Ultraman Matt

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An Ultraman from Pi-99 in Nebula M99, Ultraman Matt fought in the United States.


Name: Ultraman Matt

Human Form: John Davision

Height: 40 Meters

Weight: 35,000 Tons

Transformation Item: M-Ring

Support Team: JET (Justified monster Elimination Team)

Active on Earth: TBA


Matinium Ray: L-style blast from arms.

Giga-Matinium Ray: Similer to the normal Matinium Ray but shot from the broad side of the arm.

Matt Slash: Slashing energy that comes in various forms:

  • Verticle Matt Slash
  • Forward Matt Slash
  • Matt Slash Blast

Beam Blast: Fired from beam lamp on forehead.

Ultra Twister: Spins in hyper-sonic speeds.

Fin Blast: Energy shot from fin on head.

Hand Flash: Burst of light from outstretched hand.

Healing Beam: Blue ray shot from Color Timer. Can even bring the dead back to life.



Sub.Sen. Connections

Once had an encounter with Sakura Xadium Aino.