Megumi Chiyuno

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Megumi Chiyuno
Biographical information


Birth March 9 1983
Family Ryoko Nasino (best friend)
Physical description

Human (Japanese)



Hair color


Eye color

Ocean blue




War Fan of Eden


She calls upon the healing powers of the mist to provide comfort and healing to allies, as well as an assortment of assisting powers. She has only one major attack to defend herself with.


Sol System Sailor Senshi

First Appearance

Megumi Chiyuno is the Sailor Senshi of healing and assistance, Sailor Eden... the planet that was turned into an asteroid belt separating Mars and Jupiter. Even with that, she can still draw on the strength that her guardian planet can provide. She is the Crown Princess of Eden, and with help of the Kanorians, she has a beautiful space station to serve as the capital to restore some beauty to the destroyed planet. Known to hangout with her best friend, Ryoko Nasino. She is very intelligent but around Kevin Junia, tends to become a bit flustered.


Salvation's Return

Megumi Chiyuno was born in the city of Fukuoka on Kyushu Island. She lived near what is known as Hawks Town, home of the Fukuoka Daiei... er, now Softbank Hawks. She never wanted for necessities as her father is CEO of a small company that is headquartered in the city of her birth. Her mother did her best to make sure that Megumi received a superior education and that she was trained to be quite the lady.

Megumi proved her worth in her academic studies, gaining recognition as one of the top minds in her class. She was highly recruited by the top academic schools in Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Hiroshima, Akita, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, and especially Tokyo.

When she took a visit to Osaka to see the schools, her Destiny changed. Actually, it was more like it was realized. Youma had attacked her and were looking to kill her. Fortunately for her though, a figure appeared out of her shadow and killed the youma. The figure stepped out and showed a raven black haired teenage girl dressed in a sailor fuku of black, grey, and white.

She identified herself as Sailor Nemesis, and told the wide eyed Megumi she was fortunate. However the other four companions traveling with Megumi were unconscious and hurt badly. Megumi started to cry, wanting to help. Just then her tears formed a stick complete with a light green orb at the top, that Sailor Nemesis mentioned as a transformation stick.

If Megumi refused this gift, it would not be offered again. Sailor Nemesis encouraged her to take it and the words and motions would come to her. Megumi held the stick high and yelled, "Eden power... MAKE UP!!!" When the transformation process was completed, she was dressed in a light green, light blue, and white colored fuku. Nemesis said she is the Sailor Senshi Sailor Eden, and that she could use her powers to heal the wounded companions.

Firestar and Fukuoka

Megumi did not get directly involved when Firestar was able to bring back Beryl and use her to further her own moves against the Kanorians. However, the invasion of Japan wasn't limited to just Tokyo. Fukuoka was an important location as well in drawing the strength from Sasebo and Nagasaki. Soldiers and Sailors from the US and Japan defended the largest city on Kyushu Island with everything they had, but without any real chance of actual victory... until Megumi used her powers to soothe the wounds of the defenders and filled them with confidence and hope. The Healing Angel on their side, they felt their strength return and felt as if they had a new layer of protection as well, another gift of Megumi's. They were able to push the enemy out of the Minato-ku, Chuo-ku, Jonan-ku, and Sawara-ku, forcing the remnants to gather in the northern portion of Nishi-ku in the northwestern portion of the city.

The enemy was completely taken by surprise. They had the JDSF and American forces on the ropes, and then in a matter of hours the entire battle had turned against them. The commander that Firestar had appointed swore he saw the image of a Sailor Senshi running among the allied forces, and turned directly towards him and smiled... completely unnerving him. He ordered snipers to the high ground to try and snipe her. Megumi had no idea that the threat was coming... except a haze surrounded her when the snipers tried to fire. The different ones swore they hit her, but the haze only showed what they wanted to see, and then she disappeared. In the meantime, JSDF and American snipers set up in different locations to counter and used their Barrett .50 Cals to wipe out those Firestar snipers.

The enemy commander realized at that point that the momentum was completely on the other side and ordered an immediately withdrawal. The Battle of Fukuoka had ended, and while the allies had taken casualties, thanks to Megumi those losses were actually very low. The city had suffered damage, but was quite intact. The enemy on the other hand, had lost about 35% of their forces, a situation that started when Megumi showed up to turn the tides of battle. The enemy commander had been defeated by a damn healer, someone who didn't actually fight any of his people, and had turned the tide of a battle... A HEALER!!! Perhaps that was why Eden had been destroyed in the past... the ability to inspire confidence in those fighting without having lifting a finger.

Transfer to Kanto

Megumi received an interesting proposition from a school in Tokyo and would give her automatic acceptance into the university of her choice. Who wouldn't jump on this chance to not have to worry about college entrance exams, something Megumi would of course do. There were some logistical aspects that had to be taken care of, but with her parents blessing (and the fact that her father spent part of his time in Tokyo for his job anyhow), Megumi was on her way to the Kanto region. The school that had given her such an offer and could actually make do on their promise (as they had done with Ami) was none other than Juuban Senior High School. Megumi was going to the same school as the Inner Senshi were at.

To be continued...


Eden Healing Mist

This ability allows Megumi to call upon a healing gentle mist to give the recipient a much needed boost in health, including those who are in cardiac arrest.

Eden Misty Haze

This allows Megumi to surround herself or others, including multiple individuals, in a mist that causes enemies to see mirages of the enemy they are fighting. This could completely disorient an enemy, since attacking an enemy you think is somewhere, but is somewhere else makes it very difficult to fight.

Eden Peaceful Mist

Megumi uses this ability to help bring calm to those who are panic, pacify an enemy, or to fill an ally with courage.

Megumi has more abilities to come.


Megumi's 5th child (3rd son) is quietly rumored to be the product of a tryst between her and Kevin Junia. This has not been confirmed, but even if this was true, it could have been quietly the product of a secret agreement between Makoto, Megumi, Hans, and Kevin.

During the Silver Millennium, Megumi met Jupiter Knight (Kevin Junia) during a visit to the Jovian court. At this point, Makoto had been promised to the 2nd prince of Saturn, much to the dismay of Kevin. Megumi fell instantly in love with the dashing knight, a year older than her, and pressured her father to make relations with Jupiter as best as they could to agree to allow their champion to marry the Crown Princess of Eden. Megumi lamented a bit Makoto's situation because she had admitted to the younger princess that she had loved her knight, but her duty to the kingdom compelled her to obey. At the same time Megumi couldn't help but smile at her own good fortune that the one person who could prevent her from taking this ultimate prize was out of the running.