Sailor Bandersnatch

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Sailor Bandersnatch
Biographical information



Senshi of Bandersnatch, subordinate of Europan Alliance



Physical description




Hair color

opaque metallic-grey

Eye color

cyber-punk blue


8'6" (when at rest)


Vorpal Blade


Sailor Senshi, Sailor Europa

First Appearance

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Sailor Bandersnatch was originally encountered by Sailor Europa and Haak after they first landed and began exploring the planet with its deadly atmosphere.

For an as of yet unknown reason, Sailor Bandersnatch became disturbed during Haak and Co.'s exploration of the planet.

When she came out of her sleeping chamber, she was frumious (both fuming and furious)! She immediately came into contact with one of Haak's soldiers and made quick work of them.

However, when Sailor Europa confronted Sailor Bandersnatch, instead of fighting, she managed to subdue the strange new senshi.

Eventually, an alliance was formed, and Sailor Bandersnatch pledged her loyalty to the Satellite Senshi of Europa.

Appearance - Sailor Bandersnatch

Sailor Bandersnatch has pearly grey-deep purple colored skin, cyber-punk blue almond shaped eyes, and is 8'6" tall. Her neck is 2' in length, though she usually keeps it coiled and unnoticeable. She has large, flappy, almost bat-wing shaped ears on both sides of her head. She has very muscular long arms that end in seven fingers and one thumb on each hand. Sailor Bandersnatch has extremely large, muscular legs. Her thighs have about a 3 foot circumference of pure muscle and her legs taper down a bit beneath her knees, though her legs end in metal shod hooves. She has a very thick, almost dinosaur like tail that extends 4 feet behind her from her lower back, though it's very flexible. Her legs and tail are actually positioned a bit farther back than the rest of her torso and upper body, so her spine seems almost bent at a strange angle.

Her fuku is made of a dark metallic purple and black material. She has two arm bands on her forearms that help regulate the strength and speed in her arms when she uses her Vorpal Blade. She has a metallic-looking choker which matches the bra-like upper portion of her fuku beneath the collar that hangs halfway down her back. She doesn't have a front bow, though she does have a very, string like, frayed skirt that flows over her large thighs. She has a skin-like coating that covers her skin from the base of her head down to her crotch, though it doesn't cover her arms. She has a pair of skin-tight, fluid-like material thigh-high leggings that cover her legs down to her hooves.

Appearance - Fruminda

Fruminda is the civilian form and name that Sailor Bandersnatch takes when she comes to Earth. Fruminda is pale skined (though sometimes her skin looks grey in certain lighting), has shoulder length brown (and blonde?) hair with two very large bows on the sides of her head. She's 6'4" and has bright blue eyes, a thin upper lip, and a full lower lip, and a long, elegant nose. Her body is well muscled and toned and she's incredibly flexible and agile. She usually wears a series of tops which expose her collar bone, neck, and shoulders, though she'll usually wear long sleeves when the rest of her shirt is skin tight. Her breast size is average and she doesn't show it off. She'll usually be seen wearing leggings and either going bear foot or wearing sandals.

Fighting Style

Sailor Bandersnatch is INCREDIBLY strong. Though with her strength, she's surprisingly very agile and flexible. She takes her fighting style from the bandersnatches that litter the forests of Bandersnatch. Although she doesn't have fruminous, snapping jaws whenever she extends her neck, she does make up for it by using the mystical Vorpal Blade that was created eons ago when Bandersnatch was first formed. The actual 5' blade of the sword is made from an indestructible, super fine and sharp edged Bandersnatchian metal called Dernium. There's a crystal from the depths of the core of Bandersnatch embedded in the base of the sword near the hilt, which helps discharge the energy blasts that Sailor Bandersnatch uses. Despite Sailor Bandersnatch's large frame, built, and size, she's able to use invisibility magic and sound deafening magics when she fights.


Seeing as Fruminda is an alien, she was unaccustomed to Earth's many customs and cultures. She was seen by cold and possessive by many, though Euri thought of her as endearing and aloof. Seeing as she doesn't have taste buds in her natural form, she would go crazy over the best tasting foodstuffs while in her human disguise. Food may have been the one thing that would have taken her away from Euri (if there were such a thing that was tasty enough). She was curious to learn about the life that Euri surrounded herself in. She didn't understand the notion of family nor what boundaries were in regards to human contact.


After being banished to Bandersnatch for quite some time, Fruminda began to think on her previous actions and tried to figure out how mentally and emotionally scarring a defenseless four year old was wrong. How being so overly possessive of a person is also wrong. Sailor Bandersnatch, in her disguise as Fruminda, began to integrate herself with the human communities that had sprang up and thrived on Bandersnatch. For several months, she would go from family to family, living with them, learning about their histories, their dreams, their goals in life. Fruminda comes to understand what humanity is, with all of its pros and cons, flaws, and beauties. Though she has pledged her life for Euri, she has become a lot less possessive about her. She's come to understand what Euri and all of her relationships mean to her.

Present Day

After Euri had visited Bandersnatch, Fruminda came back with her to Earth. Having set up the technological disguise devices months before (the yellow bows in her hair, if she presses down on both of them, her human disguise will disappear and leave her in her natural, senshi form), Fruminda's appearance was of no concern to the people of Earth.

Fruminda was possessively protective of Euri and always tried to be around her at all times. Whenever Euri would go out on her daily errands or visit the Ten'Aino House, Fruminda would always be with her. She'd always join Euri when she'd go to her rehearsals and watch from the audience. She'd always sit in the first row at Euri's performances, always cheering her on.

Though Fruminda always tried to stay by Euri's side, there were times she was relegated to babysitting Hachiko, and Euri had to go away. Euri never told Fruminda about her role in the Rising Valkyrie Unit and when the Unit seemingly died, Fruminda snapped and emotionally scarred the four year old child. After quite a traumatic time, Fruminda was finally told about Euri's role in the Unit and that she wasn't actually dead. After a confrontation between Matsumi, Euri, and Fruminda, with Matsumi detailing what Fruminda did to Hachi, and Fruminda trying to defend herself, Euri banished Fruminda back to Bandersnatch, never wanting to see her again.

However, seeing as much time as passed, Euri got into contact with Fruminda again. She took some time to visit Bandersnatch by herself and saw what life has become there. She visited several towns and realized the positive impact Fruminda left on them. She came into contact with Sailor Bandersnatch again and, after spending a couple of days in her home, decided to rescind her banishment and invite Fruminda back to Earth with her again, if she wanted to.

Andalite Tours

After coming back into contact with Euri, though being told not to spend so much time with Hachi, Fruminda was at a loss with what to do with herself. She decided to look into what other alien species are doing here on Earth. After some extensive research, she came upon the Andalite Tours in the United States. Having dealt with her own troubles with eating human food for the first time, Fruminda brought herself to the forefront of the organization. She's now working as a tour guide for Tokyo where she shows an Andalite in human morph what the food is like in Japan. She's careful to always make sure to have the tourist demorph and morph back under the 2 hour time limit and in a secluded area. She's gaining some success and reputation as a great tour guide who knows the best spots for food and flavor.