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"As swift and strong as a snowmelt river, the Guardian of Water and Ice, Sailor Mercury, has arrived!"
—Neo Sailor Mercury

Kizoku "Euri" Inochi
Biographical information


Birth June 17
Family Silver ("daughter"), Hachi (daughter), Nobu (adopted son), Delilha Inochi, Mio Inochi (older sister, deceased), Akumo Inochi (father, deceased), Shion Inochi, née Hakuyouno (mother, deceased), Haak (ex-husband), Prince Kenzo (past life twin brother, deceased)

Drama teacher, Mother


Sailor Europa, Skagi, Princess Yukimi

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Ancient Mercurian Kyoketsu-shoge


Complete control and creation of fresh water, mist, fog, humidity, snow, and ice


All-New, All Different Sailor Team - New Inner Senshi, Rising Valkyrie Unit, formerly: Satellite Senshi

First Appearance


A rather serious woman that, when she doesn't look worn and exhausted, will often have a small smile on her face. She is judgemental and hastily makes decisions, letting her emotions rule her. However, she can be rather kind.

Physical Appearance

5'2", 125 lbs. Deep blue eyes, long, chocolate brown hair that cascades down her back, ending in ringlets. She had shapely thicc thighs and average sized breasts. She often wears long dresses with simple over robes and/or leggings with long tunics.


Early Life

Born June 17th, 1982 to Akumo and Shion Inochi. The two year old Mio Inochi was instantly jealous of her younger sister and as the two grew up together in the outskirts of Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture, Mio would often pick on Kizoku and make her life awful. Besides being picked on by her older sister, she was often picked on in elementary school for being very short, quiet, and soft spoken and for also having a weird name.

She learned early on in her young life that her parents were unreliable in comforting her and protecting her.

Her father Akumo lost his job at the power plant as a safety inspector when Kizoku was four years old. For years he tried to get work before eventually becoming a janitor at a local hospital. During his time off of work, he turned to alcohol to deal with his problems.

Kizoku's mother Shion realized she needed to find work because her deadbeat husband wouldn't and began to neglect her duties as a Mother, seeing as she had to work evening shifts at the local convenience store, working in the kitchens to make fresh food every day. When home, she would take sleeping pills to knock her out during the day.

The few times both parents were home and awake, Kizoku would try to hide from their fighting.

Mio blamed Kizoku for their parents fights and would often push her little sister out of the way.

Even with the many years of abuse and neglect she suffered, Kizoku still managed to have hope that her life would turn out for the better.

Becoming a Senshi

December 14th, 1996 was the night of the final Three Lights concert. Kizoku's older sister Mio had been begging for weeks to be allowed to go to Tokyo to see their farewell concert. Surprisingly, their parents, during an unusual bout of sobriety, said that Mio could go, as long as Shion accompanied her. Rather than wanting to stay alone with Kizoku for the time, Akumo demanded that they take her with them.

With that, the three Inochi ladies agreed to go together to Tokyo. They splurged on taking the bullet train, though they chose the slowest one. This had irked Mio immensely, knowing that they would be arriving late to the concert.

As Mio had anticipated, they were, in fact, late to the concert. There was no time for sight seeing as the three of them rushed to the concert venue.

They arrived and after a brief moment of arguing about who held the tickets, they stepped up to head inside.

A seriess of explosions rumbled through the venue as the concert goers panicked. In a screaming horde, they rushed out of the venue. The Inochi girls were split up by the crowd lest they were trampled.

Separated from her family, Kizoku wandered the darkening streets of Tokyo. Alone and frightened by this unknown city, Kizoku felt utterly hopeless. As the night wore on, the deep black sky cast an eerie, sickeningly blood-red hue. The wind whirled as lightning began to flash.

A bolt of black lightning, the color of pure darkness, stroked down in front of Kizoku, deafening her. When her senses cleared, Kizoku saw the scorch mark in the alleyway in front of her. Instead of a scorched human, she saw a blossom unfurl from the man's forehead, a diamond shaped seed glowing and turning as black as the lightning. In a flash of light the unconcious man turned into a humanoid creature, who yelled out into the void that he was Sailor Salaryman!

Completely freaked out, Kizoku ran in the opposite direction. Having haven't slept for over 24 hours, her exhaustion overwhelmed her. She stumbled against a lamp post and fell. A maniacal cackle echoed off of the barren street and a female voice cried out, "Sailor Housewife!"

As Kizoku tilted up her tear streamed face, her heart stopped beating. "Mama?" Kizoku cried hoarsely. Although her mother had changed completely, she was still somehow able to recognize her.

The creature advanced towards Kizoku. The young teenager shut her eyes tightly, wishing it were all a bad dream and that she could wake up.

She didn't see the black lightning as it careened down towards her from the eerie sky.

Her whole body was suddenly on fire. Every nerve, every atom of her being was burning. The roar of pain barely masked her screams as the lightning hit and devoured her.

The pain stopped as quickly as it began. Kizoku felt absolutely nothing as she laid on the cold, hard, ground; eyes open and unseeing. Above her prone body was a star seed glowing a soft, silvery blue light. Kizoku looked up at her Sailor Crystal as it hovered above her. It filled her with a peaceful, warm light, and her body disintegrated in a flurry of golden lights.

January 18th, 1998 - runs away from home.

Golden Pocket-Watch

March 3rd, 1998, finds an ancient, golden Pocket-Watch possessed by the vengeful spirit of Alice Pleasance Liddell in an antiques vendor near the ancient Kanrantei of Matsushima, Miyagi, Japan.

Tina & Cafe Flowerbell

  • 08/10/98 Meets Tina Aizu Tangert
  • 02/14/99 starts working at Cafe Flowerbell with Tina. Meets Makoto Kino sometime after this.

Whirlwind Romance

  • 02/01/01 Meets Haak.

Coalescence of a Daughter

With the events of the Nechrim event, where Euri's Europan Glacial Stone, an ancient artifact given to her by her past self Princess Yukimi, and Haak's Flame Shard converged and formed a being of utmost beauty, grace, skill, speed, and strength: Silver. The 19-year old valkyrie-styled woman considers Euri and Haak to be her parents.

At first, Euri was thrilled, but deep down she always felt awkward being around the woman who was only several years younger than her. She was pleased, though she would never admit it aloud, when Silver would begin to spend more and more of her time on the Infernus rather than on Earth with her 'parents.'

An Android of Remarkable Talents

  • 2005 - Indigo buys an android that looks like Makoto Kino, though with some noticeably exaggerated features. She gives the android, named, as a gift to Euri. Euri was absolutely thrilled with the loving affection the android gave to her, having wished that deep down she could have gotten the same attention from the actual Makoto Kino.

Haak destroys, jealous. Mango begs him not to atomize the android out of existence as she still has payments left on it. She gathers the parts and eventually rebuilds and reprograms the android, returning it to Euri.

Haak takes the android and stores it out of commission in a closet on the Infernus for a few years.

Married Life

  • Marries Haak - April 24th, 2005.

Birth of a Daughter

August 24th, 2006 - gives birth to Hachi Hakinochi.

Euri begs and pleads with her husband to let them use as a glorified babysitter, much to the android's annoyance.

Hardships & Divorce

Euri decreases her usage of more and more, keeping her away and locking her down in the basement.

  • Divorces Haak - March 15th, 2009. Haak and Silver depart from Earth and the Solar System, not to be seen again for many years. Euri is both relieved and devastated.

A Second Daughter From An Unexpected Source

During a certain month in the year of 2011, Delilha Gelus came into Euri's life. While both Matsumi and Euri were confused on how she could possibly be their daughter, they soon accepted the seven year old into their lives. It would only be in 2012 that they would learn about the 400 project and the girl's true origins.

Rising Valkyrie Unit

June 2nd, 2010 - Euri joins the newly formed Rising Valkyrie Unit.

February 4th, 2014 - Euri retires, citing wanting to spend more time with her family and take them out of harm's way.

Academy City

The Big Move

In February of 2014, Euri took Hachi and Delilha and moved them of them to Academy City after having filled out all the necessary paperwork.

With Hachi and Delilha going to the prestigious Matsuume Elementary School in District 13, Euri applied for and got a position as a drama teacher at Sakugawa Middle school.

Euri resided in District 8, which has housing for most faculty and staff of the city. With special permission, Delilha was allowed to live with her.

A Son As Bright As The Sun

On August 26th, 2014, Euri adopted the Orphan named Nobu from the Cypress Park orphanage on behest of her daughters Hachi and Delilha. She then enrolled in Matsuume Elementary School with the girls.

Sailor Europa Era

Previous Introductory Phrases as Sailor Europa:

  • "Guided by the frozen moon, the smallest of the Galilean Satellite Senshi of Jupiter has arrived! Cool your head because Sailor Europa is here!"
  • "Forever living on the frozen wasteland of Jupiter's icey moon, I, the Jupiter Satellite Senshi of Ice and Identity, Sailor Europa, will freeze you in your tracks!"
  • "Cool-headed and chaotically Minded, I'll trounce you in the name of Europa!"

She would raise her hand up and transform with "Europa Satellite Power, Make Up!"


A Sailor Satellite Fuku made up of blue, pale blue/silver, and white.


  • Cryokinesis - Sailor Europa could manipulate all forms of cold and ice. Whether it was coating herself in layers of shielding ice, summoning ice, absorbing ice, or creating blizzards.
  • Cold Immunity - Sailor Europa was immune to the cold though she did not do well in hot environments.
  • Expert Swordsmanship - Perhaps as a vestigial remnant of her twin brother from the Silver Millennium, Sailor Europa was an expert swordswoman in all styles of swordplay.


Sailor Europa would often create a sword of ice to use whilst fighting. Each time she used it, its make up of interlocking lattices of glass-like ice would always be different, unique, and incredibly strong and versatile. She would style the sword based on the style of swordplay she'd be using.


  • Snowball Fight - Sailor Europa creates a ball of snow and ice in her hand and hurls it at her enemy. It can either fly at incredibly fast speeds to knock the enemy off their feet or fly a bit slower where it'll then separate into about 5 or 6 snowballs to cover a larger area.
  • Liquid Ice Stream - She puts her wrists together, palms facing her opponent, and as they start to glow a silvery-light blue color, she shouts out the attack phrase and a stream of incredibly cold, syrupy water shoots forth in a long stream. When it collides with her opponent in a thick splash, whatever part of them that was hit becomes instantly frozen
  • Royal Frost Bite - Swings her sword in a quick and graceful downward and then upward slice, sending out a wide blast of ice-energy that immediately freezes on contact.
  • Frozen Wasteland - An ultimate attack. She'll spread out her arms and legs to her sides as far as she can reach, a coldness will begin to radiate from her body, and after about 5 to 10 seconds of charging up, the energy blasts out from her in all directions. Range of power and intensity depends on her level; in her basic fuku, it leaves everything it touches covered in several thick layers of ice. In her Super Fuku, it would leave everything it touched in about 3 feet of snow and very dense ice.

Super Sailor Europa

Surprisingly, at some point she unlocked the power to gain a higher, stronger form that let her control ice even better.

In this form, she would often coat her skin on thick layers of ice as an extra defensive measure.

She was transform with "Europa Orbital Power, Make Up!"

Ascension - Neo Sailor Mercury

October 9th, 2016...


Euri transforming into Neo Sailor Mercury!


Neo Sailor Mercury is clad in a fuku of delft blue and cerulean blue. Like the others in the Neo team, her fuku is adorned with gold trim, pearls, and elaborate jewels.


  • Cryokinesis - Neo Sailor Mercury can manipulate all forms of cold and ice. Whether it's coating herself in layers of shielding ice, summoning ice, absorbing ice, or even creating snowstorms.
  • Fresh Water Manipulation - Although not as strong as her ice-based abilities, Neo Sailor Mercury is able to create and manipulate all forms of fresh water. The colder the water is, the better.
  • Ice Transmutation - She can freeze anything while touching it.
  • Cold Immunity - Neo Sailor Mercury's temperature is so low that she's immune to even the most debilitating cold weather. (Does not do well in extremely hot environments.)
  • Ice Breath - Though not a particularly strong ability, Neo Sailor Mercury is able to breathe in deeply and sharply breathe out a blast of super freezing cold mist. It only has a range of about two feet, so she generally would use it as a close-range, desperate defensive measure.
  • Hermes Flight - By concentrating and focusing the gift of power from the ancient God Hermes, Neo Sailor Mercury is able to summon two pairs of large, light blue wings on her ankles. This gives her the gift of swift, agile, flight! Though it requires a lot off concentration and will wear off if her concentration is broken.


  • Mercury Sword

A long, one handed sword made of ice. It can blast off cool blue energy blasts from a distance, the power of which that rivals other basic, magical girl weapons. Neo Sailor Mercury enjoys using the Mercury Sword as it reminds her time as the former Sailor Europa. Unfortunately, it isn't as powerful of a weapon as her Kyoketsu-Shoge, so she doesn't get to use it often. However, if she finds herself in a fight in close quarters, she'll summon the Mercury Sword to better assist her.

  • Scintillating Hermes Kyoketsu-Shoge

An ancient Mercurian weapon (nicknamed the Frost Chain) which had been long abandoned when Mercury society took the path of science and reason. Due to it responding to a "passoniate emotional" soul in order to function, no Mercurian senshi had been able to use it till now. The God Hermes, though wise and quick, is far prone to swift trickery; this weapon is swift and tricky in its usage, preferring to ensnare opponents unexpectedly. It is a weapon that consists of an incredibly long metal chain with an extremely sharp dagger on one end and a very heavy circular loop on the other end.

  • Genius the Veil

Bestowed upon by Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, it is an Ice Aura. - This aura of cold, frosty mist flows around her like a flowing stream whenever she is transformed. It shields her eyes like a veil, protecting her from any distractions and allowing her to always think clearly and with a cool head, even in the heat of battle. It also can act as a barrier to certain elemental attacks, though it isn't strong in that regard. She can use the Veil to summon her Frost Chain at need, forming the mist into a liqueous state before it changes into its solid, metal and ice form.


  • Ice Storm Whirlwind - Neo Mercury summons a storm of hail of various sizes and freezing rain. It can be for short bursts or for a long time, coating everything it touches to eventually freeze.
  • Snowmelt Flood! - Neo Mercury can release massive amounts of ice in every direction at once for almost unlimited scales. It looks like water flowing from a dam breaking but in 360 degrees from around her. As the water flows over everything, it leaves whatever it touches frozen, allowing her to dispatch many foes at once and destroy large areas like cities/villages.
  • Shattering Frostbite - A culmination of Neo Mercury's Ice Transmutation ability, Euri can freeze up any part of an entity's body where she can turn the tissues and flesh into solid ice making the victim shatter into pieces due to freeze drying, or cause a swelling making it hard to move for the victim.
  • Snowslide Entanglement - She transforms the misty veil which surrounds her into her Frost Chain which she'll then use to ensnare her opponent by wrapping the chain around them, the loop tying around her opponent and trapping them. She'll usually aim for a limb or a combination of limbs. As soon as the chain comes into contact with with any part of her opponent it freezes that part of them completely. If she's able, she'll pull her opponent towards her, or trip them down onto the ground, and attempt to stab them with her dagger. ALTERNATIVELY, she could swing the dagger around at a rapid pace by holding on to the chain and then let the chain go to send the dagger flying towards her opponent.



Amade Hizano

Tina Aizu Tangert

Matsumi Kaze

Hachi Hakinochi

Delilha Gelus

Nobu Hakinochi

Kaida Ooyama

It was a whirlwind romance. Kaida Ooyama is a researcher in the Inter-Dimensional Physics department of the Science Division at Mugen Academy. Standing at 5'9" she is blonde, has blue-green eyes, and a nice, strong figure. She has a no-nonsense, very straightforward kind of attitude. She would often put her work as she had a very serious nature when it came to her research.

Euri and Kaida met when Euri went to a job interview at Mugen Academy for the Entertainment Division as a drama teacher in mid-June, 2016. Euri was easily smitten with Kaida's charismatic manner and stoic charm. They quickly went on a date at Charm Coffee to get to know one another better.

Euri fell madly in love. They went on many dates and Euri was able to open up to her. She finally introduced Kaida to Hachi, her daughter from her first marriage, Delilha, who she claimed was only Matsumi's daughter, and Nobu, the son they had adopted together.

Kaida was fine with the fact that Euri had been married to a man before and didn't mind her kids.

Over time, they began to spend more and more time with one another. Kaida would often sleep over Euri's apartment, much to the amusement of Delilha, who lived with Euri. They went on short vacations and secret getaways.

Euri was so happy. She never thought she'd feel that way again, not after being divorced from Haak for nearly tens years, and the one woman she longed for was forever out of her reach.

As their Summer Romance cooled into the Autumn, Euri started to get a strange feeling deep down. An inkling of something that wasn't right.

Kaida began spending more and more time in her lab at Mugen. She began forgetting their planned dates, not calling Euri back, and blowing her off. Euri felt like Kaida was slipping away from her fingers so she did her best to hold on more even tighter.

Euri forgave Kaida when the taller woman blew up at her on Christmas. Though the vacation that followed as a way of an apology was nice, Euri felt even more isolated than ever. It seemed as though Kaida had turned into a completely different person over the course of the Winter.

Come Valentine's Day, and being ignore once again, Euri could ignore the signs no longer.

She brought up the evidence she had been collecting and confronted Kaida at her office. She found who she thought had been her new soul-mate entangled in the arms of her younger, more buxom lab assistant.

Euri was furious and broke up with her then and there. As much as she would have wanted to seek revenge on the blonde woman, Euri took her betrayal and buried it down deep with her other dark emotions.

As of March of 2017, Euri was, once again, a single woman.


Junji Yamada

As of the 2023-2023 school year, the newly hired Drama and Theater Writing teacher, has taken an uncomfortably keen interest in her...

Alternate Canon

Suburban Senshi Canon

You're here. This wiki page is it. Earth 1337-A.

Anime Canon

Manga Canon

Other Versions

Princess Yukimi

"It was said that out of any of the princesses of the satellite kingdoms, The Lady of the Snows, as she was called, was the most beloved. It would not be uncommon during many seasons when she was not attending to her own world, to see her walking the streets of the great capital city of Jupiter, speaking to the people, engaging both elders and children with the same gentle spirit she carried with her much of the time" - The Planet of Gardens: A History of Jupiter during the Silver Millenium, Matsuo Shin

Princess Yukimi of Europa, known as Lady Yukimi when off world, is the Silver Millennium version of Euri. She and her twin brother, Prince Kenzo, were born to their mother Queen Eis, the Duchess of Europa.

Princess Yukimi was the Liaison for Kingdom of Jupiter. Her role as a Sailor Satellite Senshi was as a go between, a mediator, betwixt the Nobility and the Commoners.

Lady Yukimi was in charge of what went on within Io Castle, the Princess of Jupiter's own personal castle. She would often deal with issues stemming from class differences between the Nobility and the commoner servants, amongst other problems. Lady Yukimi's brother Lord Kenzo remained on Europa to help run the Duchy with his mother.

She was also in charge of the Ananke Irregular Progrades Group.

She had a small company of scholars, scribes, and secretaries to help her handle her reports.

Princess Yukimi was madly in love with the Princess of Jupiter.

  • Princess/Lady Yukimi's symbolic flowers are pink camellias for longing and admiration and red camellias for love and desire.

Kenji Inochi

Having initially borrowed a disguise pen, Euri had to transform into a male version of herself to infiltrate a reality show contest for a mission. After her mission with Matsumi Kaze had completed, Euri asked around to have a disguise pen of her very own made.

Euri, as Kenji, is a very handsome man. He is tall, broad shouldered, and well muscled. He has a charming, sexy smile and kind light brown eyes that crinkle with mirth. His lighter brown hair hangs past his ears and is fashionably styled. Parted on his left, his bangs swoop to the right and frames his cute face.

Euri admits to herself that when she is Kenji, she is reminded of her/Yukimi's twin, Prince Kenzo, from the Silver Millennium though they don't look exactly alike.

Earth 1337-B

In this Earth, Euri never ascended to take on the role of Neo Sailor Mercury. Unlike Euri from Earth 1337-A (main SubSen Euri), she has several identities/souls she holds in her mind, not just Alice.

On this Earth, Euri and Haak never divorced. Instead, they had a long, but tumultuous, marriage.

In the far future, Euri gives into the ultimate despair. In a final, huge battle, her husband and eldest daughter and their entire crew are decimated in a final battle. Strewn amongst the debris as she floated alone in space, Super Sailor Europa couldn't stand the anguish that enveloped her completely.

Instead of ascending to the next level of a Sailor Satellite Senshi, Celestial form, Euri was engulfed by the backlash of power as the souls she hosted in her Mind gave up their essences for her, ceasing to exist. This caused Euri to obtain a God-tier form, never before seen: Ethereal Sailor Europa.

After taking on this form, the void in her heart had been filled with unsurpassable power. She returned to Earth to reconnect with her youngest daughter Hachi but was rejected.

Distraught, she took it upon herself to awaken an asteroid senshi and created her in the image of Hachi: Sailor Europa II.

The two of them traveled the universe together. Ethereal Sailor Europa became friends with the God known as The Ellimist and became the guardian of the Time Matrix. Whenever Euri would go on an adventure deemed too dangerous for her protege, she would leave her asteroid senshi with The Ellimist as a babysitter.

As Ethereal Sailor Europa, Euri would save many worlds from destruction, battle the strongest and fiercest of deadly enemies, and bring peace to many galaxies.

Earth 1337-BB

Eri is a one year old baby still in diapers and wobbling on her feet as she walks. Always eager to stuff something into her mouth, she gets into a surprising amount of mischief for one so small.

Earth 1337-C

X9GyyOAl.png LPa7ZCSl.png


"Have you heard the legend of the Tennyo?"

15 years old and living in Miyagi Prefecture. When she doesn't have her head in the clouds, this shy, quiet girl can usually be found with her head stuck in a book. Kizoku loves learning about different mythologies and legends from all around Japan and when she opens up, she can passionately talk about them for hours. Jealous of how smart and popular her older sister is, Kizoku would rather be in a history museum than at a party socializing with friends. She easily falls for tall, beautiful women. While in high school, she awoke as the Asteroid Senshi Sailor Europa.

Social Media: At first, she wasn't really into social media. She saw how her older sister was obsessed with it and ended up not wanting any part of it. After meeting and becoming friends with Matsumi and Makoto, she now has LINE, Instagram, TikTok, and Tumblr. She often leaves comments on posts and has ever so slowly been posting videos of herself to try and boost her confidence. She follows her friends' accounts and other accounts about mythology, nature, history, and pretty girls.


Based more closely upon the manga/Sailor Moon Crystal, this version of Euri resides in Miyagi prefecture and goes to Tsukashima All-Girls High School.

This Kizoku came from an upper-middle class family.

Her father Akumo was promoted early on in his career at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and helped institute a reformation of their safety measures, resulting in a safer and cleaner way to run the facility.

With the extra money coming in from Akumo's higher paying job, Kizoku's mother Shion didn't have to work the night shift at their local convenience store. Instead, Shion took her role seriously as a Mother and Housewife and dedicated her life to raising her two daughters to excel and succeed in everything they set out to achieve.

Mio, Kizoku's older sister of two years, was incredibly smart and very popular at school, much to Kizoku's dismay.

Kizoku wasn't popular and tended to keep to herself. She grew to love books and longed for excitement in her life. Her favorite classes in school were history and she loved learning about mythological legends.

Meeting of a Lifetime

In her last year of middle school, she went on a school field trip to Tokyo. At the Tokyo Skytree, she got lost when she accidentally split up from her class. She ended up bumping into a taller girl, and then promptly fell onto her butt. She was helped up by the blonde foreigner and found out she was Matsumi Shin. Matsumi agreed to help Kizoku find her class and enlisted the help of her friend Makoto Kino. Kizoku found herself momentarily speechless when she was introduced to the beautiful, tall brunette.

The three became good friends and by the end of the day they had exchanged e-mail addresses and LINE IDs with one another. Having finally returned to her class, Kizoku and Matsumi promised one another to keep in touch. Their friendship remained strong even at such a long distance.

Exam Battle Diaries! - Ki-chan's Misfortunate Omamori - Sailor Europa's Awakening!

School Adventures

Throughout the school year, Kizoku and Matsumi would often chat to one another about their school lives. Neither one of them knew that the other was a Sailor Guardian. They rarely got the chance to meet in person, only for special vacations and holidays. During Golden Week of her first year of high school, Kizoku invited Matsumi and Makoto to come visit her. The three of them explored he famouse sights around Miyagi prefecture.

Earth 1337-EE

Empress Yukimi is the Earth 1337-EE version of Princess Yukimi. She is the Empress of the Europan Empire that spans all of the Inner planets, the asteroid belt, and the Sun of the Solar System. She rules with her husband/twin-brother Emperor Kenzo at her side.

Earth 1337-FA


Yūrie is the daughter of the village's seamstress. Having learned the work from a young age, she is a deft hand when it comes to mending and making clothes. She easily falls in love with whomever gives her attention for more than a day. She is very well liked by the other villagers though they view her as a bit of a looby at times. She will often shirk her duties by daydreaming and gazing at the fluffy white clouds as they go by. She is madly in love with the herbalist Makoto and is over the moon whenever she is asked to share her bed.

Earth 1337-FL

Juri "Grengar" Inochi is the Sailor Europa of Earth FL. A cheerful young woman with a love of gems, she has recently come into conflict with the evil ice demoness Kizoku

Earth 1337-KD

Yuriko is a five year old girl full of rambunctious energy!

Earth 1337-KT

Euri is a breed of manx cat owned by her owner, Riki Inochi. A brown furred kitty with a nub for a tail who is extremely affectionate. She especially loves winter and jumps around happily at the sight of snow. Her full name is actually Europa, which is emblazoned on her collar. She loves snuggling up with Riki.

Earth 1337-JP

Yuki of Ice Lake Village was a peasant girl from a small, mountain lake side village in rural Japan. She was the decoy for the village headman's daughter. When not helping to weave nets and baskets out of the reeds and plants from the lake shore, she would often sit at the lake's edge and gaze as the star filled sky reflected off the cold, placid lake, wondering what more to life there was than this tiny, middle of no where, village.

Earth 1337-MH

Yuri Inochi is the kohai of Makoto Kino that secretly harbors a crush on both her and Makoto's girlfriend Haruka Tenoh. As a himejoshi, seeing them together fills her with glee. Her biggest wish is to join them in their relationship so she could turn their twosome into a threesome.

Earth 1337-NG

Kizoku "Euri" Inochi is the retired Sailor Europa. She is contentedly married to her always going on business trips salaryman husband Hanzo and busied herself with being a housewife. She has a part time job teaching the basics of acting to the neighborhood children. Her daughter, Hachi Inochi, is the new Sailor Europa, much to her dismay.

Earth 1337-OH

Yuri Inoue is a 14 year old middle school student at the prestigious Ohtori Academy. She is oblivious to the feelings her best friend has for her as she is blinded by her own feelings of love for both the current and former captains of the fencing team.

Earth 1337-PGSM

From the (live action) PGSM-Earth comes Kimiko Inochi as the ethereal Sailor Elysion. This young woman lives in a small apartment in Tokyo, Japan with her pet screech owl, Furou. For many months before she awoke as a Sailor Guardian, whenever Kimiko looked at herself in a reflective surface, she didn't see her own reflection. Instead, she would see the image of pale skinned woman with flowing white hair gazing back at her forlornly.

Earth 137-RG

Kenji is an incredibly handsome young man. Average height, broad shouldered, well muscled and lean, his dreamy brown eyes match his light and fluffy and oh so soft wavy brown hair. Kenji is the Europa Knight of Earth RG. He's very protective of his twin sister, Sailor Europa. He's good friends with Matsu Shin and Mako Kino, the Knights of Quinox and Jupiter respectively.

Earth 1337-VN

Euri Inochi is the best friend of Makoto Kino who gets Super Jealous when Haruka Tenoh starts showing interest in her. How dare the Prince of the school like her Mako-chan!

Earth 1337-60

Shion Hakuyouno is the Sailor Europa of Earth 60. A serious teenage girl, she has struggled with herself until the intervention of some new friends...

  • This Earth has Euri's teenaged mother as being Sailor Europa.

Earth 1337-80

Eika Miyamizu is the reborn Queen Eis of Europa, mother to Prince Kenzo and Princess Yukimi. At an early age, her parents both died in an accident, leaving her in the care of her maternal aunt, a wealthy woman who none the less had little interest in raising the girl. Partially as a result of this and the other traumas in her life, Eika became withdrawn, forcing her emotions down within her. The one joy in her life she found was in writing poetry, especially when it came in the form of song lyrics. Enrolled by her aunt in the prestigious TA Girls Academy, Eika did little at first to make any sort of friends.

Unbeknownst to her, her powers as the guardian of Europa began to silently manifest. At first it began in small instances like of water freezing near her or lowering the temperature of the room she was in. Soon, however, her subconscious anger towards her aunt, as well as other negative emotions caused her to manifest a mysterious ghostly "snow woman" who began to routinely terrorize both the staff and any student who stayed behind after dark. A group of girls from Juuban, hearing the rumors of the spirit, decided to investigate and after several events, confronted Eika, who completely lost control of her powers, nearly engulfing the entire building in ice and snow. However, the girls' leader, Hikari Hoshino, also known as Sailor Moon, was able to reach out to Eika, allowing her to confront her long suppressed emotions and face her own traumas.


  • As of July, 2016, Euri accepted a position at Mugen Gakuen where she works as a Drama teacher in the Entertainment Division of the prestigious school. (Her teaching certificates and licenses were forged with help from Matsumi and Professor Tomoe.)


Euri and Matsumi on a lunch date!


Neo Sailor Mercury (without Genius the Veil)


Neo Sailor Mercury posing with her Frost Chain.


Young Adult Euri and Matsumi Kaze.


Euri, Hachi, and Nobu visiting a Shinto Shrine.


Sailor Europa reference sheet.


Old-version Sailor Europa