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Aya Mitsuske
Biographical information


Birth April 30
Family Shuro Takanowa (wife)


Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

dark blue




manipulation of air pressure, vacuums


Sailor Uranus, Satellite Senshi of Uranus

First Appearance


Born in Tottori, Japan, Aya grew up in a very loving home. Her parents were owners of a small nick-knack shop on the outskirts of the city, nearest to the famed sand dunes. Living above the shop in their apartment, Aya had a great view of the sand dunes and of the Sea of Japan.

Aya was always willing to help her parents run the shop when tourist season hit, but she would have rather gone exploring in the nearby caves, or visiting the old folks in the traditional/old section of the city. Aya grew to love falling asleep with the sounds of the waves rushing into the dunes.

In her pre-teen years, Aya began to study painting from her favorite Old Lady in Shikano (Old Castle Town). She began to hone her craft, up her skill, and began to flourish in her talent of painting beautiful seascapes and skyscapes; scenes of the ocean and scenes of the sky.

In her late teens, Aya moved to Tokyo to attend the Yazawa University of Art. Once there, she began to establish herself as an incredibly gifted painter.

Kimiko Incident

Present Day


Shuro Takanowa


One particularly cool late-Summer's evening, after having had a heavy rainfall, the 14-year-old Aya went out with her art satchel and made her way to Genbudo Cave. She wanted to catch the sunset's colors through the gloomy clouds.

Oddly enough, however, it started to snow...

Aya looked up as the first snowflake landed on her arm and saw a Snow Dancer flying around in the air. She dropped her painting supplies, astonished at seeing the creature.

The creature saw her, unfortunately, and in a blast of indecipherable rage, the Snow Dancer flew at Aya, blasting her with a stream of snow and ice.

Aya managed to dodge the attack though she had hurt herself by crashing into the rocky terrain. As the Snow Dancer advanced on her once more, she shut her eyes, clenching her fists, and held her breath tightly.

She started to feel this strange, uncomfortable pressure in her head. She heard a popping sound as the Snow Dancer began screaming. She opened her eyes to see the Snow Dancer being squeezed by an invisible force. She saw a light and felt up to her forehead, feeling a sigil glowing there. Once she touched it, a bubbling sensation filled her body and from her lips burst forth the phrase "Ariel Satellite Power, Make Up!"

She found herself having transformed into Sailor Ariel. The Snow Dancer was still trying to get at her but Aya, as Sailor Ariel, knew what to do. She reversed the strong pressure of air that had been surrounding the living creature. Instead, she emptied all of the air around the Snow Dancer, sealing it into an inescapable orb of a vacuum.

She vanquished the Snow Dancer, though that hadn't stopped her normally hot, sub-tropical city from being covered in a blanket of snow.

She managed to de-transform, go home, and see on the news about a group of legendary Sailor Guardians fighting off the evil, ice queen off the shores of the Tokyo Bay. She knew that she had to get to Tokyo to try and find the other Sailor Satellite Senshi.


  • Perfection Vacuum