All-New, All Different Sailor Team

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Following the advancement past, or retirement from, Senshihood, by most of the original members of the Sailor Team, replacements have been chosen, most from the ranks of Satellite Senshi, and empowered by Chibi-Usa's Silver Crystal to fill in the void in power left by the old team. They're the All-New, All-Diffrent Sailor Team.

The Investiture will be done by Chibiusa acting as Lady Serenity III using her Silver Crystal to tie new compatible blank Sailor Crystals from Galaxy Cauldron to the planets (since the Sub. Sen literally TOOK the planet power when they ascended) and then link the sailor crystals of the new Satellites to them, powering them up to Planetary status.

Sailor Mercury

"As swift and strong as a snowmelt river, the Guardian of Water and Ice, Sailor Mercury, has arrived!"
—Neo Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars

"Burning with an ancient flame! Guardian of Fire and War! Sailor Mars, ready to attack!"
—Neo Sailor Mars

Sailor Venus

" "
  • Real Name: Mango
  • Original Senshi Name: Sailor Magellan
  • Place of Origin: Venus

Sailor Eden

"May the healing mists of Eden help you feel better and cure what ails you."
—Megumi Chiyuno
  • Real Name: Megumi Chiyuno
  • Original Senshi Name: N/A (Original Sailor Eden)
  • Place of Origin: Fukuoka, Japan
  • Special Skill: Healing and mist

One of the original members of the Sailor Senshi

Sailor Jupiter

"My guardian planet hear my cry! Bring forth the rain, the lightning, and the storms!!!"
—Makoto Kino
  • Real Name: Makoto Kino
  • Original Senshi Name: Technically the OG but...
  • Place of Origin: Kyoto, Japan
  • Special Skills: Lightning and Woods

Sailor Saturn

"Protected by Saturn, the planet of Ruin. Before you stands the Guardian of Preservation and Retaliation, Sailor Saturn! "
—Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Real Name: Mayu Minamoto
  • Original Senshi Name: Sailor Titan
  • Place of Origin: Katano City, Osaka

Sailor Uranus

"The Handsome Sailor Suited Solider, Sailor Uranus! My razor wind will slice you thin!"
—Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Real Name: Andrea "Andy" Dioli
  • Original Senshi Name: Sailor Fransisco
  • Place of Origin: USA, Earth.
  • Special Skill: Being a Dude

A Transmale Senshi from the US, Andy brings some masculinity to the team.

Sailor Neptune

"Enveloped by the caress of the deep sea planet, carrying the protection of the ancient god Poseidon, the Guardian of Neptune, Sailor Neptune, has gracefully arrived! "
—Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Real Name: Kaifuu Aoi
  • Original Senshi Name: Sailor Triton
  • Place of Origin: Sado City, Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Sailor Chibi-Pluto

"Personal Intro Here"
  • Real Name: Setsuna Meioh
  • Original Senshi Name: N/A (Original Sailor Pluto)
  • Place of Origin: Crystal Imperium, Earth
  • Special Skill: Guarding Doors

The only remaining member of the original Sailor Team led by Sailor Moon, Sailor Pluto now takes on a chibi sized form when transformed.

Sailor Quinox

"Called by the gentle air, protected by a mysterious world! I am Sailor Quinox!"
—Original Introduction
  • Real Name: Mirai Arashi
  • Original Senshi Name: N/A (new senshi)
  • Place of Origin: Yokohama, Japan

Sailor Nemesis

"The shadows are my domain. Where they touch I can go and strike."
—Ryoko Nasino
  • Real Name: Ryoko Nasino
  • Original Senshi Name: N/A (Original Sailor Nemesis)
  • Place of Origin: Osaka, Japan
  • Special Skill: Shadow Walking and Striking