Kenshin Junia

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Kenshin Junia
Biographical information


Birth May 28
Family Kevin Junia (father), Makoto Kino (mother), Yinping Junia (wife), Kasagi Junia (brother), Yuri and Ayame Junia (sisters), Aliana Junia (aunt), Morisato Kino (Uncle), Michael Junia and Ariana Junia (cousin)

Crown Prince of Jupiter, next-gen Jupiter Knight, Colonel of the Kanorian 12th Army's 4th Division.


Kenshin Junia, Prince Ken, Prince Junia, Colonel Junia,

Physical description

Jovian-Kanorian (Guardian)



Hair color


Eye color

Emerald Green




Specially modified Jovian "God's Hands"


Has the Junia family's ability to create offensive and defensive attacks using a form of extreme PSP, as well as the abilities granted to her by virtue of being a Jupiter Knight.


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor)

First Appearance
Junia Clan

Kenshin Junia is the son of Kevin Junia and Makoto Kino Junia. He is the Crown Prince of Jupiter and became the next generation Jupiter Knight. He is quite the warrior, but his steadfast leadership abilities have earned him great acclaim. He is married to the beautiful Yinping, daughter of the legendary Shu Kingdom Warrior.

"Do not lose hope! You represent the Jovians and the Junia! We will win this battle and take another step to ending the bloodshed!"


Birth of the Steadfast Dragon

It was a stormy night on May 28 when Kenshin came into the world and his twin sister Yuri would join him shortly thereafter. After being in labor for 8 hours, Makoto had given birth to the twins and little Yuri was in her arms while Kenshin was in his father's. Labor had taken a toll on the Sailor Senshi, but Makoto would not allow herself to pass out without being able to truly welcome her children. The eyes of the son of the Jovian royalty held a hidden charisma and leadership, among other abilities. The throne of Jupiter would be in good hands.

The next generation Junia twins were a bundle of fun and laughs as they grew up. Kevin, Makoto, Aliana, CLASSIFIED, and Juniper Aki never had a dull moment with these two around. They seemed to feed off each other as they crawled, walked, and finally ran around the Emerald Palace. They had the largest playground that a kid could ask for, and plenty of people to play with, and they took full advantage of it. Sure some "tolerated" them, but many were happy for the King and Queen and were happy to connected to these two as well genuinely.

As the two continued to grow up, their energies were channeled into the martial arts as well as the ability to use various types of firearms. As Kevin was from Texas, he grew up understanding the importance of learning how to use and respect the power those weapons held. They were tools to be used and properly so, just as sure as a mechanic uses their own tools properly to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. The Junia twins picked up on their studies quite well, but it seemed that Yuri was just a bit better than him... or was she?

Growing up Junia

While his twin sister Yuri had dreams to head to the past, Kenshin's head was in the present. Popular with the girls, captain of the football and rugby teams, and an honor role student, Kenshin was well rounded. His charisma attracted people to his side, though some were obviously wanting to get close to the Crown Prince for favors. His best friends would come from outside the kingdom, however; the sons of his father's oath brothers would also take up that mantle: Carlos's son CLASSIFIED and Sean's son Nicholas. These friends would become a powerful force in the future, but they all still had growing up to do.

Kenshin's mind started developing complex military strategies, and he used those strategies to help lead his teams to victories and championships. At 12 years old, his father chose to have him and Yuri start learning how to be leaders. They went through rigorous training, and while Yuri was excellent at this, her brother was just that much better. His presence seemed to naturally give people trust and confidence faster and at a higher degree than his twin sister.


Reinforcements with the Lily


Marrying the Daughter of the Dragon

During the final days of Himiko's War, the Guan family arrived with Shogun Junia and a force of resistance fighters to launch a pincer attack against the Neo-Wei forces. It was during this battle that Kenshin met the reborn Yinping. The daughter of the Dragon was every much the talented warrior her father was, and he was mesmerized by her beauty and her abilities. Yuri and Yinping ended up working together and it seemed like the two had been fighting alongside each other forever. This was not lost on Kenshin as he watched this ballet unfold in front of him. He still was in the middle of a massive pitched battle, however, and if he wasn't careful, he could end up on the casualty list.

Obviously this didn't happen, and the battle ended in a crushing defeat for the Neo-Wei. This gave everyone a chance to relax, but before he could properly introduce himself, Yuri and Yinping went off and swore an Oath of Sisterhood with each other. His father came up and saw Kenshin was trying to figure out the situation. He decided the best option was to introduce Kenshin to the latest discovered Prime Kanorian: Guan Yu.


Joining the Coalition Star Samurai

One of Kenshin's "faults" was his belief that he wasn't worthy of being the successor to the Jupiter throne, despite being of blood, because of his lack of deeds (in his own mind), yet his deeds were many thanks in no small part due to Himiko's War. His decision to join the Coalition of the Guardian Republic's military came as no shock to some, and a complete surprise to others. Kevin and Makoto beamed with pride as he followed in his father's footsteps... except he decided not to go the route of the starship, and command ground troops instead. He would be a samurai, and the Coalition Star Samurai would be better for it.

While Kenshin could easily have been assigned the 8th Army under the command of legendary Canisian War Dog General Barkonis, his father was concerned about his son being assigned to the command that he himself was directly overseeing. To avoid unnecessary scrutiny for his son and himself, Kenshin was assigned to the 12th Army under the command of Draconian stalwart General Truvere Stargleamer. The Draconian's temperament was one quiet reassurance. One of the oldest and most respected Generals, he would take the young Junia under his wing and see what he was capable of.