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Ultraman is a generic term for highly evolved beings found around the universe. Many of these beings have similar appearances, such as metallic like skin and giantism. They have often been sighted in Japan, although there have also been sightings in places such as Australia and the United States.

Ultra Worlds

M78: The Land of Light

The most well known of Ultra worlds, The Land of Light is located in the M78 galaxy, orbiting an artificial sun (the source of their rapid evolution) known as the Plasma Spark. Lead by the Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra, they strive to protect the universe from all manners of evil, accomplished by the organization known as the Space Garrison, comprised of many Ultra-beings from the planet.


Once located in one of the stars of the constellation Leo, L77 was the home of a highly advanced race of Ultra-beings, known for their strength and determination. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in an attack by Magma-Seijin and the Gila Bros. Only 3 survivors have been recorded.


Considered by some the "Sister" planet of Earth, U40 is the home of a highly evolved race that uses a powerful "group mind" to transform themselves into Ultra-warriors. Only eight of these warriors can change their height. The surface of the planet is deceiving, appearing as nothing more then an idyllic Greek-like civilization, while thousands of complex cities lie under the surface.

The Land of Sparkling

Not much is known about this world, located in the Z45 galaxy.

The Cat Constellation

Located in a constellation known only by certain races, the planet is the home of an advanced race of felines who long ago settled some of their number in secret. Through breeding with the native cats, they brought some of their traits to them and a mission: to give happiness to mankind. Now one of their numbers has returned to see if that mission is being carried out.


Located in the galaxy of M99 and orbiting a double pulsar, this blue planet is surrounded by thick blue clouds that obscure all signs of life from the outside universe. Led by a high council, they seek to observe planets and record any dangers that occur, although this has changed recently to a more active role in such.

Other Universes

As was discovered by Ultraman Mebius, other universes exist that contain their own versions of Ultramen. These include:

  • A universe where world peace was founded in the year 2000 and an ancient giant of light was reawoken. (Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna) Earth 19967
  • A universe where the Earth was attacked by a creature of chaos and Ultramen were born from the power of Earth itself. (Ultraman Gaia, Ultraman Agul) Earth 19989
  • A universe where a child befriended an injured Ultraman and later became one of the world's greatest heros. (Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Justice, Ultraman Legend) Earth 20012
  • A universe where the power of the ultra was reincarnated in several forms and several hosts to defeat a dark villian. (Ultraman The Next, Ultraman Nexus, Ultraman Noa) Earth 20034
  • A universe where a young man becomes a super evolved being known as an Ultraman and finds himself fighting against reawakening beasts. (Ultraman Kaida) Earth 201011
  • A universe where Ultraman is simply a television show and the wishes of a child bring the hero Gaia into this world, as well as conjur monsters. (Ultraman Gaia: Battle in Hyperspace) Earth 19989-B
  • Another universe where Ultraman is simply a television show, and people resembling the human forms of several Ultras exist. (Super Ultra 8 Brothers) Earth 20021
  • A universe where the Earth has become a controlled destopia and aliens attempt to infiltrate Tokyo. (Ultraseven X) Earth 20078

Known Ultrabeings

Present day

-Ultraman The First



-Ultraman Jack

-Ultraman Ace

-The Father of Ultra

-The Mother of Ultra

-Ultraman Taro

-Ultraman Leo


-Ultraman King

-Ultraman Jonias

-Ultraman 80


-Ultraman Chuck

-Ultraman Scott

-Ultrawoman Beth

-Ultraman Great

-Ultraman Powered

-Ultraman Zearth

-Ultra Nyan

-Ultraman Neos

-Ultraseven 21

-Ultra Anthony

-Ultraman Matt

-Ultrawoman Jess


-Ultra T

-Ultraman X

-Ultraman Sol

-Ultraman Max

-Ultraman Mebius

-Ultraman Hikari

-Ultraman Mu

-Ultraman Magnus

-Ultrawoman Virgo

-Ultraman Ajax

-Ultraman Zorin

-Ultrawoman Jean

-Ultrawoman Val

-Ultrawoman Dia


-Ultraman Zero

-Ultraman Lan

Ultra Types

Most Ultras who arrive to planet Earth require some sort of human form or disguise, partially to fit in among the populace but also in order to survive the harsh differences between the planet and their own world.

The ultra-human disguise factor can be categorized into four different forms:

  • Type A: Type A is a perminate Ultra-Human merger, often done when the human form is near dead or death. Examples of this type of merger are Ultraman The First and Ultraman Jack.
  • Type B: Type B is an Ultra created human form, where the identity has been fully formed from the ultra of their own power, often based in part on some human they have encountered. Examples of this are Ultraseven and Ultraman Mebius.
  • Type C: Type C is a variation on Type A, in being a temporary Ultra-Human merger. Often this merger between lifeforms lasts only as long as the Ultra's assignment on Earth is, where afterwards, the partnership is dissolved and both beings separate. Examples of this are Ultraman Jonias and Ultraman Great.
  • Type D: Type D is both the rarest and most common of Ultra human forms. The Multiple non perminate Ultra-Human disguise. In this case, the ultra will create a disguise or merge with a human for a brief period when they wish to be on the planet. Often they will abandon the disguise after it has served said purpose. Examples of this are Zoffy and Ultraseven21

There is talk of a possible Type E, that being a natural hybrid between an Ultra and non-Ultra lifeform, thus giving them a natural disguise but there has been no evidence of this yet.

Support Teams

Throughout the years, various teams have been created to serve and protect the planet from Kaiju and Seijin attacks. Most of them have been created by either the United Self Defense Force (USDF) or the World Defense Council (WDC).

  • Japanese Self Defense Force- Special Unit:

The first real defense force against Kaiju attacks was the JSDF-Special Unit. During the early sixties, they fought various threats such as Ragon, Balloonga, Namigon and others. This unit was composed of a platoon of specially trained soldiers with the latest technology. The unit would later be dissolved in 1965, though the name would continue to be used over the years.

  • Science Patrol:

The support team that helped Ultraman The First, the Science Patrol was based in Paris and was founded by the USDF. Captain Muramatsu lead the team of 5. Dissolved in 1967.

  • Ultra Garrison:

The support team of Ultraseven. The Ultra Garrison mainly dealt with the defense of Earth against hostile aliens. Is the most widely respected of all the support teams. Lead by Captain Kiriyama. Dissolved in 1968.

  • MAT (Monster Attack Team):

The support team of Ultraman Jack. MAT's Japanese base was located under Tokyo Bay. Lead first by Captain Katoh and then later lead by Captain Ibuki. Dissolved in 1972.

  • TAC (Terrible Monster Attack Crew):

The support team of Ultraman Ace. Created to combat the Yapool menace after the decimation of the JSDF-Special Unit. Lead by Captain Ryuh. Dissolved in early part of 1974.

  • ZAT (Zariba of All Territories):

The support team of Ultraman Taro. Led by Captain Asahita. Absorbed into MAC in 1975.

  • MAC (Monster Attack Crew):

The support team of Ultraman Leo. Led by Captain Dan Moroboshi. MAC was totally destroyed by the flying saucer monster Silver Bloom, killing all members with the exception of Dan Moroboshi and Gen Ohtori.

  • Ultra Garrison:

The support team of Ultraman Jonias. First support team created by the WDC. Dissolved in Early 1980.

  • UGM (Utility Government Members):

The support team of Ultraman 80. Led by Captain Ohyama. Dissolved in 1981

  • Ultra Force:

The first team not founded by Earth Authority. Created by the Ultraman King himself, consisited of Chuck, Beth and Scott. Active off and on till around 1993.

  • UMA (Universal Multipurpose Agency):

The second team to be founded by the WDC. Australian branch lead by Captain Grant. Became WINR in 1994.

  • WINR (Worldwide Investigation Network Response):

Developed from UMA. American branch lead by Captain Edlund. Folded in 1995.

  • SIU (Special Investiation Unit):

The support team of Ultra Anthony. Lead by Captain Sakamoto. Active till early 1996.

  • JET (Justified monster Elimnation Team):

The Support team of Ultraman Matt. American team lead by Captain Neal and the Japanese team lead by Captain Minamata. Active until 1997.

  • MEU (Monster Eradication Unit):

The Support team of Ultra T. Lead by Captain Murasaki and then Captain Kubose. Active until 1998.

  • AMDT (Anti-Monster Destruction Team):

The Support team of Ultraman X. Lead by Captain Tanaka. Became HEART in 1999.

  • HEART/HRT (Hi-Tech Earth Alert and Rescue Team):

The Support team of Ultraman Neos. Lead by Captain Minato. Active until 2001.

  • KAT (Kaiju Attack Team):

The support team of Ultraman Mu, it has its own page here.