Lucien the Wanderer

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This character is Deceased.

Lucien Marianna-Xadium
Biographical information


Birth ?????
Family Dr. Xadium (Father), Shaldra Darkness (Mother), Noriko (Sister)



The Avenger, The Wanderer, The Destroyer of Legions, The Annihilator of Darkness

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Eye color







currently unknown

First Appearance

[13:42] *** Sat Feb 10 2007

[14:06] * @S.X. Aino looks up and finds Nori sitting in a tree crying

[14:06] * @S.X. Aino leaps up in one bound

[14:07] * @S.X. Aino almost falls out of the tree but Noriko grabs her, her claws digging into Sakura's Arm on instinct

[14:07] <@S.X. Aino> OWIEE~! Dammit why do you prefer to perch in such precarious places ><

[14:07] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I have a sense of balance :P

[14:08] <@S.X. Aino> Why are you crying... and you have a BROTHER?! I grew up with you and never saw him

[14:08] * Noriko Marianna-Xadium takes a deep breath.

[14:09] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Sakura... there's no reason you should have... I... virtually exiled him from our family.

[14:09] <@S.X. Aino> What?

[14:09] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> There's no reason he should even suspect that. For him, his life unfolded in a series of perfectly reasonable, logical steps.

[14:10] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Steps forged in pain and suffering, but steps nonetheless

[14:10] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> You remember what happened before the great Crisis, yes?

[14:11] <@S.X. Aino> Yeahs, I was stuck in the middle of it, I have about 90.5% recall

[14:11] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> you remember my first appearance then, what I did...

[14:11] <@S.X. Aino> you mean between your mom and--

[14:12] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I lied back then when I said it was to ensure my survival. It was to ensure his... he needed to be born earlier than he was originally...

[14:12] <@S.X. Aino> What... why?

[14:13] * Noriko Marianna-Xadium sighs. "You and I share more in common than you realise.

[14:13] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I grew up happily, playing with you and my brother Lucien, and the children of the other Senshi...

[14:14] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Everyone trained, but it was casual in many ways, there had been no wars for ages. After Mother and Father, Lucien and I moved to Expel, there was peace for years and years.

[14:15] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> No one dared attack Arkula Galaxy.

[14:15] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> the troubles of Crystal Tokyo were on the other side of the universe.

[14:16] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> But then something came. I can't even remember what now... Saguses, Wise Men... creatures from Styx... It's a blur...

[14:16] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> But they arose, from areas near Expel, home-grown powers of vast and unimaginable force, things that had lain dormant for centuries.

[14:17] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Things that would have crushed any alien force that tried to stop them, even some of our Bowships and N-forms...

[14:17] <@S.X. Aino> Crapsticks...

[14:18] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Lucien was always a strange child from birth... the eyes, especially. His birthmarks, some of them almost looked like Heraldic Tattoos, or so mother said.

[14:19] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Apparently he had great latent magical capacity... but with peace, he was trained slowly, gradually.

[14:19] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> It was estimated that in 20 years he could be a formidable mage.

[14:20] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> 20 years we did not have.

[14:20] <@S.X. Aino> Wait. You were born 1500 years from now... you said he was 100 years...

[14:20] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Don't think Linearly. At the time, in the prime timeline he too was born about 1500 years from now.

[14:21] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> There was no time to complete his training.

[14:21] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> The enemy ccame.

[14:21] <@S.X. Aino> Prime... timeline...

[14:22] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Like my mother had seen in her own time, I saw my whole family cut down. Our home, destroyed.

[14:22] <@S.X. Aino> Noriko, what did you do

[14:22] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Only father and I escaped. Lucien put up the most insane defense, taking out many.... but he too was killed. He was not ready.

[14:23] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Father could not live without mother. He tried, but the misery weighed down on him like a lead weight every day.

[14:23] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Eventually, after about five years, I heard seven shots from inside the TARDIS.

[14:23] <@S.X. Aino> ...

[14:24] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I didn't know what to do. That's when I came to Gallifrey using the emergency recall switch.

[14:24] <@S.X. Aino> YOU always told me you took that TARDIS For a JOYRIDE.

[14:24] <@S.X. Aino> No wonder you wouldn't let me in.

[14:25] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I couldn't tell you my plan, knowing what you had done in your own past.

[14:25] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I begged you to help me become a Time Lord too.

[14:26] <@S.X. Aino> ....No wonder someone who loves the outdoors so much suddenly decided to live in the most Tech-centered society in the seven galaxies

[14:26] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Unlike you, I knew I could never kill those who killed my mother, brother, aunt, uncle and cousin . I was not strong enough.

[14:27] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> But I ran Lucien through the matrix, running probability studies on his timeline

[14:28] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I saw that... had he been born a thousand years earlier... and with the right stimulus.... he would become the most feared, deadly. powerful warrior the galaxy had seen since the time of Galaxia.

[14:28] <@S.X. Aino> .....

[14:28] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Such a man, in my family, would annihilate the enemy. I knew it.

[14:29] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> - I KNEW IT. -

[14:29] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> So I came back in time.

[14:29] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Solarchos was right. Mother and Father would have married later after he died.

[14:30] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> But I could not wait. The years it would take for Solarchos to die were too many. If Lucien was born after then, he would not be at the power level needed.

[14:31] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I could have just killed Solarchos, but mother would have mourned and then still there would be too much of a delay.

[14:32] <@S.X. Aino> So you...

[14:32] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I swooped in mercilessly. I ripped them apart with no mercy or consideration

[14:33] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> and to add sin upon sin, when my brother was born, centuries early...

[14:33] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I manipulated his life from afar just as we CIA agents are trained to do.

[14:34] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I got him into trouble. Arranged friendships with people I knew were doomed to be murdered.

[14:34] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Put tragedy after tragedy in his path. Made him angrier and angrier, his power growing with his rage.

[14:35] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> then I found a teacher for him who would boil the rage away into fixed determination, channel it for "justice"

[14:36] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I was creating Lucien the Avenger, the man who, with his legions, valiantly and heroically fought evil at the rim of the galaxy for centuries.

[14:36] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> But I didn't CARE about all that. I just wanted him strong for that ONE day.

[14:37] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> and so when he left home to fight, I smiled inwardly, knwoing my plan was in effect.

[14:37] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I watched my younger self cry as he left and I chuckled.

[14:37] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> I denied myself that brother. I USED THAT BROTHER. like a PAWN.

[14:38] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> and when the enemy came, our house was razed, but Lucien came back in time...

[14:38] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> and he massacred the enemy in the most elegant display of combat I have ever seen to this day.

[14:39] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Then he left to go back to the front, quietly.

[14:39] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> Something in his soul had been eaten away with all those years of combat

[14:40] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> And I took it from him.

[14:40] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> The timelines merged, and because I was a Time Lord I gained this new "past" but remembered the old.

[14:40] <Noriko Marianna-Xadium> This is why I can't face him.

After a classified incident in which Noriko got sense pounded into her by Lucien the duo put the past behind them. Due to an alteration in the timeline, Lucien was never born.