The Magical Space Bus

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A massive Space Hulk-- A giant agglomeration of dead starships and asteroids that became fused into a giant complex-- stolen from Solarchos by Sakura April, which was stolen and substantially enlarged by Hazel Ninegate into a massive war machine about 1.5 times the size of Raihosha's Aesculapius vessel.

After being "won" from Hazel in the Second Nonary Game, Sakura April modified the Hulk on Matsumi Kaze's orders with hundreds of massive transporter platforms from Galaxy Class Federation starships, each having a 10,000 mile transport radius, as well as gigantic holodecks capable of containing and simulating the entire city of Tokyo.

The Hulk is now used as an evacuation vessel of last resort to get all the people out of Tokyo when danger to the whole city looms. It has the benefit of allowing a seamless evacuation without cluing the populace into the fact they have been moved. It also has Retcon tanks which can be used to remove the memories of people in the case of a systems malfunction on the Holodeck.

The Magical Space Bus usually hung out at the far edge of the solar System until needed.

It was later returned to Solarchos.