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Kuroki Natsumi
Biographical information


Birth February 28 1988
Family parents deceased, Ayano and Nanba Kuroki (adopted parents)

Detective, Sailor Senshi


Shingetsu Miyuki, Sailor Shinen, Twin Shin Shinen, Princess Shingetsu

Physical description




Hair color

brown (civilian)/black (senshi)

Eye color



165 cm/5'5


Shingetsu Sabre (black space blade with gold edge)


shadow diving, teleportaion, shadow manipulation, generating vacuums


Kibouni Hikari, Akuri, Hayley Adrianna, The Great Five, Yamamoto Umeko (deceased)

First Appearance


Kuroki Natsumi was actually born as Shingetsu Miyuki on February 28, 1988, to Fukada and Asagi Shingetsu; born a native resident of the Juuban-Cho district of Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 5, she was involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver; the collision claimed the lives of her parents and the girl was unceremoniously thrust into foster care. After wading through the system for a few years and suffering at the hands of several abusive or neglectful foster families--even animosity from other children in the group home--she was formally adopted at the age of 9 by a nice couple, Ayano and Nanba of the Kuroki household.

Due to the trauma she suffered from the accident and the seemingly agonizing time she spent in foster care, Miyuki had become a withdrawn and isolated person, making her seem older--a trend to follow in her later years. After being home schooled through middle school and a lot of effort on her own part, as well as support from her foster parents, Miyuki finally decided to come out of her shell and attend public high school. That same year, Miyuki, to the joy of her parents, decided to legally change her name--feeling like the old her really did die in that accident--to Kuroki Natsumi before she began her first day at school.

Around the tenth grade, she began hearing incidents of disappearances in the Mugen Delta area, which was currently under construction, notably disappearances of students. Maybe it was curiosity, or something at the back of her brain telling her something was up, but she followed up on leads and it directed her toward an abandoned basement mall. During her infiltration, she unfortunately was brought to the conclusion that it wasn't so abandoned after all. The disappearances were linked to a group calling themselves the Great Five, or the Godai. Headed by the sadistic Yamamoto Umeko, they cornered her, and as they were about to finish the death blow, an item appeared around her wrist: a charm bracelet. The bracelet then changed shape, vaguely resembling an 'SP license,' albeit without a police badge on it, but a crescent moon surrounded by glowing stars. Her fingernails glowed a purplish black and the words come to her. "Emergency Make-Up!"

With those words, her clothes dissolved and a suit similar to those worn by the--until now only rumored--sailor senshi formed on her body. She managed to hold them off before escaping, and ran home thinking the worst was over. However, it had only begun. For the next year, every time there was trouble, every time someone screamed for help, Natsumi would change into Sailor Shinen, the soldier of the Abyss, and fight off the shadows that harshened the light of day in the town. The job, however, came with one thing she didn't expect--dreams. Or were they nightmares?

They were always the same; in her dreams, she saw herself in a royal silver gown, and Hikari in a royal golden gown in a warm, brightly lit palace. They were in the middle of what seemed like a conference, and she could see the faces of everyone except those of 4 girls dressed in aqua, crimson, sage, and orange gowns guarding another girl, who seemed to be dressed as royalty in a lacy white gown. All of a sudden, there was a big explosion and when she next looked up, the 4 girls she saw in gowns before are now in skirted battle costumes, protecting what she now realizes is a princess. However, they are no match for the swarms of monster soldiers that charge into the conference hall, falling under their sharp blades. As she starts screaming, she feels a light from behind her and it's herself in a battle costume like the others.

"You're one of the very few left. Find her in the era you'll be sent to. Only together with 'her' can you face what's coming."

Natsumi looked to her left and saw the red haired girl dead on the floor, also by the enemy's hand. As they begin to advance on Natsumi herself, she screams and everything goes black.

That's when she always wakes up. Who was that girl? What did she mean?

Natsumi's Destiny

In December of 2004, Natsumi hears rumors that Souichi Tomoe is going to rebuild Mugen Gakuen on the grounds where it once stood. Since the school would be right in the area of the successive attacks by the Godai as of late, she managed to get herself in as a student, intending to finish her last year there while trying to gather info on how to defeat the group. She was accepted and transfered out of Juuban and began attending Mugen by January of 2005. When she was running late for class one day, she ran into a fellow Shin Mugen student by the name of Kibouni Hikari, who is also in grade 12, and not long after they become fast friends.

Natsumi, for some reason, sensed a strange, yet familiar feeling from the girl, but chalked it up to her imagination and paid it no mind until she realized that this was the girl she she'd been seeing in her dreams. Natsumi became reluctant, not wanting to drag her new friend into such an overwhelming ordeal, and put off the truth as long as she could. Unfortunately, September 11th 2005--Ginga TV reported that monsters, possibly connected to the Tairon Overfiend, are running wild in the Juuban-Cho shopping district, where Hikari's mother and father went shopping that day, and against her better judgement, headed there in a hurry. Amidst the panic and confusion, she found her frantic friend in an alley and said the words that changed their lives forever, "I'm the one who who's been with you in those dreams, and you're the one I have been searching for. I was hoping we'd have more time, but we don't have a choice."

Natsumi told her that she wasn't just an ordinary Mugen, student but a sailor senshi: Sailor Shinen, Soldier of the Abyss. Hikari's past life was that of the princess of the Solista Kingdom, and her destiny is to be Natsumi's parter as Sailor Solar Miracle, the senshi of the sun. Hhikari reluctantly slipped on the golden henshin bracelet that Natsumi offered her, and transformed into Sailor Solar Miracle for the first time.

After several hours of battle, she and Hikari are able to halt the youma rampaging in the streets of the shopping district before they could cause more damage, but not before the youma had claimed civilian lives--her friend's parents included, crushed under fallen debris. Hikari, seething with rage, vowed that day to avenge her parents; something Natsumi had to keep dissuading the girl from seeking, for she is now not just her friend, but the only link to Hikari's past life and her guide on the path of a sailor senshi.

About Kuroki Natsumi

Natsumi is a bit on the rough side, always having been somewhat of a tomboy. She rarely wears skirts and the like, preferring pants and a tanktop as her primary sense of fashion. She's not mean, but is a bit guarded. At first glance, she appears to be someone of a standoffish nature, but that isn't really the case. She cares deeply about Hikari, seeing her as almost family, and not just because of her senshi duties, will protect her at all costs/ She currently devotes her time to help out at Hikari's detective agency.


She is slender and stands 5'5 with brown hair in civilian form, black in senshi form, and blue eyes. Her Sailor Fuku accesories are a variant of the PGSM style charm bracelet on her left wrist; it turns into a wristband resembling an SP license with a purple black strap with silver stars on it; an amethyst gem in the center with lights it that glow grey when activated. She has no tiara, earrings are black half-hoops, her choker is light purple with a silver moon crescent, and her sailor collar is navy blue without stripes. The front bow is purple, and she has white elbow gloves with large black arm bands and silver studs on the wrists. Her skirt is a white one piece with three silver studs in lieu of a belt, and has a double bow in light purple, SuperS style at the back. Her boots are black knee highs with white thigh high stockings.

Powers and Abilities

Slipping amongst the shadows; the flower blooming in the den of darkness, soldier of the Abyss, Sailor Shinen!

As a civilian, Natsumi can command the power of shadows and use them to appear or disappear, akin in some weird way to shadow teleportation; all other abilities with the exception of disguise powers require her to be in senshi form.

The "Emergency Makeup!" phrase is used to change into Sailor Shinen. "insert desired disguise change On" ise used to assume disguises stored in her Lunatia-S keitai.

"Shingetsu Sabre!" calls forth her space blade.


Pulsar Retrograde: Regularly pulsating stars with a hot spot emitting a cone of radiation as the stars rotate.

Gravitational Wave: Summons a wave of energy that repels the enemy.

Open Cluster: Generates a blinding array of small stars from her palms.

Galactic Cluster: Generates a large explosion of energy from her palms.

Galactic Halo: Summons a few balls of energy to surround her body or an ally for protection.

Diffuse Nebula: Harvesting a bit of power from a supernova, she releases the energy in a swirling pulsating beam.

Grand Design: Releases 2 intertwining beams of violet light to attack the enemy.

Twin Shin Attractive: Combination attack with Solar Miracle, combining their energies into Solar Miracle's Solista Flail. The pent-up energies of a solar and lunar eclipse is unleashed in a massive flowing wave.

The Senshi Side of Kuroki Natusmi

For a girl who's only been a soldier for a short time, Sailor Shinen is much like the most seasoned veteran. Battle for Sailor Shinen is just another opportunity to hone her latent abilities and move ever onward. Once in her fuku ,her eyes are only focused on the mission at hand; disregarding that for little else--sometimes giving people the impression she has that ruthless 'UraNeptune' battle mentality, though that is not the case.

She is one half of the fighting team she and Hikari have dubbed the Twin Shin Angels, their own take on a bishoujo fighting pair out of admiration of Tokusou Sentai Dekarangers famed Twin Cam Angels.


Favorite movie: One Missed Call
Favorite TV shows: Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger, Pretty Guardian SailorMoon, gokusen mars devil beside you nobuta wo produce
Guilty pleasure: shopping
Odd habit: Practicing her senshi poses in the mirror.
Preferred next-gen console and why: Not really big on video games.


Natsumi's a pisces; her gemstone is the amethyst.
Favorite food: chicken dumplings
Least favorite food: anything with lemon pepper seasoning
Favorite colors: black, gold, white, navy blue, and silver

Natsumi has a fear of large dogs.

Her blood type is B-.

Her IQ is 114.