Ultrawoman Val

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Ultrawoman Val is a new Ultraman who has appeared in the United States to defend it against monster and alien attacks. She is the daughter of Ultraman Matt.


Name: Ultrawoman Val
Human Form: Katlyn Davison
Height: 40 meters
Weight: Variable
Flight Speed: Mach 8
Running Speed: Mach 3
Swimming Speed: 50 knots
Tranformation Item: Valient Brace
Support Team: Neo-JET


Valarium Ray: Shot in an L style

Valiant Shot Blast from beam lamp

Valiant Strike Energy powered punch

Valiant Saucer: Energy circle shield

Saucer Shot: Spinning energy disc from hand

Capture Beam: Lasso like energy whip

Sparkle Rain: Glowing blue spray that puts out flames


1. Earth Devil Monster Mokugen

2. Swamp Demon Crocgoder

3. Explosive Monster Bakasuder

4. Haunted Road Monster Domaphile

5. Saucer alien Susu-Seijin

6. Mysterious Flower Monster Thorndye

7. Dissolving Monster Acidra

8a. Burning alien Plasi-Seijin

8b. Burning Monster Plasrask

9.Ancient Creature Dinosarus

10. Night Monster Mystron

11. Strange Entity Human Ghost

12. Metal Alien Talos-Seijin