Lucien Xadium Aino

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Lucien Xadium Aino
Biographical information

Earth 1337-A

Birth September 8, 2012 (physically 30 as of 2020)
Family Sakura Xadium Aino (adoptive mother), Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino (adoptive little sister), Dr. Xadium (adoptive grandfather), Gemini Sunrise (adoptive grandmother) Noriko Xadium (adoptive aunt), Kaelyn P. Peinforte (Wife), Robert Arthur Peinforte (son), Arisa Paisley Peinforte (daughter)



The Iconoclast, Ike, Lucien, Luke

Physical description

Human / Time Lord / Expellian



Hair color


Eye color



6 foot


Black Tentacle Eye Teeth things


time-active, keen senses, already sapient.

First Appearance
Xadium-Aino Clan

"I used to be a toddler then I took a .50mm to the face"

Lucien Xadium Aino is the biological child of Yaijinden and Noriko Xadium as created by Mango during her phase of needing to create offspring. Gifted to Sakura, Sakura has taken him as her own, and named him after her deceased half brother.

She believes that this Lucien contains the reincarnated soul-stuff of her deceased relative, as evidenced by the fact the child knew the name and transmitted it to her telepathically with no prompting at all. She raises him in tandem with his aunt, due to the biological heritage and the legacy of her lost brother, hoping this will help fill a void in her half-sister's hearts.

Lucien as an infant

The child has part Time Lord, Part Expellian, and Part Yaijinden Genome that has rendered him already sapient even as an infant, with keen senses on both the physical and temporal realms. He is completely unfazed by Indescribable Horrors and occasionally commands creepy fealty and obeisance from otherworldly horrors, traits inherited from his biological father.

Lucien's first word was "LOL", in response to Dimitri approaching him as a kitten.

After being shot to a pulp by Solartiger, Lucien experienced a growthspurt to about 10 years old.

Lucien at 10

After realizing some truths about himself, Lucien decided to cast his true name into the void, adopting the title "The Iconoclast" in order to protect it.

He went to school at "Scholomo Mancy's School of the Illuminary Arts".

Lucien at 20

After becoming enamored with Kaelyn P. Peinforte, and frustrated with his inability to woo her due to his physical (vs mental) age, he beseeched Yaijinden to give him an aging elixir. Taking it, he began to experience ravenous hunger and bouts of madness which were so severe they caused him to run all the way to Galaxy Cauldron.

[18:48] <The Iconoclast> I fled to the Galaxy Cauldron... and spent hours... days... years... minutes... glaring into its maw.
[18:49] <The Iconoclast> Where Master Yaijinden had once stood...
[18:49] <The Iconoclast> Teetering like my Gene-sire... so tempted to throw myself into the fire and see what emerged from the crucible..
[18:49] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I see...
[18:50] <The Iconoclast> But I'm a little more practical than that.

Lucien at 30

Now he is a devoted, if sometimes absent, family man.

The Twisted Sorceror Vigilante

"You punch people. I curse them. Different strokes for different folks."

On November 28, 2020, his little sister Cressida discovered that Iconoclast had laid a lethal wasting disease curse on Augustus Gestee Rosso for his mistreatment of Vermellia and her mother. This caused Cressida to pummel him and demand that he work on finding a cure.

Iconoclast maintains that what he does is no different than what The Punisher does, only with magic instead of guns.