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Shuro Takanowa
Biographical information


Birth February 2
Family Aya Mitsuske (wife)



Sailor Umbriel

Physical description




Hair color

brown with gold high lights

Eye color

deep blue




manipulations of light; absence of light


Sailor Uranus, Satellite Senshi of Uranus, Crosstime Traffic

First Appearance


The Home Timeline, the dimension that Shuro is originally from, was overcrowded with the human population and rapidly running out of natural resources. The discovery of being able to travel across time, rather than through it, opened up an infinite amount of timelines/dimensions to go into and explore.

After much studying and work experience, Shuro Takanowa, who had always felt like she didn't belong in her home timeline and was destined for greater things, was chosen at the young age of 18 to lead an expedition into Timeline 48432, a.k.a, the SubSen Timeline. She and her crew established their HQ in France and branched out to several highly technological countries over the world.

Eventually, after several years, Shuro Takanowa came into talks with Chinatsu Naomi (the mother of Mai Naomi, the aging owner of the once-prosperous Naomi Corporation. With permission from her higher ups, Shuro bought out the company and continues to run it as a front for dealing in technologically advancing trading, acting as its CEO.

With the help of her trusted assistant, Eryk Jones, Shuro managed to carve out a comfortable and decent life for herself.

Kimiko Incident

Present Day

Shuro lives with Aya, whom she eventually married, in a lush apartment in the Hiroo district of Tokyo.


Aya Mitsuske

Eryk Jones

Mai Naomi


After having had moved to Tokyo at the age of 22 to cement her ruse as acting CEO, Shuro took a day to explore her surrounding area to check out possible business partnerships. She decided to take a break with all the business talk and went into a nearby art gallery. There, she fell in love with the beautiful sea and skyscape paintings that were on display near the back of the store. Further exploring the back of the store, she made her way into the employees-only section, as she felt entitled to do so, and came upon what looked like an old studio. While examining an in-progress painting, she accidentally bumped into a series of rolled up parchment, which caused something to be dislodged and clatter to the floor with a crash. A black smoke began to rise from the fallen over pile and a figure formed. The creature immediately attacked Shuro and she dodged it. She reached into the inside pocket of her jacket for her trishore gun but using it on the creature proved fruitless. It passed through it harmlessly and hit the painting behind it. Feeling like she was powerless and out of options, Shuro watched helplessly as the creature approached her.

Suddenly, she felt like her ears were popping and as if the room was closing in on her. The creature in front of her began to scream and seemed to be squeezing in on itself. Shuro looked to see what the creature was looking at and saw a beautiful woman with long, golden-blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and clad in a sailor fuku. Sailor Ariel had arrived to take care of the creature once and for all.

After the monster was dealt with, Sailor Ariel went to help Shuro up. When Shuro took Sailor Ariel's offered hand, a feeling passed through her. Memories were unlocked and she gripped the woman's hand tightly. A smile formed on her lips as Sailor Ariel's eyes went wide with wonder.

From her connection to Sailor Ariel, Shuro had discovered that she was Sailor Umbriel, the Uranus Satellite Senshi of Darkness.


Sailor Umbriel is able to suck light from an outside source and turn it into a form of darkness energy, which she can release as bolts. She has exceptionally good vision in dimly lit areas, though she can not see in total darkness. The power of the light that is around her, determines the strength of her attacks.

She has an amulet that is able to store an unspecified amount of light within, with varying degrees of power. In total darkness, she's able to use the amulet for attacks.

She isn't a defensively powered senshi. She doesn't boost the strength of light.

Her sense of hearing heightens as a senshi the darker an area becomes. She'd rather use her hearing than her eyes in a fight, though that has its downsides.