Sakura Xadium Aino

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Sakura Xadium Aino
Biographical information

Gallifrey, Earth 1337-B

Birth October 11, 2907
Family Dr. Xadium (father), Aino Minako (mother), Ichiro Oogami (husband), Lucien Xadium Aino, (adopted child) Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino (child), Noriko Xadium, (half-sister)

Time Lord, Trainer on Kaiou Planet North, Actor


Sakura Shinguuji, Retta Kenn

Physical description

Gallifreyan, Human



Hair color

orange blond

Eye color





Reiken Arataka, Holy sword of Shinguuji clan


time-active, spiritually sensitive, henshin into Sailor Venus



First Appearance
Xadium-Aino Clan

Sakura Xadium Aino is the future daughter of the original Dr. Xadium and Sailor Venus. She is both a Sailor Senshi and a Time Lord, and is around 4,000 years old.

She has recently revealed that she hails from Earth 1337-B, a slightly divergent timeline of the main one in which her mother and father remained married. She spent a lot of her childhood in this universe due to a Time Slip, and so has very close ties to everyone there. She operates chiefly in this universe and has ever since her first appearance.


Sakura has a genki personality, vast intelligence, and lots of power. Some of her specialties include metal-based powers and alliteration. She has a TARDIS and tends to appear when there are time-related plots going on. During her travels, she has taken on the identity of Shinguuji Sakura and been a Shinigami.

Often "popping up" in the Suburban Senshi house or time period, Sakura keeps tabs on what goes on, and is known to appear at random.

Her nemesis was/is Eudial of the Witches 5 and psycho_saki was built by Eudial with the purpose of destroying Sakura.

Brief Biography

Change of Occupation

On January 1st, 2008, Sakura was recruited by rei-bot to help train the next generation of fighters on the North Kai world, and so she ceased active duty as a Time Lady. She has previously served as a captain of the 5th squad in Soul Society.

Sakura bought the Imperial Theatre some time ago, where in the early decades of the 20th century, she was part of the Hanagumi group put together by the Capital Defense Plan. However, Aino Minako has now acquired the theater, intending to build luxury hotel suites over the theater itself.

Sakura has also been involved with Matsumi Kaze's new Rising Valkyrie Unit fighting troupe.

On November 18th, 2010, Sakura Revealed that the High Council of Time Lords had just assigned her to be solely in charge of maintaining the proper flow of time in the Ten'Aino House, since so many things happened there. She then proceeded to head back to the first time she ever met the inhabitants of the house to start her job, revealing that she has been maintaining the integrity of time there since her first appearance, and that her appearance have been as part of her job all along.

Back in Blue

The devastating Tsunami that hit Japan in March, 2011 which destroyed the ancestral homelands of the Shinguuji clan and which killed every surviving member, along with the death of Sakura's father at the hands of The Corruptor's daughter, sent Sakura into a black period of depression and deep mourning. Her hair reverted to its blue color in response to her mood, and she forsook the trappings of her post-Gallifrey heritage, dressing as she did back in the 1900's when she was living as the human Shinguuji Sakura. Her anger and frustration is deep, and she stays at Ten'ou House in the hopes that her friends and family can pull her out of the malaise. Eventually, she did manage it, and returned to her normal cheery self.


After seeing her sister Arx Sylvanran come to terms with Solarchos, Sakura decided it was time to head back home to Venus, to stay with her elderly quasi-father from this timeline, making sure he wasn't alone in his dying days.... then she promptly got Potara earrings and saved his life by fusing him with his divergent self creating all kinds of awesome. Now she just travels the universe having fun!

New Options

Sakura's life began to change when Mango-chan, feeling the need to breed, crossed the genes of Yaijinden and Noriko Xadium, creating a baby boy she gifted to Sakura.

Sakura took the child as her own, naming him after her deceased half brother, believing that he contained the reincarnated soul-stuff of her deceased relative.

After adopting Lucien, Sakura began to seriously contemplate settling down and leading a peaceful family life. Not wanting to raise the child alone, she again turned her thoughts towards marriage, something since her deceased husband Ichiro Oogami had passed away in the 60's. But before she could even start looking, fate played its hand...

Happy Endings

On September 15th, 2012, During the invasion of the Empire of Ghosts, Sakura came face to face with the re-animated corpse of her deceased husband, Ichiro Oogami. She tried to release his spirit by impaling his body with Arataka, but the evil force possessing him was so strong that it shattered the holy blade. Crying out to Gemini and Erica for help, she combined her powers with Gemini's strength and Erica's holy power to purify Ichiro's soul... and gave him a farewell kiss before dispatching him.

But as she kissed him, a thought came to mind... his soul, now purified, and his body were right there... if only...

Deepening the kiss, as Gemini and Erica watched on in shock, she started transferring her own life force-- the regeneration energy of a Time Lord who had never regenerated-- into Ichiro's body. giving "eleven or twelve of her lives" to him, she revived Oogami and healed him, bringing her husband back to him-- the husband who had never known her as anything but the simple country girl Shinguuji Sakura.

Later that night, as Ichiro was convalescing in his hospital bed, Sakura revealed everything:

[20:09] * [In Oogami's Hotel Room] Sakura> So.... it's 2012... I'm a Time Lord, a Sailor Senshi... and we have a kid

And, reunited with her husband (who was now brimming with Time Lord energy), Sakura lived happily ever after. (And far away from Hotel where Lobelia and Ratchet and others couldn't get to Ichiro)

On March 15th, 2014, she transferred her OPs to The Intern, handing over the reins of the future to her.

The Exile

On Jan 19th, 2023, After defeating Norom's attempt to genocide The Division, she found herself exiled by the High Council of the Time Lords for changing the timeline.


  • 1935: Calling herself Retta Kenn and using the cover of being an investigative reporter, Sakura teamed up with Doc Savage and The Fabulous Five in stopping a mysterious criminal from creating earthquakes to destroy dams. These events were later chronicled by Savage himself (going under the pen name of Kenneth Arnold) as "The Roar Devil".
  • 1971: Working with Arataka, she spent a great deal of time In the 1970s working to protect the flow of time in Earth 1337-A from being changed by Earth 1337-B Momoko Momohara.


She wields the Reiken "Arataka" ("Spirit Sword 'Wild Falcon') in the Hokushin Ittou-ryu discipline ("North Star Sword Style").


  • A Maniken in Sakura's form has been seen; however, its proper name is unknown.
  • Ever since Cressida one-punched the Tairon Gate, the change in Sakura's history and biodata has lefy her memories slightly scrambled and in flux. Her history did not cleanly change to match the new history. This is because it was a fixed point in time that was broken.