search the surrounding star systems for potential allies and possible new members to create a political coalition.

His first move was to Alpha Centauri, the Tri-Star system a mere four light years from Sol. There, he found what many would describe as elves from fantasy books. There were two distinct sentient races on the only M-class planet discovered: the dark-skinned Denari and the the light-skinned Lenari. The two groups were, unfortunately, embroiled in a vicious civil war.

(To be continued)

Project Valkyrie

Kevin never forgot the bitterness of losing most of his squadron during the Red War including his sister Aliana. Aliana's spirit however had somehow transcended death and merge with his computer systems. Combined with located parts of Aliana's DNA, and Kevin invested very heavily in a secret project he called Valkyrie. The goal was to bring Aliana back to life, and give her a second chance at what had been denied her.

Thanks to knowledge gained by defectors from Glacia and Doomia, as well as the incorporation of the Draconians homeworld, breakthroughs had been made. The Dracos, with their exceptionally long life, was the key that Kevin had been looking for. With the knowledge gained, the scientists were able to fashion a new body, grown from the DNA of the long-dead Aliana. However, it was decided that she would have cybernetic enhancements, believing her soul would not be able to attach herself to her regrown body without it. These enhancements would make her quite a bit stronger then usual, with some on the wrong of her punches equated it to be hit by a Mack truck.

Project Valkyrie would come to full fruition towards the end of the Rolini-Kanoria War, when the body was removed off of life support. Aliana's soul had joined with the body giving her true physical form again. Brain functions increased and finally, Aliana's eyes opened as she was whole again. Through weeks of rehab, Aliana regained her full mobility and some. Her senses seemed more heightened, her awareness greater. Her skin was warm to the touch, and her smile natural. Project Valkyrie was a huge success, with Kevin introducing her in the final battle with the Lavini as his Chief-of-Staff.

Disappearance and Restarting

Coming Soon

Mio, Ichiro, Kasumi, and the Juuban Junior High Wars

With the Sailor Senshi enjoying their new found friendship in each other, Beryl threw in a wrinkle... her own shadow Mio Kuroki, the anti-Minako. About this time two new exchange students from America made the scene. The Kevin Junia and Carlos Icelean were not sent back in time but reduced in age, had parts of their memories blocked to allow them to partake in the "Bubble Milky Way Galaxy", and have a chance to live somewhat normal lives. Prime Kanorian Isis, Jana Mechel, was responsible for this development.

The new exchange students found themselves, mostly Kevin, assisting Makoto as the three bullies (Katsu Miaro, Ichimaru Chikage, and Ikku Takamaru) attempted to make her life hell. This exchange plus a young girl named Kasumi Miyamoto asking Kevin to be her boyfriend incensed the anti-foreigner Ichiro Akagi, something that Mio was able to manipulate, into the formation of two major factions at Juuban Junior High. The first one was led by Ichiro, with idol Mio helping and puppet mastering behind the scenes while the other was reluctantly led by Kevin with Minako lending her support to his side (due to her own rivalry with Mio being her cover). Usagi was torn in the conflicts due to Mio's own manipulation of her but Makoto was not.

Becoming Jupiter Knight

Entering high school (again) gave Kevin, Aliana, and Carlos a chance to unwind, it would seem, from the "Juuban Junior High Wars." With Ichiro Akagi an ally and friend, what was once divided was finally united. Kevin would find himself recruited into multiple sports, which included hockey, soccer, rugby, and track and field. Carlos would join Kevin in soccer with Ichiro joining him in hockey. Makoto was recruited into track and field, but Kevin would later convince her to join the hockey team.

(to be continued)

War with Rolinia

Shortly after dispatching of the Firestar/Beryl alliance, the 8th Fleet received a distress call from the Jordinin territory requesting reinforcements. While Aliana, Kevin, Carlos, Shea, and Kellie were away, the Galactic Imperium of Rolinia had assaulted the Coalition. Kevin immediately sent out one word, "Blitzkrieg," to all fleet admirals. Bidding Makoto a tearful goodbye, the Shogun teleported to his flagship, the GRS Kamenari Ryu. He led the 8th Fleet back through the portal created by fellow Prime Kanorian Jana Mechel out of the Sailor Senshi Bubble Galaxy back to the main universe and the Kanorian territories.

Shogun Junia was joined by 19 other Kanorian fleets to not only break the siege, but to smash right into Rolinian territory. Shogun Junia led the "right flank" of the blitz, while Fleet Admiral Kenshin Takeda in his flagship GRS Furinkazan maintained the left flank. Seeing the assault finally start, the Kanorian's principal allies, the Hotilian Union and the United Stars of Kiyano, both launched their own fleets to join the assault. Both sides were evenly mixed with the two Kanorian flanks, making both look very similar and yet, the diversity was quite evident.

With the alliance working together, the first defensive line of the Rolinians was caught completely unaware of the impending danger speeding their way. As soon as the allied fleets dropped out of hyperspace, they jammed long range communications and pounced on the unsuspecting fleet. With in 10 minutes of the beginning of the assault, only 10% of the Rolinian fleets remained capable of fighting. About 50% of these ships retreated to the second defensive line approximately 750 light years away, centered near the Nebulus Star System. Another 20% surrendered, seeing their situation falling apart quickly, and 25% defecting outright. The remaining 5% attempted to fight off the allied fleets, trying to buy time for their own allies to repair themselves and retreat or the hope that reinforcements would come.

Their bravery impressed Shogun Kevin Junia greatly, and he made them a promise. If they would switch sides, no harm would come to the defeated warriors on the battlefield, and he would provide assistance to those ships, as well (among other things). The remaining flag office for the group at first was about to say that their loyalty wasn't for sale, but seeing the sincerity in the Shogun's action and words, he decided that it was best for his own ships to join the Coalition. The Battle of the First Defensive Force ended only 15 minutes after it had begun, a crippling blow to the Rolinians and a glorious victory to the Coalition and its allies.

Shogun Kevin Junia, however, understood that they would soon lose the element of surprise if they didn't make their move quickly. The armada moved to hit the second defensive line before the survivors of the first defensive line reached them. The vessels employed by the alliance were faster than those by the Rolinians, and so they beat them to Nebulus and other principal star systems by approximately five minutes. By the time the survivors made it to the battlefields, the second defensive line was already being lit up by the Coalition. Word would eventually make its way to the other defense lines, but by the end of the week five of the ten had fallen to the allied forces. The speed of such loss was causing tension throughout the Imperium, causing many admirals to start breaking off and forming their own small empires.

As for the fleet attacking the Jordinin sector, after hearing of the loss of the first three defense lines in 24 hours and realizing they were completely surrounded, many decided to surrender and defect. Others scattered trying to rejoin their allies or looked to create their own governments away from the conflict. As for the Battle with the Fifth Defense Line, it ended in victory for the Coalition, but the 8th fleet flagship GRS Kamenari Ryu was nearly destroyed. Shogun Kevin Junia had lost his legendary flagship. Admiral Adrian Soriano was temporarily placed in charge of the fleet while the Kamenari Ryi crew followed Shogun Kevin Junia back to Guardian Prime to get a new ship.

The GRS Shocker had been refitted for use for the Shogun, but it was an older model ship. A distress call came out from an outlying area 40 light years away in the Opal star system. Bandits were seen in the area, and were harassing shipping in the area. Deputy Shogun Bonelius (a Canisian War Dog) warned the Shogun of the station that was out there and the experimental technologies being worked on. If they were to fall into enemy hands, the Coalition could be in a lot of trouble. Shogun Kevin would save the scientists and the information, and scuttle the station if necessary. He took two other ships with him that were ready for use. The odds would not be in his favor in this battle.

Any great strategist rarely cares about poor odds, as a great strategy could counter that. However, with just three light cruisers at his command, he already made the decision to evacuate the scientists, collect the data, and scuttle the station. He was not about to take unnecessary chances. When the small force arrived, they did not know what to make of it. The station hadn't been attacked, but there was an anomaly within the station. Kevin transported in with a very heavy presence, but was surprised in seeing the Kanorian scientists lined up ready to greet him. Before the scientists could be evacuated, a proximity alarm went off and the station's shields went up, preventing transporters from working.

The station did not have the defenses necessary to hold off such an assault, but the lead scientist informed the Shogun of a project they had been working on codename PIG. It stood for Project Imperial Guard, similar to JSAP (Jupiter Strength Acquisition Project), these scientists took Kevin and his forces to the source of the anomaly: a ship larger than any ever created by the Coalition. Kevin Junia and part of his command crew that had come with him, set up shop in the amazing state-of-the-art three deck bridge. Other members had moved to various parts of the ship, as the scientists evacuated the station to the ship. When Kevin prepared to name the new ship, he was informed it had already had a name: GRS Kamernari Ryu - III. It sported eight hypercores, and Kevin ordered them started, bringing the Thunder Dragon to life.

The enemy chose that time to attack the station, in hopes of gaining the ship. While the three cruisers did their best to delay the inevitable, many were able to break off and a slew of torpedoes were fired at the station and the new ship. The station's shields collapsed and caused extensive damage. However, though the warship's shields had barely came on line, not only were they holding the barrage at bay but getting stronger too. The bridge crew could hardly believe their eyes, thinking they were about to die just seconds before. Shogun Junia then ordered all weapons online and targeting enemy vessels. The ship greeted him with over 200 torpedo launchers opening up, thousands of dual laser cannons, many more laser banks opened up, and on top of the mighty vessel 6 supreme rail gun main cannons came to bear. This wasn't some battleship, it was a super battleship, designed to take on entire enemy fleets single handily... a feat it decided to test out and succeeded. Every enemy vessel was destroyed, but the three Kanorian vessels themselves did not survive the onslaught. Fortunately though, Shogun Junia was able to transport the crews of each vessel successfully onto the dreadnaught, and incorporated them into the ship's own crew.

With the knowledge secured on the super battleship, and the space station successfully scuttled, Kevin Junia was about to return to Guardia Prime. However he received word that the 8th Fleet among others had engaged the Sixth Line of Defense, in hopes of breaking it. He decided that they were needed there more than anywhere else. The 8th Fleet had successfully won quite a few battles with the 6th LoD, however they were skirmishes compared to the true fight that was about to take place. Fleet Admiral Antonio Salvatone was an excellent tactician and the current leader of the 8th, but they were still suffering from the lost of the Shogun. They hadn't quite shaken the flagship's destruction and the 6th LoD took advantage.

The 8th Fleet held the line, but it started to break apart and the vessels startied taking exstensive damage, forcing them to retreat. Salvatone wasn't about to lose this battle, and tried to rally the fleet but it was no use. That was when he was informed another ship was arriving, and it wasn't Rolinian. GRS Kamenari Ryu dropped out of hyperspace and started lighting up anything non-Kanorian allied. This and the return of the Shogun caused the Coalition to rally around him. He ordered the super battleship right into the heart of the enemy lines. This action combined with the ship one shotting battleships broke the enemy morale and their lines. The Coalition won the day, and the Rolinians were in full panic mode.

At this time though, the Emperor consulted his longtime advisor Sharline, who suggested putting him in charge of the remaining four lines. He would consolidate the forces, and use his own secret weapon. He made sure that Shogun Junia knew that he had consolidated the forces the best way he could, assaulting the Kanorian 20th Fleet, severely crushing the fleet leaving the survivors running for the 8th. They told the Shogun about the attack and what they dubbed a MBS: Mobile Battle Station. This added a new wrinkle into war, and could cause the Coalition to be defeated if the enemy was able to march all they way to Guardia Prime.

Kevin gathered nine different Kanorian fleets along with a slew of Hotilian and Kiyanan fleets to match up against the 200,000 enemy vessels mustered at Sholinar III, 200 light years away. Kevin's own forces numbered 3,500 along with the Hotilians 15,000 and Kiyano's own 1,500. This gave them a tenth of the enemy force to fight, but this also did not include the enemy's MBS. There were elements of the enemy fleet that were not happy with Sharline or the Empire. Two nobles contacted Shogun Junia and pledge their allegiance to him. They came up with a plan though that the two would defect during the battle.

As the battle took place a week later, the two sides squared off. Neither wanted to initiate the battle as both were concerned with the other's trump card. Eventually though the stalemate was broken and the two sides clashed. The MBS and the Kamenari Ryu were doing significant damage to the opposing side's fleets but it was simple numbers, the Rolinians had more. Even if the two nobles defected that would shift about 40,000 ships, an 80,000 ship swing, they grew concerned about the Shogun's ability to win. That was when another faction jumped into the fight.

The Litinians were a group of races that claimed were the remnants of the original Guardian Republic, and were always at odds with the Imperium. 25,000 Litinian starships jumped in and started to take down the unsuspecting Rolinians. This was when the two nobles decided that defection was the right time. This threw the entire enemy force into a panic, causing their lines to completely collapse as many tried to retreat as quickly as possible. This opened up the 8th fleet led by the Kamenari Ryu to assault and destroy the MBS. However, Sharline teleported onto his own cloaked ship and retreated to an unknown location.

With the aid of friendly Rolinians and the Litinians, the Alliance now started to overwhelm the Imperium's forces. They made one last stand approximately 30 lightyears from their capital of Rolinia in the Marsarati System. Attempts to call in reinforcements from other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy were met with either silence or declarations of independence from the Imperium. The Galactic Imperium had all but fallen from within and without, as the last stand ended after a brief battle. The allied forces led by the Kamenari Ryu put themselves in orbit around Rolinia.

Surrounded, the Emperor had no choice but to surrender unconditionally and sue for peace. Satisfied, Kevin placed his Deputy Shogun in charge of the surrender and dismantling of the Imperium. Six short weeks after Shogun Junia had reemerged with the 8th Fleet, the war was over with Rolinia. He had avenged the original Guardian Republic's lost to them many millenniums ago. He took the 8th Fleet back to the gate created by Jana in his Sol system to the "bubble galaxy's" Sol System. He ordered the building of a new station and shipyard around Jupiter to protect the gateway. He and the knights returned back to Tokyo to rejoin the Sailor Senshi.

Sharline, Harun, and Graduation

      • Coming Soon***

Unholy Vows

One by one the Princesses of the Sol System kingdoms were being kidnapped. It was a situation that perplexed the Knights and remaining Sailor Senshi. Every night another princess was kidnapped, and the method of the kidnapping was methodical. First the brains were taken, then the support Senshi. Finally they started taking hard targets, the strong ones. Haruka left herself open mourning the loss of Michiru, and was easily taken. Ryoko and Minako both fell the very next night in a move that made the Knights look powerless, but allowed them to finally find out who or what was targeting them.

Two shadowing forces were seen assaulting the two Sailor Senshi. Dubbed "Senshi Finders" as they had a unique ability to track the Sailor Senshi's ability. The only one they could not sense was Usagi. The other Sailor Senshi were unknowingly masking her presence. That all changed however with the assault on Matsumi's home. All the Sailor Senshi and Knights were converging to protect Matsumi. However, Usagi transformed and revealed herself to the enemy. They had neutralized Hideki, and were hiding in the closet with Matsumi. Mamoru and Usagi searched the home, but didn't look at a closet. Kevin ordered the Coalition forces to form a perimeter to prevent the two shadows from escaping. However, before it was complete, the two broke the line and teleported.

Matsumi was thrown into a prison were the other captured Sailor Senshi were huddling together. They were cut off from their powers due to a special force field enacted in the holding cell. This cell was specifically designed for this mission, and the two shadow figures are survivors of Beryl's own youma forces. They had been modified by Firestar, but were not employed due to Firestar not trusting Beryl. They were discovered by another force that knew exactly how special these two were.

Eventually all that was left of the Princesses was Makoto, Hotaru, and Usagi, the strongest of all the Sol Sailor Senshi. Kevin ordered the Zhuge Liang and other elements of the Coalition's 8th Fleet to comb the surrounding space around Earth for a cloaked vessel. He could sense that the enemy was not on Earth but in orbit. It was how the Sailor Senshi could no longer be tracked. He was correct, and it forced the enemy to speed up the process of kidnapping the Sailor Senshi.

Jedite and Morisato found something on Jupiter though, and helped teleport Kevin and Makoto to the gas giant. High in orbit was the Jupiter Drive Yards, with most of the 8th fleet including Kamenari Ryu. With them gone though Usagi fell victim to the youma. They then set their sights on the Saturnian duo: Sean and Hotaru. The fight they put up was epic, but in the end Hotaru was taken, Sean was knocked out, but one of the youma laid slain. At that moment the Sengoku found the ship that was carrying the Sailor Senshi. They relayed their findings to the rest of the fleet, but the ship started to move out. They fired a laser cannon shot at it, scoring a hit but the shield came up and deflected most of it. It then jumped into hyperspace.

During this time Kevin, Makoto, Jedite, and Morisato traveled to the old Jovian throne room. There they were greeted by a recording of the Queen and King. Both smiled at all four, and explained the past and wanted to help guide them in the present. Makoto and Kevin were both given orbs but neither were told what they did. Makoto's then disappeared in her hands, while Kevin hid his the same way he hid his Shogun's armor.

To be continued...

Opposito Knights

      • Coming Soon***

A Universe

Kevin Junia was known by his nickname Kev Junia in the A Universe. Many of his early adventures prior to joining the Sailor Senshi and Knights remained the same. However there were aspects that were quite different from what the B Universe Kevin Junia had to go through. The biggest change remained between him and the Makoto Kino who had been completely taken over by The Tyrant. The Tyrant, when the two broke up early during their Senior year in Juuban Senior High School, would not get back together again. This turn of events caused Sharline to lose interest in targeting the Sailor Senshi to use against Kevin Junia. The events of Unholy Vows and Junia's Promise never took place during the A Universe as they had in the B Universe.

Drifting Apart

      • Coming Soon***

Putting Down Himiko's War

      • Coming Soon***

Discovery of The Tyrant

After the events of Himiko's War, and the discovery of Prime Kanorians Amaterasu and Guan Yu, Shogun Kevin looked to settle down. The constant fighting seemed to wear down on him a bit. This is when he ran into Japanese idol and model Saaya in Shibuya one day. She enchanted him with her beauty, and the lonely Shogun was interested in a relationship with her. Without realizing that the reason why Makoto was always so cold to him, Kevin and Saaya started dating. A romantic interested developed between the two, and Kevin was finally happy again. However something seemed to nag him in the back of his mind that he was neglecting his duty, and forgoing the future.

To be continued...

Tyrant's Death and the Reboot

      • Coming Soon***

To Rescue Aliana and the surprise

Kevin Junia learned where his sister was being held thanks to the efforts of his spy Michael Weston and Ryoko Nasino. Knowing full well that engaging the enemy directly was not an option because of Keith O'Donnell, his "dark side", he put together a task force led by Ryoko Nasino and Megan O'Cain. This task force consisted of many other members of the Suburban Senshi group including Juniper Aki, Midori Yuroti, Ai Yuroti, David O'Cain, and a few others. Their strike though was sniffed out and the enemy was well prepared for them. However, the allies took care of the Opposito Knights but not without being split into two groups. During this time, Aliana was using her abilities to make Dark Priceman's life a bit more difficult. She hacked his computer system in order to take control of the youma robots.

Ryoko and Megan would discover something in the infirmary that would turn out to be someone long thought dead. They opened the pod the person was in to real Makoto Kino, who had been resting and healing in the pod. She revealed that Keith intended to force her to marry him, but she wanted nothing to do with him. She knew he was not her real Jupiter Knight, Kevin Junia. With Ryoko and Megan's assistance, they moved Makoto away from the pod, but found themselves in the middle of a fight with Dark Priceman and Keith on one side and their allies on another. Ryoko watched over Makoto, while Megan would end up being the heroine of the day, knocking Dark Priceman into a pod that launched him out of the station.

Kevin and Makoto would later be reunited but not before Kevin went to thank Megan properly for saving Aliana. He was unaware of her efforts to save Makoto as well, and Ryoko speculates exactly what was Kevin had intended. Whatever that may have been, seeing Makoto again brought back the flood of feelings he had for her, and immediately proposed to her. After a few tense moments, Makoto eventually agreed to the proposal she longed for herself. They agreed that the date for the wedding needed to be soon, but she would remain in hiding until that time.

A Wedding and a Coronation

On August 8, 2016 in the Jupiter Drive Yards Grand Hall, Kevin awaited to be crowned King of Jupiter. Everyone had gathered for the momentous occasion, though very few had an idea what was going on. After a beautiful display by the sisters Ai and Midori Yuroti alongside their forces, General Barkonis marched in with Jupiter Squadron behind him. Subsequently just a few seconds later, the wedding march played and a beautiful young lady clad in a very beautiful wedding dress appeared. Her face was covered and so was her hair. Next she got to the steps where Carlos Icelean was unwittingly playing Best Man, and Aliana was willingly the Maid-of-Honor, the young lady revealed herself to be none other then Makoto Kino to everyone's delight and surprise.

After beautiful wedding vows had been spoken, the two were officially wed. When a few minutes of congratulations was accomplished, they were then coroneted as the King and Queen of the Alliance of the Holy Royal Kingdom of Jupiter. In Kevin's first act as King he petitioned right there and then to have his new kingdom join the Coalition of the Guardian Republic. Representatives from each member world concurred and the Sovereign of the Coalition agreed as well, there by Jupiter joined the Coalition. A certain family accepted the nobility status that Makoto and Kevin offered to them and should they so choose, high ranks in their new military forces. After an eventful evening of fun, dancing, and talking, the two newlywed lovebirds teleported off the JDY and onto the Emerald Dragon for the paradise planet Coku-Lida for a few weeks of a great honeymoon.

Powers and Abilities

Kevin can create attacks using a form of extreme PSP, and, when in Jupiter Knight form, can create lightning based attacks like Sailor Jupiter. Ever since joining/fusing with the elemental dragon Yongsin, he has gained the ability to control electricity outside his Jupiter Knight form, creating a potential for even more devastating attacks. His abilities also allow him to create an impenetrable shield, but this also prevents him from attacking.

He has different fighting styles based on what primary weapon combination he is using. He is generally a finesse/speed style fighter, not relying solely on brute strength to help him win his fights, a curious disposition due to his impressive physique. If he uses just the Sword of Junia, he is quite acrobatic with his maneuvers (think Xu Shu from Dynasty Warriors 8). If he uses the Sword of Jupiter, he dances around but uses it to help direct his impressive lightning attacks. If he uses both, he more resembles the speed and agility of Kirito from SAO, but with more fighting skill. If he uses the Spear of Jupiter, his attacks are quite interesting since it is a double sided spear, giving him multiple different spear forms to use.


Fun Facts

  • Kevin Junia is on his third incarnation. The first one held him as the leader of the original Guardian Republic. The second one had him become Jupiter Knight to the young princess of Jupiter, Makoto. The current one has brought both lives together as the Shogun of the current Guardian Republic and Jupiter Knight for Makoto.
  • Kevin is the oldest of five children (that may actually increase), with twin sister Aliana, younger sister Nicole, younger sister Ashley, and younger brother Samuel in that order.
  • Whenever he goes to battle for the first time in the beginning of a war, he is dressed by two beautiful Japanese young ladies from head to toe in his Shogun's outfit and armor in the traditional samurai style. This tradition however is replaced by his wife Makoto whenever possible.
  • Was given the nickname "Lightning Tactician" after his lightning strike on Red Army fortified positions in north Anaheim, taking all of them before any of them had a chance to react.
  • Kev Junia is the preferred choice of name for Kevin Junia in the A Universe.
  • Apparently plays the French Horn and is very talented at it, though very, very few people know this.