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Kibouni Hikari
Biographical information


Birth August 8, 1989

March 12, 2007 (was revived)

Family parents (deceased), Akuri

Detective, Sailor Senshi


Sailor Solar Miracle, Princess Solista

Physical description

Human (Half Japanese, Half Brazilian)



Hair color

red (civilian), blond (senshi)

Eye color



5'2/158 cm


gold and silver chakram w/ detachable chain, Royal Solista Flail


controls and produces all types of light, generates heat


Kuroki Natsumi, Hayley Adriana, The Great Five, Yamamoto Umeko (deceased)

First Appearance


Kibouni Hikari was born August 8, 1989 in Japan's Shijinku Prefecture to a Brazilian mother and Japanese father. Coincidentally, at the approximate time of her birth, a solar eclipse occurred--a possible hint of the destiny to come. As a child, she was average for the most part, quiet, shy, and unassuming. Nothing much of significance happened until the age of 12.

In February, 2002, her mother, Alessandra, and her father, Keitaro, moved into the Azabu-Juuban district due to a promotion in Keitaro's work. He was a PR representative for Toei Studios. Upon taking the transfer exams for Juuban Municipal Middle School, she actually tested outside of the school's parameters, and on a whim the counselor there suggested she should take the entrance exams for Azabu High--not knowing that this single event will start a chain reaction that would shape her destiny and change her life forever.

Hikari took the exams, and a few weeks later she received an acceptance letter from Azabu High, welcoming her for the beginning of the next term. On March 8, 2002, Hikari graduated from her old school, Shikukasen Municipal Middle School, and on April 5, 2006, started her first day at Azabu High--going from grade 7 to 10. Hikari was always able to get good grades, while also managing to keep a stable social life. She got top marks and was able to get high scores on her mock exams and term papers, creating a recruitment frenzy among the elite schools in the area, who wanted their very own child genius as their poster child. Nevertheless, she was content in her surroundings, not wanting to uproot herself after just acclimating to life in Juuban.

In the winter of 2004, Souichi Tomoe rebuilt Mugen Gakuen, and the school started recruiting for elite students. Hikari herself, being a prime candidate from her test scores, was mercilessly hounded by Mugen representatives for weeks before she finally conceded, and in January of 2005 transferred out of Azabu High to attend Shin Mugen Gakuen, where she'd finish out the remainder of her senior year.

Hikari's Destiny

It was several days later when she was running late for class that she ran into a fellow Shin Mugen student by the name of Kuroki Natsumi, who was also in grade 12, and they become fast friends. Hikari, for some reason, sensed a strange, yet familiar, feeling from the girl, but chalked it up to her imagination and paid it no mind. The two of them became attached to the hip and did everything together, even after the two of them graduated in mid-June when Hikari was 16.

On the night of Hikari's 17th birthday that same year, she began to have strange dreams; always the same. She would see herself in a royal golden gown, and Natsumi in a royal gray gown in a warm, brightly lit palace. They would be in the middle of what seemed to be a conference, and she could see the faces of everyone--except those of four girls dressed in aqua, crimson, sage, and orange gowns guarding another girl, who seemed to be dressed as royalty in a lacy white gown. Hikari could never suss out what the dreams meant, only that they brought feelings of nostalgia along with them.

A little over a month later--September 11, 2005--Ginga TV reported that monsters, possibly connected to the Tairon Overfiend, were running wild in the Juuban-Cho shopping district, where Hikari's parents had gone shopping that day. Against her better judgment, she headed there in a hurry. Amidst the panic and confusion she encountered, she was pulled into an alley by Natsumi, who drops a bomb on her: "I'm the one who's been giving you those dreams; you're the one I have been searching for. I was hoping we'd have more time, but we don't have a choice."

Natsumi revealed that she's not an ordinary Mugen student, but a sailor senshi; Sailor Shinen, soldier of the Abyss. Hikari's past life was that of the princess of the Solista Kingdom, and her destiny is to be Natsumi's partner as Sailor Solar Miracle, the senshi of the sun. Hikari reluctantly slipped on the golden henshin bracelet that Natsumi offered her and transformed into Sailor SolarMiracle for the first time. After several hours of battle, she and Satsumi were able to halt the youma rampage in the streets of the shopping district before they could cause more damage, but not before the youma had claimed civilian lives--her parents included, crushed under fallen debris. Hikari, seething with rage vowed that day to avenge her parents; something Natsumi had to keep dissuading her best friend from seeking, for she as now not just her friend, but the only link to Hikari's past life and her guide on the path of a sailor senshi.

Hikari's Last Change

Yamamoto Umeko and her group of elemental thugs know as The Great Five, or Godai, captured Hikari as she was walking home alone, and later ripped out her starseed. The rage that had begun to build up in her heart over her parents' death. instead of instantly killing. her formed a mirror image of Hikari, albiet with white hair, around the starseed when it was removed. However, no matter how strong a sailor senshi's will may be, after a while with no starseed in the body, the body will deteriorate and die.

At first, the 'clone' had no name, strutting around high and mighty and wielding an enormous amount of power, basically declaring war on all that was good and pure. Though she acclimated to the human world with ease, it was only for the sake of carrying out her schemes in an easier fashion. She may look and talk like a human, but she still has a lot to learn when it comes to language and interaction, as most slang terms are lost on her. Eventually, she came up with a name to call herself as she realizes that things have names, and calls herself Akuri, 'aku' being the term for nightmare and 'ri' from the last kanji of Hikari's name, as she is a part of the soldier, after all.

Soon, the Godai realized they could no longer control Akuri's antics, and tried unsuccessfully to kill her. This resulted in the destruction of the Godai base and the death of Umeko herself. As she herself tried to escape the burning base, Akuri ran into a dying Hikari, still in chains, who with her last breath pleads with Akuri to change her ways and not be so evil. With those words and the kind smile that followed, something struck a chord in Akuri. She gave some of her power to the dead girl, which formed a new starseed for Hikari, as well as powering up her Sailor Fuku, and freeing her from her bonds. The two escaped the base together as the fire claimed the complex together with her new 'sister,' Hikari's term for Akuri.

Hikari, Akuri, and Natsumi are constantly watching out for the surviving Godai members, every day a new ordeal.

About Kibouni Hikari

Hikari is a shy individual, though she tries for a more open enthusiastic exterior. She is always up for an adventure, and always wanting to make friends. She's the kind of girl that if she is around unfamiliar people, will only speak when spoken to; after she gets to know you, however, you find out that she's actually quite a chatterbox. She won't talk much on a subject she isn't very versed in, so people shouldn't be offended if they are all in conversation and Hikari is fairly quiet.

Hikari is loyal to a fault--you mess with her friends, you're messing with her. She's always trying to find the good in people, which some people see as her being naive. She's smart, some might say on a genius level; outside of class, however, she preferred to behave like a normal girl--idol-chasing, being goofy, sleeping into the late afternoon on weekends, etc., because she feels that just because her IQ is where it is doesn't mean she can't enjoy life at the same time.

Being a senshi in training has made it hard for her to keep a part-time job. This has been rectified, as she has recently opened up her own business in the Shibuya district, a small self-run detective agency, which serves to both help the community, and as a base for the twin shin senshi to brainstorm and regroup.


Hikari has a slender build; standing 5'2 with dark crimson hair in civilian form, honey blond in senshi form, and golden brown eyes.

Senshi Form

Her sailor fuku accessories are a PGSM style jewelry star bracelet on her left wrist that has a yellow strap with gold stars inlaid, a ruby tinged gold gem rests in the top center, glowing when activated. The cover over the bracelet flips open to start emergency mode. Her hair changes from her natural crimson to gold during her henshin. Her tiara is gold with a blue, multi-faceted gem, and her earrings are navy blue studs. Her choker is navy blue with a gold sun emblem, her sailor collar is also navy blue with no stripes. Her front bow is a luminescent yellow with a gold sun emblem, and she has elbow length gloves in chrome orange with blue ridging. The skirt is navy blue with chrome orange underskirt, and a gold sun rests on the belt's center. Her back bow is luminescent yellow in the SuperS style. Her footwear is navy blue ankle boots.

Emergency Mode

After her imprisonment at Umeko's base and the events leading up to her escape from the facility has enabled Hikari to access her emergency mode for brief periods of time. Super Solar Miracle's fuku is the same as her normal form, with the exception of an extra stud in her ear, a gold stripe in the center of her choker, and her sailor collar gains one white stripe. A gold chain of sun emblems encircles her waist and her boots now have gold sun emblems on the top.

Powers and Abilities

Cutting a ray through the darkness; releasing the townspeople from the vice of fear, soldier of light and hope, Sailor Solar Miracle. As a civilian, Hikari has the ability to generate light and waves of heat from her fingertips; all other abilities, with the exception of disguise powers, require her to be in senshi form.

Henshin Phrases

"Solar Miracle Makeup!" is the phrase used to henshin into Sailor Solar Miracle. "Emergency Makeup!" is the phrase used to change into super senshi mode; this can be used from either her civilian or primary senshi form. "'insert desired disguise' Change On!" is the phrase used to assume disguises stored in her Solaris-S keitai.


Solar Slender Beam: Shoots a beam of light from her pointer finger.

Slender Beam Shower: Summons a meteor shower of slender beams from the sky.

Rolling Slender Beam: 5 beams of light independently 'roll' over the enemy before they converge, flash, and explode.

Super Furious Random Solar Slender Beams of Death: Flings an unguided barrage of slender beams at her enemy in a blind rage, most unsafe.

Solista Flail: Summons her melee weapon from the emblem etched in the back of her sailor collar.

Solista Shunt: Performing a side spin or at a runner's pace, Sailor Solar Miracle hurls her glowing chakram at her enemy at high speeds.

Solista Shunt Shine: Version throwing her chakram straight up, a well-fired slender beam strikes the blade's edge, refracting one beam into many and striking the ground around her in a rotating circular pattern.

Twin Shin Attractive Attack: Can only be used in emergency mode combination attack with Sailor Shinen, combining their energies into Solar Miracle's Solista Flail. The pent-up energies of a solar and lunar eclipse is unleashed in a massive flowing wave.

The Senshi Side of Kibouni

Building upon a hybrid of martial arts and a bit of self taught melee weapons training, Solar Miracle's fighting style is akin to that of the fictional henshin heroine Jin Asuka of 1998's tokusatsu series Kamen Tenshi Rosetta. Her extensive training with Princess Venus in the past life as revealed by Sailor Shinen is the sole reason why her very first few attacks, solar slender beam, slender beam shower, and super furious random solar slender beams of death, respectively, are solar based while having a Venus alignment in its retrograde, which seems to add to the overall power of the attack.

Sailor Solar Miracle is a much different entity than her civilian counterpart. Where Hikari is both parts intellect and aloof, Solar Miracle is all parts cool and calculating, and proves to hold her own in battle. While she possesses a vast array of powers, she sometimes has trouble utilizing them, which has caused problems here and there on the field. This, of course, would wound any soldier's pride, but for Solar Miracle, she just sees it as another opportunity to hone her latent abilities and move ever onward. Once in her fuku, her eyes are focused only on the mission at hand; disregarding that for little else--sometimes giving people the impression she has that ruthless 'UraNeptune' battle mentality, though that is not the case.

She is one half of the fighting team she and Natsumi have dubbed the Twin Shin Angels, their own take on a bishoujo fighting pair out of admiration of tokusou Sentai Dekarangers famed Twin Cam Angels.

Work History

tsutaya roppongi bookstore cat-girl mascot 3 days fired -napping on the job- azabu juban onsen towel girl 1 week quit -disgusting ecchis in towels- nagurareya ring girl 12 days quit -caught a stray punch to the eye- don quijote applied for mascot got stuck in adult toy dept 5 minutes quit -ew- cure maid spoon-feeding french maid 3 weeks fired -accidental fondue choking incident- ikebukuro sunshine theater concessions 45 minutes fired -spilling drinks on customers- dead or alive 4 voice of screaming fan in arena #291 1 month -cut from final product- tomonobu itagaki itagaki's assistant 30 seconds quit arrested for assault -touch my ass will you - charges dropped won 12 000 000 yen in class-action suit akihabara dell shop customer support 20 minutes fired -cursing at customers- akihabara dell shop receptionist 5 days fired -caught stealing office supplies- akihabara dell shop gopher 5 hours fired -got lost in shibuya terminal ended up in osaka- akihabara dell shop mailroom 9 minutes fired arrested for arson -accidentally set the mailroom on fire- charges dropped akihabara dell shop greeter 1 minute quit -arrested for violating restraining order- charges dropped yamatane museum of art tour guide 2 hours fired -broke priceless artifact while telling children to be careful- yorimichi teien bar maid 8 hours fired arrested for indecent exposure -late night game of strip go gone horribly wrong- charges dropped -


Favorite Movie: The Eye
Favorite TV Shows: Mahou Sentai Magiranger, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, Hanazakari no Kimitachi E, My Boss My Hero, Hotaru no Hikari, Summer X Summer, Hana Yori Dango, Pretty Guardian SailorMoon, Kamen Tenshi Rosetta
Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV
Odd Habit: Absent-mindedly playing with her henshin nail polish.
Next-gen console and why: xbox 360, I need my DOA fix.

Q&A with Hikari-chan

7 most influential positive things in your life:
1. Aino Minako. I aspire to be as powerful as her someday.
2. The experience of finishing my education early.
3. Senshi Training
4. My mother
5. My father
6. Helping people as a detective.
7. My friends

7 negative influences on your life:
1. not knowing what Akuri's gonna do next.
2. My parents death.
3. Whoever was involved in the former.
4. Fear
5. Self-doubt
6. My tendency to leap before I look.
7. Being broke

Life Goal: To find where I fit in this world.


Deepest, darkest secret: I'm afraid that my parents died without knowing just how important they were to me.

Love of your life, or closest thing to it: none

Last romantically/sexually involved with: *blush* Merril-chan.

Number of btard children: none

What type of MMORPG character would you be and why: a mage of some sort; i want to be all sparkly and elegant.


Hikari's a Leo; her gemstone is the ruby.

Her favorite food is soup and her least favorite is corned beef. Hikari's favorite colors are yellow, orange, marigold, navy blue, and silver.

Hikari is terrified of heights.

Her blood type is AB.

Hikari's nickname in middle school was Kirakira-chan.

Her IQ is 137.

The name of her favorite stuffed dog is Patches.

Proved the fact that if you work for a man who puts a 37" bust on a 5'1 98lb Chinese girl in a video game, there there's a 1 in 3 chance he'll try to grab your ass and there'll be a 100% chance that Police-san will be called and have to drag you off the ecchi's bleeding body.