Augustus Gestee Rosso

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Augustus Gestee Rosso
Biographical information

Energy Nede II (In universe Earth 1337-BD)




Noriko Sunrise-Xadium (wife), Vermellia X. Rosso (daughter) Doctor Xadium (Father-in-Law)


Weapons Research Scientist


A.G. Rosso

Physical description

Expellian, Nedean



Hair color


Eye color





Black Covenant

First Appearance

April 25th, 2013

Black Covenant

"A Disciplined Mind is the only weapon a man needs."
—Augustus Gestee Rosso

Thought to have been killed in the past in a life-altering event for his daughter, Augustus Gestee Rosso was saved from death by local Time Lords in pursuance of a complicated scheme, and was since been rejoined with his loved ones in a tearful and heartfelt reunion, but now he works for the The Black Covenant in furtherance of his own goals.

Brief Biography

Thought to be killed on Energy Nede 2, he was saved by The Intern to be used as leverage against The Corruptor in Successor Idol, however he vanished under mysterious circumstances in the endgame of that event.

It was later revealed that Augustus had vanished due to the magic of Simon Kerrick, who used a spell to place Mr. Rosso in suspended animation at a moment he believed that the room was filling with a deadly poison. Immune to the poison himself, and not willing to lose credibility because his plans had ended catastrophically, Simon sealed Augustus away using the same spell he used to kidnap Jameson Atlas.

After Simon's conversation with The Intern led him to decide that the loss of Xadium during the mission was far more important than the fate of Augustus, Simon decided to do the decent thing instead of acting truly abominably, and returned an unharmed Augustus Gestee Rosso to his family.

Unfortunately for all concerned, it was revealed that Augustus had originally been killed by his young daughter Vermellia, because in truth he had been a terrorist attempting to hold scientists hostage in the city of New Armlock.

He has also been speculated to be following in the footsteps of Dr. Lantis, and he has symbolic DNA.

After having lost his soul to an unknown being, his body, possessed only of the imperatives of the Symbolic DNA in his body became the living Superweapon, Husk, which set out to find and activate the Crest of Annihilation.

Years later on January 17, 2016, DMX, acting on orders from The Tyrant captured Husk and forcibly reverted the body using his knowledge of Nedean Symbolic DNA and Time Lord Technology. Using the soul of a slightly divergent Rosso from another timeline alternative where he had not lost it to the strange being, Rosso was saved and set free to seek revenge against the world that had forgotten him (as BlacHaus had mysteriously disappeared).

(The reason for not simply replacing Rosso with his alternate counterpart was never given, but probably has to do with the quantum alignment of the original's body to Earth 1337-A.)