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Taro Senshi are a group of senshi employed by Sailor Galaxia at one point during her hunt for star-seeds. Two of these senshi were "rumored" to have encountered the Inners and Outer senshi, while the other three fought against Sailor Quinox in the United States. Their current status is listed below.

Sailor Platinum Banshee

Human Name: Sara MacDonall

Home Planet: Lorelei

Current Status: Video Editor, Ginga Televison

Powers: Will'O'Wisp Burst, Banshee Scream, Nucklavee Crush, Galacatic Scream, Galacatic Shade

Sailor Stone Golem

Human Name: Mika Markov

Home Planet: Homancula

Current Status: Pro-Wrestler

Power: Limestone Tackle, Destruct Punch, Avalanche Surpise, Golem Headbutt, Galacatic Smash, Galacatic Destroyer

Sailor Steel Serpent

Sailor Steel Serpent by UltraMatt-1.jpg

Human Name: Tara Simmura

Home Planet: Naga

Current Status: Hairdresser, Tokyo

Power: Venom Bite, Boa Squeeze, Serpent Scarch, (formally) Galacatic Crystal Blast, Galacatic Venom

Sailor Pewter Fox

Normal fox18.jpg

Human Form: Kitsune Tetsua

Home Planet: Vulpa

Current Status: Film actor

Power: Fox Strike, Metal Claw, Fox Illusion, Galactica Mirage, Galactica Twister

Sailor Titanium Kerokko


Human Name: Sayuri Kaerushi

Home Planet: Lilly

Current Status: In Japan, Chasing after Mototki

Power: Kerokko Bubbles, Frog Leap, Galacatic Fog, Galacatic Twister