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Yuri Junia
Biographical information


Birth May 28
Family Kevin Junia (father), Makoto Kino (mother), Kenshin and Kasagi Junia (brothers), Ayame Junia (sister), Yinping Junia (oath sister/sister-in-law), Aliana Junia (aunt), Morisato Kino (Uncle), Michael Junia and Ariana Junia (cousin)

Princess of Jupiter, next generation Sailor Jupiter (formerly Sailor Chibi-Jupiter), Captain of the GRS Leonidas


Yuri Junia, Yuri Kino-Junia, the Lily of Jupiter, the Lily of the Junia, older princess of Jupiter, Sailor Chibi-Jupiter(no longer used), Sailor Jupiter (next generation after her mother Makoto)

Physical description

Jovian-Kanorian (Guardian)



Hair color


Eye color

Emerald Green




Spear of Jupiter


Has the Junia family's ability to create offensive and defensive attacks using a form of extreme PSP, as well as the abilities granted to her by virtue of being a Sailor Jupiter.


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor)

First Appearance

Junia's Promise, unintentionally posing as Makoto, during the battle with the Crystal Tokyo army.

Junia Clan

Yuri Junia is the daughter of Kevin Junia and Makoto Kino Junia. She is one of the princesses of Jupiter and became the next generation Sailor Jupiter. She has inherited her father's abilities and her mother's sense of justice and honor. She wears her hair similar to her mom, but with lilies at her ponytail.

"I'm Yuri Junia, daughter of the Shogun Kevin Junia and the legendary Sailor Jupiter! If you think I live on their coattails, then you are sorely mistaken and will quickly learn just how dangerous I really am!"


Birth of the Lily of Jupiter

It was a stormy night on May 28 when Yuri would follow her brother into world. After being in labor for 8 hours, Makoto had given birth to the twins and little Yuri was in her arms. Labor had taken a toll on the sailor senshi, but Makoto would not allow herself to pass out without being able to truly welcome her children. She looked at her daughter and saw that she had her green eyes, the same green eyes that hunger for justice.


Plans of the Past

Before (and technically after) the events of Junia's Promise, Yuri and Michael discovered the impending raid by her father from the past to rescue the enslaved Makoto. Michael, inheriting many of his mother's abilities for hacking, went to work finding out all he could about the assault for Yuri. He finally figured out everything, just as Crystal Tokyo was being assaulted by the Suburban Senshi. The assault led the Emerald Palace to be placed into lockdown.

Jedite walked into Yuri's room, with her and Michael firmly glued to the TV. He was admiring his past self's handy work before informing Michael that his handiwork had been noticed by his mom. Fear gripped the young teenager, but Jedite reassured him that his mom was impressed. Through Jedite, she was going to help them get Yuri back into the past. This brought great relief to the two Junia kids that repercussions were not forthcoming.

With Jedite's help, she put together a plan to intercept that assault force and use it as her ticket back into the past. She stole the royal shuttle and flew it to Crystal Tokyo under the pretenses of a "diplomatic mission." Just after she arrived, the GRS Silence Glaive arrived in the time period and started their assault to rescue Makoto. Predictably, Crystal Tokyo maintained their shield up, a legacy of the assault a week prior.

The young princess quickly cleared customs and started to run toward where the assault was going to take place. About five minutes after she cleared customs, the assault force had breached the wall surrounding the city. Twenty minutes after that, the city went into lockdown as the assault force started to do battle with the Crystal Army. Yuri quickly moved to a location to see the battle take place, with Sailor Senshi and knights on both sides attacking each other.

The shield quickly dropped, allowing the Silence Glaive and reinforcing assault shuttles to enter the city. Yuri watched as her future parents did battle with each other, with Kevin striking the final blow, destroying the Chaos bracelets that enslaved Makoto. However, she started to disappear due to her starseed being missing. Kevin took out her starseed, but she disappeared. Still clutching it, Yuri saw him break down until she reappeared on his lap, the starseed gone.

With the shuttles finally landed, they started to retreat to them. The Crystal Army was not about to let them escape, but the Guardian Republic held the line, fighting gallantly in the face of overwhelming odds. With the shuttles starting to take back off, Yuri made her move. Looking like her mom was a great advantage as she hitched a ride on the last shuttle, thinking it was Makoto. When the shuttles landed, the ship was in chaos trying to escape. This gave Yuri a chance to sneak off the shuttle, looking for a place to stay.

She had successfully stolen a ride back to the past, but her actions would have unintended consequences.

Cure of a virus

Soon after the events of Junia's Promise, Kevin and Makoto fell ill with a disease that was slowly killing them. When they needed her most, sadly Megumi Chiyuno was off world and completely unreachable. The best Kanorian doctors were unable to break the virus destroying the two lovers.

Yuri, who had been hiding mostly, noticed that she was started to feel the effects of time distortion. If her parents died, she would cease to be, since she had yet to be born. Her Aunt Aliana was aware of her existence and had went to her. Yuri admitted to stealing a ride back to the past, but Aliana was not angry but in fact impressed by her ingenuity and ability to hide her presence from the ship’s internal sensors.

Yuri was afraid of getting poked and prodded and being found out. Aliana convinced her that she would not get in trouble and needed to see her parents. Yuri agreed, and saw the poor state her parents were in. It was believed that the two had contracted a virus from the future... Potentially one that Ami and Usagi had created specifically designed for "traitorous" senshi. The doctor in the room for an idea and asked if he could run some tests on Yuri... Something Yuri was afraid would happen.

However, the doctor informed her that if he was correct, she was the key to not only saving her parents, but in turn her own existence. She agreed, and sure enough, she had an immunity to the disease. He was able to use that to synthesize a cure for her parents. With it the two quickly recovered and the temporal distortion affecting her no longer did so. Yuri was praised and embraced by her grateful future parents. She would be allowed to stay in the past and enjoy the company of her family of the past.

Stepping out of the shadows


Sakura Yamamoto and the Pacifica Wars


Taking command and ending Himiko's War

Yuri had gone back to her own time period again prior to the start of what would be known as Himiko’s War. She had stumbled on some literature that reference Himiko’s War and started to look it up. Unfortunately, what she could access was intentionally vague prompting her to go to her cousin Michael for help again. He was unable to break the encryptions that his mom had placed except for a few tidbits that she allowed him to get to.

Reading this part got Yuri really fired up, enough so that she went to gain the assistance of her Junia brethren and cousins, but not her Kino cousins. There was already one in the past anyhow. She also went to her family’s friends, the next generation, and ask for their assistance, gaining the allegiance of Nick Collins, Miki Kaze, Aoi Yuroti (well, she was already going), Alejandro and Yvette Icelean, and others, and a sizable amount of troops to boot. The GRS Silence Glaive, GRS Fate, GRS Destiny, GRS Legacy, GRS Providence, and GRS Relic were the timeships the Kanorians used, and all happened to be in that exact time period orbiting Jupiter… hmmm, what a coincidence (yeah, okay probably not a coincidence).


Battle of the Core Gate

Yuri followed her father and other allied members to save Aliana, Usagi, and three others from Pacifico's grasp. They were successful but not before Pacifico forces used the power of the five girls to open a permanent portal to the Aganan Galaxy. Aliana, understanding the risks used her abilities to bring back most of the people including Kevin back to Kanorian territory.

Yuri was not so fortunate to get that ride home... because she volunteered to bring the Emerald Dragon and the others back. What she had not told her father was that she was going to the new Core Gate in space to investigate. Yuri commanded the ship towards it, when a huge fleet started to arrive out of the wormhole, with designs that were familiar but not from the Milky Way. The Aganan Galaxy forces had come to conquer the Milky Way.

Unfortunately, Yuri was left with an impossible situation. The Emerald Dragon was not a military vessel but it was by no means weak either. It was a formidable vessel and quite lethal to military vessels. However, against hundreds of thousands of enemy ships, they would make short work of her vessel. Just then 64 Kanorian SF-4s had dropped out of hyperspace. These were ships that were trying to join the initial rescue mission, but now became part of the blockade.

In a show of complete confidence (and maybe some deep down respect for the brave young lady and her force), the enemy only sent 200 strarfighters to knock aside the pitiful little band. Though outnumbered, the Kanorian forces prove to be more than up to the task and chased off the remains of that force, while only losing a few themselves. However, it was simple numbers, the enemy had more. But just when it seemed hope had finally run out, the force any Kanorian would have voted least likely to see on the same side as them arrived.

The Kartonians brought a substantial part of their overall forces to the number of around 18,000 warships of various size and class, along with 20,000 starfighters. They formed up to protect Yuri and her taskforce, taking on the advancing vanguard of the Aganan. The leader of the vanguard was one of the well-respected admirals that Aganan had and realized that his forces were outmatched the moment engagement happened. He could not retreat, and he could not surrender at least not yet. He would have to play this one out.

Eventually he withdrew his battered forces, giving the Kartonians the victory they were hoping for. Unfortunately, this was still a skirmish compared to the actual battle that would take place. Fortunately, the skirmish had taken long enough for the Milky Way forces to arrive to assist. The Hotilians, the Kianans, the Rolinians, the forces of Sharline, the Rizua, the Yan’lui, the Er-tan’ru, the Bcesila, the Zzreta, and the Kanorians showed up with their armadas around nearly the same time, giving the allies a substantial force to withstand invasion. After five grueling hours, the Milky Way allies had routed the enemy, something that Yuri’s defiant stand started.

The retreat was not orderly, which caused Yuri to give chase. Her father had seen this as well and ordered all forces to charge into the gate. It was time to turn the tables on the Aganan and secure their own beachhead. The Aganan were not expecting the Milky Way allies to follow up with such an assault and were routed without much of a fight due to the disorganization of the retreating troops and the skill and confidence the Milky Way forces had displayed. Yuri would get a promotion and some medals heaped on her for this. Her career as a Coalition of the Guardian Republic Kanorian officer was off to a white-hot start.

The Lily and the Honeybadger

Five years into the long war with the Aganan Galaxy, Yuri found herself being tapped to become a starship captain in the Coalition of the Guardian Republic. After two years as the XO of the GRS Llano, Yuri would get a chance to prove herself. She was given command of the GRS Leonidas, which reunited her with her oath sister/sister-in-law Yinping, who oversaw the ground forces assigned to the vessel (nicknamed the 300). It was during this time that she would also become the rival of a Peacokian named Isanra Strebela. This loathing of Yuri stemmed from the belief that the only reason why Yuri was given command of such a fine vessel was because of her being a princess and the daughter of the Shogun, ironic because that her own noble status on her home world helped elevate her to her own ship.

This was not Yuri’s only issue as another Kanorian Captain named Derrick Pherson as not only did he have an infatuation for her, he was basically about to turn into a full-blown stalker. However, this was not the only eye that the Lily of Jupiter had caught. However, this one would start rocky but sometimes events can change people and that is something that Admiral *REDACTED* the Honey Badger would discover.

Declassifying… ACCESS DENIED. Information beyond this is designated Ultra Top Secret by the Military Intelligence of Kanoria Agency (MIKA).


Note: Do not get hung up on the names. They are just named that.

  • Sonic Shield - Like her father, Yuri can use her Kanorian abilities to create an impenetrable shield. However, unlike her father, she can not hold it up indefinitely. She has been able to use it for approximately 5 minutes before she becomes overwhelmed. She is getting better and better, able to use it longer though as she practices, gets older, and mature.
  • Sonic Torpedoes - Also like her father, this attack comes from her abilities as a Kanorian, using her fingertips to create projectiles that can really make someone regret their choice to attack her.
  • Sonic Bomb - Probably the most versatile attack, she can create an energy ball that can be thrusted forward or flung, depending on how she moves her palm. The destructive yield is impressive but can be controlled. It cannot harm her either but can be used to propel her in the opposite direction of the blast epicenter.

Other attacks being declassified…


  • While everyone of Kevin’s children is loved dearly by him, he holds a special place in his heart for Yuri.
  • Yuri’s time as the Kanorian Captain of the GRS Leonidas is currently being written in novel form under the tentative title For the Honor: Ascent of the Lily. Hopefully, it will be published once completed.